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4 Questions To Help You Determine Why Your Child Is Crying

When your child is crying and won’t or can’t tell you what is wrong, it is very frustrating. Meltdowns can be difficult for even the most experienced parents to handle. When it happens, your automatic reaction might be to tell your child to stop crying. Unfortunately, that rarely works so you might want to consider these factors.

Crying is a natural reaction for kids when they are over-stimulated, over tired, or physically hurt. Figuring out which it is and meeting their needs can help you get to the root of the problem. The next time you are faced with an outburst, take a deep breath and ask yourself these 4 simple questions before reacting.

Is it something physical?

Perhaps your child refuses to put on his shoes and bursts into tears when you stand firm. Is this a battle of wills  or could it be that they are dealing with physical pain they may not be able to express? The frustration of not being able to articulate what is going on, can trigger an epic meltdown.

Take a look at their physical condition. Could it be a toothache? According to Lane Family Dental, “Your tooth may not bother you at all until that moment you bite into a decadent slice of chocolate cake. The shock from coming in contact with sugar is a pretty sure sign that your tooth has a cavity.”

Or could it be a headache? Mayo Clinic states that headaches in children can be difficult to diagnose, but they may cry and hold their head to indicate pain. Lastly, it may be the most common physical reason of them all: your child may just need a nap.

Is your child feeling stressed?

This one is more common among older children. You may wonder what could cause a child to be stressed. Actually, any situation that is new to a child can cause their body to release the stress hormone, cortisol.

Dealing with after school activities where a certain level of performance is expected, can add stress to an already-full school day. Tears could also result from a frustrating classroom situation. It could even be  something they have heard that they don’t know how to handle. Consider that their tears may not really be about having to clean their room or do a chore. In reality that outburst may be an expression of accumulated stress.

Is your child hungry?

It happens to everyone. So much so that a new term has cropped up to describe it; Hungry + angry = “hangry.” Hangry describes how attitudes go south when our bodies are lacking fuel. Even if your child ate a good lunch, by the time they get home from school, they could be famished. If they don’t have a healthy snack, they could be heading for an emotional outburst. So, while you do not want to use food as a bribe to stop their tears, their hunger is likely what is causing them to be so cranky.

Give them a hug and  go to the kitchen and fix both of you a healthy snack. Turn it into an activity so that the association becomes one of doing something together, versus using food for emotional relief.

Is Your Child Overstimulated?

Have you ever wondered why so many meltdowns happen when shopping, on vacation or in the aisles of grocery stores? Chances are high that it’s the environment that is over stimulating your child. Places that are noisy, have crowds of people and multiple things to see can be overwhelming for kids.

With so much for a little brain to process, kids turn to the one thing they know will bring relief. Their tears will bring mommy or daddy running to fix everything. Consider a quick exit from the store or environment to get your child to a calmer place instead of demanding or pleading with them to stop crying.

Lastly, if you are always telling your child to stop crying, it could convey a message to them that negative emotions should stay bottled up. This can lead to difficulties with opening up in later years and stunted emotional growth. Studies tell us that our tears serve a good purpose. Tears and crying can reduce the body’s stress hormone and bring calm back to our physical state.

So, instead of feeling harried when your child breaks down in tears, realize that the tears are one way your child is communicating with you. That crying is their body’s way of calming down.

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5 Things You Can Do To Improve The Look of Your House

It is important to work on the aesthetics of your home. A well-kept home not only makes a great impression, it can also help make you feel more relaxed and happy. We all want our homes to look good, but not all of us know where to start to achieve that perfect look. Do not be fooled into thinking that  decorating or updating your home is not possible without the help of an interior designer.

If you have the right eye, you can create some small changes on your own to change the look of your house, and make it appear more attractive. To help you with this, check out these five things you can do to improve the look of your house:

Paint your house

You can have a mansion worth millions of dollars, but if the walls are covered in scuffed, stained paint, the whole look would be compromised. If your house has old, dingy paint, consider freshening it up with new paint  as soon as possible. Nothing adds value and transforms your house better than fresh paint. It can make your house look more attractive, and also allows you to fix issues such as cracks in the walls.

