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12 Retro Vintage Swimsuits – Something To Flatter All Body Types

March is coming in like a lion but many have their heart set on summer and shopping for swimsuits. The vintage or retro styles are very in and there are cuts that will flatter most body types. The swimsuits below are all handmade right in the USA and you can order different sizes for tops and bottoms on tankinis and bikinis, so you can get the best fit!  Here are 10 styles retro swimsuits I really like:

Classic Marilyn Tankini

This swim suit is the ultimate tankini! Gathered at the sides, this style is great for slimming your body and hiding any imperfections. Classic twist top will fit your bust perfect! Thick over the shoulder straps hold you in place and have you feeling secure and looking the best you possibly can. Mid-Cut bottoms are just the right amount of coverage to feel sexy and secure.

Sailor Stripes Bikini

This Sailor Stripes bikini is sure to get a seal of approval! Totally nautical, this swimsuit will get you ready for some fun in the sun or just when relaxing on your next boating or yacht trip around the waters. The mix of stripes with our solid navy creates a slimming, fresh bikini! This suit guarantees a perfect fit!

America Underwire Vintage Stars and Stripes Bikini 

Be an All American Girl in this vintage, patriotic, and body slimming bikini! This underwire top will support and lift a small or full chest while our body shaping bottom has a v-cut in front and back to make you look slim, trim and sexy. These will be your favorite bottoms since the fabric lays perfect on your hips without cutting into your sides! Show off your love for the USA in this underwire shaper bikini!

Marilyn Monroe Tankini

The Ultimate Retro Tankini! Be a 1950’s pin-up girl in this very flattering polka dot tankini. Gathered at the sides, this style is perfect for slimming your body and hiding any imperfections. Classic twist top will fit your bust perfect and elastic interior shelf bra helps gives you extra support. Mid-cut bottoms are just the right amount of coverage to feel sexy and secure.

Marilyn One-Piece

This vintage polka dot full coverage one-piece will make you look slim, trim, sexy and oh so Pin-Up! The twisted halter top supports your curves in all the right places while the body style is very slimming. Perfect for all body types and extra sexy on full figures.

Body Shaper Bikini

This super sexy bikini is perfect for a woman with curves. The underwire top will support and lift a small or full chest. The booty short has a banded waist for more or less coverage. You will love how you look and feel in this suit.

Navy Sailor Stripes Bikini

This Vintage Sailor Stripes Bikini is sure to get a seal of approval! Totally nautical, this swimsuit will get you ready for some fun in the sun or just when relaxing on your next boating or yacht trip around the waters. The mix of stripes with our solid navy creates a slimming, fresh bikini! Supportive sliding top fits amazing on all bust sizes while the vintage style high bottoms are fuller coverage but still super sexy! This suit guarantees a perfect fit!

Polka Dot Halter Crossback Swimdress

This Polka Dot Halter Crossback Swim Dress is fuller coverage and super vintage! Perfect for those who are a little more conservative but still want to look stylish. Sexy and short, you can even wear this out as a sundress on that next vacation of yours, to the pool for a more conservative look, or even as a top with a pair of leggings or jeans. Matching mid-cut bottom is available to complete this slimming swim dress. Made from Ujena’s fun black and white polka dot fabric.

Monroe Shaper Bikini

Shape every inch of your body while looking like a star! Our Monroe top is the best. Ties at the neck and back with a twist in front, you will look fabulous. Our body shaping bottom has a v-cut in front and back to make you look slim, trim and sexy. These will be your favorite bottoms since the fabric lays perfect on your hips without cutting into your sides!

Gauze Carlita Bandeau Ruffle Bikini

This is one sweet suit. Playful ruffles were added to this Bandeau Top and Low Cut Bottom. The stretchy Gauze fabric makes this bikini a must-have.

Polka Dot Halter Swimdress

This body slimming Polka Dot Halter Swim Dress is a must have for your next vacation. Full bust coverage has a slight crossover in front for minimal cleavage. Great for the more conservative woman who wants a slimming A-line swim dress with a slight retro edge! Paired with Ujena’s all black full coverage mid-cut bottoms, this is the perfect combination. Doubles as a perfect maternity swim suit or a cute summer dress or cover-up. Never feel self conscience again!


