I am all for technology.  I could not live without my laptop, survive without the internet or sustain my family without  Well, maybe that is a tad exaggerated but it would be so difficult.  I have completed my bachelor of science through online university classes, I have shared my last two pregnancies and made some great mom friends through online groups for moms expecting the same month.  I have had a wealth of information from researching the best baby swing to the best cheesecake recipe at my fingertips.  I have been able to search for more details on an interesting real life mystery I have seen on TV.  I can find out how old anyone is even when they don’t want to tell.  I can connect with old friends and relatives who I would never be able to find without hiring a private investigator. 

We are a very technologically  current family.  We all have the latest Droid phones and our internet with us at all times.  So given all this, you think I would long have an Amazon Kindle or its competitors.  However, while I do have the Kindle app on my Droid I do not own the device.  I just still love to feel a book in my hands, turning  the actual paper pages, and having  something more tangible to hold rather than a flat screen reader.  I do read a lot on the internet.  Most of my text books were e books, I read my newspapers online, magazines online but there is still the occasional magazine I enjoy reading in print.  I read a real Bible and my novels, books and definitely all the kids books are real paper and ink creations.  I am a big advocate of sharing my love of reading with my kids.  I have their shelves stacked with old classics and new favorites. 

I remember when my son Raymond wrote a story when he was in fourth grade about how his sister had brought down a plane with the weight of her books.  Then they landed on younger brother Michael’s leg and broke it.  Alexandra never went anywhere without a book and was an avid reader, and so inspired her brother to write this story which was read aloud at a special classroom function.  His teacher who taught Alexandra and himself just loved the story especially since she could clearly see how he was inspired. 

So I would guess at some point I will break down and get a kindle but it is something  right now that I cannot do it.  I really have no desire to read books on a hand-held reader.  So, I will hold off for now, not from technology but from giving up the feel of a good book in my hand, the smell of the ink and paper, the thrill of turning the page and falling asleep reading a book you cannot put down.  Some things are just harder to part with than others.  For now I choose books.

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