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Master Bath Renovation Update, Vanity Decisions!!! #CurbAppeal

It has been a very busy few days on the master bath renovation front.  We finally decided on a whirlpool tub and vanity!!!  The tile was supposed to start tomorrow but I had to hold him off due to our indecision with the tub and the vanity.  The other big part that was in limbo until today was what to do with the upper portion of the vanity.  Mirrors, medicine cabinets, lighting and logistics had me feeling like my head would explode.  I felt so out of it last night because I just could not find anything that would work.  I mean, I had renderings putting cabinets that matched the lower cabinets on top and it did not look good even though it did in my mind.  We thought about a large framed mirror but I did not like the look of that.  I also wanted upper storage in the way of a medicine chest.  I looked at the typical options and they looked dated and so I felt like calling it all off, lol.

Today however, while browsing through Houzz I found inspiration even though the other 999 times I didn’t.  We have now made a decision on what will be on top.  Well I should say we narrowed it down.  We also made a small change to the vanity.  The center drawer we were keeping at the same level but we decided to drop it down like the pictures below.

We are going to do three mirrors similar to the ones above and what we want to do for the medicine cabinets, since our vanity is the same layout as the ones above with a wall on either end.  We are going to build a concealed cabinet to the side with some decorative piece of artwork as a door that hides the recessed cabinet.  The top picture has a neat idea too with the corner cabinets and so that is something I am still thinking about but at least right now I feel like I have some clear plan and a vision about what I want.

Now I just have to find the mirrors and I don’t know that I am going to  just go with the rectangular kind shown .  I may find what I want and paint it and glaze it to match the vanity.  I think I am going mirror shopping tomorrow or Thursday and I want to go to Hobby Lobby and Home Goods to see what they have to use as a door for the concealed cabinet in the size we need.  The next step after that will be the lighting but I want to get the mirrors first.

The whirlpool we choose is from Hydro Systems and the story behind how we did will be a post in itself.  I never spent as much time picking one out as I did this time.  The first time, there was no Internet, it was go to the plumbing supply showroom and they just showed you a couple, you picked it out and boom you were done.  I have literally spent months going from brand to brand, comparing features, prices, shapes, sizes and Saturday we had the Eureka moment!

We decided on the Makyla from Hydro Systems and they are building the tub to order as we speak in California.  Like I said, I will post about it and share what I learned in the event it can help someone pick out the right tub for them.  One of the best things with this company is since the tubs are built to order you can change the placement of jets, add things, move things around etc.  You really have a chance to make it your own, like they say,”If you can dream it,we can build it.”  Oh and one of the great features we are getting is 2 neck masseuse pillows on either end.  These pillows send hydro massaging water in three different pulse settings to your neck for a soothing to ultra stress relieving neck massage.  I think that with the chromotherapy feature is going to be the first thing I indulge in when all this is finished.

So tell me what are your thoughts on mirrors?  Favorite places to shop for accessories?  How about off beat places where you have found something great? Please share, I love to hear your stories.

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