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12 Ways to Earn Gift Cards Online Fast

No one minds getting gift cards for Christmas, birthdays or for any other occassion. That’s because gift cards really rock! Gift cards give you the freedom to buy what you want, so you get exactly what you need. It’s fun when you narrow a choice down to a certain store, but then have the opportunity to get whatever you want in that store.

Waiting for someone to give you your next gift card for a special occasion? Don’t wait until someone buys you one. You can take control and grab gift cards all on your own. No need to wait all year to check your Christmas stocking to see if you get one. Earn your own gift cards quickly by checking out these 12 ways to earn gift cards online fast.

1. Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the ultimate ways you can earn gift cards – and fast.

This app makes it easy for you to earn points that go toward gift cards you can use to shop your favorite brands. Swagbucks lets you watch videos, shop, and surf the web while getting paid to do it. This task-based gift card reward program is one of the easiest ways to earn virtually free gift cards without going to a regular job.

Swagbucks has apparently paid their members almost 300 million dollars, which is pretty nuts. You can use these gift cards for yourself, or save them for great stocking stuffers for friends and family during the holiday season! Swagbucks has been seen on sites like BuzzFeed and ABC, so you know it’s legit.

2. Sign up with instaGC

Next on our list is instaGC, a website that allows you to earn gift cards online fast with little effort needed.Earn points towards your gift cards at a quick pace by doing the activities you usually do online anyway. Fill out surveys, watch entertaining videos, shop your usual brands, and spend time researching on the internet – only now, do it and get paid with gift cards!

You can choose from 350 different gift cards from to Abercrombie & Fitch to AMC Theaters. There’s all different types of stores, depending on what you got your eye on at the moment.Over a million gift cards have been redeemed at instaGC, so it’s time for you to sign up and earn!

3. Discover the right credit card program

Sign up with a credit card company that rewards your favorite hobby – shopping! For example, you can earn points with Banner Bank and you can turn in those points for gift cards. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard with this option and you want to thoroughly research the bank before you choose it.

One example of a bank with a gift card benefit is Banner Bank. Join Banner Rewards’ TruRewards program (their loyalty program) and earn points that turn into gift cards.

There’s a million banks out there, why not sign up with a credit card company that will reward you for using them? Sign up with a credit card that’ll earn you points as you shop. Put your shopping trips to good use and earn gift cards as you go!

4. Take surveys

Keep it simple and fill out easy-to-follow-along surveys and earn gift cards while you do it. Amazon gift cards are available to redeem when you sign up with MySurvey and start filling out answers that’ll lead you to gift cards online fast.

MySurvey says, “Discover the power of your opinion.” You’re going to feel pretty powerful after you’ve earned yourself some free money to spend at Amazon. Fill out surveys by using basically any of your devices. It’s so easy!It’s not only Amazon gift cards that you can earn with MySurvey. Get paid through PayPal for quick cash or choose other available brand gift cards, too!

5. Keep your receipts

Ask for a receipt and get paid! With sites like Receipt Hog, you’ll be able to trade your receipt  in for gift cards.It might seem too good to be true, but it’s that simple. Shop any of your favorite go-to brands and take a photo of your receipt. Send it into Receipt Hog and earn gift cards online fast.

Receipt Hog describes their process as “feeding a hog receipts” and watching it get “fatter.” The fatter the hog gets, the fatter your wallet gets! You can also play their online game called Hog Slots and earn coins that go towards gift cards. According to Receipt Hog, they’ve paid out over 2.5 million dollars to people who’ve signed up with their website!

The reason why Receipt Hog finds the receipts you have so valuable is because they’re used in market research. Market research is a powerful tool for companies who want to better their brand and learn what consumers want. Brands will pay top dollar to get a hand on the receipts you’d normally just toss in the recycling bin!Help brands get better and earn gift cards simultaneously. It’s a win-win!

6. Test out apps

Are you into apps? Well, then you’re in luck. Sites like Feature Points will let you earn gift cards by trying out apps and testing out how they work. This is important for app companies because they can have people test out their app before they launch it to the public.

