Woombie Updated Stock/Clearance Sale!!! Prices Slashed!!!

I am an authorized Woombie distributor and I have to clear out some stock.  I am having a huge sale.  I have many styles and sizes (see below) and I am selling them for 16.99 a piece (that is a huge savings on retail).  I will ship 1 in the USA for 3.25.  Add 2.00 for each additional.  Or I will fit as many as I can in a flat rate envolope or box for you, for the actual shipping.  Send me a pm if you want to order and I can send you an invoice and you can pay by Paypal.

Thanks for the interest ladies here is what I have on sale (hurry they are going fast)

5 Big Baby (14-20 lbs) white and pink ruffle woombie (Cute Pink Ruffle)

1 Newborn (5 to 13 lbs) solid rose pink

1 Big Baby (14-18 lbs) solid rose pink

3 Big baby white with yellow trim (14-18 lbs)

The Original Woombie Baby Cocoon Swaddle

All are packaged and brand new!


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10 Responses to Woombie Updated Stock/Clearance Sale!!! Prices Slashed!!!

  1. amber

    Im interested in a big baby in tahiti if you still have one. Thanks!

  2. Elena

    Are these the newer ones with the 2 way zipper? If so do you still have the pink newborn size?

  3. Stephanie

    Do you have any left in the Big Baby size that are boyish/gender neutral?


  4. Michelle


    I have twins and have been searching for a deal on Woombies as they are quite pricey when you have to purchase in twos. I’m sure you are out, but thought I would check to see if you have any Big Baby? They are currently in the Big Baby size (I have two boys).

  5. Tiffany

    I see that the post is from last year. Do you still have newborn Woombies available for $16.99? If so, may we please see a photo/have more material and weight description? We are looking for a light weight summer time woombie for a newborn. Thank you!

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