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6 Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

If you have little ones in school, you probably received a class list of your child’s classmates. With your list in hand, it is time to help your child with their Valentine’s Day cards, crafts or treats.  With each passing year, I find this Valentine’s Day exchange lends itself to more than just little cards being passed around.

Little bags of candy, pencils, cookies and more are becoming the norm. If your child is having a class party, there are really cute things you can create to make even an ordinary juice box festive.

A  Juicy Juice Family occasion survey, found that one in four parents (23%) will show their love by decorating for Valentine’s Day.  Check out these Valentine’s Day craft ideas from Juicy Juice. These crafts are easy and fun to do with your kids and they will love sharing them with their friends.

Valentine’s Love Bots

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Juicy Juice has the perfect craft idea for you and your little sweethearts to do this Valentine’s Day! Consider making these super fun Valentine’s love bots! Here’s what you’ll need:

Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Valentine’s Day decorations such as hearts
2-5 used 6.75 oz Juicy Juice boxes
Valentine’s Day gift wrap

Click HERE for the full details.

Fingerprint Heart Jar

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

On the most romantic day of the year, your little ones will enjoy making this simple two-step craft. It can function as a vase or a multipurpose jar, and as a gift to a loved one! Here’s what you’ll need:

White acrylic paint
Red acrylic paint
Pink acrylic paint
Mason jar
Paint brush

Click HERE to get all the details.

I Heart U Card

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Everyone loves cards that pop, so we made one for you! This card is a perfect craft to make with the family and share with everybody. We hope you heart it as much as we do.

Scissors (or precision knife – parents only)
Pink or red construction paper
Template (included)
Glue stick

Click HERE For Full Instructions.

Valentine Secret Pals

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids


  • Paper
  • Envelopes
  • Pencils or pens
  • Hat
  • Tape
  • 1- 3 x 3 x 3 empty gift box (one for each member of the family)
  • 1 package of candy conversation hearts.

Click HERE for full details.

Juicy Heart Gummies

With these cute Juicy Juice Snacks, you’re bound to share a giggle and a smile!

For more details Click HERE.

Cupid’s Arrow Caprese Bites

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day and all of its traditions can be a fun occasion to show your loved ones you care. While exchanging candy is fun, celebrating the holiday with unique recipes can be even more exciting. Juicy Juice came up with a simple, adorable Valentine’s Day snack that will delight and offer a fresh take on sharing hearts.

Roma tomatoes
Basil leaves
Cheese squares of preference

Click HERE for full details.

Let me know what you think of these ideas and if you try one or all. I would love to read your thoughts in the comments. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I was provided with samples to facilitate my post. As always my words and views are 100% my own.

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CPR: A Vital Skill For All Parents

As a parent, you will always be concerned about your children’s wellbeing and safety. Kids will be kids, and you will spend a good amount of time applying bandages to a variety of injuries like skinned knees and minor scrapes. However,  what if something more serious than a skinned knee happens? Will you be prepared to react properly in an emergency situation?


In the time that it can takes for your to call 911 and wait for help to arrive, a life-threatening situation can become deadly. Parents should know what to do when accidents and injuries happen. You may not be able to prevent accidents when they happen, but you should be as prepared as possible to deal with them when they do.


With so many risks, it’s a good idea for at least one parent in the home to be trained in CPR and First Aid. Gain confidence in your ability to calmly handle an emergency situation and provide care if necessary. Take a look at just some of the things that can go wrong in the blink of an eye and consider that with proper training you could save a child’s life.

Heart Failure

There have been more and more deaths in young people due to heart issues. Many active sports players have been known to suddenly collapse on their playing fields due to their hearts stopping. Many schools have now added a portable defibrillator to deal with these kinds of incidents. If you don’t have one in your home, knowing CPR can help you to keep the heart pumping until emergency help can arrive.


For any parent that has a pool on their property, there is always the fear of a child getting into trouble in the water and drowning. Over 350 children under the age of 5 accidentally drown each year in the U.S. Teaching your children safe habits and strong swimming skills is vital to keeping your children safe.


When the numbers rise up on the thermometer when you have a sick child it can be very concerning for every parent. Not only are you dealing with the many symptoms of infection, your child can be at risk of Febrile Convulsions. These kinds of seizures are not generally damaging themselves, but can cause injury from falling or hitting objects around them. With proper First Aid training you can learn what to do to help your child safely through a seizure.

