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Turn Your Home Into An Efficient Powerhouse

There are many kinds of improvements that you might want to make to your home. Arguably one of the most common is to make it more efficient, but this can be hard to achieve. Efficiency is often poorly misunderstood, and it is this lack of understanding which causes it not to be utilized in most  homes. If you are serious about wanting to make your home more efficient, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at what that really means. With a better approach, you can easily turn your home into a much more efficient place to live.

The Power Of An Audit

Most people who are aiming to make improvements in home efficiency will just dive straight into making those basic changes. Changing out the lightbulbs and the heating system are good things to do regardless, but you might find it more effective to first have an audit performed on your home. A home energy audit helps to reveal what the main problem areas are. With this knowledge, you can spend your money (and your time) more wisely as you make those changes. It is very difficult to know for certain where you are losing energy, so an audit of this kind could really help to make your home run more efficiently.

Outside The Box

The truth is that many of the top efficiency changes are those which you don’t consider at first. Using your imagination and thinking outside the box a little is often one of the best things you can do in terms of making your home much more efficient. There are a huge range of these ideas out there which can be a big benefit to your home, you just need to do your research. It might be that you choose to install an energy-efficient electric water heater, or perhaps you feel it is time to build a wind farm in your backyard. For more helpful tips check out https://theplumbinginfo.com and try to find other online resources with similar ideas.

Solar, Solar, Solar

If there is anything to always take away from this article, it is that solar is the number one renewable energy. Whenever you are thinking of turning your home into a much more efficient dwelling, you will want to find one way or another to utilize the power of  the sun. The fact is, it is the most efficient energy source there is. It works for anything that you need energy for, and it is cheap to install and run. You won’t have to do anything once it is installed either, so you can just sit back and let it power your home. You might even be able to sell some energy back to the grid – and that can really make a huge difference in your life.

Follow the tips above and you will be off to a  good start on improving your home’s energy efficiency. You might be surprised at just how quickly you can reap the rewards of making these changes. 

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After School Snacks To ReFuel Kids! #FuelTheirAdventures

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FuelTheirAdventures #CollectiveBias


School starts for our kids next week. This week we are still enjoying the end of Summer. We even have a road trip planned tomorrow to 6 Flags! Whenever we take a road trip, we are sure to pack snacks for our journey. It saves us time stopping every time hunger hits and cuts down on crabby kids. Dannon® Danimals® Smoothies are something we pack for road trips because they are compact, delicious and curb my kids hunger. We always have a travel cooler stocked with them when we hit the road. Tomorrow is no different.

Another great time of day for Dannon® Danimals® is after school. My kids come home famished. It’s too early for dinner and I don’t want them to eat too much that will spoil their appetite. We found Dannon® Danimals® paired with fresh fruit and vegetables along with some crackers is perfect. It is so easy to do this for your kids and have it prepared a few minutes before they get home.

I was recently in Walmart and saw the Collectors Edition 12-pack of Dannon® Danimals® Smoothies in Strawberry/Cotton Candy flavors. I picked those up along with another 12 pack of Banana Split/Strawberry Explosion. The little bottes are so cute with the different athletes on them!

Dannanimals-#FuelTheirAdventures-Smoothies-Collector's Edition-12 Packs-Walmart


Dannanimals 2

An easy way to have a great snack to fuel your kids after school is to get out whatever fresh fruit and veggies you have. I had pears, baby carrots, white seedless grapes and bananas. You will also want to add some crackers and those can be whatever your kids like. I used saltines and graham crackers.

Just grab some plates, cut up the fruit, add the crackers and put out an assortment of Dannon® Danimals® Smoothies for them to pick their favorite flavor! Easy Peasy right? Works with any fresh fruit or veggies and you can mix it up so they are never bored.

Dannanimals 4

dannanimals 5

Dannnanimals 8

dannanimals 10

dannanimals 9

Other ideas for pairings is to substitute crackers with granola, nuts or a whole grain muffin. You can add some cheese cubes, apple slices with a little peanut butter, add peanut butter to the banana slices. You can really give them something new and different every day  and all of it pairs so well with the Dannon® Danimals® Smoothies.

Some added fun for kids is  an Play 60 contest – if they find the “Golden Bongo” Dannon® Danimals® bottle (located in specially marked packages) they can win a Play60 Field Day for your school with NFL pros!

dannanimals 3

As a mom I feel good that Dannon® Danimals® provide “Only the Good Stuff®” with no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors, as well as provides a good source of calcium and vitamin D. They are  the perfect on-the-go option for our busy family!  helps fuel my kids’ adventures – at school, after school, at sports practice, during homework time or to start the day!

Have you tried Dannon® Danimals® with your kids and what are some of your favorite pairings to go with the delicious yogurt smoothies? I would love to see your ideas in the comments!


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Amber Artisans Healing Baltic Amber Jewelry Review & Giveaway!!! #HolidayGiftGuide

Have you heard about the healing powers of natural Baltic Amber?  Closely examined, the composition of natural Baltic Amber is dominated by Succinic Acid, the key to our own body‘s natural immune system – and equally rare. When natural Amber comes in contact with our body, it creates not only healing but also peace and calm. Since Baltic Amber supports our immune system through contact, it also provides a form of energy that restores physical well-being.

raw amber bracelet

Amber Artisans creations  are as unique in their composition and abilities as you are. Whether you’re looking for a remedy to reduce bodily aches and pains or mental stress, natural Baltic amber adapts itself to your condition and works with you immune system to create the perfect solution.

