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Epson’s Expression Photo XP-8500 Small-in-One Printer is the Ultimate Family Gift — #Giveaway

Do you give family gifts for the holidays? Many families do, gifts of smart TVs, gaming systems, special trips, trampolines, cameras, etc. make great family gifts. The Epson XP-8500 Small-in-One Printer is a really great family gift. This printer has such a small footprint, but don’t let that fool you, this printer will allow you to wirelessly print, scan, copy and fax and so much more!

Quickly print high-quality photos with top-of-the-line performance in a compact, space-saving design. You can share all those great shots with everyone easily, print borderless photos up to 8” by 10” with six-color Claria Photo HD inks for smooth gradations and amazing skin tones. Since you only need to replace individual ink cartridges as they run out, it makes it much more affordable.


This printer is perfect for all kinds of projects , you can even print on heavyweight card stock by loading  it through the rear specialty paper feed. You can also print to a CD/DVD. Talk about ease of use, you can edit your photos right from the printer to remove red eyes, restore old photos and more.  This printer has so many fun features, like the ability to make coloring pages from a photo.


The Creative Print Mobile App lets you easily create custom borderless photo collages from Instagram, print stationery and more. This printer is a gift that keeps on giving because with it, you can make great gifts for others!

This printer is your ultimate wireless solution, you can print from anywhere  using and iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and smartphone, it includes Wi-Fi Direct for network-free printing. Scan and share automatically to Facebook and the cloud with the bonus software.

Check out our unboxing and demonstration video below:

This printer is the ultimate family printer and a great addition to any home office. We think it makes such a great gift, we have added it to Mommy Ramblings’ 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.


Epson is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! One lucky blog reader will win their own Epson XP-8500 Small-in-One Printer! Thank you to Epson for the review printer and for sponsoring this amazing giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Open to US residents.

Epson Expression Photo XP-8500 Small-in-One Printer Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck!!!

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Try Upcycling Instead of Buying New

Upcycling is really trending now, having gained momentum over the last few years with no signs of slowing down. Upcycling is when you reuse materials to create something new. It can be as simple as giving an old piece of furniture a fresh coat of paint and a new purpose, or as crafty as creating something from what some think is junk. Upcycling is a great way to add new pieces and elements to your home for much less than buying new.

1| Jars

Old pickle and jelly jars can be reused as storage pots for makeup brushes, craft materials, and so many other things. Clean them out, and use glass paint to give it a new chic look, paint the lid to compliment them and place them around the house.

2| Cans

By drilling holes around a tin can and painting it, you can create a candle holder that shines dots of lights all over the place. Alternatively, you can attach cord through two holes and create rustic planters.

3| Bed Frame

Normally it’s the slats that give out on the bed before the rest of the frame. Use it again by cutting the end in half and fixing them to the headboard as armrests, and using the sides as the seat of your new bench. You can paint it with bright colors to really lighten up your garden.

4| Pallets

Pallets are the miracle material; they are made and discarded everywhere. You can often get this discarded wood for free of minimal money from a local delivery yard. You can make shelving, benches, a garden sofa, or even tables from these things. If you’re making a big piece of furniture, then use something like a guide to choosing a functional dining table set to help with dimensions and styles.

5| Tires

People often replace their tires twice a year – for winter and summer. But what do you do with your old tires? Why not take them home and turn them into garden furniture. Create a lid/seat and base out of plywood. Attach the base but use seating foam and fabric to cover the loose lid. If you like the look of the tire then just paint it, or you can use rope to disguise it.

6| End Table

An old or extra end table can easily be made into an ottoman. Use a thick piece of furniture foam and upholstery fabric on the top of the table. If you need to, cut down the legs to the right height and paint it.

7| Doorknobs

Interesting and fun doorknobs don’t have to be thrown out when the door is. Use them on other upcycled furniture, on the top of boxes and even as coat hooks.

