Lugz Women’s Theta Boot #Giveaway

It has been cold here in New York, and I was in need of some new boots. I wanted something comfortable, not bulky in appearance and water-resistant. I found just what I was looking for in the black Theta boots by Lugz.

These boots have a classic alpine wedge that makes them exceptionally comfortable and supportive. They have a water-resistant upper and a slip resistant outsole with a flexastrude memory foam insole, that is so comfortable.

The boots have an overlay tongue and durable d-ring lace up closure for a great fit. The speed hooks, padded tongue and collar, along with the updated sleek, slim toe shape don’t even make my size 11 feet, look big or bulky.

They keep my feet warm and dry even on the coldest days. They are so comfortable, they are perfect to wear on my walks as well. They have great traction which is perfect for surfaces with snow, slush or ice. They come in other colors too!

Would you like a chance to win a pair of these boots in black or any of the other colors they come in? If so, just enter below.


Lugz is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! One of our lucky blog readers will win their own pair of Women’s Theta Boot in the color and size of their choice (subject to availability)! Thank you to Lugz for the review pair of Lugz and for sponsoring this great giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! Good Luck! Open to US residence in the contiguous 48 states.

Lugz Women’s Theta Boot Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck!!!

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128 Responses to Lugz Women’s Theta Boot #Giveaway

  1. James Robert

    I like their DRIFTER 6 ST
    COLOR: Black also. My daughter would like the ones you have also

  2. Kathleen Tracey


  3. Abigail Gibson

    I really like the DRIFTER 6 ST WIDE Men’s.

  4. Sandy Klocinski

    I like the WOMEN’S EMPIRE HI

  5. Kim Avery

    I am in love with their Women’s Tamborrah boots.

  6. I love their Empire Hi WR in the Charcoal/Gray
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  7. anna

    Women’s Empire HI

  8. Julie Bickham

    I like the BRACE HI in black.

  9. Ann Fantom

    I would like to get Lugz’s Women’s Zen Lo boot in Chestnut.

  10. Bryan Vice

    I love the Men’s Drifter Lo Lx EEE boots also

  11. Vicki Wurgler

    I’d get the mens
    Regent Lo

    COLOR: Black/ White

  12. Kristen

    I really like the Gravel Hi WR in brown/olive/henna/bone.

  13. Chrystal D

    I like the Mint/White Quill Hi ones.

  14. Jaque Richards

    I love the Tambora boot! Perfect. 🙂 Thank you.

  15. Karrie Millheim

    I would get the teal WOMEN’S EMPIRE HI VT

  16. Kelly Kimmell

    I like the women’s Drifter LX in Brown/Bark the best.

  17. Cheryl B

    I would love the Mallard boots.

  18. Rosie

    I love the WOMEN’S EMPIRE HI FUR in COLOR: Golden Wheat/ Cream/ Gum!!! Oh wow!

  19. alice minx

    I like the gravel ..But really there are a few of the drifters I really like too

  20. Kelly D

    I like the Zen Lo Boots in black.

  21. Iliana R

    I love the women’s grotto ripstop!

  22. Amanda P

    I really would love to have the WOMEN’S EMPIRE HI VT in red/black!

  23. Theresa Jenkins

    If I had to pick another shoe it would be >>Women’s Drifter Fleece LX

  24. Jeremy McLaughlin

    Like the Men’s Drifter Lo Lx EEE boots

  25. Marty

    I have a pair of their Mallards and they are the BEST boots for snow and mud.

  26. Barbara Fox

    I love the women’s gray Mallards!

  27. THETA

    COLOR: Dark Brown/ Brown/ Gum
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  28. heather Kaufman


  29. Cheryl VanBrunt

    I like the THETA Black

  30. Heather!

    I have always loved the Drifter LX in Charcoal.

  31. Antoinette M

    I like the Women’s Empire Hi Fur boot in nude/cream/gum.


    I also like the Women’s Tambora Boots.

  33. heather

    I love these boots Women’s Empire Hi Fur.

  34. Christina Sparks

    I like the WOMEN’S TAMBORA, my feet always get cold in the winter and these should help them stay warm.

  35. melissa t

    The briarwood mid looks so stylish and cute! I think the boots could do with any outfit easily because of it’s versatile look 🙂

  36. David Basile

    Zeolite MID

  37. cheryl s

    I’ve always liked the Tambora boot style for women

  38. Azeem Isaahaque

    My wife likes the BRACE HI in black.

  39. beth shepherd

    I also like the Lugz’s Women’s Zen Lo boot

  40. Mary Cloud

    I like the Women’s Regent Lo White

  41. Hannah

    I would love to try the Mallards

  42. Chris L

    I like the womens Empire Hi WR

  43. Jane Perkins

    The Tambora for women is my fav!!! sooo cute.

  44. Laurie Nykaza

    EMPIRE LO WR COLOR: Charcoal/ Gray are such cute boots love to wear them

  45. I really like the THETA Black boot!

  46. Denise B.

    I also like the men’s “EMPIRE LO WR EEE” for my husband.

  47. elizabeth miller

    I really like the Mallard Fur. They look so warm and comfortable.

  48. Marianna

    I like the womens tambora red brown/black

  49. Darlene Carbajal

    I love the Flirt Hi Zip boots.

  50. cindy whipple

    i like the laurel spark moccs

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  52. Wendy R.

    I really like the pink women’s Regent Lo sneakers.

  53. Vera K

    I also like the Drifter style.

  54. Kyl Neusch

    like the BRACE HI in black.

  55. Danielle Bell

    I like the Womens Empire Hi Fur Black boots!

  56. Michelle Donovan

    I like The Women’s Drifter in Raspberry/ White

  57. Kobi Hensley

    I really, really love the Empire Hi in stone/black. Adorable!!

