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“The Christmasaurus” Book Blog Tour & Giveaway

So excited to share with you a book that is perfect for reading with your kids this time of year or for them to read themselves. The Christmasaurus is all about the power of believing. 

Once upon a time—long, long ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth—an egg rolled away from its mother and landed in the ocean, where it froze solid and stayed peacefully for thousands of years. Then one day Santa and his elves discover the frozen egg, and Santa sits on it to see if it will hatch. But he can’t guess what’s inside. . . . A dinosaur!

Meanwhile, a young boy named William Trundle has only ever wished for one thing for Christmas: a dinosaur! So whenSanta accidentally gives William the real Christmasaurus instead of a stuffed replica, it’s the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! Until an evil man known as the Hunter decides a dinosaur will be the perfect addition to his collection. 

Written by McFly band member, YouTuber, and UK celebrity TOM FLETCHER, THE CHRISTMASAURUS is sure to become an instant Christmas classic.

Check out our video of the book below:


Penguin Random is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. One lucky blog reader will win their own hardcover copy of The Christmasaurus! Thank you to Penguin Random for the review book and for sponsoring this dinomite giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. Open to US Residents. 

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The Christmasaurus Hardcover Book Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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“Owls Are Good At Keeping Secrets” Book Blog Tour

Did you know that chipmunks love to stay up past their bedtime? Or that dragons cry at happy endings? I bet you’d never have guessed that iguanas sometimes get homesick at sleepovers. 

In Owls Are Good at Keeping Secrets, author SARAO’LEARY and illustrator JACOB GRANT pull back the curtain on the animal world and give us an absolutely charming little one-line”fact” about one animal for each letter of the alphabet. 

Kids will love to see their own quirks reflected in these adorably rendered creatures,and perhaps will be comforted to know that—just like them—narwhals can be perfectly happy all on their own and quail also get tired of being told to be quiet. This is more than just an alphabet book.

Owls Are Good At Keeping Secrets is a charming, hilarious, and touching look at the diversity of personalities in the world—worth many, many rereads. Check out the adorable book trailer here.

Let me know what you think of this wise new picture book. We think it’s a hoot! 


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“There’s an Elephant in My Bathtub” Blog Book Tour & Giveaway

If you have a child that loves animals, you probably have your own zoo in your house. I know I am finding animals everywhere in my house. Whether they are plush, hard figures or drawings, there is a menagerie of creatures everywhere I look. In the new picture book, There’s an Elephant in my Bathtub by Connie Bowman, a Dad finds and rounds up all kinds of animals and escorts them to his son’s room.

Later, when the son returns from school, he finds that his dad has gathered all his animals together for a safari party in his room. This is a delightful book that will have kids grinning from ear to ear as they see a gorilla on the kitchen counter and a bear eating the last of the breakfast cereal in the pantry.  The illustrator of this book is Kelly O’Neill.

You can follow Connie Bowman on Twitter.  You can purchase the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or IndieBound.


The Children’s Book Review and Connie Bowman are sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. Thank you to Connie Bowman and The Children’s Book Review for the review book and for sponsoring this great giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.

Enter to win a copy of There’s an Elephant in My Bathtub by Connie Bowman, and a menagerie of stuffed animals!

One (1) winner receives:

  • An autographed copy of There’s an Elephant in My Bathtub
  • A menagerie of stuffed animals, as featured in the prize image

Nine (9) winners will receive:

  • An autographed copy of There’s an Elephant in My Bathtub

Giveaway begins December 1, 2018, at 12:01 A.M. PST and ends December 31, 2018, at 11:59 P.M. PST.

Giveaway open to residents of Canada and the fifty United States and the District of Columbia who are 13 and older.

Connie Bowman is responsible for prize fulfillment.

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“Into The Deep” Blog Tour & Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to do something, but just could not due to your fear? I am sure like me, most of you can relate to at least one time, your fear held you back from doing something. For author Lauren Gaskill, it was on a family vacation when everyone but her, plunged off a boat into the ocean to go snorkeling. Lauren, an accomplished swimmer, could not get over her fear that there might be sharks in the water, and remained on the boat.

Years later, standing on a pier, Lauren felt that same fear as she was being cheered on to dive into the waves below. This time, she did not let that fear hold her back, and dove right into that deep blue ocean water.

Starting in high school Lauren had intense anxiety, panic attacks at night that continued into college. These attacks made her wonder why God was not helping her, why did it feel like she was drowning in a sea of despair. Lauren was lost in sea of anxiety, depression and chronic pain due to a health condition that continued to worsen.

Lauren began to lose her faith in God. She stopped believing God had a plan or his ability to save her. After graduating from College, Lauren found a Christian counselor and she was able to get out of the undertow and begin swimming with Jesus.

