Today is February 1st!!!

Wow, I have been wanting to say that for so long now!  Next month is Spring people.  We may be having a 2 day snow storm now but I am still upbeat.  The worst thing was that today was supposed to be Ethan’s first day of pre-school.  Due to the weather it was cancelled and tomorrow will be the same if the storm is as expected.  Poor kid has been asking to go to school since last Friday and now he has a bit more of a wait.  He is so excited to go.  Oh, and did I tell you all that next month is Spring!!! : )

Alexandra had to travel in this mess to get to Albany and the trip took 4.5 hours.  She is starting her internship tomorrow.  She is very excited.  We are very proud of her and very glad she made it up there safely.

Hope you all are staying safe and warm if you are in the path of this storm.  I am going to do some cardio on the treadmill now.  Do something great for yourself today!!!

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