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Discover “Destination” Fun at Darien Lake

How is your summer going? We are in the middle of an entire home renovation. Thankfully, we live on a lake so afternoon swims happen daily when the weather is good. We have some small trips lined up for August when things should be mostly completed. Other than that, we are taking day trips and doing what we can, without totally coming unhinged.

Darien Lake is one of the places we are going as a family this summer. Their wide range of entertainment has made it “destination fun” since 1964. That is longer than I have been alive! Darien Lake is located just 45 minutes from Niagara Falls between Buffalo and Rochester, N.Y.

Today the park boasts more than 50 rides, including six world-class roller coasters, dozens of family friendly rides, the regions largest water park complete with a wave pool and 20,000-seat performing arts center. Everything is operated by Live Nation; and  world-class in-park entertainment.

The Viper is celebrating its 35th year at Darien Lake. Okay, I am older than the Viper, but not anywhere near as old as Darien Lake.

Click HERE to schedule your visit today! Have you ever been to Darien Lake? I would love to hear about your experience in the comments.

This is a sponsored post, as always my words and views are 100% my own.

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Here Is Your Chance To Get Up Close & Personal With Jimmy Fallon #MTFallonGetsWaxed

Jimmy Fallon is making history in wax. For the first time ever Madame Tussauds will unveil five, unique wax figures of the comedian and NBC’s “Tonight Show” host, Jimmy Fallon. The wax Fallons will be housed in Madame Tussauds U.S. locations in New York, Washington DC, Hollywood, San Francisco and in the newly opened location in Orlando, Florida.

MT Jimmy Fallon

Check out this great clip featuring all SIX Jimmy Fallons:


Madame Tussauds New York is the interactive “must do” attraction, providing guests with unique opportunities to create memories with some of the world’s biggest icons. Prominently located in the heart of Times Square, Madame Tussauds New York is open 365 days a year at 10 a.m.  Save up to 25% when you buy your tickets online HERE!  During your visit use the hashtag #MTFallonGetsWaxed when you upload your photo with Jimmy onto social media!

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Staten Island Chuck or Punxsutawney Phil? Who Should I Believe? #GroundhogDay

It’s Groundhog Day! Living in New York but close to the boarder of PA, it’s hard to know which groundhog to trust.  Do I listen to Staten Island Chuck or Punxsutawney Phil?

This morning Staten Island Chuck, in a new Plexiglas enclosure made his prediction. Chuck said we would have an early spring. I want to take the word of  Chuck, really I do, but I saw some shadows under him on the video replay.  The prediction of early spring is a bit ironic on the day of the first major blizzard we have seen this year.

staten Island Chuck


It is snowing like crazy outside right now, so Chuck’s prediction was very welcome, not sure how realistic though.  However, I decided to embrace Chuck’s prediction.  That was until Punxsutawney Phil had to see his shadow and predict 6 more weeks of winter.  I should share that old Phil has quite a track record of calling for more winter, he has predicted more winter 102 times and early spring a measly 17 times.  Chuck has a track record of being right for the last 5 years.

punxstawney phil groundhog

So while I want desperately to believe Chuck, that negative Nelly Phil is probably right.  On a side note the new enclosure for Chuck was thought to be a safer alternative given what happened last year when Mayor de Blasio dropped Charlotte (the unlucky Chuck stand in), several feet.  Poor Charlotte died a week later of internal injuries, however the Staten Island Zoo has not officially declared that it was a result of the fall.  Come on now, we all know that Mayor de Blasio has Charlotte’s blood all over his hands.  Speaking of hands, back in 2009 Chuck bit then Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the hand.

Not to throw any more puns in but back to the question at hand. Who do I believe, fellow New Yorker Chuck or my friend in Pennsylvania Phil?  Phil or Chuck, Chuck or Phil?  I think I will go with Phil and hope to be pleasantly surprised to learn that Chuck was right.  I just can’t get those shadows I saw under Chuck out of my mind.

What do you think?  Let me know who you think is right.


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Celebrate Autumn In New York State with a Trip To The Wright Family Farm & Save 33% on Admission!!!

Wright Family Farm

The leaves are changing, the pumpkins are ready for picking, the apples are crisp and it’s a wonderful time to explore New York State.  Fall is so beautiful in New York State, sometimes living here, we take for granted the beautiful change of seasons and the colorful beauty of fall.  If you are living in New York State or visiting the area, I urge you to experience the beauty of Autumn with a trip to the Wright Family Farm in Warwick, New York


Wright-Family-Farm- Pumpkin

Try to find your way out of the Corn Maze, go on a hay ride, pick your own pumpkins, compete in the duck races, visit the animals in the barnyard, ride the pedal karts and have a picnic.  Right now you can save 33% off admission to the corn maze and barnyard with a special US Family Guide discount coupon that you can get by clicking HERE.  You can follow them on Facebook too to keep up with the newest happenings.


