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Best Classic & Retro Toys For Kids

Social media feeds are filled with posts from desperate parents looking for the latest toy fad their kids have to have, and is impossible to find. Why not go the other direction and take a stroll down memory lane? The very same toys you and the generations before you enjoyed, continue to delight kids today! Let’s take a look at some of the best classic toys.

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You might think of shopping Amazon for the season’s hottest toys, but they also have a large inventory of the top classic toys. Who can forget the appeal of Mr. Potato Head?

Mr. Potato Head

I still remember where I got mine, and how it was one of my favorite toys. The spud is still a hot potato today. Today there are larger sets, a wife, kids and even Marvel Potato Head sets that add to the staying power of this creative toy.

Marvel Potato Head


For little ones who are just starting to walk the Fisher Price Corn Popper with it’s popping balls and fun sounds entertain and encourage walking, as well as counting and visual tracking. This classic has been a hit with toddlers for years.

The Chatter Telephone was introduced by Fisher Price in 1961. The ringing rotary dial and friendly interactive design make it the ultimate pretend play toy decades later. I remember my Chatter Telephone that I had as a child, and it was a favorite of mine. My kids had their own and loved it just as much as I did. With eyes that roll up and down, it is funny to think we had an Eye Phone way before Apple was even a company.

fisher price chatter telephone

The Fisher Price Music Box Record Player was another favorite of my childhood, and one my children love as well. This iconic, musical toy has been a hit since it was introduced in 1971. Record player includes 5 playable records and is a great take-a-long toy thanks to the convenient handle.

fisher price record player

The next toy was one of my absolute favorites, I loved it so much I still have mine! My kids were big fans of the Pull-A-Tune Xylophone as much as their mother. With two ways to make music, this is a budding musicians delight. Tap the color bars with the attached mallet or pull it to hear a happy tune.

fisher price xylophone

What child does not love blocks? Amazon has so many different kind of blocks to choose from but one kind that I remember fondly as a child and my kids love today are the wooden ABC blocks.

Browsing Amazon , I found so many classic toys that are as perfect today as they were decades ago. Who didn’t love playing with the Magic Screen Etch A Sketch growing up? Today’s kids will enjoy it just as much!

etch a sketch

The Spirograph Deluxe Design Set is still going strong. First introduced in 1965, the distinctive wheels and rings of the Spirograph cleverly combine the principles of art and mathematics in a way that has inspired and captivated generations.

spirograph deluxe design set

Monopoly is definitely a board game classic! The appeal of building a fortune buying, selling and trading the world’s most favorite properties never goes out of style!

Another toy standing the test of time is LEGO Building Bricks. These creative building blocks let kids design and build whatever their imagination desires.

Lego Classic Blocks

Play-Doh is another creative toy that has kept generations of kids entertained. There are more fun accessories than ever before! Who can forget the thrill and then smell of opening a brand new can of Play-Doh?

Amazingly Barbie, looks as youthful today as when she was introduced in 1959. No matter her real age, the iconic doll shows no signs of slowing down or retiring.

Barbie Do

My kids love wagons, let’s face it, most kids do. A wagon has so many uses and really seems to be a childhood favorite of many. What child would not want to find the Classic Radio Flyer Red Wagon under the tree on Christmas morning?

radio flyer wagon

Let’s not forget the classic baby doll. While there are many dolls that do all sorts of things, the classic baby doll has lasting appeal for kids.

Classic Baby Doll

There is a reason these toys are as popular today as when they were introduced. They have staying power that lasts long after the tree and the decorations have been put away.


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4 Questions To Help You Determine Why Your Child Is Crying

When your child is crying and won’t or can’t tell you what is wrong, it is very frustrating. Meltdowns can be difficult for even the most experienced parents to handle. When it happens, your automatic reaction might be to tell your child to stop crying. Unfortunately, that rarely works so you might want to consider these factors.

Crying is a natural reaction for kids when they are over-stimulated, over tired, or physically hurt. Figuring out which it is and meeting their needs can help you get to the root of the problem. The next time you are faced with an outburst, take a deep breath and ask yourself these 4 simple questions before reacting.

Is it something physical?

Perhaps your child refuses to put on his shoes and bursts into tears when you stand firm. Is this a battle of wills  or could it be that they are dealing with physical pain they may not be able to express? The frustration of not being able to articulate what is going on, can trigger an epic meltdown.

