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Maximize Your Kitchen Storage #Giveaway

Right now, my home is under construction in a few areas, one is my kitchen. I literally have had to remove everything in my cabinets and kitchen in order to get ready for the demo that is going to begin there. Having all my cabinets empty is so strange. I should take a photo because it is a rare thing. Normally, I think of ways to maximize storage of my plastic containers, pot lids, spices and more.

Are you looking for ways to organize, condense and maximize your storage space? If so, I just discovered some great products from YouCopia.


I knew I had to have the StoraStack because I really need to organize my food storage containers. I used to spend so much time digging around the drawer looking for the right lid.


The StoraStack smartly organizes food containers in your kitchen drawer. Two clip dispensers can be positioned as needed to hold two container stacks in place. Individual slots keep matching lids upright so everything stays tidy and easy to find.



My next issue was pot lids sliding around in my roll outs. That is why I like the StoreMore Lid Holder.


The StoreMore Lid Holder organizes all of your pot and pan lids in the cabinet or pantry. Strong wire dividers can be adjusted to keep lids upright, separated and easy to retrieve. Save space and reduce clutter by storing lids vertically!



Last issue for me was how to deal with all the spices I have. I have so many spices that the built in spice cabinet is not enough. I ended up using 2 cabinets to store them all. The problem is that smaller spices get lost and so when I saw the spice steps, I knew I had to try them.


The 24-bottle SpiceSteps™ is the easiest, most affordable way to organize spices in the kitchen cabinet. Maximize space with four tiers instead of the standard three. Label the bottle caps with included stickers to quickly find spices.


Would you like the chance to win a product of your choice from YouCopia? If so, enter the giveaway below and you could win your choice of product from YouCopia up to a $40 value. Good luck!!! Open to US residents.

YouCopia Product Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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Are You Storing Your Essential Oils Properly?

I love essential oils and my stash was getting a bit out of control. I needed a place to store it all so the search for a quality essential oil bag started. I recently ordered a Gogobag Essential Oil Case and I am so happy! It is a nice hard shell case with dual zipper closure and carry handle.


It holds 30 bottles of 10ml and 15ml oils according to the manufacturer’s description but it also held 5ml bottles. I love that it holds so many bottles so I can easily store it anywhere and it is effortless now for me to take my oils anywhere. Great when we are traveling too. The cases are black and available with either blue, green or pink accent coloring.

gogobag 1

Check out my video below to see more great details about this Gogobag Essential Oil Case.

 If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments. I will do my best to answer any questions and respond to your comments.

I was able to purchase this case at a discount in return for leaving an honest an unbiased product review. As always my words and views are 100% my own.


New From: $16.99 USD In Stock

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Overcoming Challenges When Designing Your Child’s Room

Designing a child’s room can be a challenge. It can be tempting just to utilize an adult bedroom set for them, especially if you already have one you can use. Using adult furniture sets can present several issues. Often, the furniture is not suitable for children, it may have sharp corners, lack safety features or just be the wrong size to be safe or functional.  Children’s rooms tend to be smaller than what many adult size sets were made for. This can leave a child’s room overcrowded, cramped and lacking in style, functionality and fun!

You might be scratching your head trying to figure out how you can create a child’s room that will be functional, fun, stylish and grow with them.  I am happy to tell you that it’s not so hard.  You might want to take a look  at modular childrens’ bedroom furniture as an option. Modular furniture is the perfect choice when trying to maximize storage and function for kids, even in small spaces.

bambini bedroom set

The versatility of having some pieces with wheels that can be moved when needed and rolled back when not. Modular pieces provide storage for what you need most. Create a unique storage solution for your child’s things by combining cubbies, cubes, shelves, drawers, hooks etc to get exactly what you need. Wardrobe units can be added and are a solution for more than clothing storage, they can be customized to fit many purposes.


Modular pieces also let you work around oddly shaped spaces where more traditional furniture just won’t work. Other advantages are the ability to add  bold punches of color in a drawer or bin that draws the eye and gives the room flair. If your child is old enough, letting him/her plan their room with you and decide on pieces and colors will empower your child and makes them so much more in tune with their room.



