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Corolle Doll, Gaby Goes To Nursery School Set Giveaway

As a doll collector and doll lover, one of my favorite parts of compiling the holiday gift guide each year is checking out the Corolle baby dolls. This year we are bringing you another great doll and accessories from Corolle.

Corolle Gaby Goes To Nursery Doll

Gaby is a 14″ baby doll with the signature vanilla scent that Corolle is famous for. Gaby Goes To  Nursery School is a doll and accessories set that let’s little ones role play just like a real mom or dad. They can get Gaby ready and pack her included snacks (cookie and apple juice) in her backpack along with her security blanket and pacifier.

Gaby Goes To Nursery School

Gaby has eyes that close when you lay her down and a soft body with vinyl limbs and head. No hair to get dirty and tangled, she has molded hair that wipes clean. She comes wearing a one piece overall set that looks like 2 pieces. The back has hook and loop fasteners, so it is easy for little hands to dress and undress Gaby. Gaby has little vinyl flats on that come off to show her detailed, chubby feet.

Gaby Corolle Doll Giveaway

Corolle Gaby Goes To Nursery Doll Giveaway

Her little knees are full of little dimples and make her irresistible. Gaby’s thumb can fit and stay in her mouth if her pacifier is left at home and she is fussing. She is weighted so she can sit on her own.

Corolle Gaby Goes To Nursery Doll

Corolle makes many outfits for this 14″ doll in their mon grand poupon Corolle clothing collection . We could not resist the Happy Reindeer Dress and Coat along with the pink ankle strap shoes. You can find Gaby and her accessories on our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide at Mommy Ramblings.

Corolle Pink Ankle Strap Shoes For Doll

Check out our video below to see more:


Corolle is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! One lucky blog reader will win their own Gaby Goes To The Nursery Set, Happy Reindeer Dress, Happy Reindeer Coat and Pink Ankle Strap Shoes! Thank you to Corolle for sponsoring this amazing giveaway and for the review doll and accessories. Open to US Residents.

Corolle Gaby Goes To Nursery School Gift Set & Accessories Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Enter for your chance to win using the Rafflecopter widget below: Good Luck!!!

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Mini Cupcake Surprise Dolls -Little, Sweet & Don’t Cause Cavities #Giveaway

Mini Cupcake Surprise Dolls transform from  festive decorated miniature cupcakes into beautiful mini princess dolls.  The dolls are available in 12 styles with 6 different scents including: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, grape, chocolate, lemon and caramel.

These dolls are so sweet and fun we added them to our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. They make perfect stocking stuffers!!!

Emco is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. One lucky blog reader will win 2 Mini Cupcake Surprise Dolls! Thank you to Emco for the review dolls and for sponsoring this sweet giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!! Open to US residents.

Mini Cupcake Surprise Dolls Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Enter for your chance to win using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck!!!

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Broken or Damaged LuvaBella or LuvaBeau Dolls? Read This Now!

If you have a LuvaBella or LuvaBeau Interactive Doll from Spin Master tucked away, just waiting for Christmas morning, I have a warning, that you are probably not going to want to hear. As a blogger who reviews the newest products, I was anxious to get my hands on a LuvaBella doll.

I had no trouble finding one, but the trouble began soon after taking her out of the box. Her silicone or vinyl doll “skin” had a greasy appearance and had all kinds of hairs and dirt stuck to her face.

It was not that she was ever taken out of the box, it was how she was packaged from the factory. She had what looked like a crease between her eyes, which most like came from a defect in the mold. On the side of her face she had this huge unsightly seam that was very obviously a flaw from the mold. Her molded hair was painted so sloppy, as if a child had done it. The paint went right down onto her face and was all over her ear. 

After inserting the batteries she had a terrible clicking in her neck, and her chin and would seem to get stuck, she would vibrate in place before turning her head. I took a video of this and let the company know. After viewing my photos and video, they said that, the doll was indeed very damaged and needed to be returned. They explained that in an effort to get the dolls out quickly, there were some issues with defective dolls being released that should not have happened.

I returned that doll and picked up a new one. Now, when I removed the new doll from the box, she had a much better paint job on her hair, she did not have that unsightly crease defect between her eyes, nor did she have the big seam on the side of her head.

I thought everything would be okay. I took a video of her and she began to keep yawning and saying things at different times that did not make sense. She also could not stop burping when eating.

I thought she needed new batteries, so I put in a fresh set of 4 C batteries. However, with the new batteries, she still said things at the wrong time, she did not burp when her back was patted,  but kept doing so when eating. She also started to have limited movement of her mouth. Her mouth barely opened now.