Try out free apps and see what’s new on the market. You’ll be in touch with the latest in the app world, so you’ll know what’s next in app development. Pretty cool!

Feature Points works both iPhone and Android, so there’s no excuse not to sign up and start earning points for having fun with apps. With Feature Points, you’re not limited to one type of gift card. Get plenty of choices through Feature Points and choose what works for you.

7. Join the National Consumer Panel

This next one combines market research with scanning barcodes. The National Consumer Panel (or, the NPC) is a company that makes it easy for manufacturers to know what consumers buy. In turn, consumers get better products and more accuracy in delivering exactly what they need.

The NCP rewards people that sign up with gift cards. Input on services, products, and general information on what the public wants is so valuable in today’s economy. Get paid to give your opinions. Who could say no to that?

8. Watch videos

Watching tv is probably the easiest thing on the planet to do, right? Well thanks to websites that will pay you to watch tv, it just got even sweeter. Earn points in order to get free gift cards by signing up with sites like Viggle.

Viggle has television or streaming programs waiting for you to watch that’ll earn you gift cards. Choose from more than 800 gift cards and pick the ones that work for you. You’ll earn your way towards gift cards by collecting “Perk Points” that’ll allow you to get your gift cards quickly.

Another video payment company is GrabPoints. This site offers their clients engagement, which is what you, the user, will provide for them. Get engaged, and help GrabPoints make advertisers happy by simply watching videos.

9. Work with Microsoft

If you’ve never heard of Microsoft Rewards, listen up. By earning gift cards through Microsoft, you know you’ll be getting paid by a reputable company. It’s pretty straight forward. Use the search engine called Bing and “level up” to achieve gift card rewards. You basically want to be signed into your Microsoft account while you do things you normally would on the web.

It doesn’t take a lot of brain power. Watch your rewards increase as you go and look forward to that spending spree once you’ve reached a certain amount of points.

10. Buy pre-owned gift cards

As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Your journey to discounted gift cards starts with someone who wants to get rid of their gift card. Believe it or not, some people choose to get rid of their valuable gift cards. Maybe they got it as a gift. Maybe they aren’t into the brand anymore. Whatever the reasoning is, you’ll get to benefit on their decision to let that precious gift card go.

Their gift cards turn into discounted gift cards sold on sites that offer to buy them. That site then turns around and sells it to customers waiting to get their hands on a new gift card. Buying discounted gift cards is definitely an interesting way to earn gift cards online fast.

Gift Card Granny is a place where you can buy discount gift cards and totally score on stores you love. Gift Card Granny makes sure the gift cards they sell are verified and guaranteed to work. After the verification process, it’s sold to customers like you who are hunting for a serious deal.

Cardpool is another company that lets people buy previously owned gift cards for a fraction of the price it’s worth. You can buy gift cards for up to 35% off!

These companies probably sound too awesome to work, but they really do! Cardpool has been featured on trusted network programs like Rachel Ray, CNN, NPR, and even The New York Times. How’s that for proof?

11. Get a free $10 gift card by joining Ebates

Ebates is a popular cash back focused discount opportunity website that lets you earn money while you shop. Brands pay Ebate to feature them on the Ebates website. That money goes straight to you. It’s a pretty beneficial business model for the shopper!

Join Ebates and get a free $10 gift card instantly. This is a one-time-only thing, but you’ll get your gift card quick by barely doing anything.There’s not much thinking that goes into this. Join Ebates and grab a free $10 gift card. It’s that simple!

12. Share deals with others who want to save big

Our final option is the ability to earn gift cards by sharing the coupons and promo codes you come across every day with the online deal hunting community at Dealstpor.

Dealspotr is a coupon and promo code website that’s known for offering codes that actually work. There are a lot of coupon sites out there, and they’re not all made equally. Dealspotr’s main focus is not only to bring you good coupon promo codes, but to make sure that they work at checkout.