Take a look at their physical condition. Could it be a toothache? According to Lane Family Dental, “Your tooth may not bother you at all until that moment you bite into a decadent slice of chocolate cake. The shock from coming in contact with sugar is a pretty sure sign that your tooth has a cavity.”

Or could it be a headache? Mayo Clinic states that headaches in children can be difficult to diagnose, but they may cry and hold their head to indicate pain. Lastly, it may be the most common physical reason of them all: your child may just need a nap.

Is your child feeling stressed?

This one is more common among older children. You may wonder what could cause a child to be stressed. Actually, any situation that is new to a child can cause their body to release the stress hormone, cortisol.

Dealing with after school activities where a certain level of performance is expected, can add stress to an already-full school day. Tears could also result from a frustrating classroom situation. It could even be  something they have heard that they don’t know how to handle. Consider that their tears may not really be about having to clean their room or do a chore. In reality that outburst may be an expression of accumulated stress.

Is your child hungry?

It happens to everyone. So much so that a new term has cropped up to describe it; Hungry + angry = “hangry.” Hangry describes how attitudes go south when our bodies are lacking fuel. Even if your child ate a good lunch, by the time they get home from school, they could be famished. If they don’t have a healthy snack, they could be heading for an emotional outburst. So, while you do not want to use food as a bribe to stop their tears, their hunger is likely what is causing them to be so cranky.

Give them a hug and  go to the kitchen and fix both of you a healthy snack. Turn it into an activity so that the association becomes one of doing something together, versus using food for emotional relief.

Is Your Child Overstimulated?

Have you ever wondered why so many meltdowns happen when shopping, on vacation or in the aisles of grocery stores? Chances are high that it’s the environment that is over stimulating your child. Places that are noisy, have crowds of people and multiple things to see can be overwhelming for kids.

With so much for a little brain to process, kids turn to the one thing they know will bring relief. Their tears will bring mommy or daddy running to fix everything. Consider a quick exit from the store or environment to get your child to a calmer place instead of demanding or pleading with them to stop crying.

Lastly, if you are always telling your child to stop crying, it could convey a message to them that negative emotions should stay bottled up. This can lead to difficulties with opening up in later years and stunted emotional growth. Studies tell us that our tears serve a good purpose. Tears and crying can reduce the body’s stress hormone and bring calm back to our physical state.

So, instead of feeling harried when your child breaks down in tears, realize that the tears are one way your child is communicating with you. That crying is their body’s way of calming down.

This is a collaborative guest post. The views and ideals expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Mommy Ramblings.


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Baby Code! Board Book Set Giveaway

Do you know Baby Code? If not, you can learn with this set of four new adorable board books. The Baby Code! board books by Sandra Horning are illustrated by Melissa Crowton.

Perfect for the littlest hands, the BABY CODE! board books show the youngest readers that coding is all around them, and how they can take part in it. Making use of experiences common in a baby’s world, like holding a teddy bear or playing with an electric train, these charming board books full of bright, colorful illustrations are the perfect introduction to coding in many different forms.

The first book, BABY CODE! introduces coding in relation to everyday objects like a dog or phone, while BABY CODE! ART, BABY CODE! MUSIC, and BABY CODE! PLAY tie in the earliest experiences—like hearing a melody or playing on a swing. The sweet board books also feature real code, encouraging parents and children alike to be actively involved in technology from the very youngest

These books are so cute and fun to read to little ones. You don’t need to fear ripped pages from overzealous little hands, because the sturdy board book pages stand up to even not-so-gentle babies and toddlers. Great to take along in a diaper bag to entertain while eating out or traveling.


Penguin Young Readers is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! One lucky blog reader will win their own Baby Code! Set of Board Books! Thank you To Penguin Young Readers for the review set and for sponsoring this amazing giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! Open to U.S. Residents.

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Discover A Better Baby Wedge Pillow and Save 20%

New parents have so much to cope with, especially first time parents. Going from none to one or maybe even 2 or 3, in the event of multiples, is a huge adjustment. Things can be tough, but when the baby also has reflux, it can be scary for parents and uncomfortable for baby.

