All Things Cupcake!!!

We all know the cupcake is hotter than it ever was.  With bakeries specializing in gourmet cupcakes, to gizmos and gadgets created to make these small cakes something much bigger than the kid’s class party staple.  We even have reality shows that showcase cupcake baking.   It seems like everyone is looking to reinvent the cupcake.  I have so many great cupcake tools and bling to showcase in the next few weeks.   These companies have also been so gracious as to sponsor give-aways so that my blog readers can have a chance to use these nifty gadgets.  Let’s just say, I will be doing a lot of cupcake baking in the next few weeks.   I am excited to show you some of the newest products to make your cupcakes stand out.   So what is your favorite thing in a cupcake?  Do you like to have pretty liners, tasty fillings, different flavors of cake, decadent frostings, or are you all about the decorating and presentation?  Whatever you fancy, I am sure I have a product that will interest you.   So keep this blog handy because we are going to have some fun with cupcakes!!!


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2 Responses to All Things Cupcake!!!

  1. Debbie DeLancett

    wow, that’s neat, i need to learn how to do that,grand babies would love it.

  2. Debbie DeLancett

    those are so neet , hannah would love them, and the rest of the grandbabies.
    Hannah love to help me in the kitchen.

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