8| Tiles

Chipped or odd tiles are usually thrown out by hardware stores and decorators. There are three great ways to upcycle tiles; the first is to polish them up and use them as drink coasters. The second is to tile the top of a table with them, and the third, is to use them to create a  garden path.

This is a sponsored guest post that may or may not reflect the ideals or views of Mommy Ramblings.


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Epson LabelWorks LW-600P Label Printer Review & Giveaway!!! #HolidayGiftGuide

Epson Logo

Are you trying to get more organized?  Do you ever pack things up in boxes and totes and forget what’s inside?  Do you ever want to do something crafty like create professional looking monogrammed or personalized ribbons  for cards, wedding favors, hair bows and more?  If you answered yes to any or all of these things, I want to introduce you to the Epson LabelWorks LW-600P Label Printer.  


This compact desktop label printer will let you create original labels that you can customize with clip art, your own photos and even your own handwriting or drawings.  You can also take a picture of what is in the boxes you are packing and create a bar code label to stick on the outside of the box.  If you scan the bar code label you will see a picture of what is inside the box!











Epson-Label-Works -4




Labels are not the only thing it prints.  How about printing on beautiful ribbons.  What a great way to make wedding and party favors, your own cards, custom ornament hanging ribbon, hair bows, and so much more.







It’s so simple to start printing with the bluetooth capability.  I was able to create and print from my laptop, iPad and iPhone in a flash.  Just download the app and I was ready to roll.  I cannot wait to use this to organize our home which is in the middle of at least 4 major home improvement projects at the same time.  I am so excited to start taking back some order and taming the chaos around here.  I will update with more of my own projects and organization examples very soon.  You can find the Epson LabelWorks LW-600P on Mommy Ramblings’ 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

More about LabelWorks LW-600P:

Print labels smarter

Now, it’s easier than ever to print customized labels — virtually anywhere — with the LW-600P portable label printer. Print labels from your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Print date labels for food items, QR code labels, or labels to organize cables. Create ribbons for gifts, or even labels with symbols or hand-written messages. Preview labels before printing. Or, use smartphones with voice recognition2 to create labels fast. Download the Epson iLabel app for iOS or Android devices or choose from other compatible apps3 available. With multiple tapes to choose from (up to one-inch wide) and an automatic cutter, you’ve got all you need for customized labels on the go.

Connect smarter

The battery-operated1 LW-600P can print wirelessly from iOS and Android devices, via Bluetooth. Simply download the Epson iLabel app or other compatible apps.3 Use your mobile device to create handwritten labels, iron-on labels, ribbons and more. This compact printer can also print from Windows® and Mac systems via a USB cable.

Enter The Giveaway:

Epson is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. One lucky blog reader will win an Epson LW-600P Label Printer. Than you Epson for the review product and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Epson LabelWorks  LW-600P Label Printer Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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Easy Appliqued Holiday Shirts You Can Make For Thanksgiving & Christmas!!!

You may remember my tales of woe from learning to sew in my post where I showed how I finished an antique vanity as a sewing table.  Aside from an owl pillow I made in 6th grade Home-ec, my attempts at sewing were nothing to write home about.  However, I’m not a quitter, so I was ready to give it another go when I wanted to create some cute whimsical holiday shirts for my kids and family.

I bought some long sleeve cotton shirts and then visited the craft department for some fabrics.  The first shirt I was going to try to make was a turkey for Thanksgiving.  I planned to make the turkey body in brown flannel fabric so I bought a yard of that since I also planned to use it for the Christmas shirts, then I picked several other fabrics for feathers.  I also purchased some polka dot fabric for the antlers and solid red, yellow, black and green for various accents.  Armed with my array of fabrics and some notions like colorful buttons and embroidery thread, I was ready.

I drew my turkey template free hand onto some card stock and cut it out.  I thought I would do feet too but did not end up putting feet on the design.

Turkey shirt 1

I washed the shirts and all the fabrics prior to sewing anything.  After I ironed the fabric I cut the pattern shapes and laid them out how I wanted, then when my design was the way I liked, I secured the fabric pieces with a sewable heat bond.  After that it was off to the sewing machine where I sewed around the pieces with an applique stitch.  The first shirts were a bit laughable but my little ones thought they were great and with every shirt I got better.

