To Vitamix or not to Vitamix…that is the question.

Well, no mystery here that hubby and I like gadgets.  We also both like to cook and bake so we are looking into a high-powered emulsifier blender.  There are a few choices but it was down to the Blendtec and the VitaMix.  After watching an episode of “Whatever” with Martha Stewart’s ultra friendly daughter they had the Blendtec inventor on.   He was demonstrating his machine and bragging it does not need a tamper stick like the VitaMix.  However, he did need a tamper stick and that with all of the reviews we have been reading, videos we have been watching cinched it for us.  We have decided to go with the VitaMix 5200.  This model appeals to us for a variety of reasons.  Some of the most prominent are that it has a very large container that is BPA free, that it has a good reputation and is favored by most chefs above any other blender. 

Now that we have made a decision I can hardly wait for it to get here.  I am so looking forward to eating RAW.  I cannot wait to make delicious, healthy green smoothies.  The health benefits are many and I am anticipating being able to fill up on delicious low-calorie  but filling and nutritious smoothies and the fact that they most often lead to weight loss.  I also think it will be great for the babies and to be able to make them fresh natural applesauce with the skins, seeds and stems adding fiber and vitamins and minerals.  I also like that fact that I can put a variety of fruits and veggies in and make a delicious drink that they can drink that will give then so much nutrition in a drink.

I will let you all know how it goes when we receive our unit.   I cannot wait to whip up some delectable concoctions with this jet engine blender.

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