A Tale of Chickens and Bulldogs!


I have always been an animal person, always had a dog growing up along with an array kittens, bunnies, hamsters, fish and more through the years.  Secretly I longed to live on a farm with a huge barn filled with horses, goats, lambs and chickens.  We live in the country now.  Farms are all around us.  Urban farming is something that is very trendy now and people even in the city are raising chickens and growing gardens.  Well, after a lot of research I told my husband I wanted to get a chicken coop and run built and get about 8 hens.  I wanted brown, blue/green and white eggs.  I wanted the satisfaction of going into our hen house and collecting our organic, free range eggs.  I longed for my kids to experience that.  Unfortunately, my husband was not as enthused, maybe because he takes care of all of “our” animals.  He looked and looked for cons on the topic but could not find enough.  So he made me a deal, we would get a female American Bulldog puppy and he would commit to one litter with our male American Bulldog Puppy.  Enough said, and I was off and running to find the perfect female pup.  I found her and fast, her name at the breeder is Ariel but we are going to be naming her something else.  She is 4 weeks old and adorable, we can take her home at 8 weeks.  If you ever want a great family dog, look no further than the American Bulldog.  This will be our third and we love the breed so so much.  I cannot imagine our lives without at least one of these “gentle giants” sharing it with us.  So from chickens we get bulldogs, almost sounds like, “With Six You Get Egg Roll.”


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  1. Pepper is the best dog I’ve ever owned. I’m not entirely sure what mix Bulldogs/Catahoula he is but he’s the most loving dog on the planet!

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