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Why Most Homes Need More Signs

House Signs

When talking about home improvements, signage is not something that pops into most people’s heads. People rarely think about how putting up signs around the home as being a way to keep everyone safe, make life easier or improve their décor. But, as you will see when you read on signs can definitely do all of that.

Signs that make life easier for you

Putting up no parking signs is an effective way to stop people from parking in front of your driveway. It is frustrating, to say the least, to arrive home with a car full of shopping only to discover you cannot park next to your house. Trudging backward and forwards carrying bags because you have had to park a street away is frustrating.

No dumping signs can also make your life easier. When people see them they are far less likely to dump their junk at the edge of your property. It only takes one person to do it for others to quickly follow suit. In just a few weeks, you can end up with a big pile of rubbish that you have to get rid of. So a no dumping sign is a good investment.

Signs that help to make your home more secure

Signage can also be used to keep everyone in your home safer. Here are a few examples:

CCTV signs

If you have CCTV advertising that fact using signage is an excellent idea. When interviewed, ex-house breakers said that the number one thing that made them target another property was the presence of CCTV.

House Signs

Neighborhood watch signage

Also on the list of things that move would be thieves on was neighborhood watch. They tell would be vandals, scammers and would be housebreakers that they are in an area where people are alert and ready to deal with any trouble.

It may also be worth putting up no loitering, beware of the dog and no trespassing signs. Which you use is up to you. But, you only need to put up one or two to have the desired effect.

Check the regulations first

Before putting these types of signs up you need to check what the rules are, in your area. In some states, if someone ignores a no loitering sign you can call the police, in others this is not the case.

House Signs

Hazard warning signs

If you have a pool putting up a no running sign will greatly reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling. Putting up a mind your head sign above a low doorway will remind everyone to duck when walking through it. In time, family members will duck automatically, but visitors won’t necessarily notice that a doorway is low enough without you pointing it out to them a sign.

Using signs to decorate your home

It is also possible to use street signs to decorate your home. A couple of stop signs are a slightly different way to decorate the wall of a den, garage or entertainment room.

Customized signs

A lot of signage companies will print you a customized sign. It could be something fun and lighthearted. Or, you could design your own hazard or warning sign. For example, “shut the door to keep the dog in”. To do this, you may need a graphics package. There are several free versions available to download.

House Signs


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Get Ready for Spring Gardening

Right about now, you may be feeling that winter will never end, but spring is definitely on the horizon — and with it, the renewal of everything fresh and green. Now’s the time to start thinking about preparing your lawn and garden for warmer months of lush grass and beautiful flowers. Here are the things you should put on the to-do list for a gorgeous landscape that will last through the summer. Do what you can when weather permits:

garden, spring, plants, compost

Start With Your Tools

While it’s still cold or wet outside, you can take some time to get your tools ready.

  • Scrub off dirt. Soap isn’t required, but a stiff brush will help to get all the old dirt out of crevices. Be sure to rinse and dry tools thoroughly.
  • Remove rust. If blades are rusty, soak them in a container of vinegar for a day or two. Most or all of the residue should scrub off with a steel wool pad or rough sandpaper.
  • Lubricate pivot points. Just a few drops of WD-40 or a similar product will keep tools operating smoothly.
  • Sharpen blades. Use a whetstone or knife sharpener on all your cutting tools and mower blades. Dull blades make your work a lot harder and can mangle stems and branches.


Prepare the Lawn

Harsh weather and foot traffic on snow-covered lawns can cause the soil to compact and make it uneven in spots. It can also alter the pH, making the soil less conducive to healthy grass and more welcoming to weeds and disease. Work through these steps over a few weekends:

