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Red Flags You Need To Be Aware Of When Hiring A Contractor

Hiring a Contractor

Your home is your haven and something you have worked very hard for. It is where you build your family and celebrate the milestones in your life. Owning a home is no doubt you have worked very hard to do and maintaining your home is something that goes hand in hand with being a homeowner.

Beyond ordinary maintenance, enhancing your living space with home improvement projects as your family grows, is something many homeowners do.


Home improvement projects are abundant, and they are easily one of the best ways to update your home and make it more functional for your needs.  However, not all of us have the time or the skill to perform these projects ourselves. That is why we choose to hire a professional contactor.

Contractors vary in skill and qualifications. When you end up hiring a bad contractor, you run the risk of shoddy workmanship or worse, you may even end up with an unfinished home improvement project. Both scenarios mean that you’ve just thrown your hard-earned money down the drain.

So, what are the red flags that you be aware of when looking for a contractor for your next home improvement project?


Poor Reviews

The lack of reviews or worse, the presence of negative reviews should already be an indication that the particular contractor does not perform well. Background checks are also necessary when you want to make sure that your hard-earned money goes somewhere worthwhile.

References also work in the same way in that they provide you with a glimpse of a contractor’s work ethic and whether or not they truly deliver results.

New Roof

No Proposal

A good contractor is going to be able to plan for the entire project, from start to finish. They’re going to be able to determine the time needed as well as the materials required to get the job done.

They should present you with a clear proposal for your to review. If your contractor asks for unlimited time as well as unlimited materials, then you’re just asking to get overcharged for the project. Walk away if this is the case.

new construction


If something sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. That old adage is almost always correct, and this situation is no exception. Before you sign a contract, you need to do a bit of research on how much the project is going to cost to complete.

This site should provide you with a comprehensive idea of the price of materials. Use this as a point of reference for when you want to see if a contractor is offering you a low price that’s too good to be true.

Lack of Construction Permits

When a contractor dismisses building permits as unnecessary expenses, you should already be raising an eyebrow. Permits are standard procedure, as well as the inspections that precede their release. You aren’t only risking your project getting shut down. You’re also risking your safety and that of the people around you.

Luckily, if a faulty construction should result in injury to you or anyone in your house, you do have legal remedies that should help you along the way.

Home Improvement

This is a collaborative guest post, the words and views do not necessarily reflect those of Mommy Ramblings.

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6 Creative Ways to Pay for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Your home is a special place, somewhere to spend time with family and friends, a haven to relax and unwind after a long day. It’s no wonder we want our homes to look inviting and attractive. For most homeowners, this means embarking on a home improvement project. However, even with opting for DIY instead of paying a professional home remodeler to do it, the cost of a home improvement project can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, high remodeling costs mean that many have to put off their dream of renovating their home until they have saved enough money. Depending on the scope of the project, saving up could take months or years.  Don’t get discouraged, there are other options to create your dream home. Here are six creative ways to pay for your home improvement project.


You would probably be surprised to learn how much money  some of the junk and clutter you have around and in your house is worth.  If you are serious about funding your home improvement project another way, then it’s time to scrap your junk for cash. Find out the scrap price for cars, and get rid of that old clunker taking up space in your garage. Go through your basement and attic and put together all the old items you no longer want or need, then start selling them online or through classified ads. Just because you don’t need it, does not mean it’s not worth something to someone else. Remember one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.


Bartering is trading goods or services without using money. Bartering was very popular back in the day, but you may be able to benefit today. Do you have any items or skills you can trade in order to get the materials or services you need for your project? For instance, if you are a CPA, it may be possible to trade your tax services to a local handyman in exchange for their labor. Think outside the box, and reach out to your community to find someone who is interested in your offer.

Reuse and recycle

It’s possible you have all the stuff you need for your project already in your home. For instance, if you want to renovate a bathroom, consider reusing some of the pieces you already have in the renovation. For example, painting an old vanity can transform its look for just a few dollars. Adding new trim around your old mirror can give it new life, while painting light fixtures and hardware can update their look without breaking the bank.  Instead of assuming you have to buy all new materials for your home, think about the ways you can reuse the items you have.