Amber Children's Bracelets

There are so many facets to the healing power of Amber such as promoting good health, providing recovery from addictions, healing the mind and spirit and so much more. Many wearers believe that Amber also inspires prosperity and success.

mens-Amber -bracelet

Along with the significant impact of healing mid, body, and spirit, Amber Artisans jewelry statements are exceptionally beautiful and stylish. You can enjoy being in fashion regardless of your person fashion statement. Amber jewelry comes in a variety of shapes and colors and will fit well with any wardrobe for the fashion conscious. More importantly, no one but you knows what incredible healing you’re experiencing while wearing it.


Every single amber healing bracelet or amber healing necklace designed by craftsman that has been working their trade for many generations is a work of art.

I have heard about the healing properties of Baltic Amber and we have featured other products before on our blog.  I was eager to try one of the adult necklaces and after browsing the Amber Artisans website chose the 20″ Rainbow Sunshine Amber Beads Healing Necklace and was also sent a ring and some raw amber stones.  

Amber healing-necklace-rainbow sunshine

The beads on the necklace are beautiful and polished to perfection.  They are so smooth and beautiful.  The ring is colorful and comfortable as it is stretchy and I find during the day I move it from finger to finger.  It is soothing just to hold the necklace and the ring when I am switching it from finger to finger.  I really do feel like thy are making a difference in my spirit and I have only recently started wearing them.  I really want to get a bracelet as well.

Amber Healing-Neclace-Rainbow-Sunshine-1

Mommy Ramblings has added Amber Artisans to our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.



If you have been eager to try Baltic Amber for its healing properties, take a look at all the great designs on Amber Artisans website.  They have bracelets, rings, teething necklaces, adult necklaces and more.

Amber Artisans is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky reader will win a Rainbow Sunshine Amber Beads Adult Healing Necklace.  Thank you Amber Artisans for the review necklace and ring and for sponsoring this terrific giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  Open to US residents.

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Recess By Justin Roberts Review and Giveaway!!! High Energy Pop Music For Families!!!


Chicago-based kid-pop star presents 12 original songs on July 23rd, and pre-sales available now at Amazon.com other retailers

Justin Roberts (www.justinrobertsmusic.com), whose 2010 album, Jungle Gym, took the nation by storm with a Grammy nomination and a raft of critical acclaim, will release Recess, a new collection of high-energy pop songs for the whole family, on July 23rd. Roberts and his band mates, the Not Ready for Naptime Players, will celebrate this ninth family music release with a full slate of summer concerts, including the Ravinia Festival in Chicago.

Recess rocks with gigantic electric guitars, intricate vocal harmonies, and impossibly catchy melodies that will burrow deep into your brain. In his most unrestrained release yet, Justin Roberts explores the world from multiple perspectives – kids who love to play, the proud but exhausted parents of twins, and a loyal pet dog, just to name a few.  Whether kids are jumping through the chalked boxes of “Hopscotch” or running around the playground to the triumphant electric rock of “Recess,” these 12 original songs will add energy to any day. The limited-edition CD package will include a pop-up robot, and secret web links to craft activities and bonus media.

Recess pop up robot small

USA Today calls Roberts “hands down, the best songwriter in the genre,” Entertainment Weeklysays he is “a master of conjuring up images that resonate with the young ones,” and The New York Times thinks he just might be “the Judy Blume of kiddie rock.” The Los Angeles Timesspeaks for many reviewers in stating that Justin Roberts delivers “deft lyrics and beautiful sound,” every time.
With Recess, Justin Roberts “continues to craft universally likable pop songs that adhere to the brain like flypaper.” (Amazon.com) There must be dozens of kids’ songs about robots, but Roberts’ “My Secret Robot” heads in an unexpected direction:  “He’s got a calm demeanor, looks like a vacuum cleaner. He’s never scared when my sister comes around.” Not every song’s theme is obvious from the start; it takes more than just a minute to figure out what “Every Little Step” and “Otis” are all about.

While Justin’s music always appeals to kids, parents have long appreciated the songcraft and layers of meaning in his compositions. On Recess, tracks such as “Looking for Trains” offer ruminations that easily apply to an adult’s life. Expertly produced by Not Ready for Naptime Players band mate Liam Davis, Recess features a range of styles, from power pop to ska, and gentle country-tinged acoustic rock to 60s psychedelia.
Recess follows Justin Roberts’ fall 2012 release, Lullaby, his first collection of softer songs for quiet moments (newly available on vinyl). In its ‘A’ review,  Entertainment Weekly writes ofLullaby, “The lyrics will break your heart with their poignancy, and the music will make you celebrate that there are such exceptional artists making songs for children these days.”
Justin Roberts is a Chicago-based artist who logs thousands of miles on the road each year while performing hundreds of concerts around North America. With numerous national awards (including seven Parents’ Choice Gold awards and six NAPPA Gold awards), and critical recognition from the likes of Parents, School Library Journal, People, and Time magazines, Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players consistently dish out intelligent and whimsically engaging music.

Roberts also recently authored a new picture book for children, to be published by Putnam in 2014.

Sugar Mountain PR is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. One lucky blog reader will win their own Recess CD! Thank you Sugar Mountain PR for the review CD and for sponsoring this great giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!! Open to US residents.

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