Why Most Homes Need More Signs

House Signs

When talking about home improvements, signage is not something that pops into most people’s heads. People rarely think about how putting up signs around the home as being a way to keep everyone safe, make life easier or improve their décor. But, as you will see when you read on signs can definitely do all of that.

Signs that make life easier for you

Putting up no parking signs is an effective way to stop people from parking in front of your driveway. It is frustrating, to say the least, to arrive home with a car full of shopping only to discover you cannot park next to your house. Trudging backward and forwards carrying bags because you have had to park a street away is frustrating.

No dumping signs can also make your life easier. When people see them they are far less likely to dump their junk at the edge of your property. It only takes one person to do it for others to quickly follow suit. In just a few weeks, you can end up with a big pile of rubbish that you have to get rid of. So a no dumping sign is a good investment.

Signs that help to make your home more secure

Signage can also be used to keep everyone in your home safer. Here are a few examples:

CCTV signs

If you have CCTV advertising that fact using signage is an excellent idea. When interviewed, ex-house breakers said that the number one thing that made them target another property was the presence of CCTV.

House Signs

Neighborhood watch signage

Also on the list of things that move would be thieves on was neighborhood watch. They tell would be vandals, scammers and would be housebreakers that they are in an area where people are alert and ready to deal with any trouble.

It may also be worth putting up no loitering, beware of the dog and no trespassing signs. Which you use is up to you. But, you only need to put up one or two to have the desired effect.

Check the regulations first

Before putting these types of signs up you need to check what the rules are, in your area. In some states, if someone ignores a no loitering sign you can call the police, in others this is not the case.

House Signs

Hazard warning signs

If you have a pool putting up a no running sign will greatly reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling. Putting up a mind your head sign above a low doorway will remind everyone to duck when walking through it. In time, family members will duck automatically, but visitors won’t necessarily notice that a doorway is low enough without you pointing it out to them a sign.

Using signs to decorate your home

It is also possible to use street signs to decorate your home. A couple of stop signs are a slightly different way to decorate the wall of a den, garage or entertainment room.

Customized signs

A lot of signage companies will print you a customized sign. It could be something fun and lighthearted. Or, you could design your own hazard or warning sign. For example, “shut the door to keep the dog in”. To do this, you may need a graphics package. There are several free versions available to download.

House Signs


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