Cake Pop Prep and Funfetti Brownies.

The first step to making the cake pops is to make a cake.  Actually, the recipe on this mold recommends using a bag of crushed oreos and a block of cream cheese but I want to make more traditional cake balls so I am going to use red velvet cake and make my own cream cheese frosting.  Anyhow, once Ethan heard I was baking a cake, it was all over.  I knew I better whip up some funfetti brownies at the same time because he could never wait through all the steps for the cake ball pops.  He sat right up next to the island in his high chair to watch every detail and to help clean away the evidence.

The brownies before baking.

The Red Velvet Batter

Pouring into the pans.  I did use a mix for the cake but I am making my own cream cheese icing.

Licking up the evidence.




Brownies are done!  Ethan was so anxious for them to be done that when they had about 5 minutes left he told me to go to the oven and push the button.  I am flattered that my son thinks I possess that kind of power, that I can miraculously just make brownies done by pushing a button.  I explained to him that they would be done when the time was up and that me pushing buttons would not make it any faster.  Silly kid.

There was no cooling that was going to happen.  I had some very impatient customers.

When I asked Ethan to smile, he told me he was eating.  Then he quickly shoved another bite in his mouth.

A mouth full of brownie and a truck, is there anything better?

Got Milk?

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