Heat Stroke

Kids don’t feel the heat of the cold the same way that adults do. You probably remember playing outdoors for hours and not even considering the weather for a moment. You kids will be no different. It is up to each parent to closely monitor their child for signs of heat stroke when you are spending time in the sun.



In any situation where your child has stopped breathing, being able to administer proper CPR and first aid procedures can be vital in saving their life. With training you will learn to deal with blockage choking as well as resuscitation techniques.


First Aid

This is a collaborative post. The words and views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Mommy Ramblings.

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Practical Ways To Help Your Adult Children

Raising children is very expensive, and just because they reach the age of 18, doesn’t mean  your responsibility ends. On the contrary, most parents continue to financially support their adult children in some way. Some parents want to ease their children’s financial burdens or to fund a business venture. Even retired parents find ways to assist their adult kids. If you are thinking about how you can best help your kids even if you are retired, we share a few common ways you can help below.

Set up College Funds

First, you could help to pay for college tuition. Going to college is expensive and it isn’t getting any cheaper. On top of that, professional jobs require a college degree, with even more requiring advanced degrees. If you want to help ease the financial burden of student loans, you can help out with their college tuition. This way, they won’t be graduating with a degree and a mountain of debt to repay.

There are several ways you can do this. You can open a separate savings account, then withdraw the money when your children or grandchildren are ready for it. You could also place the money in a trust, which would allow your child to access it when they turn 18. Finally, you could simply have the tuition payments directed to you and pay for the semesters as they come up. Whichever method you choose will depend on your own financial situation and how old your child is.

Help Then Become Homeowners

The other large payment many people have to deal with is their mortgage. Mortgage payments are large and last a very long time. If you want to help your children with a larger down payment for their new home, it will decrease the amount of the mortgage they need. If you son or daughter already has a home, helping them to pay off their mortgage sooner is very beneficial. While every dollar helps, you need to remember to keep your own future in mind. Talk to your kids about how much help they may need, then see if you can make it work.

Funding a New Business

If your child wants to start their own business, they may need additional funds to get it going. Starting a new business is expensive, if they don’t have enough money, they may not be able to do all the things they need to which could spell failure. If you believe in your child and their business plan, you should consider assisting them financially to get started.

Before you do, make sure the business plan is a solid one. While you want to help your kids, you don’t want to throw your money away on a bad idea. If you can, have an outside financial advisor review their business plan and give your their opinion if it is a wise investment. If not, consider other ways that you can help your child, or recommend ways they can improve their business model, so that you can help with funding.


Lastly, if you have grandchildren, you can always help with child care. Sending a child to daycare is expensive, and if your kids can skip it even once or twice a week by sending their kids to you, that will really add up in the long run. Not only do you get to help ease the financial burden of child care, but you get to spend time with your grandchildren as well.

Before you embark on this, make sure your home is safe and baby proofed. Have some fun things for the kids to do, as well as a safe play area with their favorite toys. You don’t have to turn your home into a daycare, but some preparation is a good idea.

How to Find Additional Funds

Now, maybe you want to help your children, but you aren’t sure you can afford it. If so, there are some ways that you can earn some additional funds during retirement. For starters, you could get a part-time job. Another option is downsizing your home which would lower your housing costs, especially your taxes. You could also talk to reverse mortgage lenders. You can use this reverse mortgage lender locater to get  started. There are many options, you just need to consider what’s right for you.

Helping Them Succeed

Being able to help your adult kids out is a great feeling. Even though they’ve left the nest (or are about to), it still feels good when you can help make their lives a little easier. Hopefully, the tips above provided you with some good ideas about how best to help your kids out even during your retirement.

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Helpful Tips For Working Mothers on Balancing Work and Family Life

In today’s day and age, a two income family is not just a choice, but a necessity in many cases. With so many women in the corporate workforce full-time, we must address the issue of trying to balance work and family life. Some days we can find ourselves questioning if we truly can achieve a healthy balance. If you are stressed out and looking for help, the tips below may help restore some sanity to your hectic life.

Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

Managing your home includes many different tasks. Keeping your home clean and organized should not fall solely on your shoulders. Every member of the household should be sharing in that responsibility. If you have divided up the household chores, but still feel like you are having to hound others to stay on task, it can really make things stressful.

You might want to make use of professional home cleaning services or hiring a housekeeper on a weekly basis. Another helpful option is to consider renting a storage vault if you need a place to store your off-season decorations and other things you don’t currently need at home. The less stuff you have around, the easier it will be to organize what’s left. You will be amazed at how much more efficiently things will run with all that extra space. 

Delegating responsibilities to others will give you more time to do the things that matter, like spending quality time with your family and friends.

Make Preparations

If you don’t want to be rushing to work in the morning, get in the habit of making sure everyone lays out their clothing the night before. Prepare lunches at night too, and plan your meals for the week so, you can shop more effectively. Electric pressure cookers let you cook delicious meals that used to take hours in about 30 minutes. Create a family message center so that everyone is aware of upcoming events, school meetings and activities. 

Create A Family Message Center

Create a family message center with a calendar, cork board and white erase board or chalkboard. This will help keep important dates of events, appointments, school meetings and activities where everyone can see them. Enter dates in your smart phone or planner. Knowing what is coming up will help you from being caught off guard and missing important events or appointments. Don’t forget to schedule in some family fun time!

Celebrate Your Child

Sometimes it simply isn’t possible for us to be physically present at our child’s special event. While it is upsetting to have to miss your child’s concert or soccer game, sometimes there is no other choice. If you do have to miss an important event, show your child you love them and wish you could be there with a special note or little gift. While it is not a substitute for you being there, it will let them know how much you love them and how you wish you were there. You might be surprised at how much emotional support your child can gain from a small note. 

Make Use of Technology

If you have to be away on business or are working late, you can record a video of yourself singing or reading a favorite bedtime story for your kids to watch. A phone call to catch up or even a Facetime video can really help you stay connected. Make use of the technology at your fingertips. Something as simple as hearing your voice can be so comforting to your child. 

This is a collaborative guest post, the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of Mommy Ramblings.

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“Giraffe Problems” Blog Book Tour & Giveaway

Turns out penguins aren’t the only animals with problems. . . From the creators of Penguin Problems comes GIRAFFE PROBLEMS, a second hilarious collaboration from picture-book superstars Jory John and Lane Smith.

Can you guess what’s making this giraffe self-conscious? Could it be . . . HIS ENORMOUS NECK? Yes, it’s exactly that—how on earth did you figure it out?

Cyrus the giraffe can’t understand why his neck is as long and bendy and, well, ridiculous as it is. No other animal has a neck this absurd. He’s tried disguising it, dressing it up, strategically hiding it behind bushes—honestly, anything you can think of, he’s tried.

Just when he has exhausted his neck-hiding options and is about to throw in the towel, a turtle swoops in (well, ambles in, very slowly) and helps him understand that his neck has a purpose, and looks excellent in a bow tie.

This is such an adorable book that conveys a very important message to kids. Check out my video review of Giraffe Problems below:


Random House is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. One lucky reader will win their own hardcover copy of Giraffe Problems! Thank you to Random House for the review book and for sponsoring this awesome giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. Open to US residents.

Giraffe Problems Book Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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Children Are Being Bullied About This Common Issue

One common issue that many children (particularly boys) are bullied about is, large or protruding ears. A quick search on the Internet, will lead you to the accounts of thousands of children who report being bullied because their ears stuck out.  If your child is the target of bullying because of their ears, there is no denying it is causing them distress. Whether they are facing verbal, physical, cyberbullying or a combination of all three, there are some things you can do to help your child handle the situation.

What Causes Bullying? 

Bullying can happen for a multitude of reasons. Generally, bullies will hone in on anything that is considered ‘different’ from the norm, and continually draw attention to that to make them feel better about themselves. It could be a physical feature like protruding ears that is the focus of the bullying or something else.

While the motivations behind the bully’s actions may be unclear, they could be targeting your child because they feel jealous, want others to like them, want to fit in with their friends, because they’re angry with themselves, or because they like to exert power over others.

Tools To Help Your Child Manage

The first step to help your child manage the situation is to ensure they have the tools to be able to respond to the bullying when it happens. This might involve giving them tips on how to stand up for themselves, how to tell the bully what they’re doing is not okay, keeping their distance from the bully, or developing an understanding of  how their emotional response to the bullying will help them build resilience.

