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Parental Control Apps To Track Your Kids’ Locations & More

If you are the parent of a teenager, you probably want to know where they go when they are not at home. You may have heard of physical GPS tracking devices that are commonly used, but why go through the trouble and expense of buying that equipment when you can get the information you want using mobile Apps? Apps like Kidgy.com give parents the control they want to monitor their kids and make sure they are safe. Using the Kidgy App, parents can easily track their child using GPS through their smartphone.



Life360 is available for iPhone and Android devices and keeps millions of families and close friends connected, no matter what chaos life throws their way. Organize your family, friends, caregivers and more easily with circles. Add favorite locations like school, work, home and more and receive alerts when circle members arrive at or depart from them. Message the entire circle at once or privately, eliminating the need for endless texts and calls.

Life360’s free version allows you to set up 2 places and keeps location history for 2 days. The PLUS version gives users full access and maintains location history for 30 days. The cost of Life360 PLUS is just $24.99 a year.

My Family GPS tracker

My Family is another good family tracking App. Unlike Life360, My Family is available for Windows and Amazon powered devices in addition to android and iOS devices. This App has premium features like the ability to save location history for up to 3 years. My Family also allows parents to make force calls to their kids that cannot be ignored. While this may seem intrusive, sometimes parents need to be, when it comes to the safety of their kids.

My Family also has an emergency button that notifies parents if their child comes across some type of trouble or leaves or enters a certain location. The user interface for My Family is user-friendly, so operating the App is simple. Best of all, My Family is free to use for android, iOS, amazon and windows users.

ZoeMob Family Locator

Finally, ZoeMob Family Locator is another useful App for keeping track of your kids’ location. Think of it as a family assistant because it is more than just a family locator. With additional features like calendars, shared lists, built-in messengers and more, it helps you to keep everyone connected.

Despite all the add-ons, this App is simple to use to keep track of your family members, set driving speed limits, program it to receive notifications for certain locations and so much more. The free version of ZoeMob is available for both android and iOS and can be accessed through the product website.

This is a sponsored guest post that does not necessarily reflect the views or ideals of Mommy Ramblings.

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More Gift Ideas For The PJ Masks Fans on Your Holiday Gift List!

I am pretty stressed lately, we are in the middle of several home renovations and one of them is our kitchen. During the holiday season, I love to bake. This year, our kitchen is in the process of being demoed so that is not possible. We are doing the best we can and plan to do a lot of baking once our new kitchen is complete.

Our kids are feeling it too, I try to do things to make it as normal as possible. As temps get colder, playing outside is not always something we can do. As a PJ Masks Official Blogger, I get a sneak peek at the newest products. I was thrilled recently to receive a box full of goodies and want to share them with you. If you are still doing your holiday shopping and have a PJ Masks fan on your list, you might see something they would like.

The PJ Masks Color & Activity Book from Crayola includes hours of creative fun featuring PJ Masks favorites Connor/Catboy, Amaya/Owlette & Greg/Gekko. The Activity book includes over 30 pages of coloring pages and activities. Great for coloring at home, or taking on-the-go. My kids love coloring these pictures and it gives them a great outlet for their creative energy. Available exclusively at Toys “R” Us.

If you are traveling this holiday season, the PJ Mask Lunch Box Tin with Handle Themed Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for fun on-the-go. This tin has a convenient handle and I love that it stores the 24 piece puzzle. Once completed  the puzzle forms an overall dimension of 15 inches x 12.5 inches. From Cardinal Games this set is available at Toys “R” Us.

Memory games are one of my favorite games to play with my kids. PJ Masks characters are the stars of this Wonder Forge PJ Masks Matching Game. This is the classic memory game where you compete with each other to match the most pairs. You can choose to use as many pairs as you want in order to customize the game to your children’s age. There are pictures of Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Romeo, Luna Girl and more!


Race toward justice with this board book shaped like Catboy’s Cat-Car with wheels that really move!  To The Cat-Car, everyone, it’s time for super cat speed! PJ Masks are on their way, into the night to save the day! Kids will love racing around with this interactive board book that includes moveable wheels to really make the Cat-Car go! This is a great book for your child to take wherever they go.

