5 New Year’s Resolutions to Set for Your Family

Throughout the year, you do little things to help ensure your kids grow up to become good people.No doubt, they are well on their way, but here’s the thing: Kids don’t always listen. When you try to drive a message home among a million other messages, it can be difficult. That’s what’s so great about New Year’s Resolutions. This time of year offers us a podium.

If you make resolutions fun, the entire family can get involved. Make the process interactive by keeping track on a chalkboard or a website. Hold everyone, (yourself included) accountable, and it may start feeling like a game.

Here are five ideas for resolutions you can set for your family.

Less screen time. Isn’t this always the goal? Maybe this year, your family can achieve it by adding a board game night or a group game of volleyball. Whatever you do, try to keep it simple and consistent, so everyone knows when it’s not okay to turn on the television or pick up the tablet.

More exercise. You can make this a family event where you all exercise together or have everyone keep track of their own goals with something like a Fitbit. Getting your kids in the habit of exercising now will help them understand the importance of staying fit throughout their lives.

Family dinners together. If you aren’t already sitting down at the dinner table together, this is a great idea for a resolution. In fact, regular family dinners are associated with reduced rates of depression and suicidal thoughts in teenagers. Try to sit for dinner together every night, if you can.

Have regular mental health days. Teenage depression is on the rise, and mental health is an issue that has become extremely important. Take one day a week to talk to your kids about their thoughts and feelings. Let them know why this is important. Untreated depression can have dangerous consequences, such as alcoholism, substance abuse, or suicide.

Keep gratitude journals. While we’re teaching our kids to be good to others, we sometimes forget to teach them how to be good to themselves. Show your kids how to create a gratitude journal to express all the things they appreciate in their lives. Especially in the teenage years, kids can get so wrapped up in what’s happening around them that they forget the important things. Gratitude journaling serves as a great reminder. This is something you can even do together as a family.

As the new year approaches, it’s time to set new goals. We may not need to reinvent our families, but we can refine some of the skills we’ve taught and learned throughout the years.

New Year’s resolutions can be a fun way for the children to try something that they wouldn’t otherwise try. If you make it fun, it’s likely to last well into the year. If you’re lucky, these habits will continue until those little ones go off to college!

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