Update your kitchen

Your kitchen is truly the heart of your home, so make sure to keep it updated, organized and clean. Some of the ways to update your kitchen game without breaking the bank include:

  • Resurfacing or painting cabinets
  • Updating your lighting fixtures
  • Installing new countertops

These additions can make your kitchens more useful and also increase the worth of your house as they bring a ROI as high as 60%.

Spruce up your Living Room

If you want to make a good impression on guests and make your house look better, than you might want to consider updating your living room. You can make your living room more inviting in the following ways:

  • Installing new curtains and blinds from a company like Select Blinds Canada.
  • Buying new furniture for the living room or updating the old furniture with new paint or upholstery.
  • Getting rid of excess clutter to make the room appear larger and more organized.

Keep It Clean

Now, this is an area where you need to invest your time not your money.  Go through your house, purge excess clutter and clean rooms from top to bottom.  A cluttered, dusty home looks unattractive and can be depressing to yourself and your guests.

Install new lighting

Ditch those ordinary or basic lighting fixtures that add no pizzazz or style. Spice up the lighting in your home and make it look more elegant. Try looking for chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps that have style and flair. The right use of lighting will not only brighten up your house but also make it look more lavish.

If you follow these tips you can add new life into your home and make it feel welcoming and stylish.

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Smart Tips To Follow When Choosing A Plumber

Many of us rely on various trade professionals to restore our homes when the unexpected happens. In this regard, few are as important as plumbers. Not only are plumbers in charge of repairing some of the most important parts of our home, like faucets, toilets, and water heaters, but if you choose an incompetent one, that mistake will probably be an extremely expensive one.

I am sure you can see why it is so important that you choose the right plumber, the first time, for your job.  To assist you with that, here are some things you should be aware of when searching for a plumber.

Who’s The Best Fit?

One thing to understand, is that not every plumber is experience and trained to handle every type of plumbing issue. According to Fix It Right Plumbing, a Sydney plumbing company, “If you have a large project (renovations or building a new house), it makes sense to get a plumber that specializes in this type of work (Contract plumber). The right plumber should be set up to tackle your job,  they need to have the right tools (Excavators, laser levels, pex piping tools) and give you a quote upfront that you can compare to quotes from other plumbers.

You want a plumber with competitive prices, who will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to complete your job. Some plumbers can be messy, hard to get a hold of (especially after hours) and are not concerned with paperwork that you need like invoices, permits etc.

Using a service based plumber on a large project is like going to the convenience store for your weekly shopping – you are paying more for convenience when you don’t need to. Making a mistake in this regard isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world, as you will probably get good service, albeit at a higher price than you need to pay. Let’s face it, no one wants to pay more than necessary.

In order to avoid this situation, you will want to take a closer look at the website for the kind of plumber you need. Generally, you should be able to find a list of the services provided as well as, testimonials from past clients they served. Even if they don’t say contract or service-based specifically, you should generally be able to infer this from the nature of the jobs they specialize in. If you can’t be sure,  ask when you call them.  Your initial call is also the opportune time to inquire about other important details like if they are licensed and have insurance. This attention to detail, will help to make sure your plumber is following the latest business codes. This is very important, because it means you are protected in the event they have an accident on the job.

Other good questions to bring up include whether or not your plumber charges a fixed or hourly rate, and who will actually be doing the work. Some plumbers use subcontractors or helpers, and while that can be okay, you want to work with someone who is transparent about it.

Who’s The Best Option?

When you’ve narrowed the field to plumbers who will be able to work on the job you have in mind, it is time to choose the one who you think will be best. There are a few ways that you can do this. The preferable way is to get a recommendation from someone you trust, whether it is a friend, family, or coworker. Not only are these people motivated to steer you the right way, but they also know what traits in a professional you value. They will likely recommend a plumber who is competent, personable and willing to explain the exact scope of work involved in your repair. Another thing to guide you, is to spend some time looking at online resources and reviews, but keep in mind, they could be biased.

