Tips For Planning a Fun Beach Vacation in Phuket with Kids

No matter how experienced a traveler you are, and regardless of how many miles you have trekked as a solo traveler, traveling with kids is an entirely different ball game. It takes planning way beyond your standard travel planning, and you cannot pack as light as you otherwise would. In addition, you have to be very particular about choosing your travel destinations. Interestingly, no matter how well planned your trip is, you should never expect everything to work exactly how you imagine when you are traveling with kids.

If you are planning a vacation with your kids, a beach getaway may be the perfect choice. Beaches are not only meant for sun worshipers and honeymooners, they can be a fantastic destination for kids, since they love sand and water. Phuket would be a great place to head to, since it is renowned for its beaches and is family friendly.  You wallet will be happy too, since Phuket is affordable. Here are some tips that will help you pull off a memorable beach vacation in Phuket.

Plan in Advance

Planning is essential and it cannot be stressed enough that when traveling for kids, this is something you just cannot skip. Plan your itinerary, make a list of supplies that you want to pack and consider your children’s sleep and meal patterns when making your travel plans. Remember that once you arrive, everyone will need to adjust to the time zone change, and how that will affect your sleep schedules.

When traveling changes in times are not the only thing your kids will need to adjust to. Changes in their diet must be considered, especially if you have picky eaters. Finding out about what types of food is available and taking along some foods they like is important. If you have an infant who is still on baby formula, make sure to pack enough as it probably will not be available in Phuket. Scheduling a visit to your child’s pediatrician is imperative, as they can advise you of any important medical issues when traveling abroad.

Do Not Compromise on Accommodations

As a solo traveler, you might not be as finicky about your lodging. In the past you might have accepted almost any type of room or even a bunk at a hostel to crash for the night.  However, it is different with kids, and you should not mind paying slightly more to get a proper hotel room. This does not mean that you need to book some extravagant suit at The Hyatt, but it should be something clean, comfortable and with the necessary amenities at the very least. You can find many three star resorts that will easily fit your budget while providing you with comfortable accommodations so you and your family can rest easy.

Phuket Beach Vacation

Say No to Long Day Trips

Your focus on a beach vacation should be on relaxing and chilling out, rather than being in a rush with exhausting schedules. Day trips sound fun, but they can be a nightmare with kids, especially with the younger ones. Most Phuket excursions will require you to leave very early in the morning, travel long distances, explore the area and be back later in the evening. The whole schedule is very rigorous for younger children who need to rest, nap and eat on time. It is certainly not something to pursue unless you like dealing with cranky, tired children. If you are taking long excursions such as the Koh Phi Phi tour, consider making it an overnight stay rather than a day trip, so your kids can rest and relax.

Phi Phi Island Tour

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