  • Rake vigorously. Give yourself and the lawn a workout to remove surface leaves, debris and dead grass as well as to disentangle matted areas and thatch.
  • Level the surface. To equalize drainage and avoid low spots that will become soggy, take a shovel to lop off raised places and fill in those that are sunken.
  • Aerate the soil. Compacted soil needs to be opened up so oxygen, water and nutrients can reach grass roots. You can rent an aerator at a garden center, but they’re bulky, heavy and difficult to transport and use — better to hire a professional lawn aeration service and get the job done right.
  • Correct the pH. Grass thrives in soil with neutral pH, so use a simple test kit to tell you how yours rates. Apply lime to acidic soil and sulfur to soil that’s too alkaline. But get some expert advice before you use either or you could do more harm than good.
  • Sow grass seed. You can seed bare spots alone or overseed the entire area for a lusher lawn overall. Seeds won’t germinate, though, until the soil temperature reaches about 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pre-treat for weeds. A pre-emergent herbicide will take care of weeds before they start, but it will also stop grass seeds from germinating, so be mindful of where and when you use it.
  • Feeding your lawn gives it a stronger root system and the energy for a long growing season. Follow directions for whether you have warm or cool season grass and for the part of the country in which you live.

Clean up the Flower Beds

All kinds of old foliage and debris accumulates in the garden during the winter, making a handy home for insects and disease as the weather warms. Clear it all out so your plants have room for a fresh, new start.

Prune Woody Plants

If you haven’t pruned your rose bushes yet, get to it at the first chance you have. As for trees, It’s best to prune branches while they’re dormant but after the coldest weather has passed, though dead branches can be removed any time. For some great information about trees, check out the Arbor Day Foundation.

Divide Perennials

Daylilies, Agapanthus, peonies and other varieties of clumping perennials that have gotten too big for their spots in the garden should be divided ahead of the coming warm weather, so their roots have time to establish themselves.

Start Flower and Vegetable Seeds Inside

Seeds won’t sprout in cold soil, so even in temperate climate zones, starting seeds indoors gives them a head start. Seed packets will tell you how many weeks it will take for each variety to get ready before the optimum time to transplant them outdoors. It’s also fun for the kids to help pot the seeds and watch them sprout.

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3 Easy DIY Garden Projects

garden walkway

A lush garden not only helps beautify your surroundings, but it can be  beneficial in reducing your stress levels. A garden is going to be far more beneficial if you work on it yourself. After all, nothing can match that fulfillment  you feel when something beautiful comes out of your own efforts.

In this article, we present three of the most worthwhile DIY projects that you can do in and for your own garden. They are chosen based on the ease with which they can be done and their relative practicality.

Repurposed Container Gardens

Many environmentalists are making their voices heard nowadays. They say that the earth is slowly deteriorating because of the activities that we humans take part in. When we examine the actual state of our environment, it appears that they really are speaking the truth. So there is a need to respond.

Recycling is a great way to do our part to reduce the amount of trash we produce.  To achieve this, it is as simple as finding ways to reuse or repurpose items that we otherwise would throw away.

If you have an old tool box or an unused crisper just lying around the house, you can actually poke holes in the bottom, fill with soil, and then use it as your own container garden. The beauty that comes out of this project is not only for outside your home; you can use these techniques to accent your interior decor as well.

garden containers

Garden Walkways

There are types of grass that look very pretty. An example is the bluegrass, which can grow lush enough to really cover the ground. However, if you read WikiLawn and other gardening websites, you will learn that grass is very sensitive to foot traffic. Due to the sensitivity of grass, there is a need for you to create walkways, and it’s a project that you can very well do on your own.

garden walkway

All you have to do is collect good gravel and then lay it out in the path that you want. If you are looking to do something more elaborate, you can add tiles that contrast the color of the gravel. This immediately adds an air of sophistication to your walkway.

Wall Gardens

Usually, gardens are filled with flowering shrubs and small trees. However, there are species of plants that look their best when they are elevated or even hung. This is because they have flowers or leaves that cascade down, creating a gorgeous flowing effect. To take advantage of such flora, you can create a wall garden using empty bottles and other light plastic containers. This way, you will not only be able to beautify your environment, you also get to preserve it.

garden walkway

Doing certain garden tasks on your own makes the whole endeavour much more meaningful for you. Sometimes, what matters is not really the outcome, but the process of creating it. This is perhaps the main reason why DIY projects, no matter how time-consuming they are, are so rewarding.