Hopefully you won’t need to call on a plumber too often. However, when something goes wrong with the plumbing in your home, it can put your entire household at a standstill. When this happens, you want to be sure to you have a professional you can trust. Take advantage of some of the tips in this article before you are faced with an emergency situation. That means that when the time comes and you need a plumber, all you need to do is call up the right company for your needs, lay back, and let them do their work.

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5 Healthy Tips To Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting

Are you looking to lose a few pounds, but don’t want to follow a strict diet? If so, making a few small changes, can help you shed some unwanted pounds without dieting. Check out our 5 tips to help you lose weight without dieting.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Seeing or smelling your favorite food  can create cravings that tempt you to eat them. Some of these cravings are for foods that are high in calories, especially junk food.  Take an inventory of the food on your shelves and in your fridge. Get rid of the junk food and replace it with a healthy alternative like nuts, fresh fruit and yogurt. Over time, your body will condition itself, and you will have more willpower to resist those cravings for unhealthy or high calorie foods.

Watch What You Drink

Most sweetened drinks are very high in calories and sugar. It is easy to survive without such drinks, because they are not adding any nutritional value to your diet. Instead, substitute such drinks with water. Make it a habit to drink water whenever you feel the urge to drink something. This will help you lose weight without much effort.

Swap Out Your Grains

Refined grains such as cakes, bread and cookies among others contribute to weight gain due to their high calorie content. Instead, opt for healthier whole grain versions such as, brown rice, popcorn, pastas, whole-wheat breads, whole-rye crackers and bran flakes. You will still get to enjoy your favorites in a healthier way that will help you cut calories.

Downsize Your Plates

Portion size is hard to judge when some of our plates have become the size of platters. Larger plates can cause us to put more food on our dishes than we should be eating. Using a smaller plate will help your mind and body feel that you are not depriving yourself.

Do not multitask when eating

Talking on the phone or watching TV while eating can actually make you consume more food. Be mindful and stick to a dedicated mealtime to avoid overeating. Concentrating on your eating will ensure that you are conscious of what you eat.

In just 30 days you can achieve significant weight loss if you follow these tips. You can attain the kind of body you want by adhering to these simple rules.

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Top 4 Reasons to Renovate Your Home

Renovating your home can be a costly and time-consuming process, but the benefits outweigh the money you spend on it. Many homeowners, in spite of draining their pockets, fail at giving their home a lavish look simply because they do not know how to get things done.

Renovating a home enhances the comfort, and the money spent on it serves as an investment. Moreover, the right renovation options also increase the value of your home and help you earn a good profit in case you decide to sell the house.

Here are the top 4 reasons to renovate your home:

1.Reduced Energy Bills

When you hire an experienced contractor, he/she can remodel your home in a way that can maximize natural light so that you don’t need to keep the lights on. This will help reduce energy consumption and help you save money.

Renovating a home also includes upgrading insulation. This will seal any exit points in the roof or anywhere else in the house to control temperature better. Doing so, will save you money on AC and heater bills, which is important a heating and cooling costs make up for about 50% of the total energy consumption.

Last but not the least, switching light fixtures to LEDs can also help you save energy as they are more energy-efficient than other options. They can run 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

2. Increases The Home’s Value

If you think that renovating your home is a money wasting process, think again. Renovating your home is a wise investment. Making both minor and major improvements in your home can boost the home’s value.

Renovating a kitchen has a ROI of almost 59% while making bathroom improvements give you 59.8% return on investment. Similarly, making upgrades in the rooms and hall can also increase the overall value of your home.

It’s not just the interior that will boost your home’s value, making upgrades outside can help too. A deck addition gives a ROI of almost 80%. Adding a small garden too can help you a great deal.

