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Three Great Decorating Styles to Spruce Up Your Home This Christmas

The air is getting colder. The leaves have all fallen. Stores are starting to advertise upcoming sales, and all the signs are clear: Christmas will soon be here!


Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but it is true that another holly jolly season will soon be upon us, and I bet you’re already planning ahead for what you’ve got to do.

There’s obviously gift lists to assemble, you’re calling your mom to figure out who’s hosting the Christmas dinner (“Oh! I am?”), and, bless you, you’re probably stressing over how you’re going to decorate this year.

Christmas Decor

Every proud homemaker knows that having a theme at Christmas is essential for transforming a house into a home. It’s not that you’re being vain or anything, but you know that having a house that feels warm, welcoming, and, dare I say jolly, are key to helping enhance the joy of being reunited with your friends and family during this special time.

Christmas Stockings

With that being said, it can be a pain. It takes time, and it can be tough to keep things fresh and interesting, trying to come up with a new, engaging theme, year after year. To help you out this season, and take some of that burden off your shoulders, I’ve put together a few ideas that you can use to really spruce up your house for all of your guests, whether you’re hosting or not (“Yes. You are.”).

Classical Style

Classic Christmas themes work extremely well because they’re, well, tradition! These are the common color and design staples that leave your guests with no doubt that you treasure the season, and look forward to it every year. It may not be revolutionary, but it’s effective, and when the goal is to relax with those closest to you, and focus on quality time with each other, sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Classic Christmas

To capture the perfect classical look, stick with shades of dark greens and bright reds, as well as gold and silver. Common design elements include Christmas trees, reindeer, Santa’s sleigh, and turtle doves. Sticking with naturals decor items, like a real Christmas tree, and a pine need centerpiece, is also a great way to accentuate this style.

Traditional Style

Traditional style during the holidays is all about keeping the same sense of warmth and comfort that you find in classical style, but eschewing a lot of dynamism in favor of a more subtle impression. To that end, the reds, greens, and other colors that make up the classic Christmas palette remain, but are presented in subtler ways.

Traditional Christmas

To start with, you don’t have to go overboard with Santa statues, reindeer napkins, nativity bookends, and all other manner of Christmas staples. Instead, you can do simple things, like swap out the throws or pillows on your couch for some dark greens and reds, or incorporate a subdued, but elegant rug to introduce just a hint of the Christmas spirit into your living space.


If you’re someone who’s never been one to just go along with the crowd, or forced yourself to keep up with the latest trends, good for you! It takes a lot of courage to live your life that way, and you can use that same philosophy to decorate your home for the season, and leave quite the impression with your guests.

Merry Christmas

You can use colors and designs that mean something unique about Christmas to you, and incorporate them into your decorations. Maybe one Christmas your family took a trip to the beach, and you have a seashell that represents that trip; or maybe you the most cherished gift you ever received was a pair of socks your mom knit for you, and you use them as the centerpiece of your table.

The possibilities are endless with this approach, and the more unique to you, the better!

Christmas Fireplace

This is a collaborative guest post. The views and ideas do not necessarily represent those of Mommy Ramblings.


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Master Bath Reno Updates & A Great Hobby Lobby Find!!! #CurbAppeal

If you remember my indecision on the master vanity, mirrors and medicine cabinets, it may amaze you to know that the vanity is not only finalized but ordered and being shipped. The mirrors are here and the medicine cabinets are as well.

We toyed with the idea of constructing our own recessed storage cabinets on the sides of the vanity, but the more we looked at components we would need and the work involved, especially given the amount of projects we still had to complete, it started to make sense to go with something finished.   I did try, even went to Hobby Lobby and other stores for something that would work as a door but look like a nice piece of wall art on the wall concealing a medicine cabinet. Concealed Cabinet design In the end we went with The Concealed Cabinet because we can still make custom tweaks like add a power  strip inside the cabinet, but the basics are done.  The other great feature is that we can customize the door with a print, photograph, artwork from our children or whatever we like and we can change it as often as the mood strikes.

I am so excited to tell you and show you more on these great cabinets.  We are going to take you through the entire installation process not only of the cabinets but of the entire master bath and master bedroom renovations.  Feel free to share any ideas and tips you have or tell us about any projects you are working on.  We chose the extra-large size and will have one on either end.  So now the next decision  is picking out the art to display on the door frame.

This is the extra large cabinet we choose and we get to customize with our own choice of art work to make the design original and truly "us"

This is the extra-large cabinet we choose and we get to customize with our own choice of art work to make the design original and truly “us”

The other news is that the new whirlpool tub is being delivered on Wednesday.  I have been holding off demo until then but it’s almost time to get the rest done and start rebuilding.  I tell you I am so looking forward to a long relaxing soak in that tub.  We are having some design brainstorming sessions regarding the freestanding tub filler and its placement.

My husband assures me all is good, but I have to tell you, I’m a bit stressed by some placement issues we have.  I still need to make a decision on the vanity lighting.  The bathroom has recessed lighting in most areas except by the vanity area. I have been looking at so many different styles of lighting and my brain is on overload.

I picked up a great mirror I want to use as an accent in the bathroom at Hobby Lobby the other day.  It is huge, heavy, and gorgeous.  It is nearly the same color as the vanity I refinished for my sewing table last year and I have decided to use that color as an accent color in the bathroom.  I see that color everywhere and yet I am so stressed picking out towels and rugs. #hobbylobby Got it #hobbylobby My daughter and I went to Home Goods a few days ago and I picked out some towels that I thought were in the same color family and bought them to hang on the towel bars that will be around the tub. When I found 3 rugs that also looked to be perfect I was ecstatic but a little perplexed.

I was so stressed if I had the right shade and then my daughter told me to chill out because there was a 30 day return policy if they weren’t.  I get home and now, I don’t know if I am losing my mind or if the lighting in the store affected it, but they look more like a sea-foam greenish type blue than what I thought they were.  Not sure what I am going to do yet, but I need to decide before my 30 days are up!

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