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Isn’t it time you took a #SummerCakeBreak?

I love summer, it is my favorite month. My kids are out of school, the weather is warm and we can enjoy these days making memories to cherish forever. Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month? It is, and what better way to celebrate summer than with ice cream? Better yet, let’s really celebrate with an ice cream cake.

Carvel Ice Cream Cakes were the cake we celebrated every birthday and special occasion with in my house growing up. I have so many great memories of my birthday parties with my school friends gathered around the table for ice cream cake. I continued that tradition in my own family, and my kids are sure glad I did.

When I was growing up we went to the Carvel store in the next town to get the cake, but today they are available at most major grocery stores like Shop Rite and Walmart.

Most of you know that our house is under a huge renovation and our kitchen is halfway done. Our lives have been in a great upheaval for several months, so we are trying to do things fun for the kids. This past Fourth of July weekend, I thought I would pick up a Carvel Family Size Ice Cream Cake when I was shopping in Walmart and have a nice treat with the family. My littlest ones could not wait, as soon as they knew I had that big Carvel Ice Cream Cake in the freezer, they started asking non-stop when we could eat it.

So, we set up a table outside and had an ice cream cake party to celebrate Independence Day. We let freedom ring with a scream for ice cream cake. With my house under construction and most of my things in storage, I did not have a lot to decorate with, but we did our best. I picked up some red star plates, some flag napkins, a flag tablecloth and a theme cowbell that I really like. The kids did not need a lot of fanfare, normally I would decorate the actual cake with my stash of cake decorating items, but they are in storage. Nevertheless, the kids did not mind and neither did the adults.


What about you? Isn’t it time for a #SummerCakeBreak? 

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Do You Know What Everyone is Screaming About? #Giveaway

Can you hear the screaming?  You can’t?  Listen close, hear it now? Can you hear me screaming? I am, and I think you are too. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! See, I knew you would hear the screams. Who doesn’t love cold, creamy, delicious ice cream? Sorry to the lactose intolerant, you might want to stop reading now. Oh wait, you can stay, what I am going to talk about works for more than ice cream. It works for sorbet, gelato, sherbet, ice milk, lemon ice and more. You can have sorbet right? No dairy in there. See, feel better?  Okay, so let’s get this ice cream truck on the road shall we?

ice cream ball

So whether you are serving ice cream or any other frozen delicacy, you need something to serve it with. Let’s talk about ice cream scoops for a minute. How about something functional and fabulous. A scoop with unparalleled style and performance. One that is attractively boxed and presented, you just might say it’s the whole package.

ice cream scoop

The Belle-V Kitchen Ice Cream Scoop is a work of art! A weighted sculpted handle that is balanced to feel perfect in your hand along with an angled head that works with the natural rolling action of your wrist. This team work between your wrist and the angled head gives you the leverage you need to cut through the hardest ice cream like a hot knife through butter. The spade shaped head lets you get right into those hard-to-reach corners of ice cream containers.

ice crea scoops 2

ice cream scoop 8

ice cream scoop scooping

Built to last this scoop is crafted from stainless steel for strength and durability. Each Belle-V Kitchen ice cream scoop is unique because they are hand polished. Storage pouch and box are included with each scoop. To keep your scoop looking great all you need to do is hand wash with nice, warm, soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

ice cream scoops 3

We love this scoop and it has become our go-to ice cream scoop. My husband and kids don’t go a night without ice cream. They are active and fit so it is their dessert of choice in the evening. Needless to say our scoop gets its own evening workout and rises to the challenge again and again. This scoop goes the extra gallon and never lets us down. They even have a left-handed scoop too and I think we need it with 3 left-handers in our family of 7!



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bele v ice cream scoop

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How I #ShareItForward With A Delicious Coca-Cola Float

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Coca Cola Floats-#ShareItForward

It’s nearly the end of the school year.  In New York we are finally experiencing warmer temperatures, even though we had a few days recently with frost warnings.  The unofficial start of summer is in full swing and there is no better time to kick back and share something refreshing with someone special.


I was in Sam’s Club recently and they were holding a demo where they were giving customers a full can of Coca Cola, mine said Superstar!


Past the demo set up on the shelves were 32 and 35 can packs of Coca Cola. I picked up a 35 can pack at a super low price.  These large packs are perfect for all the upcoming celebrations that are happening in the next few weeks like Father’s Day, Graduation Parties, Family BBQs and more! I love that the cans have names of people you can share them with like Bestie, Grillmaster, Friend, Better Half, Dreamer, Bro, Sis, Soulmate etc.


Coca-Cola-Coke-#ShareItForward 1

Coca-Cola-Coke-#ShareItForward     2

Looking at the names on the cans gave me some great ideas of how I could share them with special people in my life. I thought a great way to surprise my hubby with something special would be to make Coca Cola floats.  Coke and ice cream floats are so easy to make. We used vanilla and chocolate ice cream to make ours.

My husband said the floats with the vanilla ice cream were good but the chocolate ice cream and Coca Cola floats were beyond delicious! I made a printable that went along with the can and the float idea. Super simple it said, “To My Better Half”, just like the can and then had a picture of a boat and said, “You Float My Boat.”  He thought it was really cute and loved the whole idea, especially the refreshing ice cream Coke floats.

Coca cola 1

Coca Cola 2

Another idea I had was to share the refreshing beverage with a good friend and one of my children’s teachers. Pairing them with a Coca Cola glass and custom printed gift tag I made, I put them in a red gift bag and a theme gift was in the bag! It was a simple yet special gift to say thank you for all they’ve done.

Coca Cola 3

If you have big celebrations coming up or you want to celebrate hubby for Father’s Day or just because, give a gift to a teacher or friend, the large 32 can or 35 can packs are a great buy and perfect to have on hand. Let me know if you do try one or both of these ideas or one of your own. Please let me know what you did, and share it in the comments. I love to read your experiences. For even more inspiration out how others #ShareItForward HERE!




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