As I read this book, I could relate so well to the anxiety that Lauren faced in high school and college. I remember that in my own life, and I was hooked from that first chapter. If you want examples and tools to take your faith to the next level and help you control your reactions to overwhelming situations, you should read this book.

If you are ready to exchange fear and frustration for the boldness, courage and holy confidence that lead to a life of deep faith and joy, check out Into the Deep.  You can also find this book on Mommy Ramblings’ 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

You can see more in my video below:

Following Jesus doesn’t guarantee sunny skies and smooth sailing. In fact, the waters of life are often tumultuous, crashing over us. Sometimes we can feel that we’re drowning in a sea of confusion, division, frustration, complacency, or disillusionment. We need more than a shallow faith to survive these deep waters.Get ready to exchange fear and frustration for the boldness, courage, and holy confidence that lead to a life of deep faith and joy!


Audra Jennings PR is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. One lucky reader will win their own copy of Into the Deep! Thank you to Audra Jennings PR for the review book and for sponsoring this inspirational giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. Open to US residents.

Into the Deep Book Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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“How Do You Take A Bath?” Blog Book Tour & Giveaway

If you are looking for a fun picture book, How Do You Take A Bath?, really fits the bill. You will smile and laugh as you follow elephants, pigs, monkeys, hippos, and more in this charming read-aloud from veteran author Kate McMullan. Perfect for fans of Five Little Monkeys Jump in the Bath, How Do You Take A Bath? is a fun and educational picture book that brings together adorable baby animals and bath time.

How does a pig take a bath? It sinks in the mud! What about a chicken? It thrashes about in dust! And a cat? Why, it licks itself clean, of course! Sydney Hanson’s adorable illustrations toggle neatly between animals in nature grooming themselves and humorous depictions of children attempting the animals’ bathing tactics. By the end of the book, the child finally makes his way to the bathtub, no mud baths or lick baths about it!

 Check out my video review of this book:

The book’s fun, rhyming prose makes it perfect for storytime and provides the facts to back it up for science discussions. With How Do You Take a Bath?, teachers looking for a classroom read-aloud and parents searching for a new book about bath time need look no further!


Random House is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. One lucky blog reader will win their own hardcover copy of How Do You Take A Bath?! Thank you Random House for the review book and for sponsoring this great giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. Open to US residents.

How Do You Take A Bath? Hardcover Book Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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Moms, You Are Too Blessed To Be Stressed & Flash Giveaway

My husband and I were just talking about our weekend plans. I cannot believe the weather took a nosedive today and I was freezing riding my bike this afternoon. It is just another reminder of how fast time is flying by. We did get to do some apple picking earlier this month but we wanted to go once more and go to a pumpkin farm near us that has so many activities for the kids.

As we sat contemplating how we can fit this all in, I just felt inadequate. All over social media, I can see other families packing so much in and it sometimes makes me feel…so stressed.  If you feel that way too, you might really like, Too Blessed to be Stressed by Debora M. Coty. Debra is the best-selling author of the Too Blessed to be Stressed series and she decided to write an edition specifically for moms. I can tell you how happy I am she did!

In Too Blessed to be Stressed for Moms , Deb offers empathy, laughs, real-life stories, practical parenting survival tips, and fresh biblical insights to help frazzled moms of all ages hear God’s still, small voice through life’s chaos.

Do you feel like you’re drowning in the everyday stress-pool? . . .

Wish you could make busy-ness a business so you’d be a millionaire? . . .

Welcome to the maternal order of slightly sagging sisters of the ‘hood. The motherhood.

With her own offbeat brand of wit and near-wisdom, popular inspirational humorist Debora Coty addresses heart needs of moms drowning in the churning stress-pool of busyness. In her beloved mom-to-mom, grin-provoking style, Coty offers empathy, laughs, real-life stories, practical parenting survival tips, and fresh biblical insights to help you hear Papa God’s still, small voice through life’s chaos.

Whether you’re struggling with stress related to attitude, time-management, guilt trips, patience, or something in between. . .this humor-filled volume will deliver a much-needed smile and equip you with simple-to-implement tips for attaining the peace we all crave—the peace that passes all understanding.

You can read a sampler of the book HERE, and check out the book trailer video below.

Debora M. Coty is a popular humorist, speaker, and award-winning author of numerous inspirational books, including the bestselling Too Blessed to be Stressed line. Deb considers herself a tennis junkie and choco-athlete (meaning she exercises just so she can eat more chocolate). A retired piano teacher and orthopedic occupational therapist, Debora currently lives, loves, and laughs in central Florida with her husband, Chuck, and three grandbuddies and one grandprincess.Stay in the loop with Debra Coty on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Flash Giveaway:

To celebrate the release of Too Blessed to Be Stressed for Moms and to bless a mom that needs to de-stress, Deb is giving away a “Take a Day for Mom” $75 VISA Cash Card. The card can be used by a mom for a day of pampering or just getting away and enjoying a day to herself. Do you need a day away or know a mom who does? (Is that a trick question?) Then, enter the giveaway and share it with all your friends. (Another little secret… you don’t have to prove you are a mom in order to win!)  