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“Homespun” Blog Book Tour- Amish & Mennonite Women in Their Own Words

I love learning about different cultures and religions. The most profound thing I have learned, is that when we really take the time to learn about others, we usually discover we are more alike than different. I think our world could benefit greatly if we all took the time to learn about others.

Given my feelings, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review a new book edited by Lorilee Craker. The book, Homespun: Amish and Mennonite Women in Their Own Words,


Is there a better way to connect and get to know someone than over a cup of coffee or tea? That is exactly how it feels reading the stories of the Amish and Plain Mennonite women in this book. Editor Lorilee Craker, bestselling author of Money Secrets of the Amish, collects these personal writings about hospitality, home, grief, joy, and walks with God.

Hear from one woman who struggles with feeling inferior to her sister, from another about her longing for a baby, and from a third who accidentally bought stretchy material to sew her husband’s pants. tEach woman’s story is a testament to the grace of God and the blessings of community.

This book is such a great read, one to savor while laying back and enjoying the end of summer. Homespun is such a comfortable read, it is so hard to put down. As I read the stories of the women on the pages, I found there was much more I had in common with them than not. The stories draw you in and make you laugh, cry and connect. You will love this book.

Learn more in my video below:

Behind Amish romance novels and tourist spots and television shows stand real people, with longings and loves just like the rest of us. Every Amish and Mennonite woman has a story. In Homespun, you get to hear some of them.

About the editor:







Lorilee Craker is the author of thirteen books, including Money Secrets of the AmishAnne of Green Gables, My Daughter, and Me; My Journey to Heaven with Marv Besteman; and the New York Times bestseller Through the Story with Lynne Spears. Connect with Lorilee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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5 Things You Can Do To Improve The Look of Your House

It is important to work on the aesthetics of your home. A well-kept home not only makes a great impression, it can also help make you feel more relaxed and happy. We all want our homes to look good, but not all of us know where to start to achieve that perfect look. Do not be fooled into thinking that  decorating or updating your home is not possible without the help of an interior designer.

If you have the right eye, you can create some small changes on your own to change the look of your house, and make it appear more attractive. To help you with this, check out these five things you can do to improve the look of your house:

Paint your house

You can have a mansion worth millions of dollars, but if the walls are covered in scuffed, stained paint, the whole look would be compromised. If your house has old, dingy paint, consider freshening it up with new paint  as soon as possible. Nothing adds value and transforms your house better than fresh paint. It can make your house look more attractive, and also allows you to fix issues such as cracks in the walls.

Update your kitchen

Your kitchen is truly the heart of your home, so make sure to keep it updated, organized and clean. Some of the ways to update your kitchen game without breaking the bank include:

  • Resurfacing or painting cabinets
  • Updating your lighting fixtures
  • Installing new countertops

These additions can make your kitchens more useful and also increase the worth of your house as they bring a ROI as high as 60%.

Spruce up your Living Room

If you want to make a good impression on guests and make your house look better, than you might want to consider updating your living room. You can make your living room more inviting in the following ways:

  • Installing new curtains and blinds from a company like Select Blinds Canada.
  • Buying new furniture for the living room or updating the old furniture with new paint or upholstery.
  • Getting rid of excess clutter to make the room appear larger and more organized.

Keep It Clean

Now, this is an area where you need to invest your time not your money.  Go through your house, purge excess clutter and clean rooms from top to bottom.  A cluttered, dusty home looks unattractive and can be depressing to yourself and your guests.

Install new lighting

Ditch those ordinary or basic lighting fixtures that add no pizzazz or style. Spice up the lighting in your home and make it look more elegant. Try looking for chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps that have style and flair. The right use of lighting will not only brighten up your house but also make it look more lavish.

If you follow these tips you can add new life into your home and make it feel welcoming and stylish.

This is a collaborative guest post. The views and ideals expressed are not necessarily those of Mommy Ramblings.