Now for the gift cards! Join the community at Dealspotr and you’ll be surrounded by people who are just like you — people who love a good discount. These deal hunters play a major role at Dealspotr and help the promo code database grow by sharing deals they’ve found on the web. You probably have some pretty great deals sitting in your email inbox right now that you aren’t planning on using. Why not share the wealth?

When you create an account with Dealspotr, you’ll then have the ability to add deals to the thousands of other fantastic saving opportunities available on Dealspotr already. The interface is user-friendly, so posting a deal is a no-brainer. When you’re logged in, simply find the bright green “Add a new deal” button on the top left side of the page. You can’t miss it!

After you click on that, you’ll be taken to a screen that looks like the one below:

Start typing the store name that your deal is for and it’ll ask you what type of deal you’re posting for. You’ll be asked a few more questions before you post in minutes. Easy-peasy.

Post your findings on Dealspotr and you’ll not only help out your fellow bargain lovers, but you’ll get paid for it in gift cards! Plus, just by signing up you’ll get a 500 point head start.

Try It For Yourself

There’s no right way to earn gift cards online fast. As you can see, there are more ways than one! Fill out surveys, help market research, watch videos, and shop. There are so many activities you can do and they’re all available in the palm of your hand.

Pick the gift card acquiring strategy that best fits your lifestyle and go for it. With so many gift cards to gain and nothing to lose, there’s no reason not to try it out.


This is a collaborative guest post. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Mommy Ramblings.

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Shop Mama’s Jewelry For Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up, even though you would not know it from the weather here in New York. We had snow yesterday, again! If you are thinking about Mother’s Day gifts, why not get mom something unique and special?

Moms work hard every day, give them something that really celebrates them and the family they helped to create. Mama’s Jewelry has an exquisite collection of mother’s rings, earrings and necklaces that make an unforgettable and treasured Mother’s Day gift.

Every time she looks at her ring, puts on her earings or is complimented on her necklace, she will be reminded of just how much she is loved.

When you shop at Mama’s Jewelry, you are shopping with a company that has been designing rings and pendants for mothers for 30 years! Mama’s Jewelry is committed to creating exceptional mother’s pendants, rings and earrings at affordable prices.

Mama’s Jewelry has fast turnaround times, which is important when ordering a custom piece of jewelry. As soon as Mama’s Jewelry receives your order, their CAD technician and certified jewelers get to work, designing and building your custom order.

With strict quality control standards, you can be certain, nothing will be shipped that does not have a seal of approval from Mama’s Jewelry. In fact, if they would not give it to their loved ones, they will never ship it to you.

Most orders for mother’s rings and pendants ship out within 3 to 5 days, reaching you about a week later. If you are pressed for time, shopping at the last-minute, Mama’s Jewelry will ensure you get a custom item that looks like it took months to create.

Mama’s Jewelry has beautiful pieces for grandmothers too!

Mama’s Jewelry has a Mother’s Day Special Offer  where you can Save $10 Off already their already low prices when you use the Promo Code MAMAS10. Visit Mama’s Jewelry now to shop and wrap up the savings.

Let me know what you think about Mama’s Jewelry. 


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The Smart Way To Cart Your Stuff Around #Giveaway

If you are a parent, crafter, teacher, in direct sales or more, you will love the Smart Cart by DBest Products. It is the easier and less awkward way to transport your stuff. Easily haul and store your craft supplies, instructional books, presentation items and so much more.

The Smart Cart is an easy to operate, convenient, collapsible rolling cart with telescoping handle. The smooth gliding wheels lets you maneuver the cart easily, even in tight spaces. The cart is lightweight and can carry up to 110 lbs. It folds compactly for easy storage. The patented, ergonomically designed handle has a non-slip rubber grip.

Made of durable, flexible waterproof material, the smart cart is ideal to haul important files or electronics. Available in 3 colors (red,black and blue) the smart cart is perfect to bring with you to the grocery store and to use to cart bags from your car to the house. The handy front pocket lets you store items you want to have easy access to. 