If you have a baby with reflux or one that dramatically spits-up, you might find some relief with the DaffaDoot Baby Reflux Wedge Pillow. This wedge shaped pillow is made to gently elevate baby’s head and torso, which helps to alleviate discomfort due to frequent stomach acid or spitting-up. We all know a happy baby equals happy parents.

What Makes The DaffaDoot Reflux Wedge Pillow Better:

Many baby pillow wedges are foldable, which means that they are actually made of two smaller wedge shaped pieces held together with a cover. In other words, the pillow has a split and can gap under baby.

Foldable wedge pillows are marketed as “convenient to store”, but what good is that when that feature degrades its performance? It is much better to have a wedge that focuses on performance, instead of easy storage.

In addition, foldable wedges are more likely to shift around due to their 2-piece design. The DaffaDoot wedge is a single, stable, correctly sized pillow with a non-skid bottom and a hypoallergenic, waterproof casing. The zipper is at the back of the wedge (to keep it well away from baby) and DaffaDoot’s foam is the perfect firmness (not too soft, not too hard).

The pillow meets and exceeds federal safety regulations. These regulations dictate that the wedge must extend the entire width of the crib mattress (27″). Anything else is not snug enough. DaffaDoot uses an eco-friendly zippered bag to package their wedge. This  bag can be used to store your wedge down the road, or as a blanket bag today.

About DaffaDoot:

DaffaDoot is all about family values, and they are on a mission to improve the lives of everyone they can reach. Founded by a Mother/Daughter team, they proudly donate their time and money to numerous organizations supporting pregnant moms-to-be, new parents, battered women, and school age children. They are insanely committed to providing the best customer service on the planet and delivering only the highest quality products available.

Mommy Ramblings’ readers can get a 20% discount on all orders using the Promo Code HWBLFYLE when purchasing the Wedge Pillow or DaffaDoot’s Auto Seat Protector or Car Mirror on Amazon.

Let me know what you think of DaffaDoot’s baby products

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Great Ideas for Christening Gifts

A new child is an amazing thing. Even though babies are born every day, each one is unique, a new life to nurture and a new opportunity for humanity.

Most cultures around the world celebrate the birth of a baby in some way, whether it’s a big feast, a religious service, or presenting the new child with a special gift.

In the US and Europe, new babies traditionally receive gifts like silver bracelets, metal-bound photo-albums, money boxes and photo frames. If you know that the new baby in your circle will be awash with items like these, then it might be a good idea to think outside the box a little.

Here’s some ideas for unusual – but still very much appreciated – christening gifts.

An investment for the future

Photo albums are great, they’re keepsakes and can be filled with family photos, but many parents are starting their child’s investment funds earlier than ever. How about giving the baby some valuable gold coins to either pass on to their own children or to sell when college tuition time rolls around? A good range of coins, as well as, some valuable advice, is available here, check it out, you really can’t go wrong.

Personalised jewelry

You can buy jewelry – usually a necklace – beautiful pendants with the initials of mother and child, or of the child and the entire family. These are generally not to be worn, but to be cherished as a keepsake. There are more modern, brushed metal options available in addition to, the more traditional highly polished styles. You can choose metals that have significance for the family as well.

Buy a piece of Mars

This is quite good fun, especially if the baby is born under the sign of Aries or Scorpio, which are believed by astrologers to be ruled by the red planet. This is, on the face of it, a delightful bit of whimsy – who doesn’t want to give their children the moon and the stars? However, with astronomers (the real scientists…) predicting we may be terraforming Mars within a generation or so, owning a Martian acre may turn out to be incredibly lucrative!

A Noah’s Ark

If the family is religious, it is likely the baby will probably receive gifts of crosses and christening certificate scrolls.  You can still follow this theme, but approach it from a different angle and make a splash with a fancy Noah’s Ark set.  Some of the best arks are carved from wood in painted or natural finishes. When choosing a set, you should aim for those with chunky, substantial pieces that are easy for babies and young children to hold and play with.

Plant a tree in the child’s name

This is a particularly poignant gesture because as we all know, trees are the lungs of the planet and future generations need them more than ever. The tree can be planted in the family garden, or in a public park, if permissible in your community. The tree can be further enhanced with a plaque engraved with the child’s birth date and name.

Feeling inspired by these ideas? Let us know what you decided upon or give us your own unique christening gift ideas.

This is a collaborative post and does not necessarily reflect the views of Mommy Ramblings.