See the video below to see how her mouth is failing

I did some reasearch and found several adult collectors on their 4th doll, and still not having any luck with replacements. Some had the eyes start to fail, they stayed shut unless their was a string tied around their head not allowing the eyes to close. Others had the mouths just stop moving totally.

Many people would comment how gingerly these dolls must be handled. Now they are marketed to ages 4 and up. Do you think if adult doll collectors are having issues like this, that when you give the doll to a 4 year old child. that they are not going to move the limbs, turn the head, bang the doll? Given all the parents that have not opened or tried the doll, we are bound  to see reports of many broken and damaged LovaBella and LovaBeau dolls after Christmas Day.

In my opinion, given what I have experienced, and from what I have seen happen to dolls that were not in the hands of children, I have to say, these dolls are not suitable for toddlers or young children. There is a review for the doll you can see on Amazon that shows the aftermath of the doll being in the hands of a three-year old. It is not pretty.

LuvaBella and LuvaBeau  are very delicate dolls, not one that can be toted around and carried everywhere. It is quite disheartening that they are so delicate yet  marketed to such young children.


So, let me know if you do decide to check your LuvaBella or LuvaBeau out. The new doll that I had in the video to replace the other damaged doll was only on for the fourth time when she started showing issues with her mouth.

I hope the company does something to make up for all the damaged dolls.

Update: See our new videos HERE and find out how our 3rd replacement is doing.


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Check Out The New Design of the Lundby Smaland Doll House #Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide #Lundby

My house is not the only one under going  some home improvements this year, The Lundby Smaland Doll House got a new look for 2016. The wall and door between the kitchen and dining room was taken away to reveal a great room. Wallpaper was changed and new furniture sets were also introduced. If you forgot what the old house looked like, you can check out our past Lundby posts HERE.

I created a whole series of Lundby videos you can view to get an up close and personal look at everything:

Lundby New Style Smaland Doll House Unboxing Video

Lundby New Style Smaland Doll House Assembly by Mommy Ramblings Part 2

Lundby New Style Smaland Doll House Kitchen and Dining Room Set Review by Mommy Ramblings Part 3

Lundby New Style Smaland Doll House Selecting Lights by Mommy Ramblings Part 4

Lundby New Style Smaland Doll House Lights On by Mommy Ramblings Part 5

Mommy Ramblings Reviews The Lundby Smaland Doll House Nursery & Kids Bedroom Part 6

Mommy Ramblings Reviews The Smaland Dollhouse Family by Lundby Part 7

Mommy Ramblings Reviews The Smaland Dollhouse Living Room Set by Lundby

Mommy Ramblings Unboxes and Sets Up The Lundby Smaland Doll House Bathroom

Mommy Ramblings Unboxes and Sets Up the Lundby Smaland Doll House Fishtank

Mommy Ramblings Lundby Smaland Winter Garden and Winter Family Doll House Unboxing

Mommy Ramblings Unboxes and Sets Up The Lundby Christmas Tree Set

Mommy Ramblings Lundby Unboxes The Smaland Gingerbread House Kit and Look at House

Lundby Doll Houses are adored by adult collectors as well as older children. They are very realistic with real working lights and functional furnishings. Doll Houses encourage kids to be creative and use their imagination. My kids love playing with these doll houses and so do I!

So what do you think? Do you love the new style as much as we do? We are adding it to our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide at Mommy Ramblings! We have great news, you can enter to win a Lundby Smaland Doll House and accessories below.


Lundby is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win a Smaland Doll House, 3 Furniture Sets (TBD) and a Lundby Bluetooth Speaker! Thank you  for the review product and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Lundby Smaland Doll House, Furniture and Speaker Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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A Doll House That Fascinates Adult Collectors & Children Alike! #Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

Lunby Logo

I have always loved dolls and doll houses. I did as a child and as and adult, I am still an avid lover and collector of both. I am amazed at the number of adult collectors of Lundby Swedish Doll Houses. There are many groups on Facebook alone dedicated to long time and brand new Lundby Doll House Collectors.  I have been collecting Lundby for a few years now. You  may remember my previous posts about my Lundby Smaland Doll House. Lundby smaland Doll House stock


I am here to show you some new additions to our Lundby doll house. First the biggest addition is really getting ready for Winter and swapping our Garden for the Winter Garden. We put away the trampoline and the race car because the garden is covered in sparkling snow. There is a small hill where the family has fun skiing and sledding. A snow-covered stone wall with a stylish gate surrounds the garden. Smaland Winter Garden

Smallland Winter Garden

We added the Winter Family so that Mommy, Daddy, Sister and Brother are properly dressed for their winter activities.  Then of course the Smaland Winter Accessories with backpack packed with two thermal containers, plus 2 sets of skis. The set also includes a sled, a snowman and a “snowball pile” with real light!