And in more SUPER news, I’m so excited to share that a brand-new PJ Masks app, Super City Run, was just launched on Thursday, December 8!  With the new app, kids can run through the maze-style city as their favorite PJ Masks hero trying to catch the villains and collect the items they’ve been stealing – while keeping an eye out for any traps they might have set with their pesky sidekicks. The PJ Masks Super City Run app allows for new game play every time, so the fun is never-ending! Find it on iTunes and Google Play.

So did you see anything you like? Let me know in the comments.



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Help Kids To Stay Safe Through Play #DumbWaysJR

I think as parents one of the most important things we want to do as parents is keep our kids safe. We want them to understand how to be safe and not to be careless especially around things that can hurt them. Teaching them the importance of safety in the kitchen and around trains is very important.

So many needless accidents occur around trains, train stations, platforms and crossings. In 2012 a very popular PSA campaign Dumb Ways to Die effectively communicated the message that it is dumb to take risks that have serious consequences, especially around trains. While the message is very effective in educating people about the risks, the graphics are a bit too graphic and gory for younger children.

dumb ways jr logo

I was thrilled to be able to try out two Dumb Ways JR Apps to help younger children learn through play how to be safe. Dumb Ways JR Boffo’s Breakfast and Dumb Ways JR Loopy’s Train Set are available for download for iOS at the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Dumb Ways Jr. Boffo’s Breakfast

boffo breakfast log

Dumb Ways Jr. Boffo’s Breakfast helps even young children who can’t read have fun while learning. They can create so many combinations and recipes for a very hungry Boffo to eat. There is a cutting board where they can choose whatever ingredients they want. Then they can cut them, dice them or grate them. They can feed him the foods one at a time without cutting or cooking them and they get a kick out of seeing his reaction to certain foods. Sometimes he burps, holds his stomach, passes gas, gets the hiccups and more. He falls asleep if children are not interacting with the app.

dumb ways jr app

There are no limits to the amount of ingredients they can use, they can feed him one thing or a combo of several things. After they have the ingredients they can use the mixer and then cook it up for Boffo. He will then eat what they made and show his reaction to it. When they are using the stove, if they turn it up to 4 or 5 (the highest settings) Boffo gets nervous and it serves as a springboard for discussion as to why. The flames on the stove also increase when the child turns up the stove.

There is a parents guide that comes with the app to explain how parents can assist their child in learning key concepts while having fun. Dumb Ways JR Boffo’s Breakfast app can be downloaded for iOS at the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Dumb Ways JR Loopy’s Train Set:

loopy's train set logo

In Loopy’s Train Set, players can select from two modes of play: Drive or Build. In Drive mode there are 3 levels and kids use controls on the screen to drive Loopy’s train on the track. They do not have to steer the train but they can choose from forward and reverse and 4 different speeds- stop, 1, 2, or 3.

There are waiting passengers at the train station and kids need to stop the train and pick them up. They assist passengers on and off the train. The app design encourages kids to create their own dialogue when helping passengers board or exit the train. The first level has a basic track but in level 2 the track is larger and has a tunnel, more track direction options and more train stations. Level 3 has all that and more, there are bridges, railroad crossings, more track and options to keep the app fresh and exciting.

dumb ways jr 2

dumb ways jr


In Build mode, the children are the designers. They create their own unique track by arranging and connecting different-shaped pieces of track. They can also add  houses, trees and animals to their scene to really customize it. After the track is built they can drive Loopy’s train on it. There are 3 levels starting with the simplest and as the levels go up so do the choices of track and other options that kids can choose to add to their track. The ability to build their own track keeps it fresh and fun because they can build something different each time! Dumb Ways Jr 3

Through this fun app kids can learn about various aspects of train safety. They will come to understand that characters cannot cross the tracks and the boom gates at the level crossings automatically come down when the train approaches. This provides the opportunity for parents and caregivers to expand on these concepts to talk about being safe around trains in a productive way. There is also a parents guide that gives parents tips on how they can get the most out of the app for their child.

You can download Dumb Ways JR Loopy’s Train Set for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

My kids really had fun with these apps. Of course being kids they took great pleasure in seeing Boffo have certain reactions to the food they gave him. They really loved the option they had to create their own train route in Dumb Ways JR Loopy’s Train Set. Since my kids have an older sister who works as an analyst for a major transit organization it really opened the dialogue about train safety even more!