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“Guess How Much I Love You” Baby Milestones Gift Set #Giveaway

I don’t believe it is a secret that we are a book loving family.  I love reading aloud to my kids. I love it so much, I even read to them in utero. There are some books that have never lost their appeal from my oldest to my youngest, they are timeless classics like, Guess How Much I Love You

The love expressed between Big and Little Nutbrown Hare, is one that parents know well. The book is so sweet, and I have loved sharing it with my children over the years.

I think it makes the perfect baby shower gift and this time of year it is a great pick for baby’s first Easter. What could be better?

Believe it or not, it does get better, because it is available in an adorable gift set called Baby Milestone Moments. This super sweet gift set pairs a Guess How Much I Love You  board book with a set of beautifully designed milestone cards!

How cute is this set? Reading Guess How Much I Love You with a little one is always a memory in the making. Now, the enchanting art of this perennial family classic can play a unique part in remembering  baby’s first months and years. Parents and caregivers can capture special moments by taking photos of their child with the appropriate milestone cards. 


Candlewick Press is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! Two lucky blog readers will win their own Guess How Much I Love You, Baby Milestone Moments Board Book & Card Set! Thank you to Candlewick Press for the review set and for sponsoring this special giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! Open to US Residents.

Guess How Much I Love You, Baby Milestone Moments: Board Book & Cards Gift Set Giveaway Rules:

Enter below for your chance to win using the Rafflecopter widget. Good Luck!!!

If you are interested in receiving a set for review and/or giveaway, please respond to this e-mail by 2/1.

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Baltic Amber as a Natural Teething Remedy

I am always looking for natural ways to treat common ailments. When I became a mother, I was even more obsessed in finding natural ways to help my baby deal with discomfort. The Tylenol and Motrin recommendations the doctor gives every single time I take my baby in to the doctor wasn’t cutting it for me. I don’t want to drug my baby.

Our Teething Experience

When Christina was a year old, she started having some issues with teething. She would cry for hours. She didn’t want to eat. She didn’t want to be held. She was just inconsolable.

I tried the natural ointment, essential oils and other remedies that I’ve found, but nothing worked well enough. I was starting to wonder if I needed to just let my guard down and give her the Tylenol.

Before I did that though, I wanted to try one more option – amber teething necklaces. I’ve heard of them and I had a couple of friends who swore by them, but to be honest, I didn’t understand how they worked.

How Amber Necklaces Work for Natural Teething Relief

I did some research on amber necklaces provided at Apparently, you need to purchase amber that is high quality. Amber is fossilized tree resin and it contains a treatment oil called Succinic Acid. When amber heats up, like with body heat, it releases the oil onto the skin, which then enters the bloodstream.

Succinic Acid is completely natural, and 100% safe for humans. Europeans and Middle Easterners have used it for centuries to cure many different ailments such as inflammation, headaches, aches, pains, and even colds, flus, and more.

Since I was able to do all my research on the Baltic Wonder site and they source their amber from Lithuania (the leader in authentic, high quality amber), I purchased a necklace. When I received it, there was a certification of authenticity inside of the package. I thought that was great. It made me feel good about the decision I made to buy from them.

I put the necklace on Christina, and she didn’t seem to notice. I guess because it’s so lightweight, she didn’t feel it. This was a relief because I thought she was going to pull on it and try to suck or bite it. She didn’t any of it. She just continued whining and playing.

I didn’t notice any changes in her behavior the first day. Of course, I realized that it needs longer than that.

The next day, I put the necklace on her again. She went on with her day, but it seemed as though she was much calmer. She ate a little bit more and her fever had decreased a little. It seemed like it was working, but I didn’t want to be quick to judge it.

It was the third day that I realized that Christina was no longer bothered by her teething. Of course, I also thought that maybe she was done cutting her latest tooth. I wanted to continue using the necklace to be sure it worked. Every day for the next three months, I placed the necklace around her neck, and guess what? We haven’t had any more teething problems. She’s a happy baby again and she has two new teeth.

I am very thankful for the amber necklace that I purchased from Baltic Wonder. It was exactly what I needed to naturally relieve my baby’s teething discomfort. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to give their baby Tylenol and/or Motrin. What’s even better is that if baby gets sick, it can help with that too. Amber is a great remedy, and I am so glad that I have found it.