I am loving these carts, they are ideal for so many things. Love to store my craft supplies in them because I can just roll the cart out to where I am working. When I am finished I just put everything inside and roll the cart right into the closet.

The carts are very handy when traveling, because I can load quite a few items inside, like my kids tablets, stuffed animals, books and toys and they can roll it in and out of the hotel or anywhere else we are staying. It also gives them a place to keep all their stuff while we are away from home, so less chance of them leaving something  behind when we leave.

Cart Dimensions:

L 11″ x W 13″ x H 17″

Handle extends to 41″

The smart cart makes a perfect gift and that is why we have added the Smart Cart to Mommy Ramblings’ 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. 

Giveaway: 2 Winners!!!

DB Products Smart Cart Giveaway (2 Winners) on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Enter for your chance to win using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck!!!

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Watch Ya’ Mouth Throwdown Edition- Save 15% Now!

Looking for a different game for your family or for a gift for the someone on your holiday gift list? If so, we have a great recommendation. The Watch Ya’ Mouth Throwdown Edition is the evolution of the original, wildly popular, hilarious Watch Ya’ Mouth game.

Rather than just speak phrases, players now go head-to-head with hilarious and challenging tasks – while wearing mouthpieces. Throwdown Edition takes competition – and laughter – to the next level and builds on the multigenerational gaming phenomena.

Throwdown Edition has already been Awarded Top Holiday Toy of 2017 by Toy Insider & selected for the 2017 Amazon Holiday Toy List. We have added it to Mommy Ramblings’ 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

The icing on this cake is that you can save 15% Off when you use the Coupon Code 15THROWDOWN when you check out on Amazon.

Let me know what you think.


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Easy Plum-The Amazing Store You Need To Know About

There are so many stores to choose from when shopping for appliances, furniture, electronics, computers, tools, toys and jewelry. The problem is, when you are looking to purchase big-ticket items, you might need credit. If you have just graduated, gone through a divorce, declared bankruptcy, started a new job or moved to a new apartment, your credit may not be established or your credit rating may be held against you. If this is you, maybe you feel like you are in a rock in hard place.

I have good news, Easy Plum is a store that can offer you easy and fast credit approval. They have a great selection of brand name products you know and trust. Easy Plum makes it easy to shop for the latest products with financing option to make them affordable for you and your family. Now, you can get the things you need, with payment terms you can handle. They also have fast, hassle free shipping, so what are you waiting for? Start shopping now at Easy Plum.

 Is this the first time you have heard of Easy Plum? I would love to know.

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Hollar if you love Hallmark Peanuts Collectibles at Unbelievable Prices!

I love the Peanuts gang. I have been collecting Hallmark Peanuts merchandise for years. I almost passed out when I saw that Hollar has Hallmark Peanuts collectibles at clearance pricing. They are also eligible for free shipping! Check them out below:

Lucy on patrol with her “common sense patrol” box car, ready to join the rest of the Peanuts gang. Regular price $19-Only $6 at Hollar!

  • Cute collectible box car water globe featuring one of your favorite Peanuts characters—Lucy
  • “Common Sense Patrol” written on the side
  • Made from cold-cast resin and 55-mm glass globe
  • Measures 2.4″ x 3.4″ x 4.7″
  • From Hallmark

Pigpen rides in with his pickup truck box car, ready to join the rest of the Peanuts gang. Regular price $19-Only $6 at Hollar!

  • Cute collectible box car water globe featuring on of your favorite Peanuts characters—Pigpen
  • “Peanuts-6” written on the license plate
  • Made from cold-cast resin and 55-mm glass globe
  • Measures 2.2″ x 3.5″ x 4.2″
  • From Hallmark


Are you the forgetful sort? Don’t be a blockhead and forget everything. Keep all your tasks on Charlie Brown’s head with this handy memo globe. Only $4 at Hollar!

