The Quick and Easy Way To Securely Hang Almost Anything

If you love to decorate with artwork, prints, shelves, box signs and more, you are not alone. I think decorating our walls really helps to personalize our homes and lets us show our style.

However, every time I go to hang something, I want to be sure it is secure. I don’t want something falling off the wall and breaking, or worse, hurting someone. If you are lucky and have a stud where you want to put something up, you are set. If you don’t find a stud, you have to go a different route.

That is why I like GripIt Drywall Anchors, they can hold up to 250 lbs of weight letting me hang even heavy items right on my sheet rock walls. I find the 8 pack with reuseable screws perfect, it is nice to have several on hand for when I want to hang a few things or create a gallery wall.


Another great tool is the Marxman marking pen, which is a deep hole marker that lets me easily mark even hard to reach places and perfect to use on any surface. It is great for so many of my DIY projects.

My husband loves the Marxman too! He finds it so much more effective than pencils or traditional markers. You can send a burst right through a small hole to the surface beneath and you are left with a flourescent green spot that shows you exactly where to drill.

With these two tools in our tool box, we are ready to put up anything we need to, even very heavy items are no problem. You can learn more about GripIt on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

GripIt and Marxman are available on Amazon. Let me know what you think of them in the comments. What kind of projects would they help you out with?









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