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Stress, Anxiety and You – It’s Time To Fight Back

Stress is something that affects everyone. The main difference being that everyone handles stress differently and some recover quicker from stressful situations than others. If you’re a sufferer from long-term stress, or you worry that it is taking over your life, then now is the time to take a step back and see how you can tackle your stress and anxiety head on.

Get outside

Studies have shown and proven that getting away from technology, our phones and even other people and heading outdoors has a positive effect on our stress levels. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden at home, then why not transform it into a little paradise for you to visit when things are getting on top of you.

Fill your outdoor space with beautiful blooms, shrubs and hedges and anything else that will be a feast for your senses. If you’d like to know more about which plants will work best in your garden, check out this website.

If you don’t have a large garden space to play with, consider growing plants indoors, or make use of the space you have on a little balcony or a windowsill.

If having something else to look after merely makes your blood pressure soar, then don’t worry. Take a trip to a park, a large wooded area, a lake – somewhere you can appreciate nature. Studies have proven that your blood pressure will drop and your heart rate decrease.

Unnecessary commitments

We all have so many commitments. To our families, our extended families, clubs, online activities, work, studies, social groups, things to do at home, DIY, and charity work just to name a few. Having too much on your plate is a huge trigger for stress and anxiety. All these things seem to demand your commitment and the last thing you want is to let anyone down. But if you’re putting your own health at risk, is it worth it?

Be brutal, go through your list of commitments and remove the ones that don’t bring you as much personal value as the others.


Avoid, avoid, avoid. I’m sure if I asked you the names of people who add stress and difficulty to your life then you wouldn’t be thinking for long. It could be bosses, co-workers, relatives, even friends that make like just difficult. You could try to do battle with them, to explain to them the issues you’re having, however they may take it personally, or simply not care enough to do anything about it. Cut them from your life where possible.


Getting hot, bothered and tired sounds like the complete opposite to reducing stress, but studies have proven that getting up out of your chair and moving will help you see things more clearly. Exercising is a great way to eliminate your stress build up. You get quiet time, time to contemplate and best of all – a fit and healthy you, means you’re in better shape than ever to take on whatever life throws at you.

This is a sponsored guest post. The views and ideals do not necessarily reflect those of Mommy Ramblings.

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Gardenite Nozzle Hand Sprayer Giveaway

I cannot believe it is Easter weekend and it is still so awful out, we had freezing rain the other night and we might be getting more snow on Monday. When I ordered my new garden hose sprayer, I did not anticipate we would still be having winter weather.

While I have not been able to try it outside. I am very happy so far with my Gardenite Nozzle Hand Sprayer. It is very well made. It is solid metal with a baked enamel finish and you will never mistake it for a cheap plastic nozzle when you pick it up.

I like that it has 10 different spray patterns so I can accomplish a large amount of tasks. It even has an adjustable water flow control knob so you can adjust from low to high depending on what you are spraying.

The Gardenite Garden Nozzle was designed with an ergonomic soft rubber comfort grip so your hands won’t get tired or sore.

I cannot wait for it to really turn to spring here so I can test this baby out and clean up after all of winter’s mess. I have so much to do and one of the first things is to wash our cars. After that I want to wash off the driveway, wash patio furniture and then wash windows and start raking the flower beds. The adjustable spray and flow will allow me to tackle tough dirt and to put it on a gentle shower to water flowers.


You can enter the giveaway below for your chance to win your own Gardenite Nozzle Hand Sprayer.  Good luck, let me know what you think of this nozzle.

Gardenite Nozzle Hand Sprayer #7


This is a sponsored post, as always my words and views are 100% my own.

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10 Simple Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is like mine, it is Grand Central Station for your home. I know when my kitchen is organized, it is easier to find what I need, and to work more efficiently. Here are 10 simple ways to organize your kitchen.

Purge Your Cabinets

Take everything out of your cabinets and drawer. Think carefully, do you really need it all?  I am almost sure you will find, there are many things you need to get rid of or donate. Put back only what you need. Place the items that you want to donate in a box and put the box by your door. On your next trip out to your vehicle,  carry the box to your car, so it is ready to be dropped off.