The apps appeal to a range of senses so they really work with whatever type of learning kids like. The apps encourage kids to problem solve and role play which gets them really thinking. These are definitely favorite apps for them and I feel good there is that learning intertwined throughout.
dumb ways jr bye


Connect with Dumb Ways to Die and Dumb Ways JR online:


This post is sponsored by Dumb Ways JR and The Motherhood. As always my views and words are 100% my own.

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Safari Tales-Kids Learn Reading, Vocabulary & Reasoning Skills Through Games!

Earlier this month we went on a family safari. My kids loved it and so did my husband and I. It was all our younger kids talked about in the following days. They are still bringing it up and asking all kinds of questions about the animals. They are so curious about the lions, tigers, bears, rhinos and more!  In keeping with the safari theme, I want to introduce you to a great learning game. One that parents won’t mind their kids playing, because they are learning reading, vocabulary and reasoning skills through highly engaging games.

SAFARI TALES™, is an enchanting animal adventure game which encourages exploration in reading and vocabulary skills by casting the player as both adventurer and storyteller. Following in the fossilized footsteps of award-winning DINO TALES™, children join five baby animal friends as they explore a vast African Savannah bursting at the seams with wildlife, mini games to master and artifacts and relics to discover and collect. Throughout their in-game adventures, kids learn countless facts and figures about the various environments, their inhabitants and items they encounter on their way, building knowledge and enhancing reading skills.

safari Tales ss

I downloaded this app on iTunes to try it out. My husband and I were both amazed at how much there was to do and how interactive and fun it was. You start out with an adorable baby elephant named Eshe.  You can change Eshe’s appearance with fun textures and colors, teach her tricks and walk with her to find other animals and go on quests together. The graphics are so much fun and there are lots of surprises to discover at every turn. screen640x640

You also learn about what your animal can eat and what is not an appropriate food or drink for them. All along  the way you can stop and ask questions to your adorable Meerkat host, Darwin. The game has great music and realistic sounds that make it even more fun. I have only just started discovering all there is to do and I can see why Kuato Studios, is the world-leading developer in learning-through-games.

screen640x640 (2)

SAFARI TALES further feeds inquisitive minds through an adaptive gaming engine built around Apple’s SIRI technology. Curious kids are encouraged to construct over a thousand different questions to ask their in-game guide, Darwin, who will supply intelligent and fact-filled answers, aiding literacy skills in sentence structure, reading and creative thought.

screen640x640 (1)

At the end of each play session, SAFARI TALES uses patented technology to convert children’s adventures, discoveries and achievements into an incredible interactive storybook. Each new tale can be saved and stored to be read over and again with parents and loved ones, strengthening literacy, reasoning and inquiry skills.

screen640x640 (3)

I was happy to see this game encourages parents  to participate in their child’s SAFARI TALES playtime through ‘Parent Corner’, selected from the home screen. From here, access to the game can be PIN-restricted, parents can set their child’s reading age and can control game length from a variety of session times, ensuring playtime fits the family routine. Additionally, notifications can be received each time a new creative artwork is produced in the game, allowing parents to monitor their child’s learning and share in their creativity.

Aimed at children aged between four and ten, SAFARI TALES has been developed in conjunction with pupils and teachers, to ensure that content is age-appropriate and game play fun. “Feedback from both kids and adults is invaluable for us as a studio,” said David Miller, award-winning teacher and now Director of Learning at Kuato Studios. “This participation in the development allows us to pinpoint particular opportunities where the child’s engagement with the game play, their creativity and performance peak, producing the perfect learning experience.”

Safari Tales is avail able now on iOS and Android platforms on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Just click the links and check it out yourself. You can join the adventure at Safari Tales and follow Kuato Studios on Facebook, TwitterYouTube and Instagram. Get a Safari Tales Coloring Book HERE!



About Kuato Studios

Kuato Studios is a learning company building fun and interactive products that inspire kids to learn the new skills of the future. Kuato Studios was founded in 2012 by the creators and investors behind Siri, to disrupt, innovate and lead the education market, and is working on integrating the latest cutting edge technology, like next generation conversation AI from SRI International, into a smart tutoring platform. Beginning in March 2013 with the release of Hakitzu, a game that teaches coding skills and problem solving, Kuato Studios has pioneered the next generation of educational video games. Through the recent release of Dino Tales and Safari Tales, Kuato Studios continues to be at the forefront of educational technology.

I was provided with a code to download this app for free and while compensated my words and views are always 100% my own.