3. Increases The Comfort

It’s important that your home provides the comfort that you need. If the rooms look messy, cluttered and congested then it can be a bit difficult to find peace in your home.

Renovating your home helps you reconsider the space and make changes. It’s a great way to exclude unnecessary things. For example. a large coffee table in the hall might be occupying a lot of space. You can install shelves in the kitchen to make more space in the hall. Similarly, you can make adjustments for other areas as well.

We suggest that you visit ResCom Designs to find some inspiration.

4. Improves Aesthetics

No one wants their homes to look dull and unattractive. However, when a renovation is long overdue, the aesthetics are compromised. New upgrades such as fresh paint, new flooring, window replacement etc., can help enhance the look of your home.

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How to Choose The Right Paint For Your Home

One of the most crucial decisions that homeowners need to make is selecting the paint for their homes. This is because the right paint can turn a dull looking home into a piece of flamboyant beauty and the wrong choice can affect the aesthetics of your entire home.

A lot of homeowners try to paint their homes on their own, because they think that grabbing a brush and stroking it on the walls is all there is to it. However, it’s not true. There are a lot of factors at play that only experts are aware of.

Besides hiring an expert to do the job, here are some tips that can help you pick the right paint for your home:

Do Your Research First

The paint for your home shouldn’t just be there to color the walls, but also to brighten your mood every time you walk into your home. To make this happen, you must choose high quality paint.

The first step towards finding the right paint is to conduct some research.

Find A Reliable Company

The paint you buy should come from a reliable company because quality matters. Buying paints from a trusted paint company will get you high quality paints that are durable and vibrant.

They should be free of hazardous chemicals, because the use of such paints can put you and your family’s health at risk.

Spend some time on the internet looking up several paint companies to see which ones are licensed and have good reviews regarding quality and safety.

Choose The Right Color

The paint for your house needs to blend in with the overall theme of your home, which includes the furniture, wall decor and floors. Bright colors are trending these days, as they literally brighten up the house and your mood as well.

Another thing to consider, is what kind of look you want. If bright colors make you uneasy and make it difficult for you to sleep, then going for dull colors is your best bet.

At the end of the day, we return to our homes to get rest and loosen up, hence, it is better to go for colors that give you a calm feeling, and help you relax when you enter your home.

Hire An Experienced Painter

Last but not the least, hiring an experienced painter is what you need to do next. It does not matter how good the paint is, if it isn’t applied properly, it will not look good on the walls.

The benefit of hiring professionals is that they know how to fix damages and spots. So, it’s wise to spend a few more dollars and have professionals take care of things for you.

If you are not a fan of paint, you may consider wallpapers as they provide the same benefits. A good choice is MuraleDesign, as the company offers a wide range of options. Just pick something that meets your taste.

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Great Ideas for Christening Gifts

A new child is an amazing thing. Even though babies are born every day, each one is unique, a new life to nurture and a new opportunity for humanity.

Most cultures around the world celebrate the birth of a baby in some way, whether it’s a big feast, a religious service, or presenting the new child with a special gift.

In the US and Europe, new babies traditionally receive gifts like silver bracelets, metal-bound photo-albums, money boxes and photo frames. If you know that the new baby in your circle will be awash with items like these, then it might be a good idea to think outside the box a little.

Here’s some ideas for unusual – but still very much appreciated – christening gifts.

An investment for the future

Photo albums are great, they’re keepsakes and can be filled with family photos, but many parents are starting their child’s investment funds earlier than ever. How about giving the baby some valuable gold coins to either pass on to their own children or to sell when college tuition time rolls around? A good range of coins, as well as, some valuable advice, is available here, check it out, you really can’t go wrong.

Personalised jewelry

You can buy jewelry – usually a necklace – beautiful pendants with the initials of mother and child, or of the child and the entire family. These are generally not to be worn, but to be cherished as a keepsake. There are more modern, brushed metal options available in addition to, the more traditional highly polished styles. You can choose metals that have significance for the family as well.

