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“Pickles And Ice Cream” A Bizarre Pregnancy Cookbook #Giveaway

With all my pregnancies over the years, I have accumulated and read hundreds of pregnancy books. However, I have never before seen a pregnancy cookbook quite like Pickles and Ice Cream. This book features bizarre pregnancy craving recipes like Oreos and Toothpaste and Tomato Soup with M&Ms. All of the recipes are photographed like gourmet meals and accompanied by short stories about the women who craved them.

Below you can watch a video of brave souls tasting the creative recipes:

Written by award-winning copywriter Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus and RPA art director Juarez Rodrigues, the strangely unique book contains a collection of 70 of the most outlandish things moms-to-be have craved during their pregnancy. This book makes a fun gift for the expecting mom, you can enter to win a copy in our giveaway below.


Running Press is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. Two lucky blog readers will win their own hardcover copy of Pickles And Ice Cream  Cookbook! Thank you to Running Press for the review book and for sponsoring this amazing giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!! Open to US Residents in the contiguous 48 states.
Pickles And Ice Cream  Cookbook Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:
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The Struggle Is Real: Overcoming the Obstacle of Infertility

This is a sponsored guest post and does not necessarily represent the views of Mommy Ramblings.

Many couples assume that when they are ready to start a family, getting pregnant will be easy. In fact, most put more focus on preventing a pregnancy before they are ready. So, when the time comes to start trying, it can be an unpleasant surprise if the pregnancy tests continuously come up negative. You may try different remedies and still get the same disappointing result.

But if you begin to think that you may not be able to get pregnant on your own, and have your suspicions confirmed by a doctor, you’ll find you still have donation options that can help you achieve your dream of parenthood.

Let’s take a closer look at infertility and how donor eggs can help.

The Struggle with Infertility

There’s an entire spectrum of emotion that comes with the news that you’re unlikely to conceive a baby naturally. Like any loss, a loss of fertility comes with stages of grief that include shock, depression, and anger. It’s completely normal to wonder, ‘why me?’ and to feel alone, isolated, and like you have failed at something. There’s the strain it can put on your relationship and the unspeakable questions of blame. It’s important to work through all of these feelings and to have open, honest discussions with your partner and possibly even a therapist.

The reality is that infertility is not uncommon. In fact, after age 30, the average woman’s chances of getting pregnant declines quite rapidly, and by age 40 she has only a 5% chance of pregnancy per cycle – that’s 15% less than the average 30-year-old. While you might feel frustrated at the prospect of undertaking an alternative conception method – and undergoing invasive procedures – you can feel reassured that, thanks to significant advances to fertility medicine over the past few decades, you can greatly raise your chances for success. Egg donation in particular accounts for over 8000 babies born in the USA every year.

Using Donor Eggs as a Solution

When is egg donation commonly looked to as a solution? A few common scenarios include intended mothers over the age of 40 who are having problems conceiving naturally, women who have had repeat miscarriages due to unviable eggs, premature ovarian failure, women who have gone through cancer treatment, or women who carry a genetic disease that they would rather not pass on to a child.

How it Works

  •         The first step is to browse through the available donors at a donor bank and to choose the one that is the best fit for you.
  •         If you opt for fresh donor eggs, you will be required to take fertility supplements to sync your menstrual cycle with that of the donor.
  •         Once you’re in sync or if you opt for frozen eggs, estrogen supplements are provided to thicken the lining of the uterus in order to maximize the                       chances of implantation.
  •         If you chose frozen eggs, the egg will be thawed.
  •         The egg will then be fertilized with a partner’s or donor’s sperm.
  •         The embryo that develops is implanted into your uterus.
  •         After implantation, you will return after about two weeks to take a pregnancy test.
  •         On each cycle, there is roughly a 50/50 chance that pregnancy will occur. If it does, post implantation check-ups are standard and your pregnancy will           be monitored closely.

Are Donor Eggs Right for You?

Choosing to use donor eggs to get pregnant is a big decision. It is one that may enable you to bring the child you and your partner desire into the world. However, there are other important factors to consider, such as having a child with genetic material from another person and how that information will be shared with the child. Many face anxiety about what their friends or family will think. All of these considerations should be weighed and talked about to decide if this route is the right one for your situation.