Vintage Polka Dot Underwire Plus Swimsuit

This 1950’s curvalicious bikini is the ultimate slimming bikini! Shape your body and look like a beach bombshell. Perfect for those that want a little more lift, coverage and shape. Underwire top will make you feel tucked in and secure with its wide straps and full cups. The high waisted bottoms have a small band without any elastic to make sure you are comfortable while offered enough coverage to make you feel totally comfortable. The perfect retro underwire is here!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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24 Great Retro, Body Slimming, Figure Flattering Swimsuits For Every Body Type!

Whether you planning to take a trip or cruise to a warm destination or just dreaming of summer, beaches,Ujena will have you looking like a movie star with their retro, figure flattering, shape enhancing swimsuits.  Ujena has a huge line of swimwear, cover-ups, dresses and more to flatter any body type.

Browse the super sale section with some suits as much as 50-75% off regular price!  You can also design your own suit just the way you want it.  There are mix and match pieces too so you can create a look you want and that works for your body type.  Check out the great sampling of looks below, on the site you will find multiple views and a video of each suit so you can see how it looks from every angle!  Ujena carries a large array of sizes including plus sizes, long torso etc.  Right now when you head over to Ujena and use promo code 1671 at checkout you can take $10.00 off your purchase.

Vintage Floral Tankini Casa Blanca Bikini 1950’s Marilyn Tankini La Gabrielle
Polka Dot Underwire Plus Red Hot Vintage Shaper White Monroe Long Torso 1-PC La Noir Gabrielle 1-PC
Brazilian Jungle Sheer Zebra Fatale Honeymoon Halter Hourglass Skirted
Canary Islands Tankini Plus Summer Blossom Ruffle Tankini Marilyn Ruffle Tankini Spanish Swim Dress
Canary Islands Minimizer Sicilian Swim Dress American Vintage Tankini Plus Vintage Sailor Stripes
Calypso Banded Bikini Moroccan Banded Bikini Navy Monroe Sheer Zebra Open-Back Tankini


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Vintage School Desk Transformation #3!!! American Seating Company Desk Gets A Facelift

I found this beauty scanning Craigslist in late winter or early spring and it was listed under furniture as “student desk.”  I was pleasantly surprised to find a vintage school desk in such great shape when I clicked the link.  The ad said the owner knew nothing about it and was asking for an offer.  I really wanted that desk so I offered him $35 cash, which he accepted immediately and I knew I should have started lower.  Oh well, after that I saw listing for very poor condition desks like this going for much more so I was not upset.

We picked it up and were glad to see all the great features it had.  The chair slides forward and back and swivels.  The desk has two different upright positions and it was in great shape.  Now I just wanted to repaint and refinish the seat so I had to decide on colors. I chose a gloss gray Rustoleum paint in a can and a red gloss Rustoleum paint that I used both spray and paint on versions.  For the seat, I sanded and then used a Minwax Polyshades all in one stain and varnish.    I love the way it turned out.  What do you think?

Here is the picture on Craigslist:

student desk copy


Here I am in the middle of painting, I was painting the inside, which I sprayed.



Nice and fresh and clean and pay attention to the quality tools I am using. That is a bonafide stick holding the desk at the proper angle for maximum coverage.


Here is the desk after refinishing the wood in one of the upright positions. It was very sunny so please excuse all the glare.


This is the desk in the other height for the elevated top.

This is the desk in the other height for the elevated top.


Sun in his eyes.

Sun in his eyes.




About the desk:


As I was painting I found the patent in many places and on the portion of the top that holds it in the 2 different upright positions I found this stamped in the metal.



It is from the American Seating Company and is a Model Ten Twenty for which you can see an original ad below.  The desk was from the 1950s.




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Vintage School Desk Make Over, Before & After!!!

Well, I finished another project today.  I finished what I showed you the before of last week, the big school desk.  It was one that I had as a child, but had been sitting in a basement for years and years and needed love and vision.  I really wish I had all of the school desks we had but lucky that I have a small one that I refinished and if you missed it you can check that out HERE, and this one.  I also bought another that I should have done before the week is over and that desk is a different style entirely.  Cannot wait to share it with you.