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Kid’s Academy, Improved Free Learning Game Apps For Kids!!! #MomBuzz

kids academy logo

Preschool & Kindergarten Books, Songs & Early Reading Games App

This app has added a new feature. Classic children’s fairytale titles are now available like The Princess and the Pea, Puss and Boots and more. Now with the free version you get just a snippet of the books and then you can purchase a pass for all of them or for an individual book. The books are beautifully illustrated and they app brings the stories to life in an engaging way that kids just love to see and they can also follow along with the text.  This is such a fun App and kids love hearing and singing along with the familiar BINGO song. Kids can clap and sing along as they watch the letters appear in the cute farm scene with the adorable dog. There is an upgrade of the free version where kids can even record and play a karaoke session or just sing and clap along. There are mini games too that are fun like animal cards and kids can also make up and record their own stories. My little guy loves recording himself and playing it back.

kids academy story book illustrations.

Get Preschool & Kindergarten Books, Songs & Early Reading Games App on iTunes

Alphabet Tracing & Montessori App

This Alphabet Tracing and Math Puzzle Educational App is wonderful for teaching kids how to form letters and it is easy for them to trace the letters with their fingers.  A very hands on app that will encourage them to form letters the right way and get them writing.  Perfect for preschool and kindergarten age kids.  Children can trace upper case letters of the alphabet with in purchase apps for expanded tracing.  There are also fun mazes and rhyming games for kids and a purchase for an all access pass will give your child access to loads of great learning games.

Based on the Montessori learning method your child will develop and practice spelling, reading and writing skills while playing engaging games.  Kids will practice writing their letters and their handwriting skills too!  Kids love tracing dotted lines to learn how to form letters. The can form lower or upper case letters. There are fun mazes where they have to drag the dog’s bone to a word that rhymes with the word that the dog is thinking of  as well as simpler mazes where they lead the dog to his prize.  It is so cute and my little guy loves it!  Kids are rated with 1, 2 or 3 stars for their performance.

Get Alphabet Tracing & Montessori App on iTunes

Preschool and Kindergarten Games App

They have updated this app and it is easy better it runs better and the graphics are more vibrant making them even more captivating to kids. The same games are there but the bright colors and clear graphics and animation make them even more fun. Great improvements on a stellar app. Kids will practice writing their letters and their handwriting skills with fun games and activities. Kids have a blast tracing dotted lines to learn how to form letters. I like that there are left and right hand modes, 2 levels of difficulty challenges kids.

Kids trace one letter with the dotted lines and then they try one that has no guiding lines right after. Before they are given the letter they hear the letter name and the picture of something that starts with that letter. You can choose to work on Upper or lower case letters. There are other games like the Alphabet and kids have so much interactive fun focused on a specific letter and learning vocabulary words that start with that letter along with fun graphics. Kids can trace numbers too and when they trace the number correctly they fill up a jar with fire flies. It is really fun and my little guy loves it! Kids are rated with 1, 2 or 3 stars for their performance. The free version can be upgraded to unlock more games and features.

Get Preschool and Kindergarten Games App on iTunes

Android users can also find Kids Academy Apps on Google Play!

Also be sure to visit Kids Academy on social media!

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media and Kids Academy. All opinions expressed are my own.






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Splash Math, Fun Learning Math Game Apps For Kids!!! #FreeMathApp #MomBuzz

Games that are fun and encourage learning are always welcome additions in our household.  Recently I downloaded some Splash Math Apps for my kids.  I downloaded the Pre-K to K and the version for Grades 1-5.  I recently posted the following 2 reviews of them on iTunes if you want to check them out.

Splash Math Pre-K:

This fun math app is great for kids in pre-k and kindergarten.  My son is in Kindergarten and loves math, his dad is a math professor so it is in his genes. The fun, friendly characters make the math games fun and kids learn and practice counting skills, addition, subtraction, compare numbers to determine which is greater than or less than, measuring, early geometry and more.  If a child completed all the levels in any given learning unit they win a prize.  If they get the wrong answer they are given helpful guidance to help steer them toward the right answer.  This is a great app for little ones that teaches early math skills they will need to build a strong foundation.  They get 20 questions daily for free.
iPad Screenshot 1
My son is in second grade and loves math and numbers.  It is in his genes as his father is a mathematics professor, lol.  Anyway this app downloads easy and is great for kids in 1st thru 5th grade.  It is aligned with common core curriculum my child’s school is using  and teaches multiplication, division, number sense, geometry, fractions and more.  There is an area for them to do their work and it offers 20 questions with the free version daily. This is a great app for kids to hone their math skills or learn some new ones.
Splash Math 1-5

Join the 8 million+ users!