Group Similar Items

With your cabinets empty, start to really think about the best way to group items in them. Look at the things you are keeping and arrange baking things together, serving pieces together and so on.

Think About Your Space

Next, think about the best cabinet or drawers to put those things. Drinking glasses are probably best by the sink and dishwasher. Remember, you want things to run as smooth as possible, so have your coffee maker near your mugs and your pot holders near your oven. Be mindful of this as you decide where everything you are keeping goes.

Use Clear Plastic Bins

Use clear bins and containers to organize things inside your cabinets. Small bins are perfect for containing hot cocoa packets, oatmeal packets and more. Food in tiny boxes like pudding, can be stored in clear containers, so  it does not get lost among larger items.

Another food or pantry storage idea, is to use clear mason jars. You can even vacuum seal them if you have a Food Saver with a jar device.


Go Through Your Food Storage Containers

Go through your food storage containers and get rid of anything you don’t have a lid for. Organize what you have left by placing the lids in a clear plastic bin, so they can be stored  vertically. If all you have is just a bunch of tired Chinese food containers with no lids, think about throwing it all out and starting with a set of quality food storage containers.

Utilize Space Effectively,

That cabinet above your refrigerator, microwave or oven can be fitted with vertical rack dividers that allow you to store cookie sheets, trays, platters and more. In my new kitchen, I chose to have these dividers built in. I can tell you, it is much easier to store cutting boards, baking pans, large platters, trays etc. I did this to the cabinet above my oven and the one over my refrigerator.

Organize Your Drawers

Pick up some bamboo drawer dividers to organize your utensils and cutlery. You can find ones that expand to fit a variety of drawer sizes.  Smaller plastic bins can help you contain pens, pencils, tape scissors etc. Allow yourself only one junk drawer if possible.

Tackle Your Refrigerator

Clean out your refrigerator. Wipe down all the surfaces inside and out. Go through all your food and condiments, and get rid of anything that is old, expired, or you don’t use. Grab some plastic bins and use them to organize your food especially smaller items like juice boxes, food pouches and smaller condiments.

Another idea that can save you time is to organize items that you use to pack lunches for yourself or your kids. That way you can quickly grab things like yogurt, cheese sticks, juice boxes, fruit etc.

Finally, if you like to keep a lot of cold drinks on hand for yourself or the kids, you may want to consider getting a dedicated refrigerator for these items. The best beverage refrigerator by Danby can hold up to 120 cans and is quite compact so it won’t take up much space in your kitchen.

Get Under the Sink

Maximize your space under the sink with a 2 Tier Expandable Adjustable Under Sink Storage Shelves. This will maximize your space to store your cleaning products, soaps, sponges and more.


Hang It Up

Organize your mop, broom, dustpan and more with a hanging storage rack that you can mount to the inside of a closet or pantry door.

It is easy to organize your kitchen when you have the right tools. Weeding out the excess and organizing what you have will maximum your kitchen’s efficiency. With a streamlined and more organized kitchen you might find you like cooking and entertaining even more.


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25 Ways To Personalize Your Family Home

Moving into a new home, or even just wanting to spruce up your current residence, can be a challenge. It takes time to make a house into a home, adding those essentials family touches help to transform it from a dull space into one with soul.

There are many different things you can do to personalise your home and make it your own, from adding a new coat of paint to hanging your family pictures on the walls. You can be as creative as you like and it doesn’t need to cost a small fortune. Here are 25 ideas you can use to add your personal touch to your home.

1. Paint The Front Door

The first thing anyone will see as they approach your home is the front door. It might not seem like the first place you would want to change, but painting your front door immediately adds character to your home. It gives any visitors a small insight into who lives inside.

2. Hanging Baskets

Once your door is looking brand new and shiny, you can decorate your entrance further by adding some plants. If you have the space either side of your front door, placing hanging baskets full of beautiful flowers is the best way to make your home feel inviting and well-looked after.

3. The Front Garden

If you only have a driveway, there’s no need to worry about this. If you take pride in what you home looks like to the outside world, tending to your front garden is an excellent way to make your home feel tidy and bright. Adding hardy plants such as Rhododendrons or Buddleia will make your garden spring to life without having to worry too much about the upkeep.

