Capturing Couture Camera Strap Review and Give-Away!!!

I was thrilled that Capturing Couture decided to sponsor a review and give-away on  Mommy Ramblings.  The other day I received a package and inside I found two black boxes with hot pink tulle bows.  What could be inside?

Well, I knew what was inside since I was allowed to pick whatever strap I fancied from their site.  I chose the Orchid Evening 2″ Camera Strap from their Silk Collection.  It is so beautiful!!

Beautiful colors of the sunset, golds, pinks, and purples give an exotic flair to a sophisticated black backdrop.

The Orchid Evening SLR/DSLR camera strap is made from 100% silk woven brocade. Featuring tones of fuschia, pink, lavender and golden flower patterns on a black base.

Features:✦ Comfortable neckpad with plush velvet surface

✦  Customized metal logo rivets

✦  Nylon webbing for ultimate durability

✦  Adjustable features for preferred positioning.

Size Dimensions:

✦  2” wide

✦  30-32” long with 6-8” additional adjustability


✦  Spot clean with microfiber cloth and water

I love the comfort of this strap, the padded velvet on the underside is very comfortable to wear.  As I wear my camera everywhere,  I really appreciate this.  It is beautiful and gives me a break from the boring DSLR black camera strap that is definitely not a fashion statement.  I think it is great that Capturing Couture (you can get direct to their website by clicking on the text link on the side of my blog) has so many great styles and colors.   Their wide selection has something for everyone.  Make yourself standout, whether you are an established photographer or weekend shutterbug these straps will make you feel like a star.

Like I said take a look at the website by clicking the text link on the side of  the blog, or go to Capturing Couture, to see all the great products they carry.

Give-away rules:

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Good luck everyone!!!  Give-Away ends April 9th at 12am EST.  Winner will be chosen by


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  1. Amanda Jones

    I want to enter the drawing but not for me. My cool camera broke a long time ago and I have friend who LOVES to take pics of everything. Its her hobby and on the side type of job. Her name is Jennifer Howard and she is on here too. I just think that she would absolutely LOVE this. I would chose the awesome zebra one for her because she has this awesome chair thats zebra print.

  2. Their camera bag is SO cute! taleah AT roknor DOT com

  3. I voted on Top Mommy Blogs!

  4. I am a pro. photographer, so I would LOVE any and all of their straps (Orchid Leaves) is a fave for sure! I also LOVE the camera bag! So much cuter than what I’m packing around now!

  5. LCruz

    I’d like to have the “Sofia Camera Bag”.

  6. LCruz

    I’m an email subscriber.

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    I follow @Carly67 on twitter as @momofnicnic

  8. Shannon W.

    I love their The Sofia Camera Bag!!

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    I like you on FB. Shannon Wieneke. shannonforpeace(at)

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    I like them on FB & posted you sent me. Shannon Wieneke. shannonforpeace(at)

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  12. Shannon W.

    I follow you on twitter @shannonforpeace shannonforpeace(at)

  13. Julie Jones

    Lotus passion silk camera strap is my favorite. Oh I bet they feel so good compared to my scratchy Nikon one.

  14. Julie Jones

    I like you on FB

  15. Julie Jones

    I like capturing couture on FB

  16. Julie Jones

    Twitter follower

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    I like Blueberry Hill Photography on FB
    Julie Jones

  18. Julie Jones

    I voted for you on Top mommy blogs

  19. Amber D.

    I love their new Couture Camera Bag! : )

  20. Amber D.

    I voted for you on Mommy Top Blogs.

  21. Amber D.

    I like Mommy Ramblings on FB.

  22. Amber D.

    I like Capturing Couture on FB and left them the message.

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    I like Blueberry Hill Photography on FB.

  24. Amber D.

    I voted for you on the fence.

  25. Alethia Rains

    From the Capturing Couture Website I really love the Hibiscus Fields 1.5” Wristlet Camera Strap Its now definitely on my to-do list!

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    Liked Mommy Ramblings on Facebook! Left Some love!

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    Liked Blueberry Hill Photography!!! Left some love!!

    I dont have a twitter 🙁

  31. Ashley Harris

    Love love love this. I’m now a fan on Facebook.

  32. I just checked out the website love the Sophia camera bag.. but also love the tropical themed camera straps so cute!

  33. Liked Mommy Ramblings on facebook!

  34. A fan of Capturing Couture on facebook =]

  35. I liked both Mommy Ramblings and a fan of Capturing Couture as well.

  36. Really would love to get the Sofia Camera Bag. I ‘ll Save my Penny’s. I really enjoy your Blog as well I’ll make sure to come back and visit often.

  37. Lindsey Reeves

    I vistited their website and I am in love with their Sophia camera bag.. 🙂 I just might have to buy me one! 🙂

  38. Lindsey Reeves

    I ‘liked’ Mommy Ramblings on Facebook !!! 🙂

  39. Lindsey Reeves

    I ‘liked’ Capturing Couture on Facebook.. 🙂

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  44. Sarah K.

    I really like the silk Orchard Leaves 2in Camera Strap. Very pretty!

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  50. Ollie Sumerall

    Love your site!

  51. Sarah K.

    I tweeted on Twitter, but I’m not sure how to link it back here??

  52. Jennifer Cashin

    visited the site and I love the straps- the Tropical collection is my favorite but I also love the bag! So pretty 🙂

  53. Jennifer Cashin

    Liked Mommy Rambling on FB

  54. Jennifer Cashin

    Liked Capturing Coture on FB~ so excited to purchase a strap!

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  57. Jennifer Cashin

    Following your blog now….looks like it should be fun:)

  58. OH That’s hard to say!!! I like all the Lotus straps in the silk collection. I think either Lotus Passion or Lotus evening. If I won, it would be for my daughter as she is such a wonderful photographer, going into graphic design, using her own photos.

  59. Like Mommy Ramblings on FB

    I think this is one of the cutest sites I’ve seen in a long time!

  60. Like Capturing Couture on FB

    These straps are gorgeous. What a beautiful idea!

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    This is an awesome giveaway! These are beautiful!

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    These are so gorgeous and I love your site! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

    Please visit my new blog — it’s only been up 2 weeks —

  66. Becca Davis

    I love the Sofia black camera strap from Capturing Couture!

  67. Becca Davis

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  68. Becca Davis

    I liked Capturing Couture on FB . . . awesome products! 🙂

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  76. Erin Duff

    Love the couture camera straps…. LOVE LOVE LOVE… I have had a few and these ones look so comfortable and stylish at the same time

  77. OMG! at the Turqoise Organze camera strap! I’ve never seen a strap like this!! Innnn lovvvve!

  78. I liked Blueberry Hill on FB! 🙂

  79. I liked Capture Couture on FM! No, no! I loved it!

  80. april

    I liked you on face book,I added Capturing Couture and told them you sent me….Straps are to cute lol makes you look good taking pictures

  81. Lynn

    Love their new camera bag. Very chic!

  82. telitha

    i love the Sofia camera bag!
    telithahight at yahoo dot com

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    Thank you!!

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