Turkey shirt 3

Turkey Shirt 4

Turkey Shirt 5

Turkey Shirt 2

Turkey Shirt


For the Christmas shirts I did the same thing except I made a moose template which honestly ended up looking more like a reindeer but nevertheless is still cute.  I was in a rush because we were using them for a picture but would like to add bows on my daughter’s shirt and mine as well.  For all the boys I want to add a bow tie.

This is the light hold heat bond that is sewable, I just wanted to hold it in place so I did not need to use pins for sewing.  It worked well.

This is the light hold heat bond that is sewable, I just wanted to hold it in place so I did not need to use pins for sewing. It worked well.


Moose Shirt 1

Moose Shirt 4

Moose Shrit 2


Moose Shirt 5

Moose Shirt 6

Christmas Shirts


Applique shirts_edited-1

I made 9 shirts in all (2 turkey shirts and 7 Christmas shirts). It really gave me confidence to make friends with my sewing machine and if I could do this, anyone can.  I know they are far from perfect but they are made with love and to me that is what matters the most.  If you would like any more specifics please ask.


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It’s National Painting Week! For Inspiration, Check Out Some Color & Project Ideas at Sherwin-Williams!!! #SWPaintingWeek


Happy National Painting Week!  Are you working on any painting projects?  You know I have a bunch in the works with all the home improvement we are doing.  Next on the list  for me is to pick the paint color for the new master bath and master bedroom projects.  I will update when I make a decision but in the meantime check out Sherwin-Williams helpful tips, color ideas and projects at SWPaintingWeek.com.


Sherwin-Williams Color of the Month April 2014

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Month April 2014

#SWPaintingWeek Sherwin-Williams-National-Painting-Week

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Ready To Assemble, RTA Cabinets Will Save You Money Without Sacrificing Quality and Style!!! #CurbAppeal

I’m excited to share something with you.  I have heard about Ready To Assemble Cabinets (RTA), but never tried them. When I built my home, I went to a full service kitchen designer showroom and all of my cabinets were custom-built and designed exclusively for my kitchen and my needs.  Along with that service came a pretty hefty price tag.

I know that it’s hard for most families to fork over a huge amount for cabinets and being that I had some projects going on that were going to include cabinetry, I thought it would be a good idea to try some RTA cabinets. I not only thought it would be great to see the amount you can save as well as judge the quality and ease of assembly but knew that my readers would appreciate the in-depth look.

There are many places you can buy RTA cabinets from and I knew some things going in.  First I wanted cabinets that had all wood construction without any particle board.  I wanted to deal with a company that provided upstanding customer service and I wanted the cabinets to look good, have nice features and be easy to assemble.  I didn’t want a nightmare with boxes sitting on top of pallets in my garage  because they were just too difficult to put together.  So, I was lucky to find CSH- Custom Service Hardware and work with one of their wonderful representatives named, Howie. Howie worked with me extensively, he never once said a word as I changed designs but came up with rendering after rendering of my ideas.

The first project we worked on was the laundry room, where we are adding some cabinetry and a 36″ stainless steel farmhouse sink for a sort of butler’s pantry.  I picked the Wheaton Cabinetry by JSI and recently we assembled them.  I want to share the assembly process of  2 of the units with you.  I will share an upper cabinet and a lower drawer unit. The upper cabinet is quite large as we went with a 42″ tall cabinet that is 27 inches wide.  The drawer unit is 30 inches wide.




Below you will find the description of the Wheaton Series Cabinets from the CSH Website:

These Wheaton Series kitchen cabinets feature all wood construction in a cream painted maple with a light brown glaze for a soft and traditional look. The full overlay, solid raised panel doors and matching drawer fronts add to the appeal. Some notable features include plywood sides, tops, bottoms and shelves, solid wood dovetail drawer box and full extension, soft closing, undermount drawer glides. Our easy assembly is perfect for those who love to DIY and save some cash!