4. The Back Garden

There isn’t much which is more relaxing than coming home on a summer’s evening and sitting in the garden with your family enjoying a glass of wine. Having an inviting and open garden, no matter how small, is a great way to utilize extra space around your home. You can even include a swing set and trampoline for the kids!

5. Paint The Walls

If you are short on cash and want an easy way to add your own flair to a room: paint the walls. You can mix your own paint color or choose one from the store, either way; you’ll be adding your personality to the room.

6. Add Soft Furnishings

Throws and cushions are the easiest way to feel like an interior designer, adding new dimensions to your home. Picking up some boldly patterned cushions and placing them over a pastel sofa instantly creates an element of style in your living space.

7. Grab A Bargain

Gumtree is the perfect place to find local people who have secondhand furniture they want to sell. You could score a real bargain on a new table or chairs, and even have them delivered to your home. It’s a much cheaper way to spruce up your home than visiting traditional  retailers.

8. Seasonal Touches

Aside from the obvious festive decorations, you could also make your home more seasonal by adding some simple touches. Christmas bedding sets will transform your room into a winter wonderland, cute festive cushions and a new tartan throw will add that element of winter to your home.

9. Lighting

Spotlights, LED lights and fairy lights are excellent additions to your home, making it feel cozier and adding ambience to your home effortlessly.

10. Make It Cozy

On cold winter nights, the most satisfying feeling is to snuggle up on the sofa with your family. You can take this a step further by lighting scented candles around the house, turning on some soft fairy lights and cuddling up under a thick throw.

11. Buy New Mugs

A cute way to put your stamp on the kitchen, is to buy new mugs for you and your family. Let your children each choose their favourite mug, and store them on a shelf in the kitchen. You and your family will automatically have a cute personal item to use every day.

12. Replace Your Faucets

Old, rusty faucets can make even the most beautiful room look dull. You can buy really beautiful chrome or brushed nickel faucets online and instantly make your kitchen and bathroom feel clean and new.

13. A New Mattress

New mattresses will help you sleep, relax your muscles and allow you to wake up in the morning feeling ready to tackle the day ahead. No matter what your budget, you will be able to find the right mattress for you and your family. There are details at mattress-guides.net for how to choose the right one for you.

14. Chalkboard Paint

To stop your children from drawing all over the walls, why not try painting some chalkboard paint on the inside of your cupboard doors? Give your kids some chalk, and they can doodle all they like without it being on display, and without it becoming a permanent feature in your house.

15. Wall Art

If you want to vamp up a blank wall, the easiest thing to do is hang some art. You could hang up your children’s drawings, a pretty watercolour or even an inspiring quote. Whatever you choose, it will liven up the space and give it some life.

16. Family Photos

The ultimate way to put your stamp on the home is the hang personal photographs. You could opt for a professionally taken family portrait, or a collage of candid shots from your family vacation.

17. Add Some Houseplants

Do you ever feel like there’s  a small space which needs to be filled in your home? Well, the perfect solution is to add a few plants. Plants not only add colour and vibrancy to your home but also produce oxygen and are proven to relieve stress.

18. Install An Herb Garden

If you love to cook, then adding a herb garden to your home is an excellent idea. You will have constant access to fresh flavours and never have to repurchase a dried sachet.

19. Make The Most Of Natural Light

Natural light is the most fundamental tool in decorating your home. It can make the smallest space seem huge and adds a beautiful ray of light to every nook and cranny in your home. Open up the windows by ditching the large curtains and opting for blinds instead. You’ll gain space and light instantly.

20. Keep It Simple

Although you may be tempted to go all out and make everything in your home a feature, try and refrain from doing too much. It can be confusing to the eye and doesn’t look as put together as a simple design. All you need is 2-3 colours for a room, one bold, one pastel, and black or white. If you stick to this rule you will see a huge difference in the overall feel of your living space.