A good place to start is by seeking information and support from an organisation like BullyingUK, where you can find a range of resources and strategies to teach your child how best to manage the situation.

What are the other options?

While the ideal solution is for your child to develop the skills they need to effectively manage the bullying, if that does not work, you may look into surgical options to correct their protruding ears.

Otoplasty (or cosmetic ear surgery) is commonly requested by parents of children with prominent ears in the hope of sparing them relentless teasing or bullying. In many cases, the parents themselves have prominent ears, and don’t want their children to experience the same torment and pain they were subjected to at school.

Sometimes referred to as ‘ear pinning’, otoplasty is a surgical procedure that can set prominent ears back and closer to the head. This helps reduce the size of large ears or reshapes ears that are distorted or damaged with the goal of creating a more balanced and symmetrical appearance.

The procedure can generally be performed on children between the ages of  5-14, as the ears are almost fully grown by age 5. Some parents opt to have the surgery as soon as the child is of suitable age and prior to them becoming self-conscious to avoid the anticipated bullying in the school yard.

Resorting to surgery in young children is often a very tough decision, and not one that is taken lightly.  It is important that parents are both aware and supportive of their child’s feelings to ensure they want the procedure. It’s likely your child will also need to wear a headband for several weeks following the procedure, so it may be a good idea to schedule it during the summer or in conjunction with school holidays.

If otoplasty is something you would consider for your child, be sure to seek out an experienced professional who has valid qualifications and be sure to carefully weigh the benefits with the potential risks to ensure the best possible outcome for your child.

This is a collaborative guest post and does not necessarily represent the views or ideals of Mommy Ramblings.



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Safety First: Find Out Who Has Your Number

In today’s world, you need to be extra careful with your phone. When you start receiving many calls from unknown phone numbers, it is natural to be concerned. This is even more of an issue when your children have their own phones. You want to make sure your kids are safe and not approached by strangers, even on the phone.

You may notice many different numbers calling or just one or two. If you have a pre owned phone, you might get calls from people who think you are someone else. This can make it difficult to know when to answer.

When you are teaching your kids to be safe on their phone, here are a few helpful tips for dealing with unknown phone numbers.

Don’t Answer

When an odd number shows up on the caller ID, it is often best to simply let the phone ring or decline the call.  Have your child show you the phone number on the caller ID so you can initiate a reverse phone lookup. When a child answers the phone, they may give out information they shouldn’t. Not answering means they won’t get confused by a strange caller and give out personal information.

Keep It Private

Kids often put down phone numbers on school forms and social media. You should talk to your child about not giving out their phone number, except to close friends and family. If your kids are asked to fill out any papers at their school or for sports, tell them to put down a parent’s number instead.

If you have teenagers that like to be on social media, make sure they do not put any of their contact information on their accounts. They should also keep all of their settings on private. Otherwise, strangers may be able to get their phone number off of their social media pages and call your child.

Keep the Phone Close

Kids often set things down and forget where they put them. Talk to your child about keeping their phone nearby, in their bag, or in their pocket. If the phone is out where it can be seen, someone may pick it up or see their personal information. Your child is likely to have pictures on their phone that could end up in the wrong hands. Be sure to use the reverse phone lookup anytime you want to know who is calling your child’s phone.

There are times when you just do not feel right about a phone number that shows up on your caller ID. You can easily find out who the caller is by checking with a reverse phone number service. Strange numbers can be especially concerning when the call is going to your child’s phone. Talk to your children about what to do if a strange number shows up. Make sure they save the number so you can find out what is going on. Safety is key when it comes to unknown numbers.

This is a collaborative guest post. The ideas and views do not necessarily represent those of Mommy Ramblings.

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10 Time-Management Tips for Busy Parents

Let’s face it, most parents feel like their days are a game of beat the clock, and more often than not they end up losing. Trying to keep everything together and get that huge to-do list done can lead to frustration, losing your temper and feeling overwhelmed.

Life is unpredictable, especially with kids. Even when you plan, emergencies happen. You may not be able to avoid chaos altogether, but here are 10 Time Management Tips that can benefit busy parents. Following these tips can help bring order and peace back to your life and help you make the most of the time you have.