At the end of the day, donor eggs do give those who are struggling with infertility a potential road to parenthood.

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What’s So Good About Pregnancy Pillows?

This is a sponsored guest post. The views and words in this article do not necessarily represent the views or ideals of Mommy Ramblings.

Many pregnant women use pregnancy pillows when they sleep. As a woman’s pregnancy progresses, it can be more and more difficult to get comfortable and sleep through the night. Since there will be plenty of sleepless nights after the baby comes, you need to get as much sleep as possible while you still have the chance. A pregnancy pillow provides support to your neck, shoulders, back, and legs. It also allows you to sleep in a semi-fetal position, which is the most comfortable position and is also the position recommended by doctors. There are several other ways that a pregnancy pillow can help you during your pregnancy.

Helps With Circulation

Doctors tell expectant mothers that they should sleep on their left side to help with blood circulation. Many women find this position uncomfortable due to their growing belly. A pregnancy pillow makes sleeping on your side more comfortable. Since every pregnant woman’s body is different, the pillow can be adjusted to fit just right.

Prevents Aches and Pains

Pregnancy for most women is an amazing time. Unfortunately, the excitement can be ruined with the aches and pains that many women suffer from. Studies have shown that between 50 and 80 percent of all pregnant women suffer from intense pain and numbness in their neck, back, hips, knees and legs during their pregnancy. Some suffer from these pains even after the baby is born. When you use a pregnancy pillow, it will put less stress on your body while you sleep, preventing these frustrating aches and pains.

Better Night’s Sleep

If you have aches and pains while you sleep, it can be difficult to sleep through the night. A pregnancy pillow will help you relax and it will ease the pain, allowing you to sleep through the night. The more sleep you get, the healthier you and your baby will be.

Helps With Breast Feeding

If you are planning to breastfeed, your pregnancy pillow can be very helpful. You can use the pillow to position your baby properly so that it is easy for them to latch. Because pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes, it is easy to find the one that is most comfortable for you.

When you go shopping for pregnancy pillows, you will notice that there are a few different types to choose from. Each different type has its own benefits. The one that you choose depends on what you want from the pillow.

Pregnancy wedge pillows: This pillow is also known as a maternity cushion. It comes in different shapes and it is the smallest type of pillow. You can use the pregnancy pillow in a few different ways. You can put it under your belly for support, which can make sleeping more comfortable on you back and hips. You can also use it behind your back is you toss and turn while you sleep. It can be used under your regular pillow to raise your head to relieve heartburn, which is common in pregnancy.

Full length pregnancy pillow: A full length pregnancy pillow provides support for your entire body, however, it is not as sturdy as wedge pillows. You can wrap your arms and legs around the pillow while supporting your growing belly. You can find pregnancy pillows that are straight or that are full of styrofoam balls so that it can be shaped to fit your body.

Total body pregnancy pillows: Total body pillows are great for your second trimester and through the rest of your pregnancy. These pillows are between 5 and 6 feet long, and they provide support to the spine. These pillows are either U-shaped or C-shaped. They are also great for your baby after.

If you want to get a good night’s sleep while you are pregnant and you want to be comfortable, you should consider buying a pregnancy pillow.

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Having A Baby In Your 40’s Is A Blessing Not A Death Sentence

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday, I came across a post from Brain Child Magazine. They were sharing an article from a woman named, Estelle Erasmus. The title of her article was, I had a baby in my 40s. Part of my job is preparing my daughter for life without me. 

Now, as a writer, I know that the headline is the magnet and this writer wanted to draw the reader in. The headline  made me angry. I  knew what the article was going to say and I was right. I wrote a comment from my heart under the Facebook post since I could not leave a comment on the article. In seconds I started to get likes and comments with people agreeing with me and sharing similar stories.

So you might wonder why I was so upset by the article. I am going to tell you. There are a few reasons. First, just because a woman is in her 40’s when she gives birth does not mean she is going to die when her child is young. There is no reason she should be living her life preparing her daughter for a life without her. Why do that? That is not living with a positive outlook on life nor is it a realistic outlook either. Do you know how long women have been having babies in their 40’s? It is nothing new.#pregnancy, Older moms, babies

So many women in my own neighborhood growing up had one or more babies in their 40’s. While it was usually not their first child as it was for this woman, they were still having a new baby in their 40’s. No one treated them as if they were at death’s door either. In fact, I was born to a mother who was 2 weeks shy of her 44th birthday.

