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Traveling with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Most of us enjoy traveling, especially during the summer months. Even people who are not in the best health like to get away, and take a trip. Travel may even do them well, because taking time to relax on a vacation can have a restorative effect. Not to mention, a change in scenery can do wonders to lift the spirits and even promote healing.

Just a few decades ago, someone who was elderly, prone to ill-health or infirm would not have dreamt of traveling far. This was understandable, after all, most airports did not cater to their needs. Getting on a plane was an exhausting nightmare that most people could not cope with.

Beyond air travel, many people  worried about what would happen if they got sick while they were away. Up until fairly recently getting comprehensive travel insurance if you were not in good health was all but impossible.

Fortunately, things have changed. Several insurance firms now offer a good level of coverage for the sick, elderly and infirm. An example is the united healthcare pre-existing conditions policy. Provided your condition has been stable for 6 months, you can get a quote from them. In many parts of the world, for example in Europe, the law states that assistance must be provided at the airport and on the plane for disabled or infirm passengers.

As you can see, two of the major hurdles that faced travelers with pre-existing conditions have now been removed. As a consequence, people are  taking advantage of this fact, and traveling more. With a little extra preparation, you can do so too, even if you are not in the best of health. There are just a few extra things you need to take into account.

Travel insurance

When it comes to travel insurance, there are a wider range of policies available now. However, it is very important that you do your research before buying a policy. You need to understand exactly what is covered and what is not.

It is very important to fill in the application form accurately. Failure to do so, can easily invalidate your policy. You also need to understand what you have to do should your condition change between the date you book your vacation and when you actually travel. Normally, you will still be covered, but not following the notification rules, could leave you without proper coverage.

Save The Contact Numbers

Remember to add your travel insurance contact numbers to your phone. Calling  them is a good way to make sure they get put into your mobile correctly. Once you know you have got through to the right place, you can quickly and politely end the conversation. Double-check that you have included the area code and that the numbers are the ones that have been set up so they can be dialed from abroad. It is also worth making a photocopy of these numbers and keeping that in a wallet or purse.

Pack Your Medications

Make sure that you have enough medication to take you through your entire holiday. It is wise to take at least an extra week supply with you. That way if you get delayed, you will not have to worry for a few days.

Double-check that you can legally take your medications into all of the countries you are planning to visit on your trip. You usually can, but how much you can take may be limited. You may also need to carry your prescriptions or other documents with you.

It is also wise to find out what your medications are called in your destination country. Should you lose anything, replacing it should be a lot easier. If you take expensive medications double-check to see if your travel insurance covers replacing any that you lose.

This is a collaborative post. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Mommy Ramblings.

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Discover “Destination” Fun at Darien Lake

How is your summer going? We are in the middle of an entire home renovation. Thankfully, we live on a lake so afternoon swims happen daily when the weather is good. We have some small trips lined up for August when things should be mostly completed. Other than that, we are taking day trips and doing what we can, without totally coming unhinged.

Darien Lake is one of the places we are going as a family this summer. Their wide range of entertainment has made it “destination fun” since 1964. That is longer than I have been alive! Darien Lake is located just 45 minutes from Niagara Falls between Buffalo and Rochester, N.Y.

Today the park boasts more than 50 rides, including six world-class roller coasters, dozens of family friendly rides, the regions largest water park complete with a wave pool and 20,000-seat performing arts center. Everything is operated by Live Nation; and  world-class in-park entertainment.

The Viper is celebrating its 35th year at Darien Lake. Okay, I am older than the Viper, but not anywhere near as old as Darien Lake.

Click HERE to schedule your visit today! Have you ever been to Darien Lake? I would love to hear about your experience in the comments.

This is a sponsored post, as always my words and views are 100% my own.

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Don’t Bring Home These Unwanted Guests When Traveling This Summer!

