4 Helpful House Cleaning Tips for Working Mothers

Having a clean home when you work can be a real struggle. Seventy percent of mothers with children under 18 participate in the labor force, with over 75 percent employed full-time. Whether you work full-time or part-time,  juggling your job, kids, cooking and cleaning is not easy. When you are off from work, it can still be difficult to find the time to clean your home thoroughly.

You can find some relief when you change the way you work to keep your home spotless. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of the time you have to clean and organize your home.

1. Set A Timer

Cleaning shouldn’t consume your whole day. You can make your home look clean in just 20 minutes. You would be surprised at what you can accomplish in just 20 minutes if you don’t get distracted by phone calls, emails, visitors ,etc.

Start with the easiest task and set a timer. Using a timer will help you understand exactly how much time you have left and helps keep you from getting sidetracked.

2. Do Dishes After Every Meal

Cleaning the dishes after meals helps you stay on top of your kitchen. Don’t let dishes pile up, because it will become overwhelming, and cause you to procrastinate. Get into a routine which includes doing dishes after each meal. Stop throwing the dirty utensils in your sink and leaving them for later.

If you are having trouble getting your dishes under control, try the “One Cup Method.” Assign one plate, glass, other utensils to everyone and avoid using other utensils. Doing so will significantly cut down on the amount of dirty dishes, and make clean-up after each meal quick and easy.

Use a similar approach for taking out the trash. Every evening before going to bed, place your full trash bag by the front door. In the morning, grab it and place in your outdoor trash can or receptacle. If you do this, you won’t come home to foul odors or overflowing trash bins after working a long day.

3. Assign Tasks

You shouldn’t have to pick up after everyone. You are not the only person living in your home, and it doesn’t state anywhere, that you are the only person responsible for cleaning it. Make others contribute, especially when you can’t handle the load alone. Follow this plan:

Assign Laundry to Teens

Laundry can clutter your whole house, especially if everyone keeps throwing their dirty laundry wherever they want. Your teens are only a few years away from college where they will have to look after themselves. Prepare them for this change by making them do the laundry for the whole family.

Make Everyone Pick Up After Themselves

It may be harder to get very young children to clean up after themselves, but it is easier to implement with older children. Lead by example, you are teaching your children about personal responsibility when you make them clean up after themselves. You won’t need to remind them of their chores, if they take pride in keeping their house clean. Teaching your children the value of being responsible. will serve them well in life.

4. Find Pockets of Time Every Day

If you can’t afford a top-end NYC Maid Service, you need to find pockets of time in-between different tasks. Use your time wisely and knock off cleaning tasks. For example:

  • Unload the dishwasher while you wait for your kids to get ready for school
  • Do some laundry during a commercial break
  • Pre-treat the laundry items for your next load when waiting for the washing machine to finish
  • Clean the bathroom while taking a shower

Implementing these helpful tips can make keeping up with your home while working easier. Juggling a career, family and managing a home is stressful, that stress can make day-to-day life hard and chaotic. If you stick with the new routines, it won’t be long before you see big changes.

This is a collaborative guest post, the views and ideas expressed do not necessarily represent those of Mommy Ramblings.



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6 Responses to 4 Helpful House Cleaning Tips for Working Mothers

  1. Dana Rodriguez

    These are great tips. I always do dishes as soon as they are in the sink!

  2. Finding pockets of time and delegating tasks to family members are HUGE.
    The more you can spread the burden around, the lighter it will be, and organization is key.
    Great tips!

  3. Assigning tasks and having teens do laundry is key. I grew up with 8 sibs so it would have been impossible if we wouldn’t have all pitched in. Also teaches them how to be responsible.
    Mary recently posted…Gonzo Rocks vs. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags | Best Odor EliminatorsMy Profile

  4. Awesome tips!
    If I might, I’d like to add one more: know how to pick your battles. I’ve recently learned that it’s ok to leave big deep cleans to professionals, so that I can focus on day-to-day stuff. I let a local cleaning company come in and take care of my tiles for me, and it lets me do more myself.
    As always, great post. Love your stuff!

  5. Always go for reliable contractors on renovating and fixing your homes and masonry services.

  6. Assigning tasks is a must at our home. No one can just sit around whole day and do nothing. With a big family like we have, everyone has their part in cleaning the house. We sometimes changed tasks every week to change things up. Great tips!

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