Kleynimals, Non-Toxic Stainless Steel “Keys” Review & 2011 Gift Guide Pick!!!

Finding quality toys that will last, are safe, and that your baby will love is sometimes a challenge. More often than not after buying them all these pricy, plastic, toys, they just want to play with things that aren’t toys, like your keys for instance. Some people come up with the idea that they can just buy a set of un-cut keys for their baby, and while this sounds like a great idea, you still have the problem that regular keys are often made with dangerous amounts of lead. Most of the time babies are hardly fooled by plastic imitations, so what do you do? Well, mom and founder of Kleynimals, decided to come up with a toy to fix that problem! So was born Kleynimals! She designed a set of key-like toys that was made of all natural, 100% recyclable, stainless steel materials and safe for babies to put in their mouths!

My baby loves to play with and chew on my keys, and I always worry about him cutting himself on them or poking them into his mouth. So I was excited when I got the chance to review Kleynimals, I knew my baby would enjoy these! My instincts proved correct because he loves the sound and feel of these keys, they are just like the real thing, only better! Kleynimals doesn’t have any sharp or rough edges for babies to hurt themselves on, plus they are made out of non toxic stainless steel! They are dishwasher safe, which is the recommended washing choice for Kleynimals, a fast and simple way to get them cleaned! They come in a nice little reusable fabric bag which you can store the toy in and keep it clean while not in use. They would make a beautiful keepsake for your little one, as they can be engraved for personalization, and they will last forever! I highly recommend Kleynimals, tried and true, babies love them. As you can see in the photos, my baby couldn‘t keep his fingers off them long enough for pictures!!

Toy Keys

We are thrilled to include this product in our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.  These adorable stainless steel Kleynimals will make a great gift for the baby on your list. With the option of having them engraved, they would make a lovely keepsake toy from Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts or Uncles.  What a beautiful, fun toy that will always be a reminder of the love you have for that child.  Imagine the joy when that child can one day hand down this keepsake toy to his/her child.


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2 Responses to Kleynimals, Non-Toxic Stainless Steel “Keys” Review & 2011 Gift Guide Pick!!!

  1. What a fun toy for babies! Seems all the little ones are fascinated with our keys. Like their tip of clipping to a pacifier clip.
    Thank you for the review

  2. monica

    I think these are a great idea but the economy is though right now is there a way or place to find them on discount, maybe a coupon code?

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