For this desk, I started by sanding everything,  starting with the metal which I did with a special wire brush tool that goes on the end of a drill and makes easy work of microderm abrasion as I like to call it.  After that, I sanded all the wood and then needed to do some filling, gluing and clamping.  After that it was time to prime the metal and I used Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Gray Primer and then I used a Rustoleum Green Gloss Protective Enamel Spray Paint for the final coats. I did the detail painting and the accent strip on the seat and pencil holder on the desk with the same green protective enamel by Rustoleum in the can so I could brush it on. I stained the wood with Minwax Special Walnut, sanding between coats and then used Minwax Satin Polyurethane, sanding between coats.  I really like it and so do my kids.  What do you think?

big desk before

So sad before picture

The Before

The Before

Priming the metal, don't mind the huge mess I work in with all my stuff.  I also recycle old tablecloths as drop cloths.

Priming the metal, don’t mind the huge mess I work in with all my stuff. I also recycle old tablecloths as drop cloths.


big desk

Big Desk2


Big Desk 1


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Painting Vintage and Antique Furniture 101!!!

One of the presents I wanted and received for Christmas this year was a computerized sewing machine.  So do I sew?  If you call the owl pillow I made in 6th grade sewing, then yes, I do sew.  So of course with a new machine and new supplies I needed somewhere to store it all and to craft.  I did not want some particle board sewing table so I started looking online and I saw a sewing table I really liked pictured below.

sewing table


What I didn’t like was the near $600 price tag.  So I started a search for something, and in my search found an antique vanity for $35 on Craigslist and they also had a $50 antique desk I bought  but that’s another post.

Anyway, I had the vanity and so now I needed to learn how to paint it, distress and antique it, so I would have a great looking sewing station to learn to sew.  In my search I came across this awesome blog, Oopsredone and I saw a few things she did in a turquoise paint called Holiday Cozumel Aqua and then she distressed and antiqued it with Minwax stain.  I bought a gallon of the paint and started doing some ladder back chairs which are also for a future post but after painting the chairs and seeing all the details on the vanity I wanted to make things easier.

Armed with my paint chip, I found a very close match in a Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X  satin spray paint in the color Lagoon.  I also bought the Rust-Oleum Painter Touch Ultra Cover 2X Gray spray primer and then got to work sanding.  I fixed one flaw in the top with Elmer’s Carpenters Max wood fill and then sanded but since I wanted a distressed look I liked to keep the edges the way they were.





I primed, sanded with a fine sandpaper and painted, then sanded, then put on another coat of paint and after that I used the Rust-Oleum Transformations, Decorative Glaze in Java Brown.  I had tried the Minwax stain method on the ladder back chairs but it was harder to work with and it had a tendency to keep the piece sticky for some time.  I am so glad I tried the glaze, I absolutely love the results and the ease of use.  You just apply it and then wipe it off using varying pressure.  It is specially formulated to give you more time to work so you can get the results you desire.  After that I applied 2 coats of Minwax Polyurethane Satin to protect the finish.  Finally I added some new hardware, and decoupaged some fun paper in the drawers and on the inside of the cabinet and door back.

The pictures do not do the piece justice and I will take some more once I get it set up inside, I have some little things I am going to show you in another post about how I am organizing everything.  Anyway, If you have any questions on how I did anything just ask.


Sorry I did not take a better before picture, too excited to get to work!!!



Primed Vanity


















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Auctions, Love Them or Hate Them?


Do you go to Auctions?  I used to go a lot and I had to stop because I was becoming addicted.  I had not been to an auction in about 9 or 10 years until today.  I don’t know what possessed me to go but somewhere, searching something, a few weeks ago, I came across a site called AuctionZip.  This site lets you put in your zip code and do a search in distance of all the upcoming auctions.  Many have picture galleries and I accidentally clicked on one that occurred in December, that had all the Madame Alexander baby dolls brand new from the late 70s.  I was so mad I missed that, it took a couple of days for me to come to terms with it.  Anyway, I saw one for this afternoon about an hour and a half north of me.  Now, if I live in God’s country then an hour and a half north of me is really God’s country.  I think the competition in auctions is much worse the closer to the city you go, so I prefer to go up north or out into the country of Pennsylvania   However, it is getting harder and harder to find anyone that does not know how much something goes for on eBay, and hence harder to find a good deal.