Use store credits, gift cards, and rebates

Most home improvement stores today provide you with all the tools and products you need to complete your project. Instead of buying everything outright, consider asking for gift cards to that specific store for your birthday and holidays. This way, you can save up these gift cards and use them to pay for the stuff you need for your project. In addition, if you have store credits or rebate offers, be sure to cash those in and use them to fund your project. These are great ways to eliminate the overall expense and still get the home you dreamed of.

Get a part-time job

Taking on a part-time job can help you fund your home improvement project. Although the thought of working more may not sound appealing, you’ll be happy when the home improvement project is finished. Think about opting for a job that lets you work on your own schedule, such as driving for Uber or starting a side freelance business. When you can generate some extra income and put that aside for your project, you’ll be knocking down walls before you know it.

Consider guest funding

It may be a long shot, but sites like GoFundMe, allow you to make an online, public request for donations to your “cause.” Starting a GoFundMe account for your home improvement project could entice others to fund the project for you. Requests like this are often best if the home improvement project is needed for health issues or to make your home safe. For instance if a family member is in a wheelchair and you need an entrance ramp or if your roof was damaged from a falling tree and is not covered by insurance.

Keep The Faith

Your home improvement may have a hefty price tag, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach. Implementing some of the ways above can help you create the house of your dreams in less time than you think.

This is a collaborative guest post. The views and ideas expressed do not necessarily represent those of Mommy Ramblings.


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8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Gypsum Wall Panels for Interior Design

Gypsum Wall Panels

An increasing number of people are now opting for gypsum wall panels for their interior design. These wall panels are being installed in homes, restaurants, offices and many other places. People choosing these wall panels are very satisfied with the overall outcome of the installation. If you’re wondering whether or not you should opt for  gypsum wall panels, we have 8 reasons why these panels are absolutely worth it. Here’s everything you need to know:

Gypsum Wall Panels Are Affordable

One of the many reasons why people confidently opt for gypsum wall panels is because these panels are very affordably priced. Their affordable pricing makes them the perfect item to enhance the décor of a commercial or residential space without burning a hole through one’s pocket. Anyone having a limited interior décor budget will find the gypsum wall panels to be a real blessing.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Another reason why gypsum wall panels have become extremely popular for interior décor purposes is that these panels are very easy to clean and maintain. A simple spray of water and cleaning with a soft cloth will make the panels look clean and brand new. The panels don’t stain easily either, making them the perfect décor item for commercial and residential spaces.

Gypsum Wall Panels


Easy To Install

The gypsum wall panels are very easy to install too. You don’t need to spend a large amount of money on installation. Some wall panel brands even offer professional and free installation services as part of the purchase price. These panels can be installed in a matter of minutes without any hassles.

Wall Panels Are Weatherproof

Another reason why the wall panels are worth the investment is that they are weatherproof. These panels will not deteriorate in quality when exposed to excessive humidity and moisture. They can be installed in the kitchen and the bathroom too without getting damaged. The wall panels are waterproof too.

They Hide Wall Flaws

Over the years even concrete walls begin to develop cracks and flaws. One effective way to hide these cracks and ugly flaws is by installing wall panels. The gypsum wall panels can hide the chipped paint and wall cracks and give your home that brand new feel. Looking at wall flaws can be a real eyesore and not every homeowner or business owner has the time to get the walls repainted every few years. The best way to keep up the décor without spending money on repainting the walls is by installing wall panels.

Gypsum Wall Panels


Several Options To Choose From

The gypsum wall panels are a great interior décor option because of the several varieties, styles and colours that they are available in. You can install acoustic gypsum wall panel options in your living room or in the room where you have installed your home theatre system. These acoustic panels help to improve the sound quality in the surroundings and prevent outside noise from infiltrating the room and disrupting the home theatre atmosphere. In addition,  there are specially designed bathroom wall panels also available that can tolerate humidity and moisture in the bathroom without getting ruined. If you’re looking for something that’s classy and that will enhance the décor of your home, you can even opt for the decorative gypsum wall panels that are available in amazing 3D designs and a plethora of colours. Besides these options, there are tons of other gypsum board options available too.

Excellent Alternative To Tiles

If you’re searching for a suitable alternative to wall tiles, you can definitely opt for the gypsum wall panels. Installing tiles can give your home a dull and drab look. Furthermore, over the years tiles tend to get stained and cleaning the crevices between the tiles can be a nightmare. Gypsum wall panels, on the other hand, are a great alternative to tiles. They are visually pleasing, easy to install and never run out of style.