Buy a piece of Mars

This is quite good fun, especially if the baby is born under the sign of Aries or Scorpio, which are believed by astrologers to be ruled by the red planet. This is, on the face of it, a delightful bit of whimsy – who doesn’t want to give their children the moon and the stars? However, with astronomers (the real scientists…) predicting we may be terraforming Mars within a generation or so, owning a Martian acre may turn out to be incredibly lucrative!

A Noah’s Ark

If the family is religious, it is likely the baby will probably receive gifts of crosses and christening certificate scrolls.  You can still follow this theme, but approach it from a different angle and make a splash with a fancy Noah’s Ark set.  Some of the best arks are carved from wood in painted or natural finishes. When choosing a set, you should aim for those with chunky, substantial pieces that are easy for babies and young children to hold and play with.

Plant a tree in the child’s name

This is a particularly poignant gesture because as we all know, trees are the lungs of the planet and future generations need them more than ever. The tree can be planted in the family garden, or in a public park, if permissible in your community. The tree can be further enhanced with a plaque engraved with the child’s birth date and name.

Feeling inspired by these ideas? Let us know what you decided upon or give us your own unique christening gift ideas.

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4 Things You Must See When Visiting Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, the largest island in Thailand is also one of the major tourist spots in Southeast Asia. It is listed among the best beaches in the world, and rightly so. Even some of the most exotic and expensive beach resorts in Africa and the Caribbean cannot match this tropical Southeast Asian beauty.

To top it off, it is by far one of the cheapest beach locations in the world. If you are flying into Phuket from the West, the airfare might put a bit of a dent on your wallet, but other than that everything else is pretty reasonable.

Phuket has an international airport but it does not host many international flights, so in case your airline does not offer a direct connection to Phuket, you might have to travel through Bangkok, which makes the journey a bit tedious. For this reason, we suggest dedicating at least a full week to Phuket so that you can relax and enjoy it to its fullest.

Phuket is not a place for day-tripping, and even a 2-day stay is not enough to see it all. If you are heading towards Phuket, here are four things that you must do.

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi, popularly known as the Phi Phi Island is the biggest claim to fame is the famous Leonardo DiCaprio Hollywood flick The Beach (2000). Yes, the movie was shot right here on this island. However, even if you are not a movie buff, the island itself is way too serene and beautiful to be missed out.

If your stay in Phuket is for an extended period, we would highly recommend spending a night or two in Koh Phi Phi. However, if you do not have to do that, at least a day trip on this pristine white beach is a must.

Phang Nga Bay

Another divinely beautiful spot near Phuket is the Phang Nga Bay, which is famous for the beautiful limestone formations erected out of the emerald-green sea water. Phang Nga Bay is also home to James Bond Island, which got its name after two Bond movies were shot here. There is a lot to do in Phang Nga Bay, but some of the must-dos are limestone cliffs, the hongs, and Koh Panyee.

We recommend that you take a long tail boat from the eastern side of Phuket to shorten your travel time to Phang Nga Bay. Some luxury travelers also prefer taking a private speedboat or a Yacht which allows greater independence and shorter travel times. You might want to check out for some great excursion deals to Phang Nga Bay to suit your preferences.

Phuket Fantasea

The scope of entertainment in Phuket goes way beyond beaching and island hopping, and Phuket Fantasea is a classic example. This happening cultural theme park that hosts over 4000 people every day is a landmark in Phuket’s nightlife. It offers a variety of shows and exciting performances along with tantalizing eating options.

Soi Bangla

Phuket is a town that seldom sleeps, and if you are looking for some late night fun, Bangla Street is your place to be. This beautiful street that stretches at over 400 meters come to life right after sunset and stays festive till the wee hours of the morning. The road is decorated with colorful neon lights and is home to many pubs, bars, cafes, eateries, nightclubs, and shopping places.