Once the boxes are open the pieces should quickly be checked against your instruction sheet to make sure everything is there.  The Wheaton cabinets are a simple assembly using cam locks and some screws.  The cam locks are not what you find in particle board furniture you get at Walmart but a very easy device that is simple to secure.  Right out of the box we were impressed with the quality, the shelves are nice and thick and finished with a poly type varnish for durability as is the inside of the cabinet.  The cabinet doors are thick and substantial with beautiful details and finish on the raised panel doors.  The drawers are dovetailed and they are comparable to what I have in my custom Amish built cabinets that you don’t see even in many other custom cabinet lines.  They have heavy-duty soft close drawer glides not some thin metal glides like you may have seen elsewhere.  My husband and I were really impressed.

Wall Cabinet Pieces

Wall Cabinet Pieces


Wall Cabinet Front ready to add the sides.


Simple Easy To Understand Instructions.
Installing the cabinet sides using the CamLocks.

Installing the cabinet sides using the Cam Locks.

JSI Wheaton Cabinet Assembly

Next add the cabinet top and then the cabinet bottom.

Top and Bottom on and now ready to add cabinet back.

Top and Bottom on and now ready to add cabinet back.


Cabinet Back is first slid onto the unit.

Cabinet Back is first slid onto the unit.

Next, you secure using 4 screws and the cabinet is built!

Next, you secure using 4 screws and the cabinet is built!


Adding the door cushion protectors.

Adding the door cushion protectors.

Installing the adjustable interior shelves.

Installing the adjustable interior shelves.

All done, ready to hang and add our cabinet hardware to.  This unit will also have a decorative end panel applied to the right hand side.

All done, ready to hang and add our cabinet hardware to. This unit will also have a decorative end panel applied to the right hand side.


Wheaton Drawer Unit Ready for Assembly

Wheaton Drawer Unit Ready for Assembly

JSI 12

Other pieces for the drawer unit.

Sides and bottom attached

Sides and bottom attached

Ready to install the soft-close drawer glides.

Ready to install the soft-close drawer glides.

Soft Close Drawer Glide Installation

Soft Close Drawer Glide Installation
Almost Ready For the Drawers

Almost Ready For the Drawers


Time to get The drawers

Time to get The drawers

Drawers are fully assembled dovetail units and you just add the drawer front with four screws.

Drawers are fully assembled dovetail units and you just add the drawer front with four screws.

Beautiful Drawers and Love The Soft Close Glides.

Beautiful Drawers and Love The Soft Close Glides.

Just about done and ready to install.

Just about done and ready to install.

The cabinets were simple to assemble and took no more than 15 minutes from start to finish for the large upper door cabinet and since this drawer unit was our first it took a little longer to figure it out, but once we did it was a cinch and now we will be able to do the other drawer units in the same time as the upper cabinet.  We also went with decorative end panels for the exposed sides of the cabinets to give them a custom high-end look and Howie helped me pick out some great knobs and pulls.  I can’t wait to show you it all when we have it completely finished which should be in the next week or so but until then take a look at some of the cabinet assembly.  Let me know if you have ever used RTA cabinets and what your experience has been.


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Curb Appeal Reveals Coming Very Soon!!!

Wow, it has been busy here.  You will  soon be seeing the first of many Curb Appeal Reveals and that means lots of painting, staining, cleaning, clearing, spiffing, polishing, washing and rushing.  Almost ready to show you the shutter and exterior lighting reveals.  Getting close to the deck reveal, which if I have not mentioned has been days of powerwashing,  replacing of some boards and then staining.  The porch project is a little further away but steadily getting there and today we had delivery for 2 interior projects we are soon starting.  You can see below that we definitely have a lot to keep us busy.  I have also been collecting lots of river rocks for a bunch of great projects and pine cones that are going to be used for some great crafts I want to share with you.  So get ready for some big reveals!!!







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