  • Memo globe is perfect for writing all your “to-do” tasks
  • Features a mini globe design with Charlie Brown’s head
  • Includes dry erase marker
  • Measures 8″ H x 4″ W
  • Peanuts licensed product
  • By Hallmark

Aren’t they adorable? I have to get that Charlie Brown Dry Erase Globe for my daughter, she will love it! Check out all the Hallmark items they have including Muppets and The Wizard of Oz. If you are a Disney Lover check out The Big Disney Shop. They also have Star Wars collectibles and toys as well as Melissa & Doug merchandise and so much more!

While you are at it, check out the whole site, you will be amazed how far your dollar goes at Hollar! Let me know what you think.

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8 of My Favorite Bird Feeders

I love watching the birds at my feeders during the day, at night we have the pleasure of seeing southern flying squirrels, which is really cool! I have used a lot of bird feeders over the years. I want to share some of my favorites that have stood the test of time and can be found all around my yard.

Watching the birds brings me a lot of joy and provides me with thousands of photo opportunities which is something this hobby photographer loves. These are my 8 favorite bird feeders:

The No/No Red Ball Feeder by Perky Pet

This fun-shaped feeder comes in red and green. I use the red but red and green would be perfect for Christmas since they look like ornaments. They are low maintenance and supposed to be squirrel and small animal proof. They are better, but not foolproof. I have some pretty smart squirrels and frankly, as long as they do not break the feeders, I don’t mind them coming in for a snack. Even if they do manage the tough task of removing the top,  this feeder has not broken. That is a huge plus as plastic feeders don’t stand a chance!

It is easy to fill and holds 6 cups of black oiled sunflowers very well. I have a few of these and they are out all year-long in the frigid, snowy winters of Upstate New York and hold up well. The birds really like them and they are one of my most flocked to feeders in my yard. I just noticed Amazon has the green feeder on a super sale now  for only $5.98. I am picking up a few more because I like color and I can always find more places to use them on my property. I think they would make a nice gift for teachers at the end of the school year. I guess I should get a few more.


Ladybug Mesh No/No Feeder by Perky Pet

This feeder is one I bought when shopping with my young sons in our local garden center. It adds a whimsical touch to our yard. It does not hold as much as the ball feeders and it is a little harder to fill, but not terrible. The birds really like this feeder and I think it might be the contrasting colors that make it stand out. The little legs add a perching area for the birds coming in for a snack.

No/No Bronze Tray Bird Feeder by Perky Pet

This is a feeder with a huge capacity of 2.5 lbs. I like this feeder because of its large capacity, if I have to be away for a day or two, I know the birds can count on this feeder. It can feed many birds at once which is great, because we have many birds that dine at our house.

Perky Pet Metal Tube Feeders

I love these metal feeders almost as much as the birds do. I like the colors, they remind of colorful houses in the Caribbean. I hang them off my porch which may occur for my only issue. The squirrels can, with a lot of work, pop out the plastic seed guard and perch. They are very tough and I have been able to pop them right back, but I think if they were not in such an easy area for the squirrels to reach them, it would not be an issue.

They are so easy to fill,  the red and blue hold a nice amount of seed. I just love the look of the bright colors among my home and gardens. Red is the largest, then blue and yellow is the smallest.


Wildbird Care Vertical Cedar Bird Feeder

I like this feeder because the seed guards and perches are screwed in Even though we have squirrels dropping or flying by for a treat, they cannot remove them and happily snack from the tray on the bottom. It is very attractive and is a beautiful addition to our yard. This is another feeder I will be buying a few more of.

Droll Yankees New Generation Finch Flocker

Along with black oiled sunflower seeds, I like to put out Nyjer or thistle seed and since they are so tiny, they need a special feeder. I have used sock feeders, but they are hard to refill and  can get moldy. I wanted something better. I found the Droll Yankees New Generation 8″ Finch Flocker  fit my needs.

This feeder is very well made and allows for several of our colorful finches to eat at the same time. An internal seed baffle  directs seed to an additional seed port located at the lowest level of seed to ensure that the feeder empties completely without allowing seed build-up. It is easy to fill and holds 1/2 lb. of seed. It has a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty against squirrel damage.