The Wright Family Farm is located in scenic Warwick, New York, just an hour north of New York City. This family-run farm stand offers a variety of seasonal family fun! During the fall, we offer pick-your-own pumpkins, free hay rides, and a corn maze. The farm stand features seasonal produce, fresh-baked breads, and cookies, as well as hot dogs and snacks.

Wright Family Farm Pic

Wright Family Farm Cows

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Is Social Media Gasoline To Mothers With Munchausen’s by Proxy? Blogger Lacey Spears, Charged With Poisoning Her Child

Is social media becoming a catalyst for mothers with Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy to gain the sympathy and attention of people around the world? Mothers with Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy are believed to cause or fake illnesses in their children and to seek out otherwise unneeded medical care. They have been known to withhold food, falsify fevers and give their children drugs to cause vomiting and diarrhea.  The children are often hospitalized with a baffling bunch of symptoms, that just don’t fit any known disease.

The children are subject to multiple tests and procedures with the mother being very attentive, even gaining the appreciation of the nursing staff for her dedication and help in caring for her child.  This is the very reason it’s not suspected that this caring, devoted and self-sacrificing mother could be causing her child to be sick.  Staying close by  during hospitalizations gives the mother the ability to induce further symptoms and some go so far as to nearly suffocate their child that set off monitors signaling the child was not breathing.

As the medical team rushes in, the mother will react  like any distraught mother wanting to know why her child stopped breathing and if they’re okay.  The behavior of the mother can make it hard for staff to recognize that she is intentionally harming her child out of a desire for attention for herself and sympathy for what she is going through.  In cases where it’s recognized that the mother may be suffering from Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy the child needs to be removed from the mother’s care.  The results of separating the child and mother often bring about a return to health for the child.

Since the parent is seeking attention, and it’s that sympathy and admiration she receives that has her harming her child,  should we be alarmed that social media could be a constant source of gasoline for an already raging fire?  Think about it, blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram and Pinterest are social networks that can help sick mothers gain the accolades, adoration and sympathy from people all over the world.  Now she has a fan base that is devoted to her and her sick child and waiting for every update.

Yesterday, in my home state of New York, one mother, a blogger, was charged with fatally poisoning her son Garnett.  Lacey Spears appeared to be a devoted mother to her son Garnett and chronicled about the five-year old’s many hospitalizations and his constant battle with illness.  She even captured the last moments of her son’s life, as he lay gravely ill in the hospital in photos she then posted to her Facebook page.  She would talk about her son’s incredible courage and referred to him as “Garnett the Great” on her blog.  The little boy died in January from what doctors said was acute sodium poisoning.



Lacey Jail

People from all over followed her updates, posts and tweets and a huge outpouring of support, sympathy and prayers were offered to this mother and her son.  Now formally charged, she  is believed to have poisoned her son with sodium through a feeding tube in his abdomen.  As Garnett lay dying in the hospital, a Chestnut Ridge neighbor said Spears called and told her to dispose of a bag Spears used to feed the boy through a tube. Police later recovered the bag which had extremely high levels of sodium.His killing, police said, was the final act of a deranged mother who, fueled by attention on social media, medically tortured her child for years.

Garnett 1

Lacey Spears pleaded not guilty Tuesday to murder and manslaughter charges in the poisoning death of her five-year-old son, Garnett. She was ordered held without bail at Westchester County jail and is due back in court July 2.  The only words the 26-year-old Alabama native uttered in state Supreme Court in White Plains were “Yes, sir,” when Justice Barry Warhit asked if she was Lacey Spears.

It seems that Lacey lived a life of lies and it’s all coming out now.  Besides sharing her son’s nearly lifelong medical battles on social media she wrote about the loss of her soul mate, Garnett’s father who she said was a police officer killed in a car crash.  It’s now apparent this was a lie along with so  many others that seem to keep surfacing.

This homicide case may be one of the first involving Munchausen by proxy  in the era of social media.  I keep reading  that last sentence, now that this has all come out, so many people are coming forward saying things about the mother and yet no one was able to prevent Garnett’s death.  This may be the first homicide case involving Munchausen by proxy that has come this far, but do you truly think it’s the only one?

