If You Cannot Say Thank You? You Cannot Be A Winner! #NewGiveawayRule

I have mentioned this before, but will make it official now. If I contact you to let you know that you have won a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings and you respond without  a “thanks” or “thank you”,  you will be disqualified and I will draw a new winner.


  • Because I put my time and effort in to run great giveaways.
  • I thank you for being a Mommy Ramblings’ reader and tell you to enjoy your prize in my email.
  • I don’t appreciate ungrateful attitudes.

Sorry guys, I just cannot deal with this anymore. It is so rude. It takes a moment to say thank you. For the record, the majority of giveaway winners are polite, grateful and thoughtful. Many go above and beyond a simple thank you. Others even email when they receive their prize to let me know it arrived and how they like it. I really appreciate all of you who do this.

Thank you again to all of Mommy Ramblings’ loyal readers. To those that cannot be bothered with things like common courtesy and basic manners, I say:


I will be updating the giveaway rules to reflect:

If you cannot say Thank You or some equivalent of it when you email me your address, expect an email back with a link to this post and the giveaway rules. Thank you all for reading. 


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7 Responses to If You Cannot Say Thank You? You Cannot Be A Winner! #NewGiveawayRule

  1. Sophie R

    How rude! I think some people are just miserable. Thank you for all you do and I would feel the same way you do.

  2. Cassandra Lewis

    That is so rude! I really don’t know why people cannot take a few extra seconds and be kind and grateful. It seems all they want to do is gripe and complain and be a victim.

  3. Karen G

    Seriously? That is so low! They certainly don’t have a winning attitude. Must be a serial sweeper that is entertaining so many they are like machines. Crazy!!!

  4. Pam F

    That is incredibly rude, you are way nicer than me because I would have let them have it.

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