Planning Your Thanksgiving Day Dinner

For many families, Thanksgiving is a time when everyone comes together to enjoy delicious food, drinks and each other’s company. If you are the one hosting this year’s holiday dinner, it is imperative that you plan ahead when creating your Thanksgiving Day menu. Deciding what foods and drinks to serve for the holiday can be a challenge. However, with some good planning you can make it as stress-free as possible.

From Thanksgiving cocktails to delicious food all served in a great atmosphere, there is much to decide for your event. This is why doing some advanced planning is so crucial. Whether your guest list is for an intimate few, or includes numerous family members and friends, ironing out the details ahead of time, will ensure your dinner runs smoothly.

Key Things You Need To Decide

Once you know that you will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner, it is time to start planning. The first thing you need to do, is plan the menu. If your gathering is small, you can serve everything at the table family style. However, if you have a large guest list, a buffet style dinner is a better choice. Buffet style meals make it easy for you as the host, because everyone can help themselves, and you can keep all the food in one place.

Find out ahead of time if any of your guests have special dietary needs or restrictions. If you have guests that are vegan or vegetarians, you will want to make sure you have dishes prepared that they can eat.

When it comes to the drinks, you should make sure you have a good selection for everyone. In terms of cocktails for your dinner, spend some time online researching a variety of cocktail recipes. This will let you know what type of  alcohol and drink mixes you need to purchase.

Also, remember not everyone drinks alcohol,  so purchase a selection of fruit juice, seltzer and soda, This will allow you to whip up some virgin cocktails for those guests who are underage or don’t drink alcohol.  In addition, make sure you have a good supply of wine and beer on hand, so you can cater to all tastes.

If you decide to have a sit down dinner for Thanksgiving, make sure your table is decked out for the occasion.. Having any kind of dinner party requires an eye for detail when it comes to the table décor. Use a good, high-quality table-cloth to protect your table and add a colorful backdrop.

Coordinating napkins and little touches of the season help to make the table look inviting and warm. Set the table ahead of time with your best dishes, crystal and cutlery. Crown your table with a fall themed centerpiece and candles.

If you follow this advice, you will see that planning ahead will let you host a Thanksgiving dinner that will be enjoyed by all, including the stress-free host.

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3 Responses to Planning Your Thanksgiving Day Dinner

  1. Christina Gould

    These are beautiful photos and my Thanksgiving table doesn’t look anything like it, lol. Actually, I haven’t had to cook on Thanksgiving for several years and I don’t miss it. Thanks for posting!

  2. Amy D

    My mother-in-law hosts Thanksgiving and I usually bring 2 healthy dishes, since healthy cooking is my specialty. Everyone from the family brings at least 1 dish, so there is at least something for everyone.

  3. Thinking of what to cook is no more a problem Just Let your Caterer know what menu you would like to offer your guests.

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