Giveaway Rules

I do not have a limit on how many times a person can win on our giveaways. However, our sponsors may. We always defer to our sponsor on this.

Only one person per household can enter, that means a husband and wife, mother and daughter, or any people living under the same roof cannot enter separately  if that is found to be the case, entries of  both or more if applicable will be deleted.  If this occurs again the entrants will be banned from future giveaways.

2 people with the same IP address cannot enter separately, if they do the entries of both (or more if applicable) will be deleted, if they continue this, they will be banned from entering giveaways.

I use Rafflecopter for drawings.

Winners are notified through email and Facebook.  If they do not respond in 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.

All invalid comments must be brought to my attention prior to the drawing.

I go through the comments a final time prior to the drawing.

If someone is found to have made fraudulent entries (say they follow me on Pinterest and don’t etc) all entries for that person will be deleted on the spot.

Once the drawing is done and the winner announced, it is final.

Although I do not limit the number of times you may win, the sponsoring company may.  So in that case we abide by the sponsoring company’s rules.

Two people cannot enter separately using the same Facebook, Twitter or email account.

If you cannot say thank you in your email with your address, you will be disqualified. See this post for more information.

Mommy Ramblings is not responsible in the event a sponsoring company can no longer supply the giveaway prize, if they send a prize different from the one listed of if they do not ship the prize in a timely manner.  I will do my best to help you resolve issues but I cannot be held responsible for the company.

At Mommy Ramblings we put the utmost importance on fairness in our giveaways, our giveaways are not fixed or manipulated, I do not have immediate family members entering my giveaways and there is always full disclosure on who the winner was.

Thank you and Good Luck!!!

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4 Responses to Giveaway Rules

  1. Sonya

    How do you notify winners?

  2. Gladys Parker

    Isn’t there a rule about how many times we can write a review per giveaway?
    Sorry I do not know much about them.
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

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