Garnett School

Do you think it’s possible that other mothers with this syndrome are right now updating statuses about their sick child, fueled by the comments and likes that are peppering their pages.  Are any of us guilty of supporting a mother who is doing the unthinkable?  Scary thought for sure and one that will cause us all to look just a little deeper into the lives we follow through social media.

And in closing, I turn my thoughts to a beautiful blond-haired boy that walked the beach on Honeymoon Island where I vacationed with my children and who lived in my state.  This beautiful little boy should be playing with trucks, chasing butterflies and looking forward to a full and happy life.  Instead his life on Earth is over and those of us that believe in God will pray that he is in the arms of Jesus and will forever be loved and cherished.  God Bless you Garnett and may you rest in peace.

Garnett 3


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Mohawk Valley Trading Company, Grade A, Dark, Robust Maple Syrup Review and Giveaway!!!

Do you like great Maple Syrup?  If you do, Mohawk Valley Trading Company has a Grade A, Dark, Robust Maple Syrup that is absolutely delicious.  It has a great rich flavor with just the right amount of sweet to pour on French Toast, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt or whatever you like to pour it on!

Sierra Exif JPEG

The syrup comes in glass bottles and is made primarily from sugar maple sap, which is preferred for maple syrup production because it has an average sugar content of two percent. Sap from other maple species is usually lower in sugar content, and about twice as much is needed to produce the same amount of finished syrup.

We tried this syrup and my husband and I immediately agreed it had to be the best maple syrup we had ever tasted. We look forward to weekend breakfasts even more since we have this syrup to compliment our waffles, pancakes or french toast.

The Mohawk Valley Trading Company offers the highest quality unprocessed natural products we can produce namely; Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar, Honey, Raw Honey, Beeswax, Beeswax Candles, Handmade Soap and Natural Skin Care Products.  Their warehouse is located in Utica, NY.  They only sell their products online.  If you would like to order or need more information, you can email them at info@tenonanatche.com.

syrup 2

syrup 3


Syrup 1

The Mohawk Valley Trading Company is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win their own 16 oz. bottle of  Pure, Grade A, Dark, Robust Maple Syrup!  Thank you to Mohawk Valley Trading Company for the review syrup and for sponsoring this great giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Stay tuned for reviews and giveaways of more of their great products in the very near future!

16 oz. Glass Bottle of Mohawk Valley Trading Company. Grade A, Dark, Robust Maple Syrup Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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PrimeSport Is The Source For Super Bowl Tickets, VIP Hospitality And Travel Packages!!! #SuperBowlVIP

As someone born and raised in Northern New Jersey and now a New Yorker, I am so excited that the 2014 Super Bowl is being hosted at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey!  If you’ve never been to the MetLife Stadium, it’s awesome!  We were recently there with our family for an event and had a wonderful time.  If you want to attend what is surely the biggest event for 2014 at the MetLife Stadium, there’s no better place to purchase Super Bowl Tickets , VIP Hospitality and Travel Packages than from PrimeSport.  PrimeSport is the one-stop-shop for all things Super Bowl!

If you want to experience the Super Bowl like a VIP,  PrimeSport can set you up with Tickets, VIP Hospitality and Travel that will make your dream a reality, and leave you with memories that last a lifetime.  If you are looking for a full weekend of Super Bowl Madness, then take advantage of the VIP Experience that will have you partying at exclusive Super Bowl Weekend parties, Premium Game Tickets, Pre-Game Hospitality Parties and In-Stadium Parties for the ultimate sports experience unlike any other!   Super Bowl Tickets with VIP Hospitality feature the best of NYC’s diverse cuisine, live entertainment, celebrity hosts, NFL legends, NYC celebrity appearances and much more hosted by Jerry Rice and Tiki Barber!

The Green Room is another of PrimeSports exclusive promotions. In The Green Room,  guests can choose from an array of prime seating in this chic 5,000 square foot oasis.   Whether siting at the sleek circular bar surrounded by HD monitors, the outdoor patio with bar tops and  lounge seating or lower bowl, sideline seats, The Green Room is undeniably the hottest place to watch the Super Bowl!

Another option is The 50 Yard Lounge, a premier hospitality destination during Super Bowl week from Wednesday through Sunday. This private event is the only place where guests will be able to taste food from the best restaurants and Celebrity Chefs in NYC, meet active and retired football legends and listen to iconic NYC live music, all in a premium environment just steps away from Madison Square Garden, Penn Station and Super Bowl Blvd.


So are you ready to turn your Super Bowl Fantasy into reality?  If so, head on over to PrimeSport for the VIP treatment!