Download Splash Math on iTunes!

Get SplashMath for Grades 1-5

Get SplashMath for Pre-K

Or check them out on Google Play!

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splash math learn math

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Write a short review of any Splash Math app on the iTunes App Store. If you have already reviewed Splash Math app, simply update your review.

Send an email to giveaway@splashmath.com with your iTunes nickname and the app you reviewed.


This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media and StudyPad Inc. All opinions expressed are my own.


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Five Apps For Mommies With Me Time


Guest Post by Elisa Vicente Arce

If you’re a mommy like me then you’ll know as well as anyone how much you value your precious ‘me time.’ Whether it’s when the kids are in school or have gone upstairs to bed, we all love to put our feet up and read a book, watch TV or even play a few games on our mobile phones. In the modern age it seems we’re all addicted to our smartphones and tablets, so if you fall into that category, here are a few apps that are perfect for the modern-day mommy.

Healthy in a Hurry

Looking after your family’s health can be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to cooking on a time limit. If you’re lacking in a little inspiration, this wonderful little app features more than 200 recipes from the Eating Well Test Kitchen. Once you’ve got the app installed, nothing needs to be downloaded, and you can also filter what you want by main ingredient – perfect for fussy tummies.

Baby Connect

Are you pulling your hair out over your newborn? Having to cope with one baby can be hard enough, but when you’ve got more than one child you could find yourself at your wits’ end. Thankfully, the digital age is here to help us – Baby Connect helps to manage your child’s schedules and also records information such as feeding and sleeping times, and you can also manage personal contacts such as daycare centers.

Online Bingo

It’s the one guilty pleasure that many modern day mommies have, and why not? With so much choice out there, online bingo apps are more than just a simple game of calling out numbers – there is everything from Candy Crush-inspired classics to themed slot games!

Spending most of our days talking baby talk can lead us all to want a little excitement in our lives, and the app provides just that.

Baby Games

Ideal for tablet users, Baby Games provides a variety of colourful games to help stimulate and educate your baby boy or girl. Simply place your tablet on a stand or hold baby on your lap and let him or her play touch with a whole host of different challenges from Jack in the Box to Whack a Mole.


If playing a few online games isn’t your idea of relaxation, you may want to try giving Earthlapse a go – not only does it play new-age, relaxing music; it also features time lapse photography of images of planet Earth as captured by NASA. To take you a world away from the stresses of motherhood, this app is truly out of this world.







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Enhance Your Life and Career With Thousands of Free Online Courses From Distinguished Universities!!! See our list!!!


If we’re lucky we will learn at least one new thing a day, every day, until the last day of our life.  I can tell you the last few days I have learned quite a few things about sewing.  I finally feel like I just may learn to love my sewing machine which has intimidated me for almost 2 years.

Learning new things keeps us sharp and current.  If you are wanting to gain some new business knowledge, learn how to build apps, or delve into product design, journalism, photography, storytelling for work, leadership skills, teaching, chemistry, philosophy, math, medicine, coding, Facebook marketing, blogging, content marketing, poetry, technology, design and much more, I have great news!  Did you know there are a multitude of classes and courses you can attend online for free?

Free courses from Harvard, MIT, Stanford and other distinguished universities are available for you to take online!   I have compiled a list of some of the top resources and hope you find them helpful.  So go on and embrace that knowledge, it could change your life but it will definitely enhance your life!


Coursera– an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.  Coursera envisions a future where everyone has access to a world-class education. They aim to empower people with education that will improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in.

Kahn Academy– Khan Academy is an organization on a mission. They’re a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.  All of the site’s resources are available to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology. Khan Academy’s materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge.

Academic Earth-Academic Earth was launched on the premise that everyone deserves access to a world-class education. In 2009, they built the first collection of free online college courses from the world’s top universities. The world of open education has exploded since then, so today their curated lists of online courses are hand selected by our staff to show you the very best offerings by subject area. They also make sure there is something for everyone: whether you want to explore a new topic or advance in your current field, Academic Earth brings the amazing world of academia to you for free.