When my mother found out she was pregnant with her 5th child at 43, her doctor told her it meant she was young and healthy. Never once did I feel my mother was doing anything to prepare me for life without her. My mother had great genetics, her father, my grandfather was 82 when I was born and he lived to be almost 102. He was healthy and happy right to the end of his life.

#pregnancy, Older moms, babies

My mother had her first child at 21 and her last at 44. Having babies later in life kept my parents young. Various studies have shown that women who have babies later in life, live longer than those who don’t. This is due to the fact that being able to conceive and carry a child to term at that age shows their bodies are young and healthy.

#pregnancy, Older moms, babies

Having a baby young does not guarantee that child will not lose their parent at a young age. I don’t think any parent should  spend their time preparing a child for how to live without them based on an age. What kind of life is that? It is morbid and depressing. They may spend energy doing that only to find they are still going strong at age 100 while their child is nearing the age of 60. All that wasted energy could have been used for better things. Often the things we worry about and lose energy over never happen.

We all know that age is a number. There is no guarantee that a younger mother will outlive an older one.  My best friend growing up was born to a younger mother. She lost her mom at a young age from cancer. Another friend lost her mom at a very young age in a car accident. A mother having a child at 23 may find out she has cancer and die at age 24. On the other hand, a 40-year-old mother may live to 103.

#pregnancy, Older moms, babies

We don’t know, life has no guarantees. Why should we waste a moment of it trying to prepare a child for a life without us if we have no terminal diagnosis? We need to embrace our children and life at any age. Children are a blessing and it does not matter if we are 20, 30, 40 or beyond.

Life happens and we have children on God’s timing. Many woman are trying desperately to have a child and would not waste one moment thinking about such things as preparing their child for a life without them. Instead they would lavish every moment of life with their child.

#pregnancy, Older moms, babies

Life is not predictable. Anything can happen at any time. Age does not hold iron clad guarantees of any kind. In the blink of an eye,  a young mother or a more mature mother can be gone. We just don’t know. Our thoughts are so powerful. Shouldn’t we enjoy life and think positively? Why go through life preparing your child for something you think might happen?

Why not harness the power of positive thinking and believe you are going to live to a ripe old age? Visualize yourself living a full life, leaving a great legacy and a child who qualifies for the senior citizen discount at Target. As a mother in 3 different decades of my life, I can say, be thankful for the experience of Motherhood at any age, it truly is a blessing.


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9 Ways You Can Improve Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Are you trying to conceive? You want to make sure you are in optimal health before trying to conceive a baby. Getting a physical, health screenings, taking care of weight issues, making diet changes and more can stack the odds in your favor for conception. Read on to find out what you should take care of before trying to get pregnant.

Schedule A Pre-Conception Visit With Your OB/GYN:

See your OB/GYN for a pre-conception visit to get an evaluation of your overall health prior to conceiving. This visit should include STI screening and frank discussion of genetic disorders, problems with previous pregnancies, chronic health conditions and hereditary factors that may cause pregnancy complications. You should also discuss any birth control you have been using and the discontinuation of it.

Make sure to go over all medications you are taking and the safety of them with your doctor. Go over even over the counter medications and herbal supplements to see if they are safe. Ask your doctor about your weight. Being underweight or overweight can affect your chances of conceiving and also lead to pregnancy and childbirth complications. It is best to achieve a healthy weight prior to conception. Have your doctor recommend an exercise and diet plan to help you achieve your target weight.

Visit The Dentist:

Get your teeth cleaned and take care of any pressing dental issues. Pregnancy is no time to be sidelined by toothaches and dental problems. Prevention is key. Have cavities filled and take care of any other procedures you need to. You also want to have a thorough cleaning. Did you know that women with gum disease are four to seven times more likely to have an underweight or premature baby, according to a study in the Journal of the American Dental Association? So get those pearly whites and gums in top condition before conception.