Fire Retardant Wall Panels And Gypsum Boards

Lastly, a large number of gypsum boards and wall panels that are available in the market now are fire-retardant and safe to install. Having fire resistant wall panels and gypsum boards is essential particularly when these boards and panels are being installed in commercial settings.

Different Types Of Gypsum Wall Panels That You Can Install

As mentioned earlier, gypsum wall panels are available in several different designs and styles. Let’s now discuss a few of the available options and popular options:

  • Gouge Gypsum Wall Panels – The Gouge gypsum wall panels have a beautiful and wavy pattern. These panels are ideal for installation in the living room, bedroom, restaurant and so on. They have a very welcoming and classy appeal to them too.
  • Tetris Gypsum Wall Panels – Yes just like as in the game Tetris, the Tetris gypsum wall panels have a captivating brick pattern about them. They make an excellent décor item for the bathroom, kitchen or even a movie theatre.
  • Incision Gypsum Wall Panels – The incision gypsum wall panels literally look like stars in gleaming in the skies. These panels make the perfect décor panels for restaurants, hospitals, hotel lobbies and so on.
  • Mariana Gypsum Wall Panels – If you’re looking out for wall panels that have a 3D style wavy pattern that remind you of the ocean, then you definitely need to get your hands on the Mariana gypsum wall panels. These panels are ideal for the bedroom, study room, a restaurant and so on.

Besides the above-mentioned wall panels, there are countless other options available too. People from across the globe are now switching over to wall panels. Wall panels are convenient and affordable and they give your home or commercial setting that classy and upscale look that you have always wanted. So get right to it and order gypsum wall panels for your home today! We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the installation.

This is a collaborative guest post, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Mommy Ramblings.


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5 Helpful Painting Tips To Paint Like A Pro

Winter is a good time to tackle some indoor home improvement projects. You would be surprised at what a fresh coat of paint can do to chase the doldrums of winter away. So, if you are ready to freshen up your walls, check out these 5 helpful painting tips to help you paint like a pro. 

Safety First:

Protect your eyes from paint drips or flying debris with a pair of plastic safety glasses or goggles. Make sure your room is adequately ventilated and if you are using any product with strong fumes, wear a respirator.

Prep First:

No matter how excited you are to get that color on the walls, you cannot skip the prep. Check your walls for cracks, holes, dents, stains or other imperfections.  For most issues, a lightweight spackling compound and putty knife will be all you need. Just apply the compound and remove the excess. Allow the area to fully dry then sand lightly until the area is smooth and uniform with the rest of the wall.

Remove dirt and debris by washing down the walls. Remove all outlet covers, pictures, hooks, nails etc. Remove as much furniture and belongings as possible. Having a clear space will make painting much easier. Using a painter’s masking tape, tape the room to prevent paint getting on the molding. Cover the floors with drop cloths.

Use Primer:

Primers are developed to help seal your walls, prevent mold and stains and can even be tinted to the color of the paint you are using. Since primer is less expensive than paint, using a tinted primer means you won’t need as many coats of paint  and that will save you money. You can buy a paint and primer in one too, but when you are painting on new drywall, you will want to use a primer first no matter what type of paint you are using.

Cut In:

Start by cutting in with the primer or paint/primer. You want to cut in where the ceiling meets the wall, around windows and doors and where the walls meet the baseboard. It is best to do this one wall at a time. You should cut in and paint the wall and then move on to the next for the best looking results.

Load your roller and start at the top, roll a W or a V shape over a section of the wall and continue until the sections is covered. Then move on to the next, reloading your roller as needed. Allow ample time for the first coat to dry before accessing if you need a second coat.

Clean Up:

Remove the painter’s tape, if left on too long it can become difficult to remove. Clean paint brushes, rollers and roller trays per manufacturer’s instructions. Tightly seal paint cans. Before putting outlet covers back on you can put a piece of masking tape to the back and write what paint color you used on it.

I hope this post inspired you to take on those dingy walls in your home. There are so many color options out there and even if you are not ready for a big color change, you could do one accent wall to make the room pop. Let me know if these tips helped you and tell me all about your project in the comments. Happy painting!

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Getting Final Remodeling Projects In Before Winter Comes

Autumn Is Here!

