“ZOMBIES” The Disney Channel’s Newest Original Movie! #Giveaway

 ZOMBIES  have arrived in the Disney Channel’s Newest Original Movie!  At Seabrook High, it’s Zoms vs Poms!

The movie features exclusive bonus content including bloopers, deleted scenes, Zombie Survival Guide to High School and more!

Disney’s  ZOMBIES  is a music and dance-filled story set in the fictitious world of Seabrook, a cookie-cutter community brimming with perky conformity 50 years after a zombie apocalypse.

Today, the zombies pose no threat, but are required to live in Zombietown, an isolated, rundown community infused with their unique creative spirit. When zombies are finally allowed to enroll in Seabrook High School, the charming, charismatic zombie Zed, who is determined to play football, meets freshman Addison who dreams of being a cheerleader — the ultimate form of status in Seabrook.

Addison takes a lot of flak for befriending Zed and his zombie friends, but comes to learn that zombies and cheerleaders aren’t so different after all. Zed and Addison work together to show Seabrook what they can achieve when they embrace their differences and celebrate what makes them a community.

Cast:  Milo Manheim as Zed; Meg Donnelly as Addison; Trevor Tordjman as Bucky; Kylee Russell as Eliza; Carla Jeffery as Bree; Kingston Foster as Zoey;
and James Godfrey as Bonzo.

Director:Paul Hoen

Executive Producers:  Effie Brown and Paul Hoen

Writers: David Light and Joseph Raso

Bonus Material:  Zombie Blooper Reel (DVD Exclusive)  – Laugh out loud at the Cast of ZOMBIES in this compilation of the funniest bloopers and outtakes from the making of the film.  TRT:  3:53

The Zombie Survival Guide To High School (DVD Exclusive) – This piece uses a visual motif of a Zombie Survival Guide, with styled infographics and hosted by the talent.  We go down the list of some of the most important survival tips for Zombies and humans on how to get along and make the best of high school.  TRT:  2:24

Dance Tutorial – Join Meg Donnelly (Addison), Kylee Russell (Eliza) and ZOMBIES Choreographer, Christopher Scott, as they show you how to dance along to the ‘BAMM” Music Video. TRT:  3:38

Deleted Scene #1 (DVD Exclusive)  – It’s a Cheer-tastrope  TRT:  :57

Deleted Scene #2 (DVD Exclusive) – New Jacket, New Name TRT:  1:09

Audition Tapes (DVD Exclusive)

Milo Manheim Audition TRT: 1:16

Meg Donnelly Audition TRT :57

Music Video – “BAMM” TRT 3:39

Lyric Video – “BAMM”  TRT 3:23

Trailer #1  TRT:  2:20

Trailer #2   TRT 1:50

Release Date:   April 24, 2018

Packaging: DVD

Rating: TV-G

Feature Run Time:       Approx. 94 minutes (excluding bonus)

To celebrate this new film, we are sharing the downloadable Disney ZOMBIES Movie Night Fun Pack.

So, are you excited to see this new movie? Let me know.


Disney is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! One lucky blog reader will win their own ZOMBIES DVD! Thank you to Disney Channel for the review movie and for sponsoring this scary good giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! Open to US residents.

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30 Responses to “ZOMBIES” The Disney Channel’s Newest Original Movie! #Giveaway

  1. Shannon Baas

    Incredibles 2.

  2. Jenny Q.

    I would like to get Wrinkle in Time when it comes out on DVD.

  3. Abigail Gibson

    I would love to own Avengers Infinity War when it comes out.

  4. Adrienne Gordon

    I like the decendants.

  5. bill norris


  6. Leela

    The Incredibles.

  7. beth shepherd

    I love Frozen! Thank you

  8. Kenneth Helmick

    I need to upgrade to a Lion King DVD. I still have it on video cassette.

  9. Bernie Wallace

    I visited Disney Movies and would love to own Muppet Traesure Island. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  10. Nicole C

    I would love to own A Goofy Movie.

  11. Mary Cloud

    I wouldn’t mind having the Alice in Wonderland cartoon

  12. Renee G

    I would love to have Born in China.

  13. elizabeth miller

    I would love to see Mary Poppins Returns.

  14. susan smoaks

    i would also love to own mary poppins returns, it looks super cute.

  15. Daniel M

    the incredibles!

  16. Lisa V.

    I’d like to have the Black Panther.

  17. Sam

    Incredibles 2! My son loves the previews of this and I cant wait for us to watch it!

  18. Judy Gregory

    The old original 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

  19. kathy pease

    I like the movie Monsters University

  20. Tiffany Schmidt

    We want to get A Wrinkle In Time

  21. Stephanie Larison

    Coco, because I still haven’t seen it yet and I’ve heard it’s super cute.

  22. Erik VL

    I cant own it yet, because it is only in theaters, but The Incredibles 2 looks funny!

  23. Buddy Garrett

    I would like to own Wreck-It Ralph.

  24. Philip Lawrence

    I would like to own Avengers: Infinity War when it is released on video.

  25. DanV

    I would like The Lion King

  26. Christina Gould

    I’d also like to win the Black Panther movie. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. James Coyne

    Star Wars the last Jedi

  28. Vikki Billings

    I would like to own The Goofy Movie! One of my personal favorites!

  29. Leah Shumack

    My daughter would love to have the Descendants DVDs

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