Bunk beds or loft beds with desk space underneath  add function and style in any space.  As your child grows, pieces can be added, colors swapped, pieces rearranged  and more to adapt to their changing needs.  Changing the color of walls and textiles will also give the same pieces a totally different feel as your child grows.



If you have a budding artist adding a fold down modular wall cabinet that transforms into an art table with smaller cubbies and drawers above for art supplies would inspire and delight any budding Picasso.

Bambini Childre's Room


If you have a child collector, there are great options for storing and displaying sports memorabilia, dolls, cars and more. What are your greatest challenges in your child’s room? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.



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iCube Concepts, Smart Storage Unit Review & Giveaway For 6 Winners!!!

iCube Logo (1)
iCube makes modular storage systems, wall mounted shelves and stackable crates that will help you get organised at home or work.  The highly functioning units are easy to assemble and will complement almost any space or design.   I recently had a chance to try out a four cube unit, 3 fabric drawers and 1 black crate/drawer.  It was easy to put together with no tools needed except a coin.
iCube Assembly
iCube Assembly 1

icube assembly 3

icube Assembly 5

icube Assembly 6

The four cube unit is customizable you can move the door where you want and put the shelf in whatever cube you want.  I was sent 2 half and 1 full fabric drawers which just pop open out of the package and then you just put the fabric bottom in which stabilizes the drawer.  I put the unit in my studio and it is great for holding some of my autumn photo props on top and in the drawers I have my fabrics, ribbons, trims and other sewing notions.  The full drawer on the bottom provides great storage too.  I love this for storing craft supplies and props.

icube assembly 7

iCube Assembly 4

iCube drawer 4

icube large draawr

icube assembly 8
iCube Black 1

iCube Black 2

icube black 3

The unit is sturdy and my husband and I carried it from downstairs where we assembled it to my studio on the third floor.  We took it up 2 flights of stairs and it was extremely stable and secure.  I also received a black iCube crate or drawer and that was a cinch to put together.  I can use it interchangeable with the full fabric drawer or move the fabric drawer up to the cube over the door and slide the crate in the bottom cube.  Hey, I just realized I do not have a picture with that configuration so I will take one and add it so you can see how it looks.


iCube Drawers 3

icube drawer filled

iCube®  products are light, but robust.  These modular storage systems provide  stylish and functional storage solutions for the home and office. Use as a cube bookshelf, a plastic storage crate or modular shelving unit, they will stand up to it all. The main units are available in white or black. You can totally customize the look of your modular unit with shelves in the same or contrasting color and the half, full and quarter fabric drawers are available in Black, Steel, Plum, Sky, Melon, Pistachio and Rose. You can purchase icube storage units and components on Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart and Skymall.
iCube Garage-storage-system


Icube ItsCoolToBeSquare

Would you like a chance to win a four cube unit?  Well, iCube Concepts is sponsoring a giveaway of a four cube unit to 6 lucky blog readers!  Thank you to iCube for the review products and for sponsoring this amazing giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.
iCube Concepts, 4 Cube Smart Storage Unit Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Giveaway Rules:
Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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Creo Collapsible Food Storage Containers Review and Giveaway!!!

Creo Logo

Creo tools are inspired by the originality and creativity of chefs at home who have their own distinct tastes. People that cultivate their passion for cooking (and eating) on their own terms. Their mission is to deliver a home cooking experience that is exciting, exploratory, creative, and self-expressive.

From delicious ingredients to tasty leftovers, the Creo Collapsible Storage is vacuum sealed making it leak proof and airtight to keep food fresh.

Creo Containers website pic

I recently had the chance to try out a few pieces of Creo collapsible food storage containers and I absolutely love them. They collapse so they save room in cabinets and drawers and expand to hold your food and keep it fresh with the vacuum seals. The seals also vent to let steam out during microwave cooking if desired.  The lids have a silicone gasket that creates a leakproof, tight seal, perfect for traveling.  Containers are safe and can be used in the freezer, oven and microwave. The silicone containers are stain and odor resistant plus they are dishwasher safe for easy clean up!  You can purchase the containers on Amazon.com.

creo containers

Creo Conatiners 1

Creo Containers 2

creo Containers 3

Creo Containers 4

Creo Containers 5

Creo is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win 2 pieces of Creo Collapsible Food Storage Conainers!  Thank you to Creo for sponsoring this great giveaway and for the review containers.  Open to US residents.

