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Candy Corn Painted Rocks-DIY Craft Tutorial

It seems that rock painting is all the rage now. I certainly was ahead of my time and ahead of this craze. I love painting rocks, river rocks are my favorite. Gathering them is a fun family adventure we all look forward to.

Sometimes I know exactly what size and shape rocks I want. This is due to the fact, that I have a specific project in mind. Other times, I try to find rocks that inspire me.  You might not think rocks can inspire people, but they can!  I see them as a blank canvas and they speak to me…well, some of them do.

A few rocks I made for my daughter.

I can  clearly visualize the masterpiece they can become. Sometimes it is a fish, ladybug or owl, and other times it is a heart. One of my favorite projects was making rock candy corn.

The one that started it.

It was so much fun to find the shapes I needed. Since I wanted to make a candy corn family that represented ours, when I found the especially tall and thin triangular river rock, I literally squealed with delight. That rock clearly represented my son Michael, it was so easy to see. I asked my youngest sons, who were gathering rocks with me, and they wholeheartedly agreed. It was definitely Michael, no doubt about it.

A Trip to find triangular rocks.

All you need is some acrylic craft paint, paint brushes, paint markers for detail painting and ModPodge sealer. If you want you can paint your rocks white on both sides first. It will take at least 2 coats of paint to get nice coverage.

When the tri color rocks are dry, you can then add personality with the paint markers.

He reminds me of Bozo!

Use ModPodge to seal and protect your creations.

This guy makes me laugh!

Please let me know if you try this project, I would love to hear about your results.

 They needed personality, so I gave them some!!!


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Easy Appliqued Holiday Shirts You Can Make For Thanksgiving & Christmas!!!

You may remember my tales of woe from learning to sew in my post where I showed how I finished an antique vanity as a sewing table.  Aside from an owl pillow I made in 6th grade Home-ec, my attempts at sewing were nothing to write home about.  However, I’m not a quitter, so I was ready to give it another go when I wanted to create some cute whimsical holiday shirts for my kids and family.

I bought some long sleeve cotton shirts and then visited the craft department for some fabrics.  The first shirt I was going to try to make was a turkey for Thanksgiving.  I planned to make the turkey body in brown flannel fabric so I bought a yard of that since I also planned to use it for the Christmas shirts, then I picked several other fabrics for feathers.  I also purchased some polka dot fabric for the antlers and solid red, yellow, black and green for various accents.  Armed with my array of fabrics and some notions like colorful buttons and embroidery thread, I was ready.

I drew my turkey template free hand onto some card stock and cut it out.  I thought I would do feet too but did not end up putting feet on the design.

Turkey shirt 1

I washed the shirts and all the fabrics prior to sewing anything.  After I ironed the fabric I cut the pattern shapes and laid them out how I wanted, then when my design was the way I liked, I secured the fabric pieces with a sewable heat bond.  After that it was off to the sewing machine where I sewed around the pieces with an applique stitch.  The first shirts were a bit laughable but my little ones thought they were great and with every shirt I got better.

Turkey shirt 3

Turkey Shirt 4

Turkey Shirt 5

Turkey Shirt 2

Turkey Shirt


For the Christmas shirts I did the same thing except I made a moose template which honestly ended up looking more like a reindeer but nevertheless is still cute.  I was in a rush because we were using them for a picture but would like to add bows on my daughter’s shirt and mine as well.  For all the boys I want to add a bow tie.

This is the light hold heat bond that is sewable, I just wanted to hold it in place so I did not need to use pins for sewing.  It worked well.

This is the light hold heat bond that is sewable, I just wanted to hold it in place so I did not need to use pins for sewing. It worked well.


Moose Shirt 1

Moose Shirt 4

Moose Shrit 2


Moose Shirt 5

Moose Shirt 6

Christmas Shirts


Applique shirts_edited-1

I made 9 shirts in all (2 turkey shirts and 7 Christmas shirts). It really gave me confidence to make friends with my sewing machine and if I could do this, anyone can.  I know they are far from perfect but they are made with love and to me that is what matters the most.  If you would like any more specifics please ask.


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Free Thanksgiving Printables, Activity Sheets, Crafts & Yummy Treats!!!

Thanksgiving Crafts Logo

Thanksgiving will be here next week!  I put together some crafts, cookies, treats and fun activities you can do with your family to celebrate!  Enjoy!!!

Thanksgiving Free Printables

Thanksgiving Place Cards will let you make your guests feel special and are cutomizable with names and photos!!!  Click on the picture below for the link. Click HERE to get started!!!

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Thanksgiving Paper Chain is a great activity for kids that can start a thankful tradition. Pick a color scheme and personalize the links, then print, cut, and assemble. Click HERE to get started with your chain.

Thanksgiving Paper Chain

Thanksgiving Fill Ins and More Thanksgiving Party Decor printables, customizable photo prop and more! Click HERE to start!


Timothy Turkey Activity Sheet Download HERE!

Make A Turkey Kid’s Activity Sheet (I love this one!) Download HERE!

First Thanksgiving Educational Crossword For Kids, Download HERE!

Thanksgiving Treats:





Visit Living Locurto for more on these great treats!

More Yummy Ideas!!!



Thanksgiving Cookies



Visit Lucky Boy for these and more delectable Turkey Day Treats!!!


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Boogie Board LCD eWriter Review & Giveaway!!! #HolidayGiftGuide

Boogie Board 8.5 The original Boogie Board LCD eWriter  started a revolution. This 8.5″ ultra light (4oz.) and thin (1/8″) eWriter is addictive and one is not enough. This handy eWriter lets you write down lists, notes, messages and with one touch erase it all.  Save trees, go green and have fun.  This eWriter from Improv Electronics comes with magnetic strips and stylus holder so you can put it on your fridge which is perfect for keeping a list of what you need.  One just isn’t enough. Get one for on the go, in the office and multiple places around the house. Almost anywhere you’d keep memo pads, sticky notes or scrap paper. Boogie Board Group We just love this eWriter, it is super handy, my kids love to draw on it and I love that we can keep it on our fridge now with the magnet kit and stylus holder.  Mommy Ramblings loves the Boogie Board LCD eWriter so much we are adding it to our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!!!  


Boogie Board

Boogie Board  #boogie_board

Boogie Board #boogie_board

Boogie Board  #boogie_board

Improv Electronics is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win their own Boogie Board 8.5″ LCD eWriter!!!  Thank you Improve Electronics for the review eWriter and for sponsoring this resourceful and fun giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents. Boogie Board 8.5″ LCD eWriter Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules: Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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