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50% Off All Babo Botanical’s Products With Promo Code!!!


Babo Botanicals offers a full range of natural and safe skin, hair and suncare products for newborns, babies, kids and the entire family! Babo products are made on a certified organic farm in upstate New York and are ultra-rich in vitamins A, C and D delivering maximum nutrients, protection and moisture to your child’s hair and skin. Babo’s mission is to provide the perfect balance between optimum results, natural ingredients and family fun.

Right now you can get 50% off all Babo Botanical’s Products with the Promo Code HOLIDAYBABO.  Offer available from Dec 11th to Dec 18th. Coupon does not apply to VIP Gift Basket. 



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New York Ravioli & Pasta Company, Jolie Ravioli Review and Giveaway!!!


My little ones are picky eaters.  It sometimes seems like if I let them, they would eat the same things over and over.  They are reluctant to try new things for the most part, but they are getting better.  I recently made some Jolie Cheese Ravioli for them.  We’re Italian and they love their pasta!  Cheese ravioli were always a favorite of mine as a child and my kids are no different.

Jolie Ravioli

The ravioli cooked in about 9 minutes and I served them with tomato sauce and fresh grated Parmesan cheese.  I never saw my 6-year-old eat so fast and eat everything on his plate!  My four-year old was not far behind.  Mom had a taste too and they were delicious and tasted as good as any gourmet cheese ravioli that I’ve ever had.  I was happy to see that the ravioli stayed perfectly sealed during the cooking process so the cheese stayed tucked inside.  The shapes were fun for the kids and would be great to serve at birthday parties or kids play dates.

Jolie Ravioli

They have other great flavors like Cheese & Broccoli, Mac & Cheezy and Pizza-Rolis.  The 100% natural ravioli is an excellent source of protein and calcium and there are no trans fats, preservatives, artificial colors or additives.    The teddy bear, car, dinosaur, heart, rocket ship and star shapes are fun for kids and would be great to serve at birthday parties, holiday parties or kid’s play dates.  Try some today with your kids, I am certain they will love them as much as you will!!! Click HERE for a money-saving coupon for your retail store or purchase Jolie Ravioli in their online store along with their other pasta products HERE!  To see if there is a store that carries New York Ravioli & Pasta Company Products click HERE for  a listing.


Jolie Ravioli

Jolie Ravioli 2

Jolie Ravioli 3

Jolie Ravioli 5

Jolie Ravioli4

New York Ravioli & Pasta Company is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  One lucky blog reader will win 4 bags of Jolie Ravioli!  Thank you to the New York Ravioli & Pasta Company for the review Jolie Ravioli assortment and for sponsoring this delicious giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

New York Ravioli & Pasta Company, Jolie Ravioli Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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Fall, What Fall?

A little ranting going on this morning and I am calling out all of the people who say that Fall is their most favorite time of the year.  They talk about warm, crisp days filled with apple picking, sipping pumpkin flavored beverages and jumping in piles of crunchy, colorful leaves.  Hayrides, picking pumpkins and just sitting and admiring the changing colors are all on their list of favorite things to do.  That’s all well and good unless you live in upstate New York.  We don’t have Fall most years, in fact the leaves start falling in July.  I can’t tell you how many colored Autumn leaves I find on my lawn all Summer.  In August the nights get cold enough that you put the heat on in the car at night and sweatshirts are required.  

Before even the official start of Autumn we have frost warnings, are using the heat and building roaring fires in our fireplaces.  Sure there are some days when we have a taste of true Autumn but never a season of it.  We seem to move from Summer right to Winter with a short stop at Autumn beginning late August.  My husband laughed when I told him that he needed to finish the new porch railings a few weeks ago because we would never get to  paint and stain if he didn’t because soon the snow would fly.  Let’s just say he’s not laughing now.

Saturday was so cold and windy we cancelled a family photo shoot due to the conditions.  Fall to me is one of the most depressing times of year, not true Fall but our Fall.  Everything dying, the thought of a Winter that lasts to late May (I kid you not it snowed mid May here last year), is not uplifting for me.  I love Spring (again if we had one) and Summer which is entirely too short since it ends mid August.  So far today looks fairly okay outside, so I will enjoy one of the last days of true Autumn even though it’s technically still Summer and better fit that pumpkin latte in quick before the chance passes me by.  That’s what you have to do when you live in the state of 2 seasons, Winter and Summer.

Enjoy some photos of Fall in upstate New York that I took in July (I jest a little). It is beautiful when we get one or two true days of Autumn.  











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