Broken or Damaged LuvaBella or LuvaBeau Dolls? Read This Now!

If you have a LuvaBella or LuvaBeau Interactive Doll from Spin Master tucked away, just waiting for Christmas morning, I have a warning, that you are probably not going to want to hear. As a blogger who reviews the newest products, I was anxious to get my hands on a LuvaBella doll.

I had no trouble finding one, but the trouble began soon after taking her out of the box. Her silicone or vinyl doll “skin” had a greasy appearance and had all kinds of hairs and dirt stuck to her face.

It was not that she was ever taken out of the box, it was how she was packaged from the factory. She had what looked like a crease between her eyes, which most like came from a defect in the mold. On the side of her face she had this huge unsightly seam that was very obviously a flaw from the mold. Her molded hair was painted so sloppy, as if a child had done it. The paint went right down onto her face and was all over her ear. 

After inserting the batteries she had a terrible clicking in her neck, and her chin and would seem to get stuck, she would vibrate in place before turning her head. I took a video of this and let the company know. After viewing my photos and video, they said that, the doll was indeed very damaged and needed to be returned. They explained that in an effort to get the dolls out quickly, there were some issues with defective dolls being released that should not have happened.

I returned that doll and picked up a new one. Now, when I removed the new doll from the box, she had a much better paint job on her hair, she did not have that unsightly crease defect between her eyes, nor did she have the big seam on the side of her head.

I thought everything would be okay. I took a video of her and she began to keep yawning and saying things at different times that did not make sense. She also could not stop burping when eating.

I thought she needed new batteries, so I put in a fresh set of 4 C batteries. However, with the new batteries, she still said things at the wrong time, she did not burp when her back was patted,  but kept doing so when eating. She also started to have limited movement of her mouth. Her mouth barely opened now.

See the video below to see how her mouth is failing

I did some reasearch and found several adult collectors on their 4th doll, and still not having any luck with replacements. Some had the eyes start to fail, they stayed shut unless their was a string tied around their head not allowing the eyes to close. Others had the mouths just stop moving totally.

Many people would comment how gingerly these dolls must be handled. Now they are marketed to ages 4 and up. Do you think if adult doll collectors are having issues like this, that when you give the doll to a 4 year old child. that they are not going to move the limbs, turn the head, bang the doll? Given all the parents that have not opened or tried the doll, we are bound  to see reports of many broken and damaged LovaBella and LovaBeau dolls after Christmas Day.

In my opinion, given what I have experienced, and from what I have seen happen to dolls that were not in the hands of children, I have to say, these dolls are not suitable for toddlers or young children. There is a review for the doll you can see on Amazon that shows the aftermath of the doll being in the hands of a three-year old. It is not pretty.

LuvaBella and LuvaBeau  are very delicate dolls, not one that can be toted around and carried everywhere. It is quite disheartening that they are so delicate yet  marketed to such young children.


So, let me know if you do decide to check your LuvaBella or LuvaBeau out. The new doll that I had in the video to replace the other damaged doll was only on for the fourth time when she started showing issues with her mouth.

I hope the company does something to make up for all the damaged dolls.

Update: See our new videos HERE and find out how our 3rd replacement is doing.


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22 Responses to Broken or Damaged LuvaBella or LuvaBeau Dolls? Read This Now!

  1. Melissa J

    I don’t personally own any of these dolls but it’s a shame for the children that do.

  2. April

    I got a luvabeau for my 5 year old and it had the exact same problem with the motor and the mouth moving very fast. Devastating Christmas gift and it was NOT easy to get this doll in the first place. I emailed customer service and am just hoping they can replace it.

  3. Ashley

    Here we are one day after Christmas and the doll only worked for about 15 minutes before her eyes started clicking and staying shut. They won’t open on their on at all. I tried resetting the doll to no avail. Very disappointed and broken hearted Mom and 6 year old daughter.

    • Sorry to hear that but totally expected this. There are thousands of people like you and they slammed Spinmaster with their complaints. It is going to be very bad and replacing the dolls is not the answer because they will fail again. This is the result of not conducting rigorous product testing before releasing these dolls.