I cannot stress the importance of this, knowing what is a priority and what is not, is key to getting the things that matter done. Every day write your to-do list and prioritize your tasks into what you need to take care of immediately, what you need to do during the week and then your more on-going or long-term tasks


This is so hard for some of us, but as a rule, if you can delegate a task that is not something you absolutely have to do yourself to a person that you feel will do it 80% as good as you would, delegate it. It doesn’t mean you are not a good mom if you don’t go up to the school to copy and distribute 1,000 fundraiser flyers. Let someone else do that, and it will free you up to do the things that only YOU can do.

Batch Tasks

Look over your to-do list and see what tasks you have that you can batch. This means if you have to go to the bank, post office, kid’s school and the dentist, try to do it all in the same trip. This saves time and gas money!

Get organized

If you are always running late because you can’t find something you need; it is time to get that under control. Get a filing cabinet for all your important papers, birth certificates, passports, insurance documents and more. Have your kids place all homework, library books, permission slips and other things in their backpacks each night. This will save frantic library book searches in the morning.

Have everyone lay out their clothing the night before. I really like these weekly clothing organizers for kids. Having your kid’s clothes picked out and organized for the week ahead, will make mornings less stressful.

Family Message Center

Install a family message center in a central location in your home. Make sure that everyone uses it to communicate what is coming up, post shopping lists,  permission slips and school papers that need to be signed, important reminders and more.

Use the Internet

I cannot stress enough what a time saver doing things online has made in my life I shop, pay bills, do research and more online. If you do have to go out to a store, check out their current sale flyer online and make a list of what you need to buy. Taking the time to do this, will get you in and out of the store faster without forgetting things. While online, you should check to see if there are any special coupons or promo codes that can be used in store.


Do a clothing and toy purge and make it fun. Promise the kids a treat like going out for ice cream, when you go to donate the purged items. This way you won’t drive around for months with those bags in your trunk. Trimming the excess from your lives will make you feel a lot lighter and make cleaning less of a chore.

Meal Planning

Plan your meals for the week. This will simplify your shopping and you won’t be running out all the time to get something for dinner. Use a slow cooker or pressure cooker, to help you get dinner on the table easier and faster than ever. Make extra when you cook to freeze and save, or check out some freezer meals you can make ahead for the whole week.

Assign your kids Chores

Giving kids jobs to do helps them learn responsibility and improves their self-esteem. Even little ones can help with certain tasks. You can use chore charts to make it easy for kids to see what their responsibilities are.

Learn to say No

This is so important, because our inability to say NO effectively, is the reason we end up with too much on our plate. It is okay to say NO, and to say it often. You can say, I would love to help set up the school book fair, but I just cannot take on any more projects right now. Once you say it a few times, it will get easier.

Following these 10 tips can help you bring some order to your life and save you time and stress. What are your favorite ways to manage your family and your time effectively?


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How Pre-Planning Your Child’s Summer Benefits Both of You

When your kids get old enough to start making decisions, it’s difficult to know when to step back and when to take over. No one wants to be the helicopter mom, but you want to make sure your kids are getting the best opportunities. Summer vacation is one area where you want to get more involved.

Here are a few ways pre-planning your child’s summer benefits you.

1. You can make decisions together

When you have to make arrangements at the last-minute, oftentimes, you’re calling the shots without any input from the kiddos. But if you give yourself a little time, you can talk things over. Sure, some things won’t be negotiable, but you can let your kids choose whatever activities they can.

As soon as the options are available, collect all the possibilities and discuss them with your kids. Make sure you keep any scheduling conflicts in mind. It may help to grab a pencil and mark up a calendar. If you have more than one child, this may be a process that takes some time.

2. Your kids will have more opportunities

All the popular summer activities sell out fast. So, if your kids are going to be going to camp or taking some extracurriculars, you’ll want to book them in advance. It could be the difference between adventure camp and knitting 101, so this is very important.

Stress the importance of choosing wisely because most activities cannot be changed after you make a deposit.

3. You can arrange more free time in the summer

Just like the activities, good childcare can sell out fast too. If you’re planning to put your kids into a program or book the most reputable nanny, you’ll want to pre-plan. And as a bonus, you may be able to book more date nights if you make arrangements with a babysitter early in the season. You can even schedule a night every week or every other week to get away with your significant other.