I remember 10 years ago sitting in a small town auction with two older ladies behind me, they had to be in their 70s and as a piece of either pottery or depression glass came up, I heard them whispering what the piece was going for on eBay   It was then I realized the days of the past are over.  I can remember when we came to our house upstate in the summer as a young child, my mother got the auction bug. I was very young but clearly remember attending auctions with her in a huge barn in the next town.  My mother came home with some great finds, like a rickshaw, lots of antique furniture, and more.  I always remember after they auctioned the furniture, they would auction livestock and I always wondered why we could not get some livestock.

What I am struck with the most is so many of the things that are sought after are things my parents had.  Things that my siblings mostly disposed of in a dumpster (after they died) which really upsets me to this day.  At least if it had been given away, but my family and I were on vacation when they did this clean out and if I think about it too much I get violently ill.  So I guess part of me sees some of this stuff and thinks, “Wow, my parents had those tea cups, or those Christmas ornaments from the 1940s etc.”   Maybe I am trying to get a little piece of what they eradicated and hang on to a bit of nostalgia without being a hoarder.

So back to the present, upon getting to the auction site today the street was full of cars even though it was a large building in the middle of farm country.  I saw licence plates from Ohio and since they were going to be auctioning coins for the first 1/2 hour I wanted to think they came for that. It was packed to capacity when I walked in but as they finished the coins some of the collectors left and a few seats opened up.  You could see the hardcore coin collectors with their print out of coins and the same two or three bidders taking everything of value.  They undoubtedly would sell the coins separately on eBay and they knew their prices.

Now, I was not their to buy a lot of junk as I am trying to simplify my life, but I did have a few projects in mind.  I was lucky the other week to find an antique vanity (much like one my mother had) and an antique desk on Craigslist for a song.  I plan to paint the vanity a bright color and use it in a craft room I am planning for my new sewing machine.  So I saw a few other things I would like to try my hand at painting etc.  Last night I made a list of what I wanted, and then did a search online about what they were worth.  When they got to the first thing I wanted, which was what I thought was a child’s youth chair with a pressed back as shown below, I was taken back when the auctioneer said that it did not have the tray and that the owners are going to go and look for it. I don’t know why, but it just made me think I had been wrong or they were wrong, and in the time I was pondering this, the bidding had started, it was up to $25, $27.50, $29, and I just could not bid, not sure why, but I just couldn’t   So it went for $30 or $32 and I was not too upset about not getting it.  Next thing on my list to come up was a wicker child’s rocker,  It just needed some fresh paint and a new cushion.  Well again the bidding started up and the woman behind me started bidding, and it went for $22 or $24 and I had not bid.

This is the chair that I thought was a youth chair and next to it the one that went for $5.

This is the chair that I thought was a youth chair and next to it the one that went for $5.


The wicker rocker that went for $22 or $24.

The Tin Noisemakers

The Tin Noisemakers



The three chairs I won.

The three chairs I won.


By this time I was wondering what was wrong with me, my search last night told me a chair like that was worth at least $49 but I still could not bid.  So the other little chair I liked came up, I had thought about painting it a nice bright color but it came up so fast and the bid was $5 and it stopped, just as I was ready to bid, it was sold for $5 and that really made me mad.  I do not know whether I just did not feel it, but I just could not bid.  So now I sat and thought to myself, what had I come here for?  Nearly everything on my list was gone and I had not even bid.  Next were some tin noise makers, we had the same ones when I was a kid and I know I have a few from when my oldest kids where young somewhere.  I thought they were cute and that I would be willing to go to maybe $10.  However, it seems others thought they were cute too and  were quickly bid up to $17 or so and I just did not find it worth it, so I passed.  Next was a set of about 18 character glasses.   I was willing to go to like $17 maybe $20 but the bidding went up again and after $24, I lost interest and did not feel it was worth it.

