Finally a Pinto Horse That You Can Keep In Your House!



What kids would not like their own Pinto Horse? How about one sized small enough you can keep it in the house and large enough to handle 150 lb riders? If you think it sounds good, how about no stall clean up duties are needed. You probably think it is not possible but it most certainly is. Magic Cabin’s 28″ Pinto Horse is all you need!


This beautiful horse is as much fun to care for as it is to “ride.” When it is all decked out in its removable saddle and bridle, kids can use it for a chair, stool, or magical mount that carries them boldly into imagined adventures. The beautifully patterned brown and white Pinto features a handsomely detailed Western saddle. Take a look below at some photos I took of this great horse toy.








This horse is a lot of fun and my kids love it! It also make a great prop for photos for parents and photographers. If you are looking for a very unique and sure to be loved Holiday Gift, this would fit the build perfectly and it is going to be added to our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide when it debuts next week. Horse is for ages 3 and up. Total measurements of the horse are 31″ x 9″ x 28″.


Check out all the other great items available at Magic Cabin. So what do you think, can you see what a great gift this would make?


Magic Cabin

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