Lundby Winter Family

smalland winter accessories

We added some new interior furnishings as well. A set of Nursery Baby Furniture with a crib, bedding and changing table/dresser combination. This collection includes an adorable Chest with 3 drawers, a Crib with bedding, plus a sweet Teddy Bear to cuddle at night or during naps. Lundby Baby Furniture

We added the Lundby Smaland Aquarium Set as well. The realistic aquarium is filled with 3 colorful fish and a seahorse. The aquarium is pre-wired with a working light and looks wonderful when lit.  Two potted geraniums are included to spruce up our Smaland house decor. To complete the look,  a gorgeous painting by artist Lisa Rinnevuo is included. This exquisite work of art is reproduced from one of the artist’s real paintings.



Lundby 2015


Lundby 2015

Lundby 2015 9

Lundby 2015 7

Lundby 2015 3

Lundby 2015 2

Lundby 2015 4

Lundby 2015 5

Lundby 2015 6

Lundby 2015 1

For more than 65 years Lundby Smaland – pioneers in doll house lighting and design – has for offered high-quality collectibles, inspiring creativity to stimulate play and design. This accessory set is appropriate for children ages 4 and over, with adult supervision. Lundby gets its name from the Swedish village where Grete and Axel Thomsen first began creating and selling clever dollhouse furniture in 1947. Lundby continues to delight children and adults alike with lovely, high quality dolls houses, furniture, dolls, and accessories.

Lundby Doll family collage


Lundby is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win a Lundby Smaland Winter Doll Family and Christmas Tree Set! Thank you to Lundby for the review products and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Lundby Smaland Winter Doll Family and Christmas Tree Set Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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#HolidayGiftGuide Corolle Baby Doll Giveaway!

corolle logo
As a lifelong doll lover, I really love this post. Why? It is about dolls of course. I think dolls are a classic toy of childhood that let children model loving and caring for a baby and teaches them how to nurture a small baby or child.  Dolls can also help a child who will soon be welcoming a new sibling to the family. Before the new baby arrives the child and parent can talk about all the care and time the baby will need. Then when the baby arrives the parent can encourage the child to do the same things with the doll they are seeing them do with their baby sibling.
Now if you have a brand new little one that is your own or on your holiday list that you would like to introduce to dolls, the  Babi Corolle soft dolls have sweetly expressive faces that will captivate and soothe baby. All Babi Corolle first soft dolls are designed with multiple “handles” so they are easy for tiny fingers to grasp and explore. Unique combinations of ultra-soft and supple materials and textures delight and intrigue little ones, and everything in the Babi Corolle collection is produced to meet all applicable mandatory and voluntary safety standards.
corolle soft baby
Corolle’s Babi Corolle first dolls’ soft vinyl faces (Lili dolls excepted) are delicately scented with vanilla so that the hugs your baby gives to her lovie are as sweet and memorable as the hugs you give her! A plus for parents: All Babi Corolle first dolls are machine washable (air dry naturally, please) and have a sewn-in label with space to write baby’s name.
corolle lili
A great gift set for ages birth and up is Miss Fresh Riviera & Blanket.  Miss Fresh Riviera is an adorable  first doll with a soft body that’s ideal for hugging and cuddling! The sweet expression on her vanilla scented, smooth vinyl face will charm and soothe little ones. Included in the set is a coordinating soft blanket.  There are other styles in these sets so check out the Corolle Website to see them all.
Corolle gift set
corolle gift set 1
corolle 2
Okay are you more in the market for a realistic baby doll? Corolle’s Mon Bébé Classique Dodo Baby Doll has a soft body, blue sleeping eyes, and supple vinyl skin that’s delicately scented with vanilla — a Corolle signature and is an excellent for little ones 2 and older. This adorable 14-inch baby doll comes with her own soft lovey, blanket and mini booklet for complete mommy play!
corolle Mon-Bebe-Classique-Dodo_1200x1200

Corolle Mon-bebe-classique-dodo_zoom_1200x1200

Mon Bébé Classique Dodo Baby Doll features high-quality materials and careful details. Her soft body is lightweight and irresistibly huggable, and her sweet, authentically sculpted face will charm and captivate little ones. Her supple vinyl skin is delicately scented with vanilla and her blue eyes close when you put her down for a nap or at bedtime, just like a real baby.