Creo Collapsible Food Storage Container Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!



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BOX4BLOX, Award-Winning Toy Storage Solution for Legos Review & Giveaway!!!

If You Are Sick Of That LEGO DISASTER ZONE You’ll Love the BOX4BLOX!  BOX4BLOX, the award-winning toy storage solution for organizing and storing Lego. BOX4BLOX was voted “Best New Home Organizing Product of the Year” by National Association of Professional Organizers BOX4BLOX eliminates all the hassles of keeping Legos organized in the home and actually makes clean up time fun. BOX4BLOX works like a coin sorter, grading the Legos through a series of different sized grids, so the Lego bricks end up in a tray with similar sized blocks, with all those hard to find tiny bits and pieces ending up in the bottom tray. No need to tip the Legos all over the Floor BOX4BLOX is an attractive ten and a quarter inch cube manufactured from ABS plastic, the same high quality plastic used to manufacture Lego. BOX4BLOX holds approximately 1500 – 1700 Lego bricks. BOX4BLOX is not only for the kids as Moms love the BOX4BLOX, making it a practical gift idea for every boy and girl who loves Lego. BOX4BLOX is made in the USA and available exclusively online.  You can purchase the Box4Blox at Amazon.com.

It seems as parents one of the things we find ourselves talking about with other parents, is how to keep our kid’s toys organized.  The worst kinds of toys to keep neat and organized are those with many pieces and different sizes.  Legos are lots of fun for kids and a very creative toy but their pieces can be tiny and are easily lost under couches, furniture, or even fall victim to the vacuum. Storing them all in a large tub keeps them contained, but makes it hard to find the different size pieces, and the smallest pieces just seem to disappear.  I was recently asked to review the Box4Blox and I gladly accepted.  The Box4Blox consists of 4 stacking bins and a top.  Only the bottom green bin has a solid bottom, the other three are sifters with a grid on the bottom with different size openings.  The red has the smallest openings, followed by the blue and then yellow.  Using this system will allow you to place Legos in the top stacked bin and gently shake and tilt and the Legos will be sifted and sorted into like sizes.  Now, your child can easily know that the smallest pieces, the little headlights, steering wheels etc. will be in the bottom bin.  The Box4Blox is a great way to easily sort and store your child’s Legos.  Take it from this mom, if you are looking for a better way to store Legos, check out the Box4Blox.

Box4Blox Giveaway:
Box4Blox is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win their own Box4Blox.  Thank you Box4Blox for the review product and for sponsoring this innovative giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.
Box4Blox, Award-Winning Toy Storage Solution for Legos Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:
Please enter the giveaway using Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!!!


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TheShelvingStore.Com Review & Discount Code!!!

We have a big family and we have a lot of stuff.  One area we are trying to get better organized is our garage, so when I had the chance to review a shelf unit from theshelvingstore.com, I jumped.  We were sent a very sturdy chrome wire shelf unit.  The 12″d wire shelf 5 level wire shelving kits come with 4 chrome posts which include leveling feet and post caps as well as five wire shelves that include split sleeves for each shelf. These 12″d shelves are ideal for small spaces, kitchen corners, book towers, bathroom storage, linen shelves or any other use. Their wire shelving is NSF approved and meets commercial quality standards. Each shelf is rated to hold up to 800lbs evenly distributed.   This unit is super sturdy and would be great in the pantry, laundry room, garage or basement.  It can stand up to holding most anything and will fit well in small spaces.  They carry a variety of sizes, so they have something for whatever your storage needs are.   We put it in a corner of our garage where it is very handy to store items.  It was very easy for my husband to set up and the quality is great!!!



TheShelvingStore.com is offering a discount code for Mommy Rambling’s readers.  Enter code “carly67-10” for 10% off your order. Perfect to use before the holidays for shelving, kid’s lockers, coat hooks and more.  Take a look at this great store for all your storage solutions!!!

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