Kaytee Mesh Feeder

This feeder is perfect for filling with dried mealworms that our Bluebirds love!

Stokes Select Double Suet Bird Feeder with Metal Roof

If one is good, two is better, right? My birds seem to think so! The Stokes Select Double Suet Bird Feeder has a metal roof and room for two suet cakes. It looks nice and gets a lot of traffic. Stokes also makes a larger cylinder style that I may give a try. If you feed suet, check these out!

I will not get into hummingbird or oriole feeders now, I will let you know about those in an upcoming post. Let me know what your favorite bird feeders are.


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12 Retro Vintage Swimsuits – Something To Flatter All Body Types

March is coming in like a lion but many have their heart set on summer and shopping for swimsuits. The vintage or retro styles are very in and there are cuts that will flatter most body types. The swimsuits below are all handmade right in the USA and you can order different sizes for tops and bottoms on tankinis and bikinis, so you can get the best fit!  Here are 10 styles retro swimsuits I really like:

Classic Marilyn Tankini

This swim suit is the ultimate tankini! Gathered at the sides, this style is great for slimming your body and hiding any imperfections. Classic twist top will fit your bust perfect! Thick over the shoulder straps hold you in place and have you feeling secure and looking the best you possibly can. Mid-Cut bottoms are just the right amount of coverage to feel sexy and secure.

Sailor Stripes Bikini

This Sailor Stripes bikini is sure to get a seal of approval! Totally nautical, this swimsuit will get you ready for some fun in the sun or just when relaxing on your next boating or yacht trip around the waters. The mix of stripes with our solid navy creates a slimming, fresh bikini! This suit guarantees a perfect fit!

America Underwire Vintage Stars and Stripes Bikini 

Be an All American Girl in this vintage, patriotic, and body slimming bikini! This underwire top will support and lift a small or full chest while our body shaping bottom has a v-cut in front and back to make you look slim, trim and sexy. These will be your favorite bottoms since the fabric lays perfect on your hips without cutting into your sides! Show off your love for the USA in this underwire shaper bikini!

Marilyn Monroe Tankini

The Ultimate Retro Tankini! Be a 1950’s pin-up girl in this very flattering polka dot tankini. Gathered at the sides, this style is perfect for slimming your body and hiding any imperfections. Classic twist top will fit your bust perfect and elastic interior shelf bra helps gives you extra support. Mid-cut bottoms are just the right amount of coverage to feel sexy and secure.

Marilyn One-Piece

This vintage polka dot full coverage one-piece will make you look slim, trim, sexy and oh so Pin-Up! The twisted halter top supports your curves in all the right places while the body style is very slimming. Perfect for all body types and extra sexy on full figures.

Body Shaper Bikini

This super sexy bikini is perfect for a woman with curves. The underwire top will support and lift a small or full chest. The booty short has a banded waist for more or less coverage. You will love how you look and feel in this suit.

Navy Sailor Stripes Bikini

This Vintage Sailor Stripes Bikini is sure to get a seal of approval! Totally nautical, this swimsuit will get you ready for some fun in the sun or just when relaxing on your next boating or yacht trip around the waters. The mix of stripes with our solid navy creates a slimming, fresh bikini! Supportive sliding top fits amazing on all bust sizes while the vintage style high bottoms are fuller coverage but still super sexy! This suit guarantees a perfect fit!

Polka Dot Halter Crossback Swimdress

This Polka Dot Halter Crossback Swim Dress is fuller coverage and super vintage! Perfect for those who are a little more conservative but still want to look stylish. Sexy and short, you can even wear this out as a sundress on that next vacation of yours, to the pool for a more conservative look, or even as a top with a pair of leggings or jeans. Matching mid-cut bottom is available to complete this slimming swim dress. Made from Ujena’s fun black and white polka dot fabric.