What’s that you smell in the air, is it a pumpkin-spiced latte? What’s that you feel in your soul as you drop your kids off at school—is it, could it be…pure joy? Well, not pure. You’ll miss them, of course—but what a relief! From eight to three (or 2:30 if you’re not so lucky), your kids are taken care of, they learn, and you get time to do what you need to.

One of those things could be some post-summer remodeling. Autumn and winter can be ideal times to upgrade your home, especially if you live in the south.  It’s not as hot outside, making yard work especially appealing.

Additionally, it’s a traditional “off-season”, so you may find decreased rates available. With school in session,  the kids won’t be tearing around the yard, getting in the way of contractors.

If you don’t live in the south, autumn still is an ideal time to remodel because winter is coming, and as they’re fond of saying in the adults-only HBO show Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming!”. It’ll get cold soon, and if you don’t take care of things like roof repairs, you could end up with much bigger structural problems. 

Some Outdoor Work

You want to get your roofing done before the winter hits. Since it’s already autumn, if you have not started, you might want to check out sites like South Jersey Roofers since they offer high-quality workmanship, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and proven reliability.

If you wait too long and live in a northern state, you may not be able to find any roofers to repair your issues. If that happens, you might have to use an emergency solution to get by until the weather warms up.  

Fall is a great time for last-minute structural remodeling. Additionally, you may not appreciate the features of some remodeling projects until late spring. Pergolas are one of those projects that come to mind.

If you’ve never heard of a pergola, this term refers to an adjustable awning which can be positioned with the touch of a button. It can keep out the snow, wind, and rain, or it can let in the sunshine. Whatever your preference, with the press of a button, you can change the way you enjoy your deck.

When it comes to outdoor pergola builders, you’ll be able to find top-tier solutions that will fit your needs; whether it be opening it up with the touch of a remote, angling it to provide the right amount of shade, or closing it completely.

Additional Considerations

You can actually use a pergola during winter as well.  Even in the coldest climates, there will be mild days, and you may want to read a book on the back deck in the sun. Soak up that winter sun while you can, if the clouds come in and you can feel the snow, just close the pergola slats, grab a blanket and keep reading.

Fall can also be the perfect time to install a security system. Again, it’s not nearly so hot outside as during the summer, and you want to have that system in place by the winter. There seems to be an increase in crime during the winter in southern states. This may not be the case if you live in the north, it will depend on your region. 

All in all, fall is the opportune time to tackle home improvement projects and make property upgrades like additions and completing essential home maintenance to prepare for the coming winter.

This is a sponsored post that does not necessary express the views or ideals of Mommy Ramblings.

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I Think I Found My Backsplash…Well, Maybe, Please Help Me!

I think I am going batty trying to pick out backsplash tile for my new kitchen. I am closer than ever to making a decision. I am however, a bit confused on some of the components. I had given up on trying to find a cream subway tile. Every time I found something there was no coordinating trim to do what I wanted. I brought home a piece of beveled white subway tile and it didn’t look too bad with my countertops.

You can imagine my surprise when, after giving up on finding cream, and picking everything in white, I found out I could get it all in a royal cream color. Shopping for tile is very confusing. So, now I am going with cream. I mean, I think I am going with the cream, lol.

I like a 3″ by 6″ subway tile that is beveled, and glossy.

I don’t need much bullnose or trim pieces in my kitchen. I only need two small pieces where the tile comes up on the sides of the sink on either side of the window. I plan to top it with this piece of crown trim.

Gloss Cream Crown Molding 2.25″ by 12″

The other area I need a trim piece is on the side near my french sliding doors. I am not sure which trim piece to go with there, but there are a variety of trim pieces available. I will check with the installers, on what they think would look best. Here are some of the choices beyond the piece above. I know the colors don’t all look the same, but that is not accurate, they are all the same brand and same color.

Bead Wall Tile Trim 1″ by 6″


Bullnose 2″ by 6″


Bullnose Long Side Trim Tile 3″ by 6″

Bullnose Short Side Trim  3″ by 6″

1/2″ by 6″ Tile Trim

Dome Trim 12″ by 3/4″

Okay, at least there is an abundance of trim, the only thing they do not have, is the double bullnose corner piece. It is however available if I go with the white. I am not sure that it is necessary, but if it is, that will be my sign to go with the white, lol.