  4. Lisa

    I am on my third doll for my daughter. So far so good, but now she is starting to be afraid to play with it in fear it breaking and I’m just waiting for something to go wrong. The two dolls we had did not even last 24 hours each. My daughter played extremely gentle with it so I don’t believe the issue was with her, but the result of a poor quality product. I think Spin Master has a lot to answer for with this doll. There is such a poor quality to this product which is unfortunate because the doll is adorable and my daughter loved playing with it. It was literally the only thing she asked for from Santa and melted my heart to see her excitement opening it. Now I’m just heart broken for her seeing her so upset about the doll. I’m highly debating returning the one we have for a different doll altogether before it malfunctions. The doll should just be recalled at this point and go through some kind of reconfiguration to improve the quality and function of the doll. There are lots of angry parents and little girls/boys upset out there.

    • Yes, very sad, the dolls are not made for young children and even collectors are experiencing issues. I just don’t know why they did not test the dolls the way they should have. If they had, they would have seen the dolls will fail. A sad situation for all.

  5. D

    My daughters’ Luvabeau got some strange “short-circuit” problem within a couple of days. He’ll make one of several waking-up sounds and movements, then after about 5-10 seconds freeze, then the eyes close, and he starts to wake up all over again. They never get far enough to play anything, he just keeps waking up and freezing and waking up. Anyone else having this?

    • Do you have fresh, high quality batteries in the doll? They will do that when the batteries are weak, but I have heard this complaint on many Luvabeau dolls. Call Spin Master.

  6. Kristie Evans

    Our dolls eyes just started making a funny sound and won’t open. It’s a clicking sound. I am reading that we aren’t the only ones with this problem. How hard is it to get a replacement doll? I called customer care and they aren’t open but Monday- Friday and crazy hours. HELP

    • You have to jump through a lot of hoops and it takes at least 2 weeks though many that started a return on the 26th of December have not even received a new doll or further instructions from the company. I think they are in serious trouble. Best bet is to return it to the store.

  7. Kristie Evans

    Thank you Carolyn I believe I am going to try that if and that’s IF I can find one in stock somewhere

  8. If you have a broken, defective or damaged LuvaBella, check out our full playlist of videos to learn more about what is happening, how replacements are sent and how to get them and if they are any better.
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  9. Christine

    The luvabella doll worked initially but is now out of sync. When you try to play peekaboo it makes doggie noises etc. I am not going to attempt to return it as it isnt suitable for a six year old and she very quickly got bored with what it can do, preferring to use imaginative play. She clearly prefers more cuddly and less mechanical toys and I don’t want a replacement that I make her too paranoid to use. The annoying thing is that I have just read that the dolls are reduced to £25 at a branch of Tesco’s although I have not checked it out. I will put this down to experience and try not to get sucked into the hype of next years must have toy.

    • Oh they have not been reduced much here. The lowest I have seen them is $77. Someone told me that they saw a new version at their Walmart with rosy cheeks. I am not aware of any new dolls, so I am not sure how true that is. The dolls for sale at my area stores are the same. Best of luck with your situation.

  10. I have two luvabellas and one luvabeau,and none of them are working right. Same problem as the rest of you.I contacted spin master and they told me to write with permanent marker the insident number they emailed me and to initial it. And to send them a video of the doll malfunctioning. ( BUT) the video can only be 10 seconds long. They are now saying they haven’t gotten any videos.but I know they are BC I have the sent mail. I offered to send them back for a replacement and told they couldn’t receive the dolls if they had been marked on. Their the ones who told me to mark in permanent marker. So I guess I’m out over $300.00 on dolls and diaper bags. Im so mad right now,but glad I found this post.I say a boycott is in

    • Did you get any response? Are you able to return the doll to the store that you purchased it from? Let me know. Sorry, you are going through so much frustration. I believe they developed a new version of the doll that now speaks over 200 phrases. Not sure if they improved the mechanics at all.

  11. No, until I can send a video I’m stuck w the dolls. My phone will not send videos to email addresses. I would think by me asking if I could send the dolls back that should prove their malfunctioning. I did find my receipts and toys r us said if I hadn’t written on them that they would have happily replaced them. I will never buy from this company again and will advise others not to as well.

  12. Mark Moss

    Can you supply a number or email address I can talk to. My daughter is having breakdown

  13. Sheila abshire

    Hi I purchased two luvabella baby dolls through fingergut 129 each just thought the world of her but as my kids played with them they ripped at neck n then got sticky n dirty would not wipe clean very very upset I would appreciate a return on the one or a replacement on dark headed one I could just keep her in the box for looks I lived her in box but def can’t play with her😞 please at least make it right I buy lots of spinmaster products I could show you them ….

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