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5 Days on the French Riviera

5 Days on the French Riviera

Having a year-round holiday vibe, the French Riviera or Cote d’Azur epitomizes the joie de vivre. Enjoy and see it yourself, the good-life spirit in the Riviera’s coastal resort towns and up high in perched villages clinging to the foothills of the Alps. Play in the maze of old-city alleys, find out what’s new at the Provencal markets, go on road trips full of picture-perfect views and appreciate summer sound of cigales. In the five days in the Cote d’Azur sample itinerary, we’ll take you to the very best sites and sounds of the French Riviera.

Where to Stay in the French Riviera?

If you’re looking for a non-stop action and the city life, Nice is perfect for you. Later in this guide, you’ll learn that Nice has a good boardwalk, many dining and drinking options, and casinos. Since it is the fifth largest city in France, Nice has a lot of accommodation to choose from the suits all your tastes and budget – from French Riviera home rentals, apartments to five-star hotels.

French Riviera Travel Tips

  • Cote d’Azur is a year-round holiday destination, and best enjoyed during the shoulder seasons from April to June and September to October. During these months, the weather is great for all types of activities, tourists and visitors haven’t yet arrived or have left already, and the traffic isn’t bad.
  • You can tour around by foot in the Cote d’Azur major towns such as Antibes, Cannes, and Nice, and even use the train or bus to get from one destination to the other. Much better if you can rent a car, as it will open up the beautiful countryside for exploration.
  • Some of the museums are usually free on bank holidays and on the first Sunday of the month.
  • There are so many excellent products to bring back as souvenirs such as jams, olive oil, lavender, perfume, and many more, so consider paying for your extra luggage for the return back home.
  • If you’re into Scuba diving, there are few dive clubs in and around the Antibes.

Day 1: Arrive in Nice, Explore Nice

Most flights arrive into Nice in the late morning or early afternoon depending on where you are traveling from. Check into your hotel and then spend the rest of the day discovering the streets of Nice.

Tour along the Promenade des Anglais, a paved walkway along the coastline of Nice. Climb the Castle Hill to see the entire view of Nice. Go to Old Nice (Vieux Nice), a picturesque part of town with narrow streets, many cafés and restaurant, and colorful buildings.

Day 2: Villefranche-sur-Mer and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

On the second day, explore the many scenic towns in the Cote d’Azur.

Villefranche-sur-Mer is located on the coast just east of Nice. You can get in this town by hiring a taxi, which is the easiest way. Spend half your day exploring the calm and colorful streets of Villefranche-sur-Mer. There are few great restaurants you can find along the water’s edge, a good place for your lunch.

After lunch, grab another taxi and go to Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild on Cap Ferrat. This Villa is a mansion that was constructed in 1905 by a rich baroness. The house is just stunning and most tourists visit here to see its beautiful gardens.

A few minutes away from Villa Ephrussi is the Saint Jean Cap Ferrat where you can rest in the small beach and harbor. To appreciate the beauty of the town, walk along the Promenade Maurice Rouvier to Beaulieu-sur-Mer. From this place, you can grab a taxi going back to Nice.

End your day with dinner and drinks in Nice.

Day 3: Monaco

Spend your third day in the French Riviera by exploring Monaco. But, if you have enough time to relax on the beach in Nice, it’s better before going to Monaco.

After your sumptuous meal, take a 20-minute train ride from Nice to Monaco.

In Monaco, tour along the harbor, as this is the place to go yacht watching. Other amazing ways to enjoy Monaco are gambling at the Monte Carlo Casino, walk through the Japanese Gardens and see Prince Rainier III’s private collection of cars. After that, grab a drink at Café de Paris Monte Carlo.

After dinner in Monte Carlo, catch the train going back to Nice.


Day 4: Antibes and Cannes

Your journey continues along the coast of Cote d’Azur. Catch the train from Nice to Antibes, which will take you about 20 minutes.

In Antibes, you’ll see the largest yachting harbor in Europe – the Port Vauban. It is larger than the harbor in Monaco.

