Tomorrow Sleep-A Different Way To Buy A Different Mattress

As many of you know, we are in the middle of an entire home renovation. Currently, we are midway through having all new hardwood flooring installed upstairs in all the bedrooms. With all the bedrooms being renovated, we knew it was time to get our 8-year-old son a new mattress. Usually, that would require a trip to the store, laying on multiple mattresses and then arranging delivery of the big bulky mattress and box spring units. Well, mattress shopping sure has changed for the better!

With a visit to Tomorrow Sleep’s website, we were able to shop and select a  medium to firm hybrid mattress. It was delivered quickly along with bedding and a memory foam pillow we selected for his bed along with bedding  pillows and a Sleeptracker Monitor we chose for ours.


Setting up the Mattress

You can see the whole process in our video below:

I would highly recommend on watching this video and also read a review of Tomorrow Sleep mattress that goes over their layers, coolness and so much more. That way you will know exactly what you get with this mattress.

As you can see in the video, setting up the mattress was so easy.  I was afraid that it would not be supportive enough for an adult because it ships so compactly and expanded once the plastic was cut and removed. I thought it would be something like an inflatable bed that would not feel firm or supportive enough. That changed as soon as I laid down on the bed, any doubt in my mind evaporated into thin air.

The mattress was incredibly supportive, no matter which way I turned. With the sheets and the comforter, I will admit, I did not want to get out. The mattress felt so good and the bedding so luxuriously soft,  I wanted to settle in for the night right there. My son had other plans, he wanted to try out his new bed, after all, it was a school night and he needed to go to sleep.
He has been sleeping on the new mattress for about a week and a half and he loves it. He says it is very comfortable and the bedding feels amazing. I know the reason he is so comfortable is because the construction of this unique, hybrid mattress combines cooling high-density memory foam with a breathable, supportive coil system creating the perfect balance of cool comfort and support, giving him him real, restorative sleep.
The Pillow
We chose the memory foam pillow. This pillow will keeps its shape, so that the way it feels the same on night one as it does on night 50 and beyond. The ultra dense memory foam uses gravity to mold and conform, helping your spine stay aligned, especially for back and side sleeping positions. If you are one of those that turns your pillow over for the cool side, you will appreciate this pillow.  It uses a phase changing material that absorbs and releases thermal energy to help maintain a regulated temperature that is just right for you.
The Sheet Set
 The 500 thread count sheets are made from 100% supima cotton that is combed for superior softness. The best part is with every wash they get even softer without pilling. The perfect weight, oversized flat sheet and no slip fitted sheet are light and crisp. These sheets feel so good,  you will look forward to turning down your bed at night and wrapping yourself  in these luxuriously soft sheets.
 The Comforter
 The all season, down alternative comforter, has a 300 thread count cover and ThermoBall fill that allows air to flow keeping you comfortable in any temperature.  The ThermoBalls feel and fluff like down, yet are so light that the comforter does not feel like a lead weight on top of you.
I can’t wait to put the bedding on my bed and use the SleepTracker Monitor. I will be posting more videos and blog content about that in the next few days.
You can learn more on Sleep Tomorrow’s website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
So what do you think? Are you looking for a new mattress? Do you think the Tomorrow Sleep Mattress might be the one for you?

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