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“Giraffe Problems” Blog Book Tour & Giveaway

Turns out penguins aren’t the only animals with problems. . . From the creators of Penguin Problems comes GIRAFFE PROBLEMS, a second hilarious collaboration from picture-book superstars Jory John and Lane Smith.

Can you guess what’s making this giraffe self-conscious? Could it be . . . HIS ENORMOUS NECK? Yes, it’s exactly that—how on earth did you figure it out?

Cyrus the giraffe can’t understand why his neck is as long and bendy and, well, ridiculous as it is. No other animal has a neck this absurd. He’s tried disguising it, dressing it up, strategically hiding it behind bushes—honestly, anything you can think of, he’s tried.

Just when he has exhausted his neck-hiding options and is about to throw in the towel, a turtle swoops in (well, ambles in, very slowly) and helps him understand that his neck has a purpose, and looks excellent in a bow tie.

This is such an adorable book that conveys a very important message to kids. Check out my video review of Giraffe Problems below:


Random House is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. One lucky reader will win their own hardcover copy of Giraffe Problems! Thank you to Random House for the review book and for sponsoring this awesome giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. Open to US residents.

Giraffe Problems Book Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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“Homespun” Blog Book Tour- Amish & Mennonite Women in Their Own Words

I love learning about different cultures and religions. The most profound thing I have learned, is that when we really take the time to learn about others, we usually discover we are more alike than different. I think our world could benefit greatly if we all took the time to learn about others.

Given my feelings, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review a new book edited by Lorilee Craker. The book, Homespun: Amish and Mennonite Women in Their Own Words,


Is there a better way to connect and get to know someone than over a cup of coffee or tea? That is exactly how it feels reading the stories of the Amish and Plain Mennonite women in this book. Editor Lorilee Craker, bestselling author of Money Secrets of the Amish, collects these personal writings about hospitality, home, grief, joy, and walks with God.

Hear from one woman who struggles with feeling inferior to her sister, from another about her longing for a baby, and from a third who accidentally bought stretchy material to sew her husband’s pants. tEach woman’s story is a testament to the grace of God and the blessings of community.

This book is such a great read, one to savor while laying back and enjoying the end of summer. Homespun is such a comfortable read, it is so hard to put down. As I read the stories of the women on the pages, I found there was much more I had in common with them than not. The stories draw you in and make you laugh, cry and connect. You will love this book.

Learn more in my video below:

Behind Amish romance novels and tourist spots and television shows stand real people, with longings and loves just like the rest of us. Every Amish and Mennonite woman has a story. In Homespun, you get to hear some of them.

About the editor:







Lorilee Craker is the author of thirteen books, including Money Secrets of the AmishAnne of Green Gables, My Daughter, and Me; My Journey to Heaven with Marv Besteman; and the New York Times bestseller Through the Story with Lynne Spears. Connect with Lorilee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Get Your Pencil Because “Mightier Than The Sword” is Here!

Books are so much fun, they can transport you to faraway places and take you on exciting adventures. What about a book that takes it a step farther? One that is wildly funny and inventive, but also interactive? Yes, that sounds great doesn’t it? Mightier than the Sword will pull you, the reader, in the action, for an experience like no other. 

You wake up in the fictional land of Astorya, where stories from our world come to life. You’re a real human being (we assume), and in this fictional world, that makes you a superhero. Armed with your trusty pencil you have the power to create: what you write, draw, or scribble in the book becomes part of the story!

Only you can rescue Prince S. from the evil Queen Rulette. Aided by the Couriers–a French stoat with dangerous dance moves, a giant dung beetle, a fire ninja, a Pegasus-centaur-cowgirl and a super-intelligent femalien chameleon–you must write, draw, and puzzle your way through a hilarious adventure that is unique to every reader! And most importantly, you must prove that the pencil is mightier than the sword.

What a great book to add to your child’s summer reading list. A book they will be happy about diving into because they get to be part of the action and adventure. See the excerpt from the book below:

A Note to the Reader

This book is unlike any other book you’ve ever read before. What’s written on these pages is happening right now. To you.

That’s right, you.

This book is about you and what you’re doing right now—but not what you think you’re doing and not where you think you’re doing it. It’s about another you in another world.

Confused? That’s natural. We don’t fully understand it, either. Scientists are still trying to get to the bottom of how one thing can be in two places at once. If you’re curious about how such things work, we encourage you to read up on quantum physics and then explain it to us.

