Magformers 36 Piece Paw Patrol Building Set Giveaway

My kids love magnets. It is no wonder why they have such a great time playing with Magformers. They could play for hours building all kinds of things. We were please to add the 36 piece Magformers Paw Patrol Pull Up Pup building set to our Magformers collection.

What makes this set different is the  double-sided character cards, you can now add Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Zuma and Rocky-to Magformers magnetic shapes.

Packaged in PAW Patrol colors, the Pull-Up Pup Set contains 18 magnetic squares, 12 magnetic triangles and 6 inserts, as well as 6 double-sided character cards and 2 play mats to build pup houses, the Magformers magic ball and more!

Match colors, shapes and characters to 1:1 ratio play mats and pull up your 2D nets into 3D structures! Perfect for STEM education! Educational and fun, no wonder why you will find this great building set on Mommy Ramblings’ 2018 Holiday Gift Guide.

Check out my video below to see the set in action:


Magformers is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. One lucky winner will win their own 36 Piece Paw Patrol Pull Up Pup Magformers Building Set! Thank you to Magformers for the review set and for sponsoring this exciting giveaway on Mommy Ramblings. Open to US residents.

Magformers Paw Patrol 36 Piece Pull Up Pup Set Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules

Enter for your chance to win by using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck!!!

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101 Responses to Magformers 36 Piece Paw Patrol Building Set Giveaway

  1. Nancy

    They have some great collections of building sets. Our favorite is the Mastermind 115 Piece Set.

  2. Kelly D

    I like the princess castle set.

  3. Sharon Schoepe

    I like the Sky Track Adventure set

  4. Leigh Nichols

    The Wow House is really cute

  5. Charlene S.

    I like the Top Builder 465 Pc Set.

  6. Anne Higgins

    Always trying to add creativity to playing and I can see the MAGNETS IN MOTION 83PC POWER GEAR SET helping to do just that!

  7. Miranda

    We’d LOVE the SUPERMagformers set!

  8. Casey Garvey

    The sky track sets pretty cool!

  9. lori

    looks like fun

  10. Sam

    This is perfect for my son. he loves Paw Patrol and building stuff! After visiting the site I found the sky track sets and I know he would love them to!

  11. Kim Holsapple

    They also have Shimmer and Shine!!!

  12. Debbie Erickson

    Magformers are STEM accredited

  13. Abigail Gibson

    I really like the Rainbow 400 piece set for my nephew.

  14. vera wilson

    Sky Track Sets nice. Mark should like to play with.

  15. Robyn m

    My kids would love the pink little house building set

  16. Ellie Wright

    I really like the SKY TRACK ADVENTURE 64-PC SET.

  17. Derek Miller

    I love the Magformers Log Cabin 87Pc Set, it reminds me of a high tech version of Lincoln Logs. My kids would love any of these though.

  18. Tina Ransom

    My daughter is obsessed with Magna tiles, and paw patrol. She also loves Paw Patrol… She would love to have these

  19. Rachael ford

    I like the construction set

  20. Lori Walker

    I’d like the DINOSAUR 55PC SET.

  21. Cynthia C

    I like the RAINBOW 62PC SET for my nieces.

  22. Katherine S

    The sky track 44 piece set

  23. Ann Fantom

    I would like to the Magformers SUPER MAGFORMERS 30PC SET

  24. Denise M

    the unique set looks fun and different

  25. Kim Avery

    They are committed to a high quality, reliable product that inspires the creators of the future. These look fantastic for my grandsons!

  26. cheryl s

    my grandson would be all about the dino sets

  27. carol

    I like the SKY TRACK set

  28. Kristen

    I like the Sky Track Adventure Set.

  29. Justin L Garner

    nice gift

  30. Stephanie Phelps

    I also love the Sky Track Play 44Pc Set. They are all so cool!

  31. heather s

    I like the rainbow set

  32. Mellissa C

    I like the Rainbow solid clear set.

  33. Amy D

    I learned the Magformers are STEM accredited. Their sets have really come a long way in the last few years.

  34. Marilyn Nawara

    I learned that MAGFORMERS LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Canton, MI.

  35. Elizabeth Miller

    My granddaughter is spending the night and she said she plays with these at her preschool and she loves them. She said she likes the Inspire me set that looks like a princess castle.

  36. Linda G

    My grandson loves the Space Wow Set, it is his favorite building set.

  37. Nickie

    I like the rainbow set

  38. heather w

    besides the paw patrol my son would love the creative rail set

  39. Katie J

    I like the mini dinosaur set.

  40. Angela Ingles

    I loved the looks of the House Set Line and the dinosaur ones for both my kids. My son would also love the construction sets!

  41. kathy Persons

    I love these toys I have never seen the skytrack adventure set~

  42. Janet W.

    I really like their MAGNETS IN MOTION 300PC POWER SET!