Monroe Shaper Bikini

Shape every inch of your body while looking like a star! Our Monroe top is the best. Ties at the neck and back with a twist in front, you will look fabulous. Our body shaping bottom has a v-cut in front and back to make you look slim, trim and sexy. These will be your favorite bottoms since the fabric lays perfect on your hips without cutting into your sides!

Gauze Carlita Bandeau Ruffle Bikini

This is one sweet suit. Playful ruffles were added to this Bandeau Top and Low Cut Bottom. The stretchy Gauze fabric makes this bikini a must-have.

Polka Dot Halter Swimdress

This body slimming Polka Dot Halter Swim Dress is a must have for your next vacation. Full bust coverage has a slight crossover in front for minimal cleavage. Great for the more conservative woman who wants a slimming A-line swim dress with a slight retro edge! Paired with Ujena’s all black full coverage mid-cut bottoms, this is the perfect combination. Doubles as a perfect maternity swim suit or a cute summer dress or cover-up. Never feel self conscience again!


Vintage Polka Dot Underwire Plus Swimsuit

This 1950’s curvalicious bikini is the ultimate slimming bikini! Shape your body and look like a beach bombshell. Perfect for those that want a little more lift, coverage and shape. Underwire top will make you feel tucked in and secure with its wide straps and full cups. The high waisted bottoms have a small band without any elastic to make sure you are comfortable while offered enough coverage to make you feel totally comfortable. The perfect retro underwire is here!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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Join The VIP Family Program at Road Runner Sports and Save Even More On Athletic Shoes!

My kids are active! They play multiple sports, run, jump and play as many hours a day as possible. That is why they could not wait for their new athletic shoes from Road Runner Sports to arrive. Check out our video below of the unboxing.

I want to share something great with you, Road Runner Sports has a special VIP program. The VIP Family Program will let members save at least 10% on everything-all year, have 90 days to actually RUN in shoes & exchange if not perfect, PLUS enjoy free shipping, special sales and MORE! Sign-Up and Save 20% OFF on Everything at Road Runner Sports! Use Coupon Code MOMRAMBLING17 at checkout! Click HERE to Sign-Up.

You can connect with Road Runner Sports on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

My kids love their new sneakers, they were waiting with bated breath until they arrived. It was so easy to shop on Road Runner Sports’ website, we found exactly what they both wanted. We were able to select the color and size easily and they arrived promptly and well packaged. I love that they have that 90 day guarantee, where you can exchange them if they don’t fit right, even if you kids have worn them for 90 days! That is great peace of mind! 

My son Ethan chose the Kids ASICS GEL-Nimbus 19 in Black/Red. They are also available in Pink/Coral for girls.

Product Description:

Give ’em an unfair advantage with cloud-hoppin’ cushion in the Kids ASICS® GEL Nimbus® 19. Set ’em up for success with a responsive ride and a comfy upper that holds and releases to encourage their natural motion. They’ll feel the difference with naturally lighter and more responsive cushion thanks to organic fibers in the new FlyteFoam™ midsole. Plus their Nimbus® 19 has a reinforced toe cap to block scuffs and scrapes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Impact Guidance System® Technology: Enhances the foot’s natural gait from heel strike to toe-off
  • FluidRide® midsole: Provides the ultimate combination of bounce back and cushioning properties with reduced weight and exceptional durability
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL® Cushioning System: Reduces shock during impact and toe-off phases
  • Seamless Construction
  • Reinforced stitched toe cap: Provides extra protection
  • FlyteFoam™ Midsole Technology: Provides optimal comfort and a responsive ride for the neutral runner

My son Luke picked the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 in Black. They are available in several other color combinations for boys and girls.

Product Description:

Send your child off to school soaring in the smooth, snappy ride of the Kid’s Nike® Air Zoom Pegasus 33. Your little athlete is sure to feel the difference in the finely tuned outsole that features impact absorbing cuts and enhanced grip, and a Cushion midsole for a soft, yet responsive ride. They’ll feel secure in the lockdown fit provided by the Flywire cable construction, and they’re sure to get support and ventilation right where they want it most, complements of the Kid’s Nike® Air Zoom Pegasus 33’s engineered mesh upper.

