Is Your Home A Target For Thieves?

The way you keep your home could be making it a target for thieves. While security systems can help, there are a few other ways you can make sure your home is secure against the threat of a burglary.  

Thieves like to window-shop

Can your valuables be seen by people walking by if they look in your windows? Placing expensive collectibles on the windowsill or hanging a flat screen TV opposite a window can make your living room a lucrative target.

You could rearrange these items, or you could find a way to obscure the view into your windows. You may want to consider home window tinting to stop thieves from being able to see in. Alternatively, you could install window treatments like curtains or blinds and make sure you close them at night.  Thin sheers or drapes can be used to stop people from peering in your windows during the day, while still letting in natural light.

Thieves like to work in the dark

If you are lacking exterior lighting around your home, it will be easier for thieves to try to break in at night undetected. Security lighting that is constantly on can consume a lot of electricity as well as, being a nuisance to your neighbors. Instead, choose motion sensitive lighting fixtures that only turn on when someone approaches them.

Tall front hedges also help to hide thieves in the act

Do you have tall hedges or large bushes in front of your home that act like a wall? While they work well to  prevent thieves from peering in your windows, they can also help conceal them when they are in the act of breaking in your home. Beyond that, they will prevent your neighbors from being able to spot a robbery in progress. Consider trimming your hedges and bushes to make it harder for intruders to go undetected. 

Open windows and unlocked doors are a thieve’s best friend

This is an obvious one – leaving windows open or doors unlocked when you go out, will make it easy for thieves to rob your home. Loose hinges on doors or windows are another thing thieves look for, because they provide easy access for them to break-in. Make sure that any damaged windows and doors are fixed. You may even consider adding additional locks to windows and doors for extra security. 

Thieves will check to see if your home is empty

Leaving noticeable signs that your house is empty makes it a tempting target for thieves. Some intruders are so sly that they may monitor your home for a while to get an idea of your weekly routine. By observing your home they can gather important information including how many people live in your house and when everyone leaves to go to work/school. Throw the thieves off by occasionally leaving a TV or radio on or keeping a light on at night. Thieves don’t like noisy or ferocious dogs. Even if you don’t own a dog, hanging a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign outside can be an effective deterrent.

When you go on vacation, consider having someone house-sit or simply come by every other day to inspect the property. Try not to advertise the fact you’re on vacation by posting it across social media, as this is how many modern thieves find their targets. Posting ‘Off to sunny spain for 2 weeks’ is the worst thing you can do because it tells thieves exactly where you are and how long your house will be empty.

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  1. Janet W.

    These are great things to think about! We are sure to always have our doors/windows locked at all times. We don’t want to be an easy target!

  2. Actually, one of the single best things you can do to deter thieves is to have your outside lights on. Even if you go on vacation, make sure to leave them on. A lot of people think it’s wasting energy and money but leaving bulbs on is literally only 30 cents a month.
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