Tips and Tricks For The Best Kid’s Birthday Parties

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As the mother of young children, children’s’ birthday parties are big on my mind. If you stress like I do over planning your children’s birthday parties, you are not alone. Kids’ birthday parties can be a finicky feat, but there are plenty of tips and tricks that parents can incorporate to make their kid’s celebration a success and avoid any birthday blunders. Birthday parties can carry expenses that are often overlooked but can quickly add up. In fact, according to the 2018 Juicy Juice Family Occasions Survey, nearly 60% of parents spend up to $500 on each child’s birthday every year.

For parents looking to save some green and avoid any mishaps and misunderstandings, try the following DIY activities (that double as decorations or favors!) and big-batch recipes to help you throw an amazing party without breaking the bank. Perfect for party-goers and parents, incorporate these ideas from Juicy Juice as you plan your next event, or keep the kids refreshed with new, organic offerings.

Check out these ideas below for you next summer birthday party.


Backyard Bug Hunt

Cute activities and recipes inspired by the creepy crawlers in your very own backyard.



Bottle Cap Ladybugs

Magic Firefly Bottle

Juicy Juice Bottle Planter

Juicy Nightcrawler Cup

Juicy Spider Eggs

Bullfrog Fruit Bowl

Outdoor Adventures

Gear up for summer birthdays with these adventurous outdoor activities and refreshing sips and snacks.



Rainbow Sherbet Punch

Juice Bottle Bird Feeder

DIY Outdoor Summer Slime

Cap Toss Game

Juicy Juice Bubble Blower

Homemade Fruit Juice Gummies


Water Works

When it gets hot, count on these aquatic activities and icy snacks to keep cool.



Juicy Juice Bottle Cap Aquarium

Juice Box Octopus

DIY Sailboat Race

Juicy Juice Sorbet Sandwiches

Cherry and Cream Bomb Pops Juice Pops


So, did you find some good ideas? I bet you did, let me know in the comments.


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    I still remember my birthdays when i was young and i cant wait to get my kids a better one.
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  2. Dear Carolyn, I would like to appreciate the mother-blogger in you to have come out and helped write some tips and tricks to conduct children birthday parties in a grand yet inexpensive way. Children parties are getting not just stylish and trendy in turn loosing its personalized charm. These ideas mentioned by you will help bring back some old times.