4, You can finalize your vacation

If you book your vacation before you plan your kids’ activities, you may regret it. For example, what happens if there’s a big soccer tournament the week of your vacation? If you had booked the extracurriculars first, you could have worked your vacation around the big events.

Plan your kids’ camps, sports practices and music lessons before you decide when to take your family vacation. This will also save you from spending money on weeks of programs you won’t be using.

5. You can plan for anything

When you know what your summer is going to look like, you can plan. For example, if you’re taking a road trip, you can pre-plan vehicle service. Things like this can easily get away from you, so try booking any important appointments as soon as you plan your summer activities. This may include doctors’ visits, dentist appointments or even haircuts.

Planning doesn’t solve every problem, but it can certainly help you get the most out of your summer. What are your best summer planning tips?


This is a sponsored guest post. The views and ideals expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Mommy Ramblings.

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“Aliens Ate My Homework” Available Now! #Giveaway #AAMH

While we were without power, an intergalactic adventure, Aliens Ate My Homework arrived on DVD, Digital, and On Demand Tuesday, March 6th! The film adaption of the first book from the popular Rod Allbright and the Galactic Patrol series by Bruce Coville follows a pair of middle schoolers racing to save the world from destruction after extraterrestrials invade Earth.

My kids finally got to watch this and they loved it!  We also, enjoyed watching it with them.  I think most parents will like it as much as their kids.

Aliens Ate My Homework entertains and empowers young audiences with humor, heart, and a whole lot of imagination. The film starring William Shatner is the first of a planned series of inventive action-comedies from Universal 1440 Entertainment, a production entity of Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

You can watch the trailer below:

Aliens Ate My Homework features the voice of two-time Emmy Award winner William Shatner (“Star Trek”)  and comes from director Sean McNamara (The King’s Daughter). The film also stars Jayden Greig (The Shape of Water), Lauren McNamara (“Summer of Dreams”), Kirsten Robek (The Edge of Seventeen), Dan Payne (Star Trek Beyond, Watchmen), Ty Consiglio (Wonder) and Alex Zahara (“The Man in the High Castle”).

Aliens Ate My Homework is a suspenseful family comedy which follows the adventures of sixth-grader Rod Allbright (Greig) and the extraterrestrial lawmen known as the Galactic Patrol. When a tiny spaceship flies through his window and lands on his science project, Rod and his cousin Elspeth (McNamara) meet a group of friendly aliens, including Phil, a talking plant (voiced by William Shatner). The earthlings quickly join the aliens’ adventurous mission to help defeat an evil alien criminal. After discovering the evil alien is disguised as a human – someone he knows all too well – Rod and Elspeth race to save the world from total planetary disaster.

BONUS FEATURES on DVD and digital

  • Not of This World: Creating Alien Life Forms – A look at creating some of the film’s Alien characters, showcasing the work of Emmy-winning visual effects maestro Todd Masters and his creature effects team. Viewers will get a peek at what it takes to bring the creatures to life on-set through the magic of prosthetic make-up, as well as practical effects techniques like oversized sets and puppetry.
  • Aliens Ate My Homework: From Page to Screen – This piece will give viewers a peek at the process of turning the novel into a film – from concept to production and visual effects. Featuring behind the scenes footage plus interviews with the cast, filmmakers, and author Bruce Coville.
  • On the Set with Bruce Coville – The beloved author gives viewers a peek at life on the set of Aliens Ate My Homework while providing details on the origins of the Galactic Patrol book series.
  • The Galactic Patrol Wants You! – A closer look at the members of the Galactic Patrol featuring Grakker, Madame Pong, Rod Allbright, Elspeth, and Phillogenous Esk Piemondum, aka Phil. In this featurette, the intrepid crew of the Starship Ferkel will reveal details on their current mission and will inform viewers on what it takes to become a member of the Galactic Patrol.

You can download and print some fun Aliens Ate My Homework Activity Sheets below.


Universal 1440 Entertainment is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! One lucky blog reader will win an Aliens Ate My Homework DVD! Thank you to Universal 1440 for the review movie and for sponsoring this out of this world giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! Open to US residents.

Aliens Ate My Homework DVD Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Enter for your chance to win using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck!!!

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