So now for the special accent behind the cooktop. I was inspired by this photo I found online on Pinterest or Google Images, I cannot even remember, I have looked at so many.

So, this brand also has a 4.5″ by 4.5″ tile that I could use in this design.

4.5″ by 4.5″ Square Tile

I would use the crown trim for the frame.

Crown Molding in Royal Cream 12 in. x 2-1/4 in.


The part I am stuck on is what color to use for the mosaics for the border and for the deco between the square tiles. Some that I think would be good are:


Natural Seashell Mosaic


Honey Polished Onyx Mosaic

White Natural Seashell Mosaic ( I think this may be too light to be an accent.)


Mini Tundra Glass and Stone Mosaic

My countertops are Cambria Quartz in Nevern.

My cabinets are Wood Mode in Vintage Bright White.

Ugh, as I am writing this, I am not thinking maybe I should go with the white. The cream is not a beige but really a bone that my kitchen designer said would look good. I am so conflicted. lol Here is the white:

White Beveled 3″ by 6″ Subway Tile

And a close up of it:

Close Up of White Subway Tile

And now the Royal Cream close up:

Royal Cream Close Up

My cabinets are not a bright white they have a glaze that makes them vintage, and more of a creamy white.

So, what are your thoughts on this? I really would love to hear, this has been the hardest decision of the entire kitchen project.

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Part 2 of our Kitchen Transformation

If you have not seen Part 1 of our Kitchen Transformation click HERE.  You can also see our video constructions updates for a more in-depth, up close and personal look at everything, including the lessons we learned along the way.

So, the was the first piece of quartz installed. Sorry for the poor lighting, they still had not installed all the lights at this point. Also, outside the kitchen window is a temporary storage shed that will be moved, once we can move our stuff back in.

There will be a false drawer front that matches the cabinets surrounding the farmhouse sink. It is still being made in the factory, but we will show you what a difference it makes when installed. Again, the shed in the back is just temporary.

That is my plumber checking out the island top. I noticed after they left it was not even so they had to come back and redo that and the sink. Fun times.

The opening for the cooktop is cut on site. They bring in a fan that sucks out the dust and through an attached large tunnel tube it is blown outside. They also have a vacuum running.

Once the sinks had set, the faucets were installed along with the dishwasher and cooktop. We also installed the 3 pendant lights over the island and the one over the sink.  Then, the rest of the cabinets could be installed.

We need to get the crown molding installed on top of the cabinets and most of the interior cabinet lighting as well as the under cabinet and upper cabinet lighting. The cabinets still need to be aligned and the hardware installed. My biggest problem is, I cannot find a backsplash tile I like. Hope to do that this weekend. We have some more work to do but we have come a long way.


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Our Kitchen Transformation

So, if you don’t follow us on YouTube you might have missed all the construction updates on our house. If you would like to catch up, you can go to the Construction Update Playlist. In those videos, I share all the goofs, mishaps, mistakes and problems we encountered along the way. Here are some photos to show you where we started and how far we have come.

This was the kitchen before as is, it was a mess when I took these photos because we were in the middle of moving out.

This was during the demo of the kitchen, after the tile floor was removed.

The soffits were coming down, so they had to rip them out. We found a surprise under them.

That pipe near the window was our surprise. At first they thought it was a waste line from the upstairs bathroom that could not be moved, but they found out it was not, and we were able to move it!

Some new electric lines were installed and then they started putting the new insulation in. The recessed lighting also was moved.

Next, the sheet rock was put up and spackled.

Then they had to paint. They installed Hardibacker Board in preparation for the tile.

Next the tile floors needed to go in.

After the tile was in and grouted, our Wood-Mode Cabinets were delivered.

We protected our floors with a Red Rosin paper that is used as an underlayment for wood flooring

There were a lot of cabinets, moldings and trim delivered.

These were the first cabinets installed.

The new ovens were ready to be installed.


We had to wait to install the upper cabinets on the other side until the template was done for the quartz countertops because the cabinet in the corner sits on the countertop.

That is the end of this update, be sure to check out Part 2 of our Kitchen Transformation and Picking out our backsplash.  If you want to see more check out our YouTube Construction Update Videos.