With summer vacation fast on our heels, families are traveling, going on road trips, visiting relatives and getting out and about.  Great memories are what they want to bring back from vacation, no one wants to bring bed bugs back!  Unfortunately, many do bring home these unwanted stowaways.   They could come  from a hotel, Airbnb, relative or friends house but if you have them, one thing is for sure, you want to kill them quick. If you have kids and pets you don’t want to use toxins especially on surfaces like your mattress that you spend so many hours on each night.  If you are looking for something you can treat bedding with when your travel or if you are dealing with an infestation at home, there is a safe, eco-friendly treatment.  Bed Bug Killer Spray

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer kills bed bugs on contact and is made with all natural ingredients like essential geranium oil.  The spray works to eliminate all stages of bed bugs (eggs, nymphs, adults). The spray is odorless and non staining so you can apply it directly to your sheets, mattress and bedding to kill bed bugs on site. Spray is safe for kids and pets and the organic, non-toxic ingredients put your mind at ease, which is what you need when you are already stressed.

bed bug killer 1


Bed Bug Checklist Guide Graphic

Bed Bug Killer Comparison

When you have bed bugs you want to get rid of them fast, going to bed can literally be a nightmare when you know they are just waiting to feast on you and your family. The Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is the fastest bed bug treatment on the market. Works faster than bed bug powders, traps and interceptors. The spray was formulated by professional exterminators and is guaranteed effective to work and comes with a 100%, no questions,  60 day, money back guarantee. 

bed bug killer 3

The threat of bed bugs does not end with summer.  Did you know if you have children who are heading off to college, there are outbreaks of bed bugs in college dorms nationwide.  Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is a great product to send your child away with.  This bed bug killer should be the top of their college packing list. You can purchase Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer on Amazon, there is a link below.

I received a free product to facilitate my review from Eco Defense.  As always my words and views are 100% my own.


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24 Great Retro, Body Slimming, Figure Flattering Swimsuits For Every Body Type!

Whether you planning to take a trip or cruise to a warm destination or just dreaming of summer, beaches,Ujena will have you looking like a movie star with their retro, figure flattering, shape enhancing swimsuits.  Ujena has a huge line of swimwear, cover-ups, dresses and more to flatter any body type.

Browse the super sale section with some suits as much as 50-75% off regular price!  You can also design your own suit just the way you want it.  There are mix and match pieces too so you can create a look you want and that works for your body type.  Check out the great sampling of looks below, on the site you will find multiple views and a video of each suit so you can see how it looks from every angle!  Ujena carries a large array of sizes including plus sizes, long torso etc.  Right now when you head over to Ujena and use promo code 1671 at checkout you can take $10.00 off your purchase.

Vintage Floral Tankini Casa Blanca Bikini 1950’s Marilyn Tankini La Gabrielle
Polka Dot Underwire Plus Red Hot Vintage Shaper White Monroe Long Torso 1-PC La Noir Gabrielle 1-PC
Brazilian Jungle Sheer Zebra Fatale Honeymoon Halter Hourglass Skirted
Canary Islands Tankini Plus Summer Blossom Ruffle Tankini Marilyn Ruffle Tankini Spanish Swim Dress
Canary Islands Minimizer Sicilian Swim Dress American Vintage Tankini Plus Vintage Sailor Stripes
Calypso Banded Bikini Moroccan Banded Bikini Navy Monroe Sheer Zebra Open-Back Tankini


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Show Dasani What Makes You Sparkle & You Could Win A Vacation!!! #SparkleWithDASANI #ad

This post was sponsored byDasani but all opinions as always are my own.Dasani-Sparkling-

What makes you sparkle?  For me, it’s just relaxing and soaking in the day with my family. I love taking some me time while relaxing in a comfy chair watching the birds and my kids play or sharing some morning coffee on the porch with my husband.  I love summer so that is my favorite time of year to get my Sparkle on!  We live on a lake so swimming and sailing definitely add to my sparkle and of course bliss would be ending the perfect day in my tub with relaxing music.

What makes you SPARKLE?

Dasani wants to know what makes you sparkle and they have an AMAZING contest for sharing your answer!  All you need to do is upload a photo of what makes you sparkle to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SparkleWithDASANI.  Make sure you like @dasaniwater so they can contact you if you win.  The Grand Prize is a Sparkling Getaway to the Westin Diplomat in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!  This great prize package includes airfare, hotel and spa treatments for 4!  Winner will be selected in early August!