  58. Suzanne B

    I like the Women’s Drifter LX

  59. Tamara Regan

    I am so in love with the “WOMEN’S EMPIRE HI VT IN TEAL”

  60. laura revilla

    Lugz’s Women’s Zen Lo boot

  61. ashley kim

    empire hi wr

  62. clynsg

    I like the Laurel Spark style, especially in the blue.

  63. Lisa V.

    I like the Women’s Drifter LX
    Charcoal/ Cream/ Gum/ Blue-Black

  64. Leela

    Drifter 6 ST Wide in black.

  65. i like the DRIFTER LX in raspberry

  66. Jennifer Barr


  67. Denise Sachs

    I like the Women’s Empire Hi WR in Charcoal/ Grey.

  68. Karen Gonyea

    I lvoe the Lugz’s Women’s Zen Lo boot !!

  69. Elizabeth

    Ever since my husband took a fall, we both have been thinking we need better-gripping boots. So I like the Mallards in black because they look like they have good traction.

  70. Debra Francis

    I like the Pathway 5.

  71. Dara Nix

    Love the Women’s Regent Lo in the Minty color!!

  72. susan smoaks

    i would love to get the women’s empire high walnut/gum. they are super cute.

  73. Erica B.

    I also like the Drifters.

  74. Mita

    I like their Empire Hi WR in the Charcoal

  75. Jane McGregor

    The WOMEN’S REGENT LO are sharp!

  76. Susan Smith

    I like the WOMEN’S EMPIRE HI FUR boots.

  77. Ashley S

    I like so many of the Lugz shoes & boots, especially the The Empire Hi in Sand. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Paula Michele Hafner

    I love the WOMEN’S TAMBORA in Vintage Brown / Black / Cream. They look so warm.

  79. billie BEAL

    The mens boots are all so nice , if I was t win I would let him pick …

  80. Jenn Reed

    I also really like the WOMEN’S TAMBORA BOOTS from Lugz in
    Brown/ Black/ Red-Cream

  81. Stephanie Liske

    I like the WOMEN’S EMPIRE HI.

  82. April

    I like the Women’s Drifter XL Black. Thanks for the chance to win.

  83. Chris Noe

    Regent Lo in black and white. They would be great for work.

  84. Don Stephan

    Great winter boots!

  85. DeeAnn

    I like the Drifter LX in Raspberry/White. Thanks.

  86. Heather D

    I like the Empire Hi. I like most all their boots.

  87. kathy pease

    I like the WOMEN’S OHM
    COLOR: Charcoal /Beige

  88. jackie

    Wow! Great site. These are awesome boots. Never heard of. I love the mallards one too

  89. cindy mahoney

    Drifter LX in Raspberry

  90. Jennifer H.

    I like the MALLARD FUR COLOR: Espresso/ Cream/ Black.

  91. I like their pretty “WOMEN’S REGENT LO in COLOR: Minty” Thanks and God Bless!

  92. Jessica Whitehouse

    Empire Hi VT in black or teal

  93. Lisa Romine

    I like the Women’s Empire Hi Black Cherry.

  94. Lisa Vanhook

    Women’s Drifter LX would be my choice..

  95. John H.

    I like the
    Empire Hi WR
    COLOR: Black/ Charcoal

  96. Judy Gregory

    WOMEN’S REGENT LO in pink. Don’t shoot me, I like pink.

  97. vivian blevins

    women empire high.

  98. Meme

    I like the drifter peacoat in gray

  99. Robin

    I like the WOMEN’S EMPIRE HI VT.

  100. Hesper Fry

    I really like the DRIFTER PEACOAT boots for my son.

  101. Sheryl

    I need a new pair of sneakers. The Seabrook in Black/Fuchsia/White are just the pair I want.

  102. Erin M

    I like the Mallard boots.

  103. laura bernard

    Love the drifter 6st

  104. Carrie Goodin

    Love Love Love the Mallard!!!!!

  105. Carrie Goodin

    Love Love the Mallard

  106. Brandon Sparks

    I would love to have a pair of CHANGEOVER II

  107. Breanne

    I like the WOMEN’S TAMBORA
    COLOR: Vintage Brown / Black / Cream

  108. Brenda Elsner

    I like the Women’s Drifter LX

  109. Christy caldwell

    I loveee the Tambora in Brown.

  110. Kris Mihalov

    Empire HI in black

  111. Amy Delong

    Womens mallard gray

  112. Kathleen Hand

    I like the Women’s Seabrook in Onyx and White

  113. Buddy Garrett

    I like the Stack Lo Black.

  114. Donna Porter

    The following boots are so cute

  115. Juanita May

    WOMEN’S DRIFTER LX in Golden Wheat/ Cream/ Gum

  116. Judie Farris

    I love the quill hi in that cute pink. Thank you so much

  117. Christine Weary

    Empire lo

  118. Beverly Metcalf

    I like the women’s Kaya boots, too! Thanks.

  119. Kathie Amelianovich

    I liked the black kaya boot

  120. Sammantha D.

    I like the Women’s Empire Hi VT in ruby and black.

  121. Jennifer J

    I like the Ohm in charcoal/beige.

  122. Sherrie Tucker

    I like the Women’s Tambora

  123. AEKZ2

    I also like the Mallard Fur in Espresso/ Cream/ Black

  124. Philip Lawrence

    I would like to have the Men’s Empire Lo WR Golden Wheat.

  125. Trisha McKee

    I absolutely love the Women’s Zen Lo. They look beautiful and comfy.

  126. DanV

    COLOR: Vintage Brown/ Black/ Cream

  127. Sand

    I like the WOMEN’S EMPIRE HI.

  128. Sam

    I like the zeo moc mid shoes in black 🙂

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