This is a sponsored guest post. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Mommy Ramblings.

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Classic Heirloom Style for Babies & Toddlers For 100 Years and Counting

They say good taste never goes out of style. I have always loved dressing my babies and toddlers in classic, smocked clothing. One name that has been my go to brand is, Feltman Brothers. They have been around for 100 years and counting for good reason.

Their clothing is quality made, I still have some of the Friedknit and smocked outfits and dresses from my oldest children, and they still look great. They make the kind of heirloom clothing, that can be passed down from one generation to the next, with hand embroidery and smocking that is beyond beautiful.

The timeless style is a favorite to wear for portraits and photographers, even hobby photographers, like myself, love taking photos of children wearing their clothing. I loved dressing up my kids in their smocked dresses, smocked shortalls, sailor suits and more. Nothing has changed, they are still my favorite brand for beautiful children’s clothing, that creates those picture perfect memories.

This year’s holiday collection is white and wonderful. I especially love the Short Sleeve Holiday Pearl Flower Bishop Dress. The dress features hand embroidered flowers and leaves all over the dress, on the cuffs, collar and hem.

The smocking features flowers, pearls and bullions in traditional holiday colors. Dreamy feather stitching lines the neck of the dress and is in a beautiful scalloped design along the bottom. This dress is everything you would expect from Feltman Brothers, the quality is second to none.

Bonnets seem so hard to find these days and it is a shame because they look so beautiful on baby girls. At Feltman Brothers you can find the Holiday Smocked Bonnet that is available in a range of sizes up to 24 months.

For little boys their holiday creepers, Bobby Suits and longalls are reminiscent of yesteryear and look absolutely adorable with hand smocking and embroidery.

How cute is the Tree Bubble Romper for baby girls? I just love this look with its beautiful hand embroidery and smocking.

The Holiday Knit Longall will keep even the newest babies, looking festive and keep them warm.

If you love dressing babies and toddlers in heirloom clothing, you need to check out Feltman Brothers. They have clothing for all occasions and even have an outlet shop on their website where you can score some good deals on their quality designs. Let me know if you love their clothing as much as I do.



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“Love You Always” Blog Tour & Picture Book #Giveaway

One of the most important messages for a child to understand, is that no matter what, they cannot lose the love of their family. It does not matter if they are angry, mad, sad or downright bad, their parents love is unconditional.

Eileen Spinelli’s new picture book, Love You Always does just that. Actually, it takes it a step further and shows how grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousin and friend will also love them unconditionally.

This book has a dedication page where you can write the child’s name and a message, making it a perfect gift for a new baby. As a bedtime story, this book is wonderful for lulling them to sleep with a tale of never ending love. It makes them feel secure and of course, loved.

We have a special treat, you can enter below to win a copy of this heartwarming book.


Worthy Publishing is sponsoring this giveaway. One lucky Mommy Ramblings’ reader will win Love You Always Picture Book ! Thank you Worth Publishing for the review book and for sponsoring this amazing giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. Open to US residents.

Love You Always Picture Book Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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Share Your Photo #Fail with MAM #Giveaway

As a hobby photographer and mother of five, I have had more than my share of  photo sessions that have turned out less than stellar. Let’s be honest, they were total photo fails. You get this picture in your head, buy the perfect props, have everything set up, and then, the kids are tired, cranky or just not in the mood. We have all been there! Why not shed some humor on those moments to make us all feel better.

What does your funniest photo #fail look like? Does your child have their fingers up their nose, are they crying hysterically, did they spit up all over their picture-perfect outfit?

Share For A Chance To Win

If you have hilarious photo fails, you can share them with MAM and they will select three winners for their funniest #fail photo contest. Each winner will win a $100 prepaid card and a $100 pack of MAM goodies.

So, dig through those photos and enter HERE!  The Sweepstakes begins at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on 9/8/17 and ends at 11:59 p.m. EDT on 9/29/17 (the “Entry Period”). Here is one of my #Fails, even the dog was unimpressed.


Today is your lucky day because not only can you enter to win in MAM’s Photo #Fail Contest, you can enter right here to win a $30 Assortment of MAM Products. Thank you to MAM for sponsoring this great giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  Open to US residents in the contiguous 48 states. Good Luck!!!

MAM $30 Assortment of Products Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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