Mon Bébé Classique Dodo wears any 14-inch baby doll fashion and fits comfortably in any nursery accessory from Corolle’s Mon Classique Collection. There is a nice selection of  outfits and baby care accessories that can really extend the play  with this Mon Bébé Classique Dodo Baby Doll.

Corolle 4
corolle 6
corolle 7
Corolle 8
Designed in France and part of Corolle’s Mon Classique Collection for make-believe moms ages 3 years and up, Mon Bébé Classique Dodo Baby Doll is the winner of a Platinum Seal Award from The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, the only independent consumer review of children’s media. Award winners are selected based on their quality, innovation, and ability to provide children with an engaging play experience. The Platinum Seal Award is The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio’s highest honor.
Need a little dolly for the stocking?

Looking for a stocking stuffer that is just too cute? One of the  Mini Calin baby dolls is the perfect choice. They little dolls have cuddlly soft “bean”-filled bodies. Little hands can hold easily to the bean bodies of these tiny babies and they may be small on size but your little one will shower them with a huge amount of love. Very portable they are great to keep in a diaper bag or in the car to keep little ones busy. Even older girls love them and want to collect them all because one is cuter than the other. They are 8 inches tall and made for ages 18 months and up.

Corolle Les Mini

Corolle 3

Corolle is a premium doll brand that is designed in France. Corolle dolls are designed to be the perfect look, size, feel and scent for little ones to love and cherish. Pretty, sweet faces are sculpted after real babies. Fashions are inspired by current children’s clothing and adapted for a young child’s dexterity so they are easy to dress. Corolle dolls’ supple vinyl arms and legs are smooth to the touch and delicately scented with vanilla, and their bodies have the ideal amount of filling for hugging and cuddling.
These dolls are all so nice and make great gifts for a child. They are all huggable and soft and smell so great. We love them so much we are adding all three to our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. 
corolle 5


Corolle is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win a Mon Classique Bebe Dodo Doll of their own!  Thank you to Corolle  for the review product and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

corolle collage

Corolle Mon Classique Bebe Dodo Doll Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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Doll Houses Are Not Just For Kids!


I was introduced to the world of Lundby doll houses a little over a year ago.  A doll lover and collector all my life, dolls and doll houses are something I never outgrew.  I am not alone, Lundby has a wide collector base of women and men who collect the houses, furnishings, restore older houses and love to talk about and share their collections on online forums.

There are several Facebook pages where Lundby lovers and collectors do just that.  Lundby is timeless, loved by children, tweens, teens and right up to adults, the charm of Lundby just grows over the years.  Enjoyed by generations, Lundby love is passed down and these quality Swedish doll houses become family heirlooms.  Today, you will find older Lundby doll houses in great demand and many collectors are enthusiastically restoring the older homes to their modern glory.  Much more than a hobby, Lundy collectors have a passion!

Lundby smaland Doll House stock


smaland bedroom cats


Last year you may remember our review of the Lundby Smaland Doll House and accessories.

Lundby 16

Lundby 12

Lundby 8





Well, this year our Lundby Smaland doll house expanded with the addition of two rooms, garden area, several new furniture sets and great Christmas sets.  In fact our Lundby home is decked out or should I say the halls have been decked with Christmas magic.  The floor addition was easy to assemble, my young son even got in on the action and helped to secure the walls.  The house has real working lights which add a warmth and the new Christmas sets are a festive touch with a glowing fire in the fireplace and candles that light up on the tree.  Under the tree, wrapped in shiny paper and gold cord are gifts and you don’t need to peek to see there is a Smaland doll house just ready to be unwrapped come Christmas morning.

Lundby 2014 7


Lundby 2014 6

The details on the furnishings are amazing, the kitchen cabinets have real working drawers that you can put things in, the refrigerator opens, the pots, pans, dishes and utensils are realistic and even the bathroom has toothbrushes and rubber ducks. Lundby 2014 5

