Getting ready to hit the road!!!

Well, we have a few weeks before we leave but there is so much that needs to be done before a big road trip and vacation.  I have been putting things we need to bring in one of those big tubs that has the rope handles.  It is overflowing.  Sunscreen for kids, sunscreen for adults, sunglasses for everyone, water shoes, beach toys, cleaning supplies, hats and more.  I bought a collapsible insulated cooler for the ride down and at the beach to keep drinks cold.  We are going to have to purchase one of those cargo carriers you put on the top of your van for everything we need.  My husband likes to say, “Don’t worry we will buy whatever we need when we get there.”  He does not understand that I need to know we have what we need for the most part.  I am all for running to the store for essentials and little things but I want to know that I am pretty much set when we get there.   We are traveling with our two little 6 month old puppies, so we have a lot of their stuff as well to cart along with us.   Next I have to get our clothes together and figure out what to bring.  The little guys have a lot of new summer clothes so they are easy to pack for.  I have to go through my things and get to my summer stuff and see what I want to bring.  I pack too much but that is the way I am.  Oh and have I mentioned my husband is bringing a guitar or two because he is going to jam with family down there.  We will be tightly packed I am sure and I will be bringing quite the DVD assortment for the kids.    I would love to hear any tips that you have found helpful in road trips and vacations with toddlers and pets.

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