Walk along the coastline of Antibes and visit their interesting museums such as Picasso and Absinthe Museum. From Antibes, ride a train going to Cannes, it’s just 7 minutes away from Antibes. Cannes is known for its luxury hotels and its annual Cannes Film Festival. Spend your day on the beach, sip a drink in Ritz-Carlton Hotel, or experience the Italian cuisine at one of the several restaurants on docks perched over the ocean.

The annual Cannes Film Festival runs for ten days in mid-May.

Catch the train going back to Nice.

Day 5: Drive the French Riviera to Marseille

For your fifth and final day, rent a car and drive some of the most picture-perfect roads in France. Between Monaco and Nice, there are three cornices, winding roads along the mountainous coastline. They are easy to drive and will give a tourist a different view of the Cote d’Azur than from the shoreline.


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Cluttered Concerns – How A Messy Home Negatively Influences Your Life

A messy home can have a surprisingly negative affect on our mental health and wellbeing. From clutter and filth, to dust and decay, the consequences of mess go beyond aesthetics and can cause debilitating emotional, social and physical distress.

Nasty Surprises

One the the most obvious and disgusting outcomes of a messy home is that it is prone to attracting unwanted, pesky visitors, such as rodents, cockroaches, spiders and ants. These creatures are attracted to leftover food scraps, accumulated waste and other debris.

Piles of clothing and clutter also make excellent hiding spots for spiders. Species such as the much maligned white-tail spider are known to frequent clothing piles, and enjoy making their homes in your piled laundry.

For infestations of these pests, as well as mice, rats and roaches, it’s best to call in a pest control professional to locate the source of any nests and block any existing entry points. If you’re wanting to decrease the frequency of these infestations, it’s a good idea to practice better home hygiene, beginning with the kitchen.

Make sure to wash all soiled items after use, and wipe surfaces clean of crumbs and debris. Reseal used products and place them in the fridge or in a sealed cupboard. For bedrooms and bathrooms, store fabric items and clothing on hooks and hangers.

Metaphorical Mountains

Symbolism can be important when it comes to our emotional wellbeing, and you don’t have to look far in a messy home to find your first metaphor. If you’re the type of person who likes to collect mountains of stuff, or considers the floor an appropriate place to store clothing (ie; a floordrobe) it can be an indication of other emotional or physical issues which might be affecting you.

Cleaning and organising can seem both needlessly tiring and unnecessary at times, especially if you’re already stressed or tired. Unfortunately, the benefits of a clean house will be most obvious to you in those times of emotional distress, and can further impact your ability to pull yourself out of it.

To combat mess or clutter building up over time, set yourself small and completable tasks to complete every day which are non negotiable. For example, wiping down the bath or shower after using it, or cleaning the toilet every third day. By putting small and manageable routines into place, you can stop insurmountable or stress-creating mess from ever building up, and in turn give yourself a cleaner, healthier space to live in for those moments when you’re truly craving peace and clarity.

Visitors? No Thanks!

Another not-so-nice consequence of a messy home is its potential impact upon your social life. A messy home can create the inability to host guests in your home, resulting in a lack of social connection. For many people this can be isolating and lead to further stress and discomfort.

If you’re trying to create a neater, more easy to manage space in order to improve your social life, start gradually. A good place to begin is in the kitchen. A clean kitchen is a more inviting space to cook in, and it’s often a hub of activity and social happenings within a house. Regularly clean your stove, cooking utensils and dishware. By doing so you’ll always have clean dinner dishes and cups for tea and coffee in the event of guests.

Once you’ve made an effort to clean your kitchen, try to organize your living and dining space into a more social-friendly space. Create an area with clustered chairs so that it’s inviting for guests to sit at. From there, move gradually to cleaning the bathroom, any outdoor areas, and then bedrooms.

Reforming a messy house into a more manageable and liveable environment will have positive emotional and social outcomes for you and your family. By starting slow and engaging professionals where necessary, you can regain control over your house and your clutter – one small step at a time.

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