Features & Benefits:

  • Zoom Air in heel: Responsive, low-profile cushioning
  • Cuts within the crash rail: Impact absorbing
  • Cushion midsole: Flexible feel
  • Flywire cables: Lockdown

Check them out and let me know if you signed up for the VIP Family Program in the comments. I would love to hear what you think. Use Coupon Code MOMRAMBLING17 at checkout! Click HERE to Sign-Up.

This post is sponsored by Road Runner Sports, I did receive products and compensation but as always, my words and views are 100% my own.

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Is Facebook Creating Hoarders?

I have written about extreme couponing before and my major gripe with it was that the products people were stockpiling were toxic. They out-gas their containers and create toxic air in their homes. Not to mention, they are filled with toxic ingredients and using them can result in miscarriage, infertility, birth defects, cancer and more.

Today, there is something  that is gaining great popularity on Facebook and other social media that I feel is responsible for out of control buying of all kinds of products. They are called glitch groups and the members post about all kinds of pricing mistakes online and in stores.

This week, one of the glitches posted was not really a glitch but a clearance price of $.30 for a can of holiday scented Febreeze spray at a major retailer. Photo after photo of people walking out of the store with shopping carts full of these holiday scented, fabric fresheners was posted. Many were walking out with cases of Febreeze.

Now, if you don’t know, Febreeze is one of the most toxic products you can use, it can cause central nervous system damage among other things. Try to share a word to the wise and it is obvious they are not wise and you are a hater. That is fine, if they want to stack their cancer-in-a-can, fabric freshener in pretty little rows in their stockpile, there is not much I can do. Even speaking to them as the mother of a cancer survivor, they do not want anyone to steal the joy that a cart full of Febreeze can bring them.

Worse are the ones who are not stacking it in neat little rows but coming home and adding it to rooms that are already stacked to the gills with other glitch, clearance or sale items they have found. It is not hard for things to get out of control and I truly believe it is a dangerous addiction.

I know how exciting it can be to find the deal of the century. I used to shop like that, it was not for toxic things but if I found games, toys, kitchen items, craft items etc. at a great price, I bought them up faster than you could say C-L-U-T-T-E-R. I ended up giving so much of it away in an attempt to clear my garage of boxes of the stuff that for a time, I used to sell on eBay until they raised their fees so high, it did not pay.

I know some of these Glitchers are selling at local swap sales, online yard sales, Craigslist, Amazon or other sites. Good for them! If they are moving products out for a profit that is super.  The problem lies when things are not moving out and more and more things are moving in. This out of control bargain shopping addiction can be brutal.

Recently, they were posting about Christmas trees for a penny at a major retailer. I found a 12 ft. tree and since we did have to replace ours, I was thrilled to find one ringing up at around $60. It was a beautiful 12 ft. pre-lit tree, almost exactly like our other one that needed replacing that retailed at over $800.

Yet theses Glitchers almost made me hang my head in shame that I was not able to get it for a penny. Had I not been aware of these Glitchers, I would have been thrilled to get this deal. Darn Glitchers making others feel bad. I was surprised when one of them found one of the trees but it was ringing up at $12 and she did not want it at that price. Say what? I don’t know about you but I thought $60 was a super deal.

However, I don’t think anything is a super deal if you don’t need it, are not going to give it to someone or don’t sell it. If you are buying just to buy, you are going to end up being on Hoarders:Buried Alive.

Clearance or bargain shopping used to be something that people enjoyed solo or with a spouse or friend. Sometimes they would tell  family and friends about the awesome deals and that is where it ended.

With these groups now all over social media, it is becoming a contest of just how many Pioneer Woman frying pans you can score for $4 or how many $9 Barbie Dreamhouses you can fit in your car and still have room for yourself in an Instagram selfie. Posting the photo and reading the comments can be a real adrenaline rush. We know shopping addiction is real and I truly think social media is taking it to a level we have not seen before.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts.


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