Open Culture-Get 1000 free online courses from the world’s leading universities —  Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouTube, or university web sites) straight to your computer or mp3 player. Over 30,000 hours of free audio & video lectures, await you now.

Learn when you can

NovoEd-NovoEd partners with leading education institutions and corporations to offer collaborative, experiential online courses.  Choose the Free courses and search for a great variety of courses.

edX-EdX offers interactive online courses and MOOCs from the world’s best universities, and institutions. Online classes are available from MITx, HarvardX, BerkeleyX, UTx and many others. Topics include biology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics, finance, electronics, engineering, food and nutrition, history, humanities, law, literature, math, medicine, music, philosophy, physics, science, statistics and more. EdX is a nonprofit online initiative created by founding partners Harvard and MIT.

I am still learning

Alison- Their mission at ALISON is simple: to enable you, wherever you are in the world, to learn and get certified – at your own pace – using their free, interactive, multimedia. Every course is standards-based and certified. That means bragging rights with family and friends, an edge in your first job or new job, and inspiration to be all you can be. There are 600 free courses for you to choose from!

SkilledUp-Our ultimate vision is to transform education as we know it — how it’s delivered, how much it costs, how quickly it helps people get to a career they love.

Open Education Database OEDb-The most comprehensive collection of online college rankings and free courses anywhere online. They welcome learners of all levels to explore their interests and prepare for exciting new careers, build on existing foundations of education and experience, or just satisfy a craving to learn something completely new.

Open Culture-Get 1000 free online courses from the world’s leading universities —  Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouTube, or university web sites) straight to your computer or mp3 player. Over 30,000 hours of free audio & video lectures, await you now.

E-learning or distance learning concept

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Physical Apps, TheO SmartBall Review & Giveaway!!!

Physical Apps Logo

Are you looking for a fun way to help your kids aged preschool to 5th grade learn?  Did you know that active kids learn more and retain more of that knowledge?  They do and TheO SmartBall lets kids learn while they play!  TheO SmartBall is an orange foam ball that is soft and uses revolutionary technology and your smart phone to entertain and educate kids.  The Physical Apps Website offers a variety of kids learning apps featuring engaging games to stimulate kids mentally while they have fun physically.

TheO SmartBall In Bag

The O Smart Ball


It is easy to get started with TheO SmartBall, all you need to do is download the entertaining and educational apps to your smart device. Physical Apps offers 8 free apps to get started. See them all HERE!  You can download them from the iTunes or Google Play. Insert your device into TheO SmartBall as shown on the website tutorial and then toss, roll or shake the ball to initiate lots of learning fun!

TheO SmartBall Graphic


Theo Smart Ball

My kids were so excited to try TheO SmartBall and since my kids are really active this was a great combination to stimulate learning.  TheO SmartBall makes a great holiday or birthday gift for a child. 8


Physical Apps is sponsoring giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win their own TheO SmartBall ($39.95 Retail Value)!!!  To enter just use the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!  Open to US residents.

TheO SmartBall Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!

Continue reading


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Find Out Why Moms Love To Play G5’s “The Secret Society-Hidden Mystery” Free-To-Play Mobile Game!!!

Secret Society Hidden Mystery

We all know moms are busy, but they still need some down time.  Did you know there are a lot of moms who enjoy playing mobile games on their smart phones and tablets?  Maybe you’re one of those moms.  Some might wonder how any mom would have time for that and I think you may be surprised at some of the answers.

G5 Entertainment, is a leading developer and publisher of high-quality casual and free-to-play mobile games for women. The spirited, adventure-seeking women who devour their games include multitasking moms looking for inspiration, stimulation and excitement. The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery is a captivating mix of I-spy scenes, gem match puzzles, brain teasers and memory games. In the game, you become a member of the Order of Seekers and start exploring enchanting worlds by entering photographs. The goal is to collect clues that will expand even further the world you’re traveling in and help you unravel mysteries related to your missing uncle. This wildly popular hidden object adventure also features social elements: you can help your game mates, make friends and send and receive in-game gifts.

Secret Society ss

G5 has always been dedicated  to making the most enjoyable, casual games possible. They are very aware that the people who play these games are primarily women. What they didn’t know was what kind of women play their games and why.  So they asked.  What they found out was not only interesting but also extremely heartwarming.  The moms were asked when and how they find the time to play the free-to-play hidden object adventure, The Secret Society-Hidden Mystery. The stories are shared on G5’s Facebook page but you can read a sampling of some of the most striking responses below.

