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How Safe and Secure is Your Home? The Answer May Shock You! #MySafeHome #MomBuzz

Do you ever wonder if you are truly prepared for an emergency?  I mean, we all try to be but life gets in the way.  We have some things in place but are lacking in other areas of preparedness. We have an escape ladder for our second and third story windows in case fire prevented us from exiting the home through the stairways.  However, if you asked me right now where it is, I would tell you where it should be but since that area of our home is under construction…yeah. I think you understand what I mean.  We do have big things in place but I suppose we need to go over things and find out where we are lacking.

Recently, I found out about a site that does just that for you.  MBIntel is a site you can go to and begin a free home risk analysis.  It only takes about 15 minutes to answer the questions about home safety and security as well as emergency preparedness. When you are finished you will be given the results and shown the areas that need improvement if applicable.  I went to their website today and answered the questions to get my home risk analysis.  Overall I did well, but there are some issues we need to address to really be in top-notch shape.  I plan to go over this with my husband and get the things we need in place to ensure our home is as safe as can be.  You can upgrade to a paid version that gives you more detailed reporting of any issues so that you can see clearly what you need to do to fix them.  I upgraded to a paid version and was able to print out a full report so that I could share that with my husband and we can make the changes we need to.  If you are looking to see how secure, safe and ready you are for a disaster, check out MBIntel and get your free home analysis.  If you do please let me know your results and what you thought in the comments.


The image below is a sample of how the overall results are shown.

The chart below outlines the differences in the free and paid version.

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Goodbye Blog Hackers!!! Don’t Let The Door Hit You On Your Way Out!!! #NoHacking

What a stressful week it has been.  Discovering  our blog was hacked 2 weeks ago when we got what is called the “white screen of death” which matched the color of my face, was bad enough.  The wonderful tech support from my server had me thinking we cleaned any back doors from being entered again, but I found out this week, that was not the case.  I had to put a lockdown on brute force attacks and then resurrect my poor blog.  I now know that the security I have in place will not allow brute force attacks and also let me ban countries where most of these mechanical bot hackers were coming from.

I don’t understand why any time is wasted hacking a “mommy blog.”  Is it just to make the moms crazy or is it for some other reason?  I wish someone would enlighten me because I don’t have my credit card numbers or bank account info anywhere on my blog.  Absolutely baffling, but worse than that is all the time I lost having to spend days to get everything back up and running.  It also occurred at the worst time of the year since sponsors are really in a time crunch and losing days getting holiday gift guide products up is unacceptable.


I however, feel empowered now and the new security installed alerts me right away and bans the user ip of anyone trying to guess the password to log on.  Beyond that we have added a telephone code that changes every 30 minutes to the password so they would literally have to come and steal my phone now to have a chance at logging on.  All the malicious code they hid on my site has been detected and erased.  I look at the reports each day and smile, our spam has been reduced 1000 fold, declining  log on attempts are reported since we banned countries and the hackers ip addresses.  I almost was physically ill looking at the log on attempts to my blog, It made me scared but then turned to anger and finally to action, putting the plan in place to lock them out for good.  Now, I feel great about the security of my site.

I know you all had difficulty leaving comments or not being able to bring the blog up while we were in maintenance mode and I thank you for you patience.  I am scrambling to catch up but have some awesome giveaways to put up this weekend so please stay tuned.  We also are behind drawing winners and we will get to that too!

Thanks again for sticking around, I truly appreciate it.

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