Ancient Myths Made Modern in “Greek Gods” #squadgoals #BlogBookTour

Can you imagine if Mount Olympus had WiFi and Apollo and Athena had smartphones? If you think that would be fun, you will love GREEK GODS #squadgoals,  the new book by Courtney Carbone that went on sale this week. In this book, you will find the classic myths you know and love with a new life in irreverent and hilarious texts and posts!


If you have trouble telling Perseus from Theseus (#Greek2Me) or have ever wondered about Oedipus’s tragic dating profile or why Medusa’s Instagram never got traction—this satirical book of Greek myths retold for the Internet Age is for you! What a great way to make these ancient myths more appealing and relevant!

This book is the perfect gift for any ready-young or old-with a sense of humor.  They are sure to get a kick out of seeing D’Aulaires’ and Homer’s Greek myths told through characters texting with emojis, posting photos, checking in at locations, and updating their relationship statuses. A glossary and cast of characters are included for those who need it.

About the Author:

Courtney Carbone studied English and creative writing in the United States and Australia before becoming a children’s book writer and editor in New York City. Her favorite things include Brit lit, trivia nights, board games, stand-up comedy, improv, bookstores, libraries, brick-oven pizza, salted-caramel macarons, theme parties, sharks, puns, portmanteaus, and ’90s pop culture. She is the author of more OMG Classics, such as srsly Hamlet, Macbeth #killingit, and Darcy Swipes Left. Visit her at, and follow her on Twitter at @CBCarbone.

So what do you think? Do you know someone who would love to get their hands on this book?


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  1. John Smith

    I love books about the ancient gods, and this looks good!

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