21. Disguise Old Furniture

If you would rather avoid having to invest in a brand new sofa, you can disguise it instead. Adding soft furnishings such as cushions and throws will immediately give a dull piece of furniture a new lease of life. Find some great ideas on revamping old furniture, HERE.

22. Get The Kids Involved

If you have children, let them have some input on your decisions. You could let them design their own bedrooms, pick out paints, wallpaper and soft furnishings to make them feel part of the process. Although children might have some crazy ideas, it might be fun to let them have free rein on their own space in the house. It could mean that you end up with a Disney princess palace in your home, but to see the look on your child’s face when it’s ready; it’s all worth the effort.

23. Match Your Appliances

When you decorate the kitchen, you will usually get new cabinets, countertops, backsplash and new tile for the floor. Once you’ve implemented all of these changes, why not finish it all off by matching your small appliances to the theme of the room? Buying a kettle and toaster to match the decor of your kitchen is a simple and effective way to tie the room together.

24. Add Accent Walls

Accent walls can be a great design feature. Painting one wall a bold color, or hanging some wallpaper on one wall of a room can bring it to life and draw the eye to that area, making the room feel and look a little bigger than it really is.

25. A Book Nook

If you or your children love to read, why not transform a small corner of the room into a cute little reading nook? Add lots of cushions, a beanbag and storage for your favourite novels, and you’ve instantly created a personalized space for you and your family to enjoy quiet time.

This is a sponsored guest post that may or may not represent the views or ideals of Mommy Ramblings.


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Getting Final Remodeling Projects In Before Winter Comes

Autumn Is Here!

What’s that you smell in the air, is it a pumpkin-spiced latte? What’s that you feel in your soul as you drop your kids off at school—is it, could it be…pure joy? Well, not pure. You’ll miss them, of course—but what a relief! From eight to three (or 2:30 if you’re not so lucky), your kids are taken care of, they learn, and you get time to do what you need to.

One of those things could be some post-summer remodeling. Autumn and winter can be ideal times to upgrade your home, especially if you live in the south.  It’s not as hot outside, making yard work especially appealing.

Additionally, it’s a traditional “off-season”, so you may find decreased rates available. With school in session,  the kids won’t be tearing around the yard, getting in the way of contractors.

If you don’t live in the south, autumn still is an ideal time to remodel because winter is coming, and as they’re fond of saying in the adults-only HBO show Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming!”. It’ll get cold soon, and if you don’t take care of things like roof repairs, you could end up with much bigger structural problems. 

Some Outdoor Work

You want to get your roofing done before the winter hits. Since it’s already autumn, if you have not started, you might want to check out sites like South Jersey Roofers since they offer high-quality workmanship, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and proven reliability.

If you wait too long and live in a northern state, you may not be able to find any roofers to repair your issues. If that happens, you might have to use an emergency solution to get by until the weather warms up.  

Fall is a great time for last-minute structural remodeling. Additionally, you may not appreciate the features of some remodeling projects until late spring. Pergolas are one of those projects that come to mind.

If you’ve never heard of a pergola, this term refers to an adjustable awning which can be positioned with the touch of a button. It can keep out the snow, wind, and rain, or it can let in the sunshine. Whatever your preference, with the press of a button, you can change the way you enjoy your deck.

When it comes to outdoor pergola builders, you’ll be able to find top-tier solutions that will fit your needs; whether it be opening it up with the touch of a remote, angling it to provide the right amount of shade, or closing it completely.

Additional Considerations

You can actually use a pergola during winter as well.  Even in the coldest climates, there will be mild days, and you may want to read a book on the back deck in the sun. Soak up that winter sun while you can, if the clouds come in and you can feel the snow, just close the pergola slats, grab a blanket and keep reading.

Fall can also be the perfect time to install a security system. Again, it’s not nearly so hot outside as during the summer, and you want to have that system in place by the winter. There seems to be an increase in crime during the winter in southern states. This may not be the case if you live in the north, it will depend on your region. 

All in all, fall is the opportune time to tackle home improvement projects and make property upgrades like additions and completing essential home maintenance to prepare for the coming winter.

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