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How to Choose a Bathroom Faucet

We are almost ready for our bathroom renovation reveals. When renovating and remodeling, there are so many decisions that need to be made, we talked about choosing the toilet, WASHLET and vanity for the bathroom, but I did not mention the faucet yet. When choosing a faucet there are several things you need to consider.

Faucet Type

First off, if you are updating and keeping the same vanity top and vanity, you are limited to what you can choose. You cannot install a single handle faucet if you have widespread faucet. Well, you can but it will have to have a plate that covers the other holes so you won’t have the same look. If you are starting from scratch, you have all the options you want. I chose a single handle faucet because I like the sleek look and find them easier to clean.

Sink Type

The type of sink you have is also a factor, if you have a vessel sink, make sure you choose a faucet that will work with it. The type of mount and gallons per minute are other things to keep in mind when choosing your faucet.



The next choice is the finish. Again, if you are not starting from scratch, you need to consider the colors of the other fixtures in the bathroom. We had a clean slate to work with so I went with the brushed nickel.


Next, the hardest part. What style faucet do you want? There are so many styles to choose from! We could not believe all the choices we had in front of us when we were checking out TOTO USA’s website for a bathroom faucet. With so many great styles to choose from, it was hard to decide. In the end, we went with something traditional and elegant. We choose the Guinevere faucet and just had it installed. It is absolutely beautiful.

About Our Faucet

Guinevere as we call her, is more than beautiful, she has a durable brass construction with a ceramic disc cartridge. She has a WaterSense Approved Low-Flow of 1.5 gpm. Guinevere comes in three fabulous finishes: polished chrome, polished nickel and brushed nickel. A metal pop up drain is included.

Our plumber told me that he was very impressed with the faucet. I laughed and told him to handle her carefully and that her name was Guinevere. We both had a good laugh on that, but we still call her by her name. The faucet and pop up drain were easy for him to install without any issues. Guinevere works flawlessly. I will show you how well in a video as soon as we do the reveal.

If you are looking for a new faucet check out TOTO USA. You can also follow them on Social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube to see more of their products and here the latest news.

Stay tuned, and subscribe to our newsletter and social media channels so you don’t miss the reveals. Let me know what you think of our choice.

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Best Kitchen Renovation Tips Revealed by the Experts

This is a sponsored guest post that may or may not represent the views of Mommy Ramblings.

There are all kinds of renovations you can do in your home, but few have as much impact as a kitchen renovation. With that said there is a lot to consider when you are planning the renovation, going through the design process, and picking your materials. In order to ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed during the process, here’s a look at some of the best kitchen renovation tips from the experts themselves.

Make Sure the Design Stage Gets Enough Attention

While it’s easy to jump ahead and start envisioning what your perfect kitchen will look like, it’s important not to get too far ahead of yourself. Perhaps the most important step in the renovation process is actually the development of the design.

Ideally you want to hire a kitchen designer who will work with you through this stage. This is even more important if you plan on changing the configuration of your kitchen. You want to be sure the design is well thought out, flows, and makes sense. This is also the time you will be discussing the budget. Sure it would be great to design a kitchen without any concern for the costs, but that’s probably not reality. The designer should be made aware of your budget right from the start so it fits your needs.

As a side tip you may find it helpful to go through various design magazines that showcase kitchens before you meet with the designer. You want to be able to share your thoughts on the configuration, size, color scheme, materials, etc. Showing the designer pictures will help create an idea in their mind.

Picking Your Materials

For many homeowners the most exciting part about a kitchen renovation is getting to pick their materials. This is typically the area that also seems to have the most “opinions” involved. Designers can help you through this process as well, especially when it comes to sticking to the budget.

The designer and contractor can discuss what materials will work best for your needs and what will work with the design. Some of the items you’ll be picking include appliances, countertops, backsplash, cabinets, lighting, paint color, flooring, etc. If possible, it’s always handy to find a place that allows you to take samples home to try them in the space. It also gives you a chance to see how all the different materials work together.

Beautiful custom kitchens are built around materials and designs that not only look great, but also work well for that client’s needs.

Understanding the Timeline

The last process or step is to get an idea of the timeline. Obviously once you decide you want to go ahead with a renovation project you want to hurry up and get it done, but that isn’t usually possible. In general the typical timeline is anywhere from four to six months if you’re talking about a complete demolition job. Obviously this can be shorter or longer depending on the job, the materials chosen, and the construction crew.


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