  43. Ashley B

    My kids think Magformers are so cool!

  44. Ashley C

    I like the the sky track play 44 piece set

  45. Heather!

    I love the magnets in Motion 61pc Gear Set! Looks like so much fun!

  46. Morgan W

    I love the themed-sets, especially the Deep Sea one. My daughter would love! Always looking for new, high quality toys.

  47. I like the sky track sets

  48. Luna S

    I like that they are completely magnetic!

  49. Mary Cloud

    I like the Forest Friends set

  50. Heather Dawn

    I like the Log house set!

  51. Katie Miller

    I like the sweet dream house set.

  52. Katie Miller

    My daughter would love the sweet dreams house set.

  53. Jeremy McLaughlin

    Like the Sky track set.

  54. Danielle Wood

    I like the sky track, I also like that they are stem accredited

  55. Kyl Neusch

    the Top Builder 465 Pc Set.

  56. Dana Rodriguez

    DINOSAUR 55PC SET is pretty awesome!

  57. claire davey

    love the fact they have stem approved items that fab

  58. SHAYNA

    MY KIDS WOULD LOVE THE Magformers 64-piece Sky Track Adventure Set 🙂

  59. Brianna Cavins

    I’d love the SKY TRACK ADVENTURE 64-PC SET

  60. Joni

    I wonder if it would occupy my nephew enough

    I like the MASTERMIND 115PC SET

  61. clynsg

    I also like the Dinosaur sets, since almost all children are fascinated by them.

  62. Leela

    I also like the MASTERMIND 115PC SET.

  63. Christine

    My son would love the sky track

  64. Jessica Gronau

    I like the sky track adventure set.

  65. Emily R.

    I also like the MAGNETS IN MOTION 37PC GEAR SET.

  66. Stephanie Liske

    I like the INSPIRE 100PC SET.

  67. Gina

    SAFARI SET 83PC SET Is another set I like from the website.

  68. Lisa V.

    I like the CREATIVE RAIL 34PC SET.

  69. nicole brown

    This is wonderful, good luck, thank you

  70. Melanie Tucker

    I like the Dinosaur 55pc set as well. My son loves Paw Patrol!

  71. nicole c

    I like the EXPERT 400PC SET,

  72. Natalie S

    Also loving the expert 400 pc set!!

  73. Kathy H

    The sky track looks like so much

  74. RocheL S

    The SKY TRACK ADVENTURE 64-PC SET looks cool!

  75. Jack B

    I like the 110 pc Village set, too. My sons love Magformers.

  76. Danalee Davis

    I really like the Sky Track Sets.

  77. Ed

    There is an EXPERT 400PC Set!

  78. Nicole Zerbini

    My boys would also love the Log Cabin set.

  79. The Dinosaur set is super cute, but the Paw Patrol is definitely my favorite. My niece and nephew are crazy for Paw Patrol!

  80. Amber Cheras

    I really like the princess castle set

  81. Hesper Fry

    I also like the Shimmer and Shine Carnival 64 piece set.

  82. Kerry Paul

    I did not know that they sold 4 different brands. They are very good for children’s development.

  83. The Sky track sets looks like something my boys would love. 64 piece set
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  84. Antoinette M

    I like the Mastermind 115piece set.

  85. Erin

    They have monster and dino sets.

  86. Kayla Klontz

    I learned they have tons of different sets to choose from.

  87. kathy pease

    I like the classic 34PC Green/Purple Set

  88. Vicki D.

    I really like the Masterminds 115 piece set. You can make vehicles, houses, and more. It has a magnetic strip to keep them together. Any child would love this set. It would provide hours of fun and creative thinking.

  89. Philip Lawrence

    I would also like to get the Dinosaur 55PC Set

  90. vivian blevins

    the wow house.

  91. Carolyn Daley

    I love the Heavy Duty construction set for my nephew.

  92. Stephanie Larison

    I like the MAGIC SPACE 55PC SET

  93. Peggy Rydzewski

    ease be careful not to be cheated by sellers pretending to sell the real product, and certainly do not consciously buy imitation or counterfeit Magformers for various reasons, but the most important reason being your child’s safety.

    Never let your children play with magnetic toys where the magnets might come loose, or with loose magnets.

    This is why genuine Magformers are subjected to regular safety testing to ensure the pieces are made to a very high standard, so that the small magnets are encapsulated safely and will not come loose even with a reasonable level of abuse during play.

  94. Renee G


  95. Janine Hwang

    I’d love a sky track set

  96. Amanda Whitley

    the SKY TRACK ADVENTURE 64-PC SET looks like tons of fun

  97. DanV

    I like the Rainbow 62 pc set

  98. Sand

    I like the EXPERT 400PC SET.

  99. Fiona N

    I also love the Sky Track Adventure 64 pieces for my son
    Thank You for the chance!