Evaluate Your Diet:

Clean up your diet and eliminate soda, sugary snacks and other empty calories. Start eating fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins and dairy. Be sure to review with your doctor the list of foods women should steer clear of during pregnancy. Fish is good but some fish like swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tilefish should be avoided during pregnancy and conception due to high levels of mercury. Fish with low mercury levels like canned tuna, catfish, shrimp and salmon should be limited to 12 oz. a week.

Start Taking a Prenatal Vitamin with Folic Acid:

Start taking a good prenatal vitamin with folic acid. Make sure your vitamin is patented to provide true cellular delivery of nutrients. If not you are wasting your money and can be hurting your health. Most vitamins do not provide cellular delivery of nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals. Do your research and make sure you are taking a vitamin that is doing more than just passing through your body. Ideally you want to begin taking a prenatal supplement at least 3 months prior to trying to conceiving.

Detox Your Body:

Stop drinking alcohol. Since we don’t actually know what a safe level of alcohol is in pregnancy or exactly when during pregnancy alcohol might have its most severe effects,” says Myra J Wick, M.D., medical co-editor of Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. “If a patient is actively trying to conceive, I recommend that she not drink at all,” she adds. The same goes for marijuana and other illicit drugs. If you wouldn’t give it directly to your baby, make sure it’s out of your system before pregnancy.

Stop smoking and this includes your spouse! Smoking cigarettes can detrimentally affect both a woman’s and a man’s fertility. Smoking can damage and lower sperm count and motility. Smoking also can cause early menopause, increase chance of miscarriage, lead to low birth weight, premature delivery and more. Second hand smoke is also detrimental so quit smoking before conception and stay away from second hand smoke.

Studies are conflicting regarding the effects of caffeine on fertility and pregnancy. It has been linked by some studies to miscarriage. If you want to be safe, you should try to limit your caffeine intake to no more than 200 milligrams a day. Remember caffeine is found in more than coffee or tea. It is found in soda, energy drinks, some medications, chocolate and other foods.

Detox Your Home:

Get rid of toxic chemicals in your home. There are many everyday products that people use every day that contain hormone disrupting chemicals. Chemicals that can cause infertility, miscarriage and birth defects. Remember these chemicals cross the placenta and it is best to rid your home of them before you try to conceive. You will want them out of your house after baby, so just get them out now!

Almost all antibacterial soaps contain Triclosan- a hormone disrupting chemical. Dishwasher detergents, laundry soaps, all purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners, bleach, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, make up, first aid products and more contain toxic chemicals and carcinogens. Do some research and find out what you have in your home that is not safe. Replace these products with safe and healthy solutions.

Get Familiar With Your Body:

Start charting your cycle, you can do this with several online sites that make charting your cycle very easy. I used one with my last pregnancy and took my temperature every morning with a basal thermometer. I also used an ovulation predictor and both were on target and we conceived that month. It is best to know your cycle so you know the optimal time for conception. The better you know your body will make your chances of uniting that egg and sperm more favorable.

Eliminate Stress:

Relax-do not stress about getting pregnant. I know this is easier said than done especially if you are having a difficult time. Try to relax using whatever means works best for you because it will help your mind, body and spirit be at their peak for conception to occur.

If you suffer from anxiety, adhd, depression or other issues you should see a health care professional if you do not already. Pregnancy can make these conditions worse and having professional support is important. Also as I mentioned above you will want to discuss any medication you are taking and the safety of continuation during pregnancy.

Don’t sabotage your chances of conceiving by using a lubricant that can harm or hinder sperm. When choosing a lubricant, choose wisely. Many lubricants on the market can impede sperm and contain spermicides. Using a sperm friendly lubricant like Astroglide TTC™ that is specially formulated for couples trying to conceive. Astroglide TTC™ supports fertility with adjusted pH levels, compatible osmolality and a consistency similar to your own egg white cervical mucus.

Each package has 8 pre filled disposable applicators making supplementing your natural fluids and enhancing your comfort easy. Astroglide TTC™ also contains galactose, which is found naturally in semen, as well as fructose, the main source of energy for sperm. . Astroglide TTC™ is the best value compared to any other competitor on the market with a retail price of $12.99!

