The Santa Story


Okay well, last Saturday after Jimi got home, Alexandra, Jimi, me, Ethan and Luke headed out to Binghamton to see Santa.  The boys slept on the way and we thought that was great.  Luke did not wake up until we parked at the mall.  We got the twin stroller out and everyone in and all was good.  Jimi got a business call that he thought would take a second but it did not.  So we headed off to find Santa and he was behind us.   Well, we were lucky, there was Santa and no line but we needed to wait for Jimi.  In the meantime I got the boys’ jackets off and washed their faces and then Luke saw his bottle.  He fell asleep the minute we were on the road so he missed his nap time bottle and it would have been no problem but I packed empty bottles since we were picking up milk along the way and well, when we got it Luke was asleep so we just filled Ethan’s sippy cup he had on the way and left the container in the car.  Well, just waking up and wanting the bottle, normally “laid back Luke” started to freak.  By this time Jimi was there, we thought he would just take the picture because Ethan was having a great time with Santa, Santa was singing to Ethan and Ethan was telling him he wanted trucks and a guitar.  Luke wanted nothing but his bottle and so he was miserable and it will look like he is crying because he was scared of  Santa when that is not the case at all.  It is just a case of really bad timing.  The woman who was taking the pictures was not such a jolly elf and so it was really awkward and right after that Jimi ran out and got the milk which transformed Luke into the jolly little kid he always is.  We just could not believe it because it was so  unlike Luke and of all days the day of the picture with Santa.  What can you do though, right?

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