So I know I sound like a dud,  but I tell you, I used to be addicted to auctions and would find no problem bidding until I was the highest bidder on what I wanted and soon had a garage full of stuff I did not really need.  After giving it all away several years ago, I have decided I only want what I indeed love, so I think I am being really good and can tell you there were a few in the crowd that I think may benefit from learning to simplify.  They had some new lots of stuff and the first thing I actually bought were some small LED flashlights for my little guys, they love flashlights.  Then the last thing on my list came up, three little  ladder back chairs that  had perfect rush seats and I thought would make a great project with each painted a different primary color.  The bidding started and I was right in this time and guess what?  I won all 3 for $40 which comes to a little over $13 a chair and I think was a good deal.  That’s all I bought  and I can tell you I did not feel that itch that I had to go to another.  I did see some kind of antique ceiling fan that came out of bar that I truthfully would not give you $5 for go for over $3000, that was fun to watch.  The guy in front of me was bidding like crazy and I wanted to ask him how much it was worth but he left when he lost.  Another tiny, rusty bird cage when for $50 and the auctioneer said it was going for $600 on eBay, I would not give $3 for it.

The Industrial fan that went for about $3000

The Industrial fan that went for about $3000


A football that I would not even touch let alone give you the hefty price it sold for.

Some Art Deco Light Fixtures that went for a pretty price but again that I would not look twice at.

Some Art Deco Light Fixtures that went for a pretty price but again that I would not look twice at.

So do you go to auctions?  Do you have auction stories?  I would love to hear them.  I feel they have lost their shine because of eBay and that your real chance of finding a bargain is going to be at a yard sale or your elderly neighbors house, because everyone else seems to know exactly what everything is worth and the prices are ridiculous   I remember going to a yard sale about 10 years ago and seeing something, I bargained with the woman who was elderly and when I did she told me she would not go lower than whatever price because that is what they were going for on eBay   Ugh, this was a tiny town yard sale and this elderly woman knew her eBay   It is going to get harder and harder to find those great finds, like the Annalee dolls I found once brand new with tags being sold for 25 cents each.  The  people having the yard sale said their relative gave them to them and it was apparent they really did not care for them.  She even thought they had some more and if I wanted them, they were mine!  Alas, her daughter could not find them but that was a deal!


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Shabby Apple $50 Gift Card Giveaway!!!

As soon as Halloween is  over it feels like Thanksgiving is so fast on our heels and Christmas and New Year’s are following right behind.  It has me feeling that my long list of things to do before the holidays is not going to all get done.  With all the preparation and festivities, you may be looking for some clothing options for parties, family pictures or entertaining.  If you have not heard of Shabby Apple, I would be happy to introduce you. Shabby Apple creates women’s clothing that is artful in design and crafted with a vintage-style flare.  Each piece is designed to flatter a woman’s figure and maintain her mystery. Shabby Apple is women-owned and operated and donates to help other women start businesses of their own.

Are you looking for a dress?   At Shabby Apple you can browse through retro dresses, vintage dresses, shirtdresses, lace dresses, maxi dresses and casual dresses.  Maybe you would like to try a skirt and a blouse and they have jewelry and accessories to pull it all together.  Shabby Apple has not forgotten the ladies in waiting with their maternity line and it certainly has the little ones covered with their children’s line.

Shabby Apple is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win a $50 Gift Card to Shabby Apple.  Thanks Shabby Apple for this wonderful giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Shabby Apple $50 Gift Card Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

This is going to be an old-school giveaway without Rafflecopter.  Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry or you will not get credit for them.  Good Luck!!!

Mandatory Entry–Visit Shabby Apple and pick a favorite item and let us know what it is and why in a comment on this blog post.  If this entry is not completed all other entries will be deleted.

Extra Entries:

Like Shabby Apple on Facebook and leave me a comment here that you did with your Facebook name.

Tweet about the giveaway — #shabbyapplegiveaway Shabby Apple $50 Gift Card Giveaway!!! – Mommy Ramblings http://www.mommyramblings.org/2012/11/05/shabby-apple-50-gift-card-giveaway/

Leave the url of you tweet in a comment.  This can only be done once.

Post about this giveaway on your blog and leave the url to the post in a comment so we can verify.

Giveaway ends at 12 am November 24th!!!


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