Going through the list above will give you the best chance for achieving pregnancy. Do you have any tips to share? Is there anything you did that helped you conceive? I would love to hear them in the comments.

Astroglide TTC™ sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine


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How To Burn More Body Fat and Lose Pregnancy Weight Fast! #PostNatalFatBurner

Pregnancy weight gain and postnatal weight loss are subjects that most moms can relate to.  It’s amazing how weight gain and subsequent weight loss can vary so much from pregnancy to pregnancy. There are some of my 5 full term pregnancies where I gained very little weight and others I gained a lot.  With my 5th pregnancy I only gained 13 lbs and was less coming home from the hospital than before I conceived.  With my first pregnancy I was 20 lbs underweight when I conceived and  gained around 4o lbs. The day after I delivered, I weighed myself in the hospital and was already down 20 lbs!  Since I had been underweight, I left the hospital at a normal pre-pregnancy weight.

With my second pregnancy, I gained about 35 or so pounds but I remember I had to jump-start the weight loss with major diet changes and fat burning workouts.  When I started losing, it came off really fast. In fact, it seemed my metabolism went into overdrive and I kept losing weight no matter what I ate.  I ended up losing too much and was back down to the 20 lbs under weight mark.  With my 3rd I only gained about 30 lbs which was the least of all to that point and the baby was almost 9 lbs.  I remember taking him for his two-week check up in my prepregnancy jeans.

My fourth was almost like my second in that I had to work harder to lose the weight but I also was not in my 20s any longer.  The 5th like I said was easier but I still wanted to lose more weight so I started an exercise and food plan that worked for me and lost about 20 more pounds.

If you are trying hard to lose pregnancy weight, there is something that may help you get rid of the baby weight faster than diet and exercise alone.  FitTea’s PostNatal Fatburner is a 100% natural supplement that is safe to use even when breastfeeding.  After you give birth you go through so many emotions and physical changes.  It can be a very challenging time, adjusting to a new baby, not sleeping well, not eating well and hormones running wild can make you feel worse about the weight you need to lose.

FitTea PostNatal Fat Burner

If you looked into herbal or other weight loss supplements they may have a warning that they are not safe or should not be taken if you are breastfeeding your baby.  FitTea’s PostNatal Fatburner  is not only safe but increases your mild supply.  In fact if you are breastfeeding and taking FitTea’s PostNatal Fatburner you are giving your post baby body a 1,2 Punch!  Since breastfeeding burns calories, taking the supplement can double the amount of fat you are burning.

One of the other benefits of the PostNatal Fatburner is that it increases milk supply and healthy antibodies for baby.  That means it can help build your baby’s immune system while it increases lactation and lets you burn more fat.   There are no stimulants like caffeine or anything hazardous to the health of your child.  The supplement is safe, effective and 100% natural.  It will increase your energy levels and is a thermogenic fat burner. Before starting anything new it is wise to check with your doctor.


 Would you like to win some  PostNatal Fat Burner from FitTea?  Then just enter the giveaway below for your chance.  Good luck!!!

This post was sponsored by FitTea but as always all words and views are 100% my own.

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The Very Real Mental Disorder of Pregnancy Addiction

Have you ever know someone who was addicted to pregnancy?  It’s very different from wanting a large family.  Women addicted to pregnancy are obsessed to the point that nearly every aspect of their life relates to wanting to be pregnant, trying to get pregnant or being pregnant.  Social media has fueled this addiction because now they can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more to search for ways to announce the pregnancypregnancy test

Pregnancy addiction is a real psychiatric disorder and women with the disorder will get pregnant over and over, even though they already are overwhelmed by the children they have.  The high comes from the pregnancy, making the announcement is such a high, they usually announce before the pee stick is dry.  Then the constant updates of morning sickness, cravings, belly pics, sonograms, names, big gender reveals and more.  This all leads up to the big day and the culmination of the big birth story.

pregnancy cake

Then without skipping a beat, they start discussing how long they will wait before becoming pregnant again and often post about the fact that they might be and asking their friends if they should test and then making them wait on the results. The reason this is so fun for them is because they feel like they are a star, they crave the attention and are usually very insecure and wanting to fill a void with the pregnancy.  This is something they can focus on and bask in the comments, praise and adoration of friends and family.  They can be neglectful of the children they have in order to focus their attention on connecting with social media about the pregnancy.