Secret Society ss1

Christy: “As a full-time nurse and full-time mom, this game is my escape. It is my reward to myself after a long day. I love the fact that it keeps my brain stimulated especially since Alzheimer’s runs in my family. Games like The Secret Society help fight it! Thanks again for an awesome game for moms!”

Devan: “After a long day of work and not seeing my babies, this is a game I get to enjoy. I play it while my newborn is sleeping on my lap and I can’t move anywhere for fear of waking her up. Also, my four-year-old stepson likes to ‘help’ find items (he taps the screen repeatedly and loses some of the allotted time). It’s a nice way to relax and share some fun.”

Dolores: “I have stage IV lung cancer, and I love playing this game. It helps take my mind off other issues in my life. I am a mom, but my son is grown and married. We have two grandsons who are the joys of our lives.”

Joanne: “I’m a 63-year-old grandmother who is disabled and bedridden. I play The Secret Society to enjoy and have some interaction with other people. They don’t know how old I am or my physical condition, which is a plus. I got my grandson to play, and we have that extra contact, which makes it special. I don’t know how other people feel but my friends [in the game] are considered my friends. I think this game is great and I go through the whole nine yards from happy to frustrated but enjoy playing.”

Wren: “My mom showed this game to me when I told her I was looking for a simple game to play on my phone while I spent hours rocking my son to sleep. I instantly became addicted! Honestly, this game really helped get me through long nights. Now that my son is older I play while he naps and again after he goes to bed for the night. I usually sneak in a few scenes when he is playing well on his own too. It is a fantastic game!”

Michelle: “I play at night when everyone else is asleep. I’m a busy mom of four, with three of those being boys! So I like it when it’s quiet with a low chance of interruption. I love the soft clicking sound of the gem match game. I put headphones on so I can hear the clicks as the gems fall into place. I find it very soothing.”

Dianne: “This game has become a lifeline to me as I suffer from CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome). I spend a great deal of time with nerve pain, and this game serves as a distraction for me in coping with what I have.”

Nanette: “I love playing this game. I am a stay-at-home mom of two – three if you count my dog. I also take care of my Dad and his house. This game is perfect to play while waiting for laundry or while cooking. The power level I have at this time allows me to play during the lulls in my housework without forgetting to get back to work. As soon as the power runs out, I go back to cooking, cleaning or what have you.”

Christine: “I play whenever I can. In short bursts while cooking dinner or after the kids have gone to school or to bed. It is definitely a great way to unwind even if I just have a few minutes. My eight-year-old has even started to help me find items when I’m stuck. She likes to look over my shoulder when I play.”

Melinda: “I play mainly when the baby is napping and when everyone goes to sleep at night. I have gotten my mother, sister-in-law, husband, best friend, son, daughter, niece and nephew all addicted to this game. Now, none of them can say that I have a problem! LOL.”

Heather: “As the mum of two active kids I spend a lot of time waiting in the car for them to come out of clubs. This is a great time to play as I get peace and don’t feel guilty about not doing housework.”

Secret Society Play Sign

The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery is a captivating mix of I-spy scenes, gem match puzzles, brain teasers and memory games. In the game, you become a member of the Order of Seekers and start exploring enchanting worlds by entering photographs. The goal is to collect clues that will expand even further the world you’re traveling in and help you unravel mysteries related to your missing uncle. This wildly popular hidden object adventure also features social elements: you can help your game mates, make friends and send and receive in-game gifts.

If you would like to try the game yourself you can click on the link below that is compatible with your smart phone or tablet.

The Secret Society is available for iOS:  https://83564.api-05.com/serve?action=click&publisher_id=83564&site_id=37820&offer_id=263000&sub_campaign=mommyramblings,

Google Play – https://83564.api-05.com/serve?action=click&publisher_id=83564&site_id=36252&offer_id=267996&sub_campaign=mommyramblings and

Kindle Fire – https://83564.api-05.com/serve?action=click&publisher_id=83564&site_id=42764&offer_id=267712&sub_campaign=mommyramblings

If you do try the game or already play, leave us a comment letting us know what you think or when you play.  Follow G5 on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and news!

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