Lundby 8

Lundby 17   Lundby 2014 4

Lundby 2014 1 The house is sure to draw oohs and ahhs from young and old and is the perfect gift this holiday season that will bring joy for years to come. Mommy Ramblings has added the Smaland doll house and accessories to our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. Some of the new additions to our Lundby Smaland Doll House were: Smaland Garden smaland Garden   Lundby Smaland Floor Extension Lundby Home Extension Lundby Smaland Kitchen Furniture Set Lundby Smaland Kitchen Furniture Set Lundby Smaland Childrens Bedroom Set Lundby Childrens Room Set Stock Lundby Smaland Fireplace Set Lundby Smaland Christmas Fireplace Set Boxed Lundby Christmas Fireplace Set Unboxed Lundby Smaland Christmas Tree Set Lundby Chrismas Tree Set Boxed Lundby Christmas Tree Set Unboxed   Smaland TV and Accessories Lundby Smaland TV and Furniture set Lundby Smaland Garden Furniture Set Smaland Garden FurnitureOf course with the new addition we had to expand the family so we welcomed two bouncing babies! Lundby Smaland Babies The older kids needed some attention too!  Sibling rivalry gets bad when a new baby is brought home, imagine two!  They were so happy to have a trampoline and pedal car to focus on. Lundby Smaland Trampoline Pedal Car Lundby 2014 3     Can’t get enough Lundby?  You can download the Lundby Living Magazine HERE! Are you ready for some exciting news?  Lundy is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win their own Smaland doll house, Smaland 2 room floor extension, both of the Christmas sets and 2 sets of furniture of their choice (subject to availability)!  Isn’t that awesome?  I thought you would think so!  Thank you so much to Lundby for the review products and for sponsoring this incredible giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.    Lundby Smaland Swedish Doll House, Extension, Christmas Sets & Furniture Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules: Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!! Continue reading


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Why is There Controversy Over The Anatomically Correct Boy Doll?

My Facebook feed has been full of posts about the controversy over an anatomically correct baby boy doll that is being sold at Toys R Us.  I want to know why this is making news when anatomically correct boy dolls have been around for so long.

When I was a kid, I had an anatomically correct baby boy doll made by Mattel.  He was in the Baby Tenderlove line of dolls and was sold as their little brother.  Being the daughter of a mother that loved dolls, I had dolls of all kinds and that included several of the Ideal, Tenderlove dolls.


Now in the mid to late 70’s when this doll was introduced there was also another anatomically correct boy doll by Ideal that was on the market, called Archie Bunker’s Grandson Joey, from the sitcom All In The Family.



This little doll was very similar to Ideal’s Tenerderlove little boy.  Funny thing is, when we were buying the Joey doll, we got home to find that Baby Tenderlove had been put in the box instead.  The only reason I knew it was not Joey was the eye color was different.  So I had a Joey box and Tenerderlove doll.  Either way they were very similar and both with their little boy parts.  I still have him around here somewhere.

So back to the original question of why is this an issue now in the year 2014?  Does this cause anyone real issues?  Recently I heard 2 colleagues  who are in their early 30’s say they were not allowed to have a Ken doll growing up.  That’s a foreign concept to me and all the little girls I played with growing up had Ken to go with their Barbie and be a husband and a dad.  I would think those parents would want their girls to have the traditional family dynamic.

I truly cannot comprehend what must have been their train of thought.  Do they think somehow a Ken doll will corrupt their daughter and how exactly would that happen? Like I said, I liked having the family dynamic of a mom and dad Barbie family and it did not cause issues of any kind.  Ken-Barbie-Mattel

I think not being allowed to have the doll raises more issues and does more harm.  It also instills that men are bad or will have the child then focused on what’s the reason her parents will not allow Ken in the house.  So in the long run, trying to protect their child from whatever it is they are trying to protect them from is instead focusing the child’s attention on it.

As I am writing this, I just remembered the 70’s Sunshine Dolls also from Mattel.  I had these dolls too and they were sold as a family unit with a mother, father and baby or baby and toddler.  I think this is a healthy concept for kids and you could even buy additional kids, babies and grandparents as well as a craft store business and family home.

Sunshine Family


In closing I think a much more controversial doll is the Breast Milk Baby doll by Berjun. In my opinion, it’s a very weird concept that little girls should put on a top that gives them breasts so they can breastfeed their doll.  I understand it’s natural, but natural for a woman not a little girl.  The whole idea of it is unsettling to me.  However, an anatomically correct boy doll; that’s so last century!

Breast Milk Baby Doll

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Helpful Tips for Buying Dollhouse Miniatures – Things Every Hobbyist Should Know

dollhouse miniatures

Having dollhouse miniatures as a hobby is a lot of fun and there are many people who are passionate about collecting miniatures and building their own little world. There are so many different types of dollhouse furniture and miniatures out there and your collection will never really be complete – you will always be inspired to find more and more to add.


