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Isn’t it time you took a #SummerCakeBreak?

I love summer, it is my favorite month. My kids are out of school, the weather is warm and we can enjoy these days making memories to cherish forever. Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month? It is, and what better way to celebrate summer than with ice cream? Better yet, let’s really celebrate with an ice cream cake.

Carvel Ice Cream Cakes were the cake we celebrated every birthday and special occasion with in my house growing up. I have so many great memories of my birthday parties with my school friends gathered around the table for ice cream cake. I continued that tradition in my own family, and my kids are sure glad I did.

When I was growing up we went to the Carvel store in the next town to get the cake, but today they are available at most major grocery stores like Shop Rite and Walmart.

Most of you know that our house is under a huge renovation and our kitchen is halfway done. Our lives have been in a great upheaval for several months, so we are trying to do things fun for the kids. This past Fourth of July weekend, I thought I would pick up a Carvel Family Size Ice Cream Cake when I was shopping in Walmart and have a nice treat with the family. My littlest ones could not wait, as soon as they knew I had that big Carvel Ice Cream Cake in the freezer, they started asking non-stop when we could eat it.

So, we set up a table outside and had an ice cream cake party to celebrate Independence Day. We let freedom ring with a scream for ice cream cake. With my house under construction and most of my things in storage, I did not have a lot to decorate with, but we did our best. I picked up some red star plates, some flag napkins, a flag tablecloth and a theme cowbell that I really like. The kids did not need a lot of fanfare, normally I would decorate the actual cake with my stash of cake decorating items, but they are in storage. Nevertheless, the kids did not mind and neither did the adults.


What about you? Isn’t it time for a #SummerCakeBreak? 

This is a sponsored post as a blogger working with Collectively Inc. As always my words and views are 100% my own.

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Today Is The Day! Scream For Ice Cream Sundaes and Saving Money! #BRSundae

Baskin Robbins logo

Did you know July is National Ice Cream month?  Oh no, you didn’t?  I am so sorry.  You are probably bummed since it’s the last day of July and you’re finding out now. Maybe you feel like you’re always the last to know this good stuff. Don’t despair! I have great news! Baskin-Robbins is holding a “Celebrate 31” promotion today,Friday, July 31st!

Head on over to your nearest Baskin-Robbins and enjoy your favorite Sundae at a 31% discount. This is like having your cake and eating it too except it’s ice cream and not cake, unless you count a brownie as cake, because you can get the discount on a Brownie Sundae too! You can choose Classic Two-Scoop Sundaes, Brownie Sundaes, Banana Royale Sundaes, Classic Banana Splits which I know are not really Sundaes and Layered Sundaes.


Now if you like plain ice cream, you can save on a Two-Scoop Sundae with no toppings, I know that’s not really a Sundae but it still counts so why push the envelope here.  Some people just enjoy the deliciousness of Baskin-Robbins ice cream on its own and that’s okay! That’s exactly what my daughter did. She ordered up  2 scoops sans any toppings of OREO® Cookies & Cream and Cookie Dough ice cream-As you can tell she likes cookies!

July National Ice-Cream-Month #BRSundae


 One of my sons chose a two scoop cone with chocolate and vanilla ice cream and rainbow sprinkles that was upgraded to a waffle cone for free.  My other son had a 2 scoop sundae with OREO Cookies & Cream and OREO Chocolate Malt ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry.  I had my all-time favorite Jamoca Almond Fudge that I have loved since I was a kid and OREO Chocolate Malt Ice Cream in a 2 Scoop Sundae with hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry.  My husband had OREO Cookies & Cream and OREO Chocolate Malt ice cream, caramel, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry in his 2 Scoop Sundae!  It was a night of yummy, delicious ice cream all around!!


Waffle Cone Baskin-Robbins



Baskin-Robbins Sundae

Baskin robbins sundae 1

baskin robbins 2 scoop sundae #BRSundae

Want more good news?  I know you do, and you’re thinking what could be better than a discount on Baskin-Robbins delicious ice cream Sundaes right? Well, you might want to sit down for this-Baskin-Robbins July Flavor of the Month is OREO® ‘N Cake, see there’s that cake again!  The popular flavor is a sweet combination of cake-flavored ice cream and OREO® cookie pieces with chocolate cake batter flavored ribbon-Yummy!


Okay and please remain seated because I want to let you know that for this month of July Baskin-Robbins has been letting customers upgrade their double scoop of ice cream with a free freshly baked waffle cone. Okay so what are you waiting for?  The day will not last forever, head on over to  one of  Baskin-Robbins nearly 2,500 shops in the U.S. and indulge in the extensive library of ice cream flavors, customizable ice cream cakes, frozen beverages and sundaes!

Now let me share one last thing so you don’t miss out on this kind of stuff again.  Visit and follow Baskin-Robbins on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you are in the loop on these great happenings in the future.  Okay now let the screaming for ice cream commence!



This post is sponsored by Baskin-Robbins as always my views and words are 100% my own.



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