Psychologist and Psychiatrists describe pregnancy addiction and the constant need to get pregnant as much an addiction as substance or alcohol abuse.  Psychiatrists describe it as a mental disorder.  The women who suffer pregnancy addiction are usually stay-at-home moms without a job or career and feel being pregnant gives them a purpose and makes them valued.

pregnant woman

The women describe themselves as feeling feminine and womanly when pregnant and relish the adulation they receive because it makes them feel like the center of the universe.  Many women use the constant pregnancy as an excuse for not pursing any other interests, career or education.  They are insecure and uncomfortable with the thought of being outside their role as a mother.


Other women are addicted to pregnancy as they feel it will save their marriages and that their husband will never leave them if they have lots of children.  They look at the children as something that will hold the marriage together like mortar and continue getting pregnant to avoid ever having an empty nest.  The children tend to be a buffer between the spouses and they lose touch of how to interact with their spouse alone.


The women feel an emotional rush when they think about getting pregnant and once pregnant the release of the hormone oxytocin makes them feel great.  They love the glow and the compliments they get when pregnant.  However, when the baby is born and the focus shifts, they often feel low and are obsessed with getting the feeling they had when pregnant back.  It makes no difference if they cannot physically care for their children, many addicted mothers neglect their children and focus on getting pregnant again.  They often will relish the newborn stage but as soon as the baby starts to become mobile they are deeply longing to be pregnant again.  Pregnancy addiction is a real disorder and women experiencing it should seek psychiatric treatment.

Do you know anyone that is addicted to pregnancy, let us know.




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Pink Blush Maternity Maxi Dress Review and Gift Card Giveaway!!!


I am excited to be doing my first maternity review this pregnancy for Pink Blush Maternity clothes! I had the pleasure of perusing their website for something to review, and finally decided on the Red Stripe Maxi Dress. I love the look for pregnancy, the long dress allows for plenty of growing, and will fit to the very end. I also love the versatility that comes with it, allowing it to be worn post pregnancy as well. I have already worn it a few times, and look forward to wearing it throughout the summer season when extra air flow is very welcome. With a sweater or shrug, I can still wear it in the fall! I think it looks so cute over my baby bump.


5513_2_ (1)


The dress is made out of a cuddly soft stretchy material that is incredibly comfortable, which is a big deal when you are pregnant; it is hard to find clothes that are comfortable.  Pink Blush Maternity has so many cute styles to choose from, they have fancy dresses for special occasions, plain comfy t-shirts and everything in between! It looks like a great place to keep you stylish during your pregnancy!



Pink Blush is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! One lucky blog reader will win a $25 gift certificate to spend on their website full of fashionable maternity clothes! Thank you Pink Blush for this lovely dress and fantastic giveaway!! 

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Avishi Organics, Intensive Repair Oil Review and Giveaway!!!

I was recently sent a bottle of Avishi Organics, Intensive Repair Oil to review. This oil is specially formulated to reduce stretch marks and scars.  It’s free from chemicals, fragrances, colors, parabens, sulfates and other toxic ingredients, and is safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Using it can relieve the itchy skin you get during pregnancy, and helps prevent new stretch marks. It’s powerful blend of pure botanical extracts and oils helps repair and smooth your skin, encouraging skin elasticity.

The directions on the bottle say to use it twice a day for a minimum of 2 months in order to see results, I haven’t used it for quite 2 months, and haven’t been very religious about it, so I have not noticed a huge difference in my stretch marks. But I must say, it is a really high quality oil! It smoothes onto the skin nicely, and leaves my skin feeling silky soft and hydrated, not greasy. It works very well as a massage oil, you don’t need to shower afterwards like you do with some. Avishi Organics Intensive Repair Oil has a pleasant, calming scent, I think the strongest scent I notice is rosemary.

Avishi Organics is graciously sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! One lucky blog reader will win a bottle of Avishi Organic Repair Oil! Thank you Avishi Organics for this amazing review oil and for sponsoring this great giveaway!!  Giveaway open to US residents.

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