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ChicoBag, Nomad Tote In Brittany Blue Review & Giveaway!!! #HolidayGiftGuide


Are you traveling this holiday season?  If you are and you have kids, you know for sure you will have a lot to pack.  Have you ever been on a vacation where you discover you need to buy extra luggage or bags to cart all the souvenirs or hauls from shopping you did while there?  I know because this happens to me all the time!  Wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared for that?

The Nomad Tote is such a great life saver for times like that because it can be stored so compactly in its own storage bag when not needed and takes up no room at all.  They’re great to have in the car, in your purse, to pack with you on trips and will act as a safety net.  Forget your beach bag?  Not a problem, with the Nomad, it’s there in a flash to hold everything you need.  It’s also machine washable so you don’t have to stress about a little dirt which is inevitable with kids.  Whether you pack it full for a weekend getaway, a trip to the gym, an outing at the farmer’s market or just pack it compactly for just-in-case, the Nomad Tote will not let you down!

Nomad Tote Brittany Blue


This large bag fits comfortably over your shoulder and has 3 exterior pockets and an interior zippered pocket.  Mommy Ramblings thinks the Nomad Tote makes a great gift this holiday season so we are adding it to our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. 

Nomad Tote


Nomad Tote Blue

ChicoBag is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win a Nomad Tote in Brittany Blue!  Thank you ChicoBag for the review tote and for sponsoring this great giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

ChicoBag, Nomad Tote in Brittany Blue Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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RedWeek.com Review and 2 Year Membership Giveaway!!!

Going on a vacation with your family is usually very expensive when you have to secure lodging.  With big families you can need 2 rooms or more and if you are in a destination area that can get very pricey, then add in the meals, and you are saying goodbye to a good chunk of change.  If you are wanting to take a vacation but are looking for a way to streamline your costs, you should consider renting a timeshare.

Timeshare rentals typically  cost 50% less than  cramped hotel rooms.  You can also choose a multiple bedroom unit with large living areas and they almost all have a full size fully equipped kitchen which will help you to be able to prepare some meals there and recognize even more savings.  Another great thing  is that timeshares often have many more amenities then hotels and you can find them with water parks, pools, hot tubs, arcades, mini golf and playgrounds.

When timeshare owners are unable to use their timeshare weeks, the timeshares become available for rental.  Renting out the timeshare is a great option for owners and renters get a great bargain.

RedWeek.com is a great site with over 1.5 million members where timeshare owners can list their timeshare for rent.  A RedWeek.com membership lets members assess all timeshare rental listings on the site.  Not only will they be able to search with many custom options they can read the reviews, choose to search for “Kid Friendly” and “Pet Friendly” rentals and have the ability to engage in rental agreements with great budget-friendly offerings.

The site is easy to navigate and will make planning your next getaway a breeze not to mention it will be a bit easier on your wallet.

Do you think this sounds like something you would like to try?  Enter below to win a 2 year membership to RedWeek.com!!!  Good Luck!!!

RedWeek.com 2 Year Membership Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!!!

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Starting to Stress a Bit!!!

Okay, I am starting to stress a little.  I promised myself I would not.  Easter is coming, Michael’s surgery, and vacation literally on the heels of that.  Suitcases are down and ready to be packed.  I washed all the kids summer clothes, even the new stuff and it is ready to be packed.  Shopping is done for Easter dinner, eggs still need to be colored, the Easter Bunny has a lot of eggs and baskets to fill.  Lists are made and added to daily of everything that must be done.  The van is pretty well cleaned, we just have to put in the floormats we took out to clean and do a few little things and we will be good to pack.  I have to get together some fabulously interesting DVDs for the kiddies that will make the long drives go by quickly.  So, I  have moments of panic that set in, thinking if I will get everything done, even though I realize there are stores all along the way if we forget anything.  Last night I had a dream, we forgot the kids life preservers, so they could not go swimming.  When the panic sets in, I take a deep breath and try to relax.  I have told myself from the beginning, that I was not going to put huge expectations on this trip that would have to be met.  That is just not something to do when traveling with 2 toddlers.  So I am hoping to clean house, prepare some Easter desserts, get some packing done and relax as much as I can before we take off.

How are you before a big trip?  Do you stress?  Are you a list maker?  Do you set high expectations or do your go with the flow?  Share your stories here!!!


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