But not now! You’re already too deep into this book. One hundred twenty words deep, to be exact! And now even more! But don’t waste your time counting words to find out if we can count or not—your life hangs in the balance!

Sorry, did we forget to mention that? Well, it’s true. The other world you are in right now is a bizarre and dangerous place. Nothing is as it seems. Survival is not guaranteed. It will take every ounce of your courage, wit, and luck to get back home in one piece.

Scared? Tempted to put this book down and never touch it again? We don’t blame you. It’s scary to be fighting for your life in a strange world filled with terrifying creatures and unbearable puns. But to that we say: Too bad. Deal with it. Someone has to do it, and that someone is you.

And this isn’t just a ploy to make you keep reading. Although that is a good idea. We wish we had thought of that. We can’t think of everything. What did you expect? Omniscient narrators? Hardly! We don’t know everything about everyone, but we do know what’s happening to you. And right now you need your help.

So go grab your pencil and keep it handy. You will need it. It just so happens that in this other world, a pencil is all you have to draw the line between life and death. 

Draw A Picture is what you are asked to do on page 118 of Mightier than the Sword. More than a picture it is actually a map you are asked to create on page 19. Make it as elaborate or as simple as you want, just get Spielburg back on the map!


Alana Harrison and Drew Callander have spent their lives telling stories and cracking jokes. Alana graduated from The College of William and Mary with a degree in Comedic Writing and Performance. Drew graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Fiction Writing.

Together they have created cartoons and short films with Jon Stewart, Conan O’Brien, John Oliver, and Kristen Schaal. Their work as writers and improv comedians has aired on Sirius XM Radio, NBC, and Comedy Central. Mightier Than the Sword is their first full-length middle-grade novel. They live with their baby daughter and exquisitely talented cat (neither of whom help with the dishes).


Ryan Andrews lives in the Japanese countryside, with his wife, two kids, and their dog, Lucky. A friendly Kodama or two have been known to take up residence in the giant acorn tree that shades the house. Ryan often works at his drawing desk in the early-morning hours, to the sound of rummaging wild boar and badgers, who come from the surrounding forest seeking out shiitake mushrooms and fallen chestnuts.


So what do you think, does Mightier than the Sword sound like a book that would be one your child would like? Let me know.

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“Life According to Og the Frog” Book Review & Blog Tour

Friday was the last day of school for my little ones, but even though the saying goes “no more teachers, no more books”, that is not exactly true in our house.

We are a book loving family, so a summer without books, would be a miserable summer. Even if your middle school child is not an enthusiastic reader, The Life of Og the Frog by Betty G. Birney will be one they want on their summer reading list.

Now, you may be familiar with the adventures in The World According to Humphrey who is the class pet in Room 26. This book also takes place in Room 26, but it is told from the perspective of Og the Frog! Og used to live in a marsh, but he has found himself as the newest class pet in Room 26.

There is so much Og the Frog wants to know. Of course he misses his friends from the pond, everyone except the bullying bullfrogs. The water in his tank is very clean, maybe a little too clean, Og the Frog enjoys a little muck every now and again, after all. The classroom is full of strange, unfamiliar noises and there is a furry, squeaky fellow living next to him, who is very entertaining. The kids are sure friendly and they put the biggest, fattest crickets right in Og’s tank!

All these new experiences give Og lots of inspiration for what he loves to do best, making up songs and poems. All was going along fine, Og the Frog was trying to figure out Humphrey, getting to know the kids better and then there was the frog debate. The debate had to do with whether or not to send Og to live in his own environment at Piney Woods or let him stay in room 26.

Og the Frog had a lot of feelings during the debate discussion and vote. Would he have to say goodbye to the kids he lovingly refers to as the Tads. What about Tabitha? Tabitha’s whole life had changed just like Og’s had. Og thought about Mandy, the little girl who finally started seeing the bright side of things thanks to his help. Let’s not forget about Humphrey who Og was finally beginning to figure out.

The tads had a discussion and took a vote. As their teacher starts pulling out the folded slips of paper and reading them to the class, it is only a matter of minutes before Og will know his fate.

About the Author:

Betty G. Birney has won many awards for writing for television, including an Emmy, three Humanitas Prizes, and a Writers Guild of America Award. In addition to the Humphrey series, she is the author of The Seven Wonders of Sassafrass Springs and The Princess and the Peabodys. She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, where her parents grew up as neighbors on Humphrey Street.

The Life of Og the Frog is a good book to read aloud with your kids or to let them read aloud to you. Of course, it makes wonderful reading for kids in grades 3-7 to read on their own as well. Let me know if, The Life of Og the Frog will be hopping onto your middle schooler’s summer reading list.

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