You can buy dollhouse miniatures online, as well as in your local miniature hobby shop. Before you start buying these tiny treasures, there are a few things that you should know which will make things easier and will help you save you a little money. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind which will help you when buying dollhouse miniatures.


Where Can You Save and Where Will You Splurge?

If you are building your dollhouse on a budget, you probably cannot afford to spend a lot of money to ensure that every detail is as luxurious as possible – such as designer wallpaper, high end miniature furniture, high quality paint and other accessories. However, if you can budget your money in a clever way you can add luxurious details to your dollhouse with breaking the bank.

Figure out on which aspects of your dollhouse you can get away with spending less. For example, you can use a cheap paint for the walls or find carpet samples for free to cover the floors with. Whenever you are able to cut down your expenses, this means that you will have more money to spend on a few lavish treats – such as a beautiful miniature canopy bed or a chandelier.

Even if you have to choose the cheapest dollhouse building supplies because you have a small budget, with a little bit of care and creativity you can make it look beautiful. Dollhouse building is more about the love and care you put into the project, rather than the cost of the materials.

dollhouse minis 1

Look for Sets

Here’s a tip when you are buying furniture for your dollhouse – look for “sets”. Sometimes dollhouse furniture will come in a kitchen set, a dining room set, a bedroom set, etc. For example, a bedroom set might include a bed, a vanity with a mirror and a wardrobe. A living room set might have two arm chairs along with a footrest or a coffee table.

Usually, buying this furniture in sets means that you will save money. Also, it will ensure that all of the furniture in the room matches and has a similar style – which can be difficult when you are buying pieces separately.

dollhouse minis 2

Don’t Forget to Think About Scale

It is important to make sure that the dollhouse furniture that you are buying is on the same scale – otherwise it will not work in your house and will look strange with the other furniture. Once you choose a scale you will need to stick with it and buy all of your furniture in that scale from that point on.

The scale you choose is up to your preference – so think about how much room you have for your dollhouse and how large or tiny you want it to be. The most commonly used scale is the 1/12 scale, where one inch of the dollhouse is equal to one foot of the real item. There are other scales used, but since they are not as common you might find it more difficult to locate furniture in this scale.

doll house minis 4

Shop Online

When you are looking for dollhouse furniture, one of the best places to look is on the internet. There are many advantages to shopping for dolls house furniture online – especially because there are so many websites out there to choose from. You can quickly and easily compare prices and availability from a number of different sources and with such a large selection, you are sure to find exactly the doll house furniture that you are looking for. Make sure that you shop around and compare, as well as ask other dollhouse enthusiasts on forums for recommendations to the best deals that they have found.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when you are buying miniatures for your dollhouse. A dollhouse hobby is a lot of fun and collecting tiny furniture can bring you a lot of enjoyment over the years. A collection is never complete, because the fun is in the challenge when hunting for the next exciting, rare, beautiful and unique miniature piece. Have fun and enjoy collecting.

dollhouse mini eggs


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Take A Look At This Little Doll!!!

I have always loved dolls and remained a collector all my life.  I have large dolls, small dolls, all kinds of dolls.  I have the original Peter Play Pal Dolls, the Reproduction Peter Play Pal Dolls, Madame Alexander, Lee Middleton, Corolle and so many more.  I have to tell you though, I am blown away by the doll I received yesterday.  She is from Master Piece Dolls and she is a 39″ Artist Doll, 1 of only 350 in the US limited edition. She was sculpted by Monika Levenig and has 11 joints, gorgeous eyes and a beautiful head of blonde hair that can be styled in so many ways.

She is for the collector and these dolls go up in value as their limited editions sell out quickly.   Master Piece Doll Collectors adore these vinyl kids.  I can totally see why after I opened her.  She is absolutely stunning!  She looks so real and the way she is jointed let’s you pose her in so many ways.

Many collectors redress the dolls and display them throughout their home.  I have seen gorgeous displays of the dolls dressed in Christmas dresses or Easter.  The dolls are made so it’s easy to find children’s clothing to fit them well.  Miss Cutie Patootie wears a size 4T and a size 7 shoe.  I plan to post a video of her soon that I will add but here are some pics you may enjoy, that is, if you like dolls.  If you don’t, you might want to jump to another post.


This is the outfit she comes with and her stand, she can stand and sit and be posed on her own too.

This is the outfit she comes with and her stand, she can stand and sit and be posed on her own too.




These are her official pics on the catalog and website.

These are